Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing the Host of Raw Artist Network Café

Ladies and gentlemen. Give it up for the dynamic host of the Raw Artist Network Cafe....The one and only Motown Maurice.

Post Represent: Saturday, May, 28, 2011

I definitely have to be doing something right. I've been called back to host The Raw Artist Network Cafe for the 3rd time. I hosted it for the first time on Day 221 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Following that I had an very inspiring conversation with one of the organizers Michael Pearls on Day 234 Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Which fortified my presents for the second time on Day 236 Friday, May 13, 2011.

Now I just completed the 3rd time hosting the show. Again I have to be doing something right for them to call me back for the 3rd time. I'm really glad to be part of it. This has been an important ingredient for developments. 

Raw Artist Network Cafe

The Raw Artist Network Cafe  is an artist networking resource that provides marketing and consulting services free for struggling Artist of all art genres. The artists supported by the network must meet seven criteria's: They must be independent. They must be unsigned with no contracts that …More information on:

If you haven't figured it out I've been hosting a comedy show.  I didn't record my performance from the last two shows mainly because I was too indulged in the preparation process of hosting the show. I'm okay that I didn't record it. This time, I managed to record my part as the host and put a video together. I tried to look at the whole thing but I couldn't. I heard a few words and that was enough. I have to make it my duty and come back to this post and listen to myself later.

Motown Maurice is increasing his fan base.
Motown Maurice & The Raw Artist Network Cafe Clan. Please don't ask. I know I look crazy.
Motown Maurice & Chuck Erickson If you missed my interview with Chuck on my Hustle & Shuffle show check it out here

Motown Maurice & Jonathan JC Carey
Final Thoughts 

Without a doubt, hosting this show had been great for me. It also helped me officially confirm my lack of desire to be a stand up comedic. I love to host.  As a host tell some jokes, introduce the comedian and tell a few more jokes. I am definitely not a stand up comedian. I'm a television personality. Although, I'm not a stand up comedian I'm slowly but surely building up a weaponry of jokes. Who knows I might become a stand up feature one day. That's not something I want to do but on this path it might happen in the future.

There is still a lot more improvement needed but the two major things I have benefited from this experience is gauging my energy and empowering my perspectives. After the first show, I was told I need to boost my energy alittle. Lets just say I haven't heard that comment again since.

Secondly, the jokes I have been writing have really helped me build strong perspectives and make even strong joke choices. Not only is it important to make strong choices in life but when you apply then to your jokes the laugh factor can fulfill an incredible response. 

I have to give a special shot out to my roommate who came to support me. She also came to support me at the last Vampire Masquerade Show.  Note: Her picture isn't show here on this blog yet.

Another special acknowledgment to The Raw Artist Network Cafe who are doing great things for undiscovered talent out there. Please check them out at:
I'm actually featured on the site now. 

I'm sure this won't be the last post about The Raw Artist Network Cafe. Fellas, I appreciate the support and opportunity. Let makes some big things happen.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I'll Be There For You...

Post Represents: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Since Day 219 Tuesday, April 26, 2011 I've been meeting with a cast of 6 others to rehearse a scene from the show Friends for our Lifebook Acting Class. Exactly one month later countless amounts of rehearsals later we finally performed the piece. I must say it well worth it. I'm sure I appeared distant sometimes to the cast and at times I was. Only because my mind has been really bubbling lately. I'm having visions and they are getting clearer. 

At the same time while I was battling to keep my mind focused, I was observing important details/elements of putting together a scene. For example, blocking. Blocking lays out what your going to do, where your going to go and gives you a purpose throughout the scene.

Exclusively, on this blog check out this fantastic scene from Friends. Its entitled "The One With The Sister." Yours truly is playing the role of Joey.

Motown Maurice smiles from performance critique. 

The cast gets there critique
Motown Maurice and the cast is thinking. I think we look better than the real Friends cast.

Kate, Motown Maurice, Linna, Matt, Kelly, Tamara & Michael

See more pictures at  (Look under Thursday May 26, 2011)

My Critique  

Although my part was small it many ways it was just as important as the others. There were a few things I should of reacted to in the beginning such as the kiddie table they put me at. My acting teacher Allen, also told me I need to work on my belief. He said, "I know your going to be the future of late night, I know it, but we have to work on your belief in some areas."

