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COVER DRIVE The Band with the new Rihanna

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First and foremost, let me clear up the false information that was passed to me at the shoot. Cover Drive isn't from the U.K. They are from Barbados. The whole day myself and others thought they were from Europe. Apparently they are currently popular in the U.K. Most important, remember the name Cover Drive because they will be nationally known soon.

Bajan 4-Piece Cover Drive The Band, from Barbados
Introducing the new Rihanna from Cover Drive, Amanda. 
Video # 1: - Introducing Cover Drive

My day started off with a stop at a near by sneaker store. It was time for some new kicks. I spent only 29.99 for these Polo's from a snicker store called WSS on 2053 Venice Blvd.

Fresh Polo's size 12's right out the box. 
Fresh new kicks to go with the fit. 
Motown Maurice & Rachel Alexandria. I met her for the first time at a LA Casting Mixer 

Vern Guest & Motown Maurice
This damn phone deleted a great opportunity. 
Video # 2 - Damn my Face deleted a Funny or Die contact. 

Amanda behind the scenes
Amanda from cover drive gets a make up touch up. 
Its a conversation about relationships. 
Sneaking photos behind the scenes. 

Motown Maurice, Brent Curtis...... & Jordan Smith

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Behind The Scenes of Look At Me Now!!!

Lunch at Loteria! Grill Regional Mexican Kitchen

Where's the meat? 
Here's a stand in for Amanda
Video # 3 - Small behind the scenes video courtesy of T.D.

Jasmine Hester & Motown Maurice. We always run into each other.  
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Ingel Catindig, Motown Maurice & David Jason Perez (D.j. Perez)
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........, .............Rachel Alexandria (Right Side)

........., Motown Maurice & Hazel 
Motown Maurice & Hazel
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Hazel, Jasmine Hester, Motown Maurice & ........
T.D. & Motown  Maurice. 
Video # 4 Check out T.D in his new music video release.

T-Ray behind the scenes 
Jasmine Valentin & Motown Maurice 
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Cover Drive getting ready for the next scene.
Cover Drive Behind the Scenes 
T-Jay's holding it down in his solo scene. 
Go T-Ray
Cover Drive music video shoot in action.
Jamar, Motown Maurice & T-Ray from Cover Drive 
Leaving the location of the shoot. 6623 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
Video # 5 - Motown Maurice Speaks 

While preparing to shoot video 5 & 6, Destiny who I literally just met approached me and asked to take a photo with me because I had a high top fade. How random is that? Well...., maybe not too random because its happened before. As a matter of fact, something similar happened at the shoot today. I believe my hair is more famous then I. lol, thanks for the love Destiny.
Destiny Coleman  & Motown Maurice. 
Video # 6 - Motown Maurice Speaks 

More Music from The Band Cover Drive

Video # 7 - The name of this song is called sparks. Its also the music video we shot today. 

Video # 8

The Band- Cover Drive and their hit single Lick Ya Down
Video # 9

Bar-Man, Amanda, T-Ray & Jamar from Cover Drive

WeAreCoverDrive's Youtube Channel

Final Thoughts

They only used the background extras for 2 scenes. The first scene was a concert set up and I put out a lot for energy when the camera was rolling. Apparently my energy is humorous because everyone around me was trying to hold in their laughter most of the time. I gave so much energy in that scene that a few people in the production crew noticed  and complimented my energy. They later assigned me for a semi feature role in the next scene. In that scene, myself and a young lady approached Amanda for autographs. With that being said, there is a good chance I might have a close up or so. It all depends because they did a similar scene with 2 other people when I was done. They might use my scene or they might not. Its show business.

According to Jasmine V., Amanda told the director personally that she wanted to use the scene with me because she liked it. I understand why she said that because what the staff, production crew and back ground extras didn't realize is that Amanda and I made a connection at the shoot. The universe kept bringing us together throughout the production. We made a dynamic, telepathic and synergistic connection. With didn't even talk to each other much. Other than the one time during the first scene when she said in front of everybody that I was starting to creep her out. I'm sure that's just her way of saying I'm sexy. As a matter of fact, I bet she's thinking about me right now. If you don't believe me, wait until the release of the music video. The camera don't lie.

In other news, the casting director responsible for me being at the shoot today noticed me right before I left and we met for the first time. He said, "Are you Maurice." I said, "I'm Motown Maurice..." We shook hands and he told me, "Motown Maurice, I see you on the submission list all the time."  He also said, now that we met and knows what I look like in person (A lot of talent don't look like their photos in person) he will cast me more. Of course I expressed my gratitude.

In every video I've been apart of this year, some how, one way or another I manged to have the camera make a U-Turn and face me. Its never my intentions. I just believe in giving my all and when you give your all that's how you make Hollywood magic.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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