Friday, February 10, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Post Represents: Superbowl Sunday, February 5, 2012

This photo below may not have much significance right now but let see what the future holds. On the way to my storage room I looked at a guy working on that food van and I came up with an idea for a reality show. It has nothing to do with food or vans but something that I focused on sparked a creative brainstorm. I'm going to write it up and I think I have a good idea who I should present it to. We'll see what happens.

A glace at the truck sparked a brainstorm. 

The night before I joined my friend Tehana at her birthday dinner. The conversation of the Superbowl came up and in that same moment I received an invite. I'm glad I went. I was relaxed and I enjoyed myself. Plus most of the guests were Giants fans.


Final Thoughts

I was only aware of one other Super Bowl gathering and that was through a Facebook friend invite from D'Andre Anthony. I'm glad I went to Tehana's friends house because not only did I have a good time I was also able to leave with Tehana and spend the night on her floor. In addition to that, I got to take a shower. It was my first time showing since Thursday. I've went without showering longer before which wasn't too bad. These 3 days felt like a years length. Something wasn't smelling right. Thank you very much Tehana for your great hospitality. Since the holiday break I causally shared my upcoming situation through text with her a few times and she offered to help me more than a few times. To me this night represents showers of a thousand blessings.

Tehana you are the best. Thank you again.

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As the quest continues...

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