I completely understood. Some of the things I do are prefect for late night television and/or certain types of comedy however, I have to embrace the reality of acting. He's right. When I'm on stage I automatically want to use so much energy but it doesn't come off believable in a scene where the audience is looking for belief.

Another thing he suggested was that I could of used that chicken bone I was eating as a microphone. I immediately thought, "Why didn't I think of that before." Over all, we all did great and hopefully we'll do it again. Maybe even as a showcase piece.

Final Thoughts

I can't complete this post without giving props to Kate for organizing this huge endeavor. Most class scenes involves 2 people on average. Your lucky if you see a scene with 3 or 4 but our scene had a total of 7 people. I've organized somethings in my days but I have never organized a group of actors. That's totally different type of beast. Without a doubt, I know it wasn't easy getting us together throughout the weeks but Kate pulled it off. Kate I tip my hat to you for your leadership with this scene. Thanks for making it happen for us.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I See Strength, I See Power...

I See a Bad Ass Mother, That Won't Take Nothing From No Body! 

Well... I almost got it right.

This post recaps Wednesday, May 25, 2011.

My agent got me an audition for a Coke Zero commercial today and little did I know it would be with a familiar face. 

Prior to the audition I must mention how enthusiastic my agent was about me reciving this audition. She looked back on her records and it showed this was at least my 3rd time auditioning for this casting company. Kathy Knowles Casting to exact. I've auditioned for them at least two times before and each time I got a call back. Although, I didn't book neither of the gigs I've learned that call backs are big deals and something to be proud of.

My first ever call back was on Day 110 = Friday, January 7, 2011 for the a McDonald's commercial. How can I forget that Auto Amazing Vehicle with a Stranger Story. 

My second call back was for a part on TNT show or movie.  Day 201 Friday, April 8, 2011 

Now since my agent noticed the patterns of call backs with this company, its obvious to her that they are noticing me. Our conversation prior to the audition was very empowering. Paraphrasing her own words she said that she really has a good feel about this and knows that my time is near and I should book this one. As always she says to go out and have fun with it.

The more and more I learn about the lethargic relationships between most talent and their agents I become sincerely humbled and appreciative about mine. First Class Talent Agent Agency truly believes in me. I've met a couple people they represent over time and it doesn't take much for me to realize how special our relationship is.

That conversation was an energy booster and also a pressure insinuator. Its a pressure insinuator because I know they believe in me and have invested much time in me but I haven't made them any money yet. In a period of 8 months I've made them about $10 from that one Tosh.0 commercial.

Of course 8 months isn't a long period of time in this industry but I passionately want to give them a return for not only investing in me but for believing me. I won't even begin to write about all the wonderful people that have blessed me over the last 8-10 years. The main reason I won't begin to write about them is because I have yet been able to bless them as I compassionately as I desire.

With the love & positivity my agents send me, I'm going to take their belief and multiply it. My time is coming. Unfortunately, it wasn't with this particular Coke Zero commercial because I didn't book it (not even a call back this time) but I am confident there is something out their with my name on it already.

First Class Talent Agency, thank you very much and trust me I will not let you down. I sense a significant celebration in the very near future.

Okay now back to the initial heading of this post. "I See Strength, I See Power, I See a Bad Ass Mother, That Won't Take Nothing From No Body!"

Those are the words I told the casting director of the Coke Zero commercial. At the time I thought I had the quote right but I just realized I was off a few words.

As I waiting for my name to be called, for the first time I noticed the casting was being conducted by a African American guy and the moment I saw his face it instantly became familiar to me. It kept thinking to myself, "I recognize his face but from where?" First the show Living Single came to mind but I knew that wasn't it. In another few seconds I got it. I recognized the guys face from the 1993 Disney movie Cool Runnings. His name is Rawle D. Lewis, he played the part of Junior Bevill in the movie.

When it was my turn he gave a group a small a demonstration then I got a few moments to talk one on one with him because the guy that was suppose to pair with went to put money in his car meter.

The moment the room was clear, I told him, "You know when I look at you I See Strength, I See Power, I See a Bad Ass Mother, That Won't Take Nothing From No Body!"

