Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working with Neon Trees

Post Represents: Monday, February 13, 2012

A couple days prior to this shoot, I was in a highly desired dilemma. On Friday, I was being acquired for two different music videos. The other group was named Fyre??? (spelling check needed) and they wanted me for Sunday and today (Monday). Not only were they going to pay me for two days they told me they really wanted me and I was going to be a feature. I tried to just go in for Sunday but two days were mandatory. It would of been nice to do two music videos in a weekend but not this time.  I stuck with the music video that contacted and followed up with me first. The bands name is Neon Trees. I wasn't familiar with them by name until today. There hit single is named "Animal." I'm confident I've heard it on the radio before.

The name of this music video I'm a part of is called "Every Body Talks."

Shoot Location:
Cadillac Jacks/Pin Cadillac
9475 San Fernando Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Outside of Cadillac Jack's a prop restaurant. 
Pink Motel in the same parking lot as Cadillac Jack's. 
Production is getting ready as the extras wait. 
Cadillac Jack's 
Motown Maurice & Chris Pounders.
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The Nerds have united. 
He's not the real chief 
Rush Hour. Nerdy Version. 

Video # 1

Motown Maurice & Mason

Video # 2

I love cheerleaders 
Video # 3

Dancing? Dancing wasn't in our contract. 

Video # 4

The hair & make up room with Brad Slaughter. 
I wonder if this guy ever handled a high top before. 

Video # 5

There is a sexy presents of evil in the air. 
Motown Maurice & Jasmine Valentin. She a cutie. 
Don't worry Jasmine Valentin, I won't tell. 
The wind shield of an old school  Studebaker.
Video # 6

Ali Williams will be the server for today. 
Video # 7

Ali Williams & Motown Maurice 
There is way too much butter in this pop corn. 
Geeks Rule.  

I met her in band camp. 

Video # 8

We really have to dance. See how excited we are. 

Video # 9

Ali Williams & Brad Slaughter
Video # 10

Check out the Studebaker. 

Paul Black & Motown Maurice

Motown Maurice & Pandie Sg
Brad Hampton, Motown Maurice &...
Brad Slaughter & Motown Maurice 

Final Thoughts

I'm glad I ended up doing this project. Its not about the money or the face time. Its about being loyal and building relationships. Besides, I met a lot of cool people today and since I didn't accept the other music video  was able to attend a great event last night. I have a feeling one of my connections from last night with emerge. Everything in my quest has reason and purpose in it.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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