At first he responded by playing dumb and acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. He said, "are your referring to the commercial." I stood there with a smile yet blank face but then he said he was just joking. He said, he likes to play with people specially with white people by making them think, he thinks they think we all look alike.

We had great small talk. He mentioned how much he loved my named and asked me how I got it. He then said, that name is gangster. He said, that's a name that some body should mention if they they get beat up or something. He said, the victom should say, "I'm telling Motown." Then he said, the abuser would respond like, "You know Motown! Mybad. I didn't know. I'm sorry."  Basically he was trying to say how powerful my name is. I told him my name isn't completely at that point yet but its getting their.

I was auditioning for the role of an Ice Cream Man. No words just a few actions. I wasn't moved by my performance nor impressed personally. I left with the sense that the votes wouldn't lean in my direction. Part of me was jokingly thinking, "maybe the brother might look out (lol)." I was the only African American there and the white guys their had a pretty cool Ice Cream man look.

Furthermore, I connected really good with Rawle D. Lewis. I even gave him one of my fliers and I never give any one  in casting my fliers.

Rawle D. Lewis from Disney's Cool Runnings Meets Motown Maurice

Disney's 1993 movie Cool Runnings
The actual movie quote that I told him really goes like this.

Yul Brenner: Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see!

Junior Bevill: I see Junior.

Yul Brenner: You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody! 

Final Thoughts

I've been definitely connecting with the casting department lately. Last than a week before I had a great connection with the guy in casting for the Moblity 1 audition on Day 244 Saturday, May 21, 2011. 

But of course the casting department don't make the decisions. They cast a few people who look like the fit the part and the producers have the final word. Who are the producers, in mostly all castings situations we never ever know. 

Its a patience game now. My booking already has my name on it.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Like a New Realty Dating Show


On Day 236 Friday, May 13, 2011 I revealed that I was cast for a new show called Excused. Well, it was shot today. 

As much I would like to express my thoughts I won't. I'll just wait for someone to tell me they saw me on television and I'll write about it then. I will share this much. 

* I was picked up outside my house in a limo at 8:00am. 

The Limo waits for me.
Motown Maurice is enjoying the limo service on the way to the shooting.

The show was shoot at a mansion and I later found out Mecy Gray use live there. Now the mansion doesn't look exactly the same on the inside  now but that's definitely the spot I was at. 

* Below is a picture of the guys I competed against.

Motown Maurice VS the other guys. Who did you think got Excused?
Mack, Motown Maurice, ???? & Qasim
Final Thoughts

No comment... For now at least.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Week 35: The End is Coming!

Yes, The End is Coming. No! I'm not talking about that dooms day apocalyptic prediction by Harold Camping that was suppose to happen this past Saturday on May 21st. The end that I'm referring to is in regards to me. Not the end of my life but the end of an era. The end of an era that represents change and what I strongly also believe to the end of financial hindrances.  

Check out what has mostly been my theme song of this week. Its getting my hyped up for what I have in stored on Tuesday.

Then all of a sudden I get this urge to start a Prince marathon. I think I was watching a rerun of Lopez Tonight with Prince as a guest and that's how it started. I'm enjoying this Prince streak for now. 

Day 238 Sunday, May 15, 2011

* "Friends" Scene Rehearsal early in the morning at The Space.

Read Post: The Way I Fiesta' by Eduardo Fresco (Wilmer Valderrama & Columbus Shortt)

Day 239 Monday, May 16, 2011

* "Friends" Scene Rehearsal at Linna's

* Received a phone call about new show. I'm calling it Code A.G.S. for now.

Day 240 Tuesday, May 17, 2011

* One time for Exclusives Hair Studio in Sherman Oaks. I believe I finally found my home barber shop in LA. There is much irony to this also. If you don't already know I've had most horrible experience with my hair when I arrived in LA. Its been months, my hair grew back and the memory still haunts me. That devastating cut took place on Day 19 in L.A. (My Strength, My Money, MY HAIR!!!!) Since then I've found two other barbershops but I never found satisfaction. 

The irony is I noticed this shop when I went to met my agent for the first time on day 2. At the time I thought they were too pricey and may be a little far. I ended up taking another person horrible recommendation and got ripped off at an over rated, over price barber shop Legends.
Gene hooks up Motown Maurice's Hair at Exclusives Hair Studio.
They hooked me up with this facial Vicks Moisturizer thing and it wasn't any extra.

Motown Maurice's High Top from the back.
* Since I was in the area of my agent I had to stop by my favorite pizza place. The last time I was there was on Day 225 Monday, May 2, 2011 and I had to take a picture of the slices this time so you can see this great pizza I enjoy. The place is called Vitello's Express. I've been bragging about them for a while now. Check out the picture of the building here.

As big as the slices one isn't enough.

Motown Maurice is about destroy Vitello's Express Cheese Pizza
Day 241 Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Read Post: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! "Show B Revealed"

* Yesterday, I filled out an application online to be apart of a few game shows and I got a call today to interview tomorrow. 

Day 242 Thursday, May 19, 2011

* I arrived at the game show interview with my Funky Feet and I was ready to go. I was actually familiar with the actual company because I had a chance to work with them before. Which means one person recognized me immediately and greeted me with a hug after she off of the elevator.  Other than that the interview went well. They conducted it in groups and I was in a room standing with two other people. I think I was asked me the most questions and I can confidently say I gave the most energy. 

* Since Day 216 Saturday, April 23, 2011 I began my duties as a stage manager. Today in a undisclosed verbal way, my hard work and sacrifice was acknowledged. I greatly appreciated the gesture.

* As usual I take picture of the class. I'm not in them this time but you can find them here: 
Day 243 Friday, May 20, 2011

* While still half a sleep, I had a partial conversation about the day. Judgment day to be exact. However, the results of the conversation was positive. I began to realize that I have to capitalize on every last moment. I'm not a great speaker generally because I don't like to talk. Over the years, I've done more producing than talking. I am inherently a quiet person.  Today I decided to put my quietness to rest.

In effort of improving my speaking skills, I started to join the ladies of The View and speak out with the them. I did the same thing with various TV commercials that aired. Following that I started playing songs from Prince and started signing and dancing out loud. I also started to do some research on building strategies to focus my mind. If I'm not 100% interested in the conversation my mind begins to draft. That's not good. Its mostly because my dreaming abilities are so powerful. I have to control my thoughts better and start mentally reacting faster.

* In the blink of all my make-shift speaking and signing exercises I received a text about a hosting position for a cell phone company. I was totally not expecting it. It was set for the next day and I confirmed right away.  

* On Day 219 Tuesday, April 26, 2011 and met up with someone and confirmed web cast interview for the Red Lipstick show. The interview was set for today but it never happened. There was a mix up with directions. 

Day 244 Saturday, May 21, 2011

* I put in some hours as stage management at The Space from 8am-12pm.

* After my stage management hours I rested, then began my journey to the mobile host audition. I'm proud of myself because I took my time and rehearsed when I received the sides. I didn't allow them to rush me too much. When I finally when in the room, I initiated a great conversation with the casting director before the audition started. I made a joke about the world coming to an end and we both had fun with that for a few minutes. Then we even found a Florida commonality.

As for as my performance I wasn't bad. I don't like it when I fumble on words but my energy was great and I looked dashing. He said I did great and that the call backs will be on Tuesday.

* On Day 178 Wednesday, March 16, 2011 I noted something about O.R. It was actually
an audition a show called Operation Repo. I'm mentioning this because that same person called me today for a gig on Tuesday coming up. He even offered me more money but I couldn't agree because  I already have something booked. Thus, its always great to know I'm still in mind.

* Thanks to my great mom and her intuition to give a credit card I was able to purchased some clothes at Ross in preparation for Tuesday's show. (Read: Momma Knows...Momma Knows...)

* Wasn’t the world suppose to come to an end today? These peopling are obviously mocking all the nonsense.

* Kelly from my Lifebook class invites me to her The World Didn't Come to End End Party. 

Kelly Shanely & Motown Maurice
Motown Maurice & Adam Bobrow acting weird at the party.

Final Thoughts 

The end is near. Which means I I need to prepare for a new beginning. 

Note to self. Shave once a day or once every two days. Less ingrown hairs will arrive. The results are better but it still a working progress.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! "Show B Revealed"

Post Recaps:  Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's time to reveal what Show B. The fist time I wrote about Show B was on Day 205 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Then on Day 219 Tuesday, April 26, 2011  I announced that I was officially confirmed. 

Thank you all for your patience. Now I'm revealing Show B for the first time. Show B is Baggage as in Jerry Springer's Baggage on The Game Show Network.

Jerry Springer host of Baggage meets Motown Maurice for the first time.
I won't get in too much details about the show yet. Just know that I was a contestant and I truly had a great time. I'll also say this much. During one of the breaks Jerry Springer approached me shook my hand and said "You are really funny do you do stand up comedy?" I said, ahhh...I do a little bit here and there." He then said, "You were funny I would watch you do stand up." I told thank you and said, "Hosting is my passion. Look for me as a host in the very near future." I shook his hands again, looked at him with a smile and we parted.

I thought of giving him my flier/business card but I left it in the holding room up stairs. Nonetheless, it wasn't necessary. Like many of the celebrities I've met in the past, I new Jerry and I will met again.

I was told by a few people in the production crew that the how might of been one of their best. They were really happy with the results. They even shoot a few things with me and the other contestants that they never tired before.

The immediate next day I thanked the casting director that initially contacted me and he told me, 
"At the meeting yesterday, they said that in the audition you were one of the best guys they had this season, they have seen about 500, well done!

Before writing this, I had the intentions for sharing details but I realized its best that you see the show first. I know you want to know my baggage. Or what they considered as baggage but your going to have to wait.

As great as the show maybe, I wasn't performing at my maximum capacity. Within minutes of my last scene I was cringing with grief. So many great thoughts came into my head after the fact. Oh well. I'll get them next time.

Final Thoughts

Once I arrived in the holding room, one of the contestants I was competing against said I looked familiar. Then he asked me if I auditioned for Wassup In LA. I thought that was so funny and odd because I auditioned for that show way back on Day 56 = Sunday, November 14, 2010. Once I told him yes, said, "I thought the high top fade looked familiar."

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Way I Fiesta' by Eduardo Fresco (Wilmer Valderrama & Columbus Shortt)

Last week one of my Facebook friends Moncia sent me a message that said this. "I just saw the lonely island Eduardo Fresco video...i lost it when i saw u lmao! excellent."

I was completely confused. I responded by telling her I had no clue what she was talking about and she sent me the link to the video. I didn't know it was out nor was I thinking about it. This video was shot back on Day 73 = Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

I hope this isn't the whole video. Although, my one solo scene was was included. This video is very short and there is probably more to come. Check me out at the 1:01 mark.

Final Thoughts

Its a cool experience to be noticed on a project that I'm not even thinking about. Its an experience that will never get old.

Lets got Loco!!!

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Week 34: AKA The Lone Ranger

This week mirrors what I wrote in week 33 section: I'm starting to connect the dots...
However, you can take that energy and times it by 3. My brain is storming non stop and I can't stay seated. The visions are on its way and when it forms into a complete vision I will be ready.

Day 231 Sunday, May 8, 2011 

* By the way the Lakers were sweep out of the playoffs today :-) 

Day 232 Monday, May 9, 2011 

* I followed up with the Transit TV representative I met on Day 230 Saturday, May 7, 2011. The conversation went well and I hope to follow up with him again. 
Day 233 Tuesday, May 10, 2011 

* Scene rehearsal for "Friends" at The Space.

* Scene rehearsal for "Rescue Me" at Anique's apartments office and The Space later in the day.

* I received a notice to become a contestant on a Japaneses style game show. 

Day 234 Wednesday, May 11, 2011  
* The original appointment for "What Its Worth" was for Monday but it was later rescheduled for today. I spoke about it briefly on  Day 227 Wednesday, May 4, 2011. My self, Mr. Chill and Ava rocked the audition. If anything good transpires I'll be sure to share more. 

* On Day 125 = Saturday, January 22, 2011 I auditioned for a Cultural Talk Show Host gig. Today my agent forwarded me a message from them stating they are still working on the show and they were still interested in me.  I didn't get that audition through my agent so it took me a second to wonder why they emailed my agent. Since I sent them a thank you post card afterward, I figured that's how they got my agents email address. My agent designed the post card.

Its still a non-paid gig but I was excited about doing it anyway. I just don't understand why they haven't contacted me back. In the email the asked me to contact them in which I did but they didn't contact me back. I don't get it. I called and emailed. I'm not sweating it but I don't get how humans  communicate sometimes. 
* Scene rehearsal for "Rescue Me" at Anique's apartments office and later at Micheal's house.  
Anique, Michael, Motown Maurice & Linna rehearsing for the "Rescue Me" scene.
* I got a phone call from one of the organizers of the comedy show I hosted recently. I appreciated the conversation because he took the time out to tell me more about their vision and share that he recognized me as a visionary. He  genuinely wants to help me get back in my television talk show element. He shared that not enough artist are marketing, investing and promoting themselves like I do. Which is why the new I was a visionary. My flier also impressed him because it also indicated vision. 

* At the Snoop video shoot I met these guys (J.Cannon Events) and they called me today on the day of their event and asked me to take pictures for them. I'm not a photographer anymore but sometimes I talk too much about my past. For reason my small Canon Power Shot Camera is more impressive then I thought. I ended up agreeing to take pictures mostly to use as a tool of networking. I enjoyed myself and they said they are going to have me back next time to interview people on the red carpet. Seems like they have a good thing going.

* I submitted a video for the Japaneses Game Show and received a response the following day. Lets see what happens.  

Day 235 Thursday, May 12, 2011   

* "Rescue me" rehearsal at The Space.
* Blog talk Interview with David w. Williams

* Finally after all the rehearsals for "Rescue Me" we finally did the scene. Plus we were able to do the scene in from of a guest manager.

Motown Maurice & Linna in the "Rescue Me" scene

Motown Maurice choking Micheal in the scene.
Anique, Michael, Linna & Motown Maurice
* After class I walked someone her car and she remembered me talking about my state of Judgment in the admin groups. To my surprise she made an offer to my be half. I wasn't expecting that but I was humbled...

Day 236 Friday, May 13, 2011    

* On Day 166 = Friday, March 4, 2011 I had an interview for a show I coded DS. Meaning a dating show. The real name of the show is called Excused. This is pretty big. More updates coming soon.
* Hosted the Raw Artist Network Cafe for the 2nd time. It went well and I did better then the first time on (Day 222 Friday, April 29, 2011)

Day 237 Saturday, May 14, 2011     

I spent most of the day at the movies. I saw Priest, Thor & Fast Five. This was my 2nd time seeing Fast Five. I first saw it on Day 224 Sunday, May 1, 2011  Its a well put together movie. There are a lot of great moments. I specially like the ending. I now have one of the songs from the sound track on my repeat list.

Final Thoughts 

Watching 3 movies straight was great. It was very relaxing and exciting. The feeling of getting back to a lone life afterward isn't as great. At that moment I wish I had plans to be out with someone or at an event. Hanging out with a young lady would of been ideal but its not my time. I went home and worked on my blog.

I'm not suffering from loneliness but every now and then the thoughts of hanging with someone on the same page with me would be nice. There are some opportunities coming up that might element my one life but for some time but...Than again its very difficult for me to find someone on the same page with me. I'm currently in exile and I have embraced it.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Behind the scenes with Snoop Dogg & Wiz Kahlifah

Post represents: Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Revert back to Day 225 Monday, May 2, 2011 for the origins. At this shoot, I over heard Snoop talking. He basically said he got an idea, made some phone calls, put up the money and now we're shooting a movie. Apparently, its that easy for Snoop. This was shoot at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach. I must say this was a different type of production experience. Mainly because they didn't mind everyone taking out their cameras to photograph at will. 

All the extras were there for a full 12 hour day and of course we wasn't used that much. We spent most of our time in the classroom watching the Lakers get their butts whooped. When we were shooting I was having fun. I had no premeditated plans but I found myself in the nerdy geek character the entire time. Some people really didn't know if I was acting or not. I was asked if I was acting multiple times throughout the day. Each time would I would say, "I'm only being myself."

I drew much attention to myself and with my improvisational skills by doing things outside the box. Others that I was told to do those things. Acting like a nerd all day was cool. Hey, I auditioned to be a nerd, yet I didn't get the part I was the nerd regardless. 

Snoop walked by me once shook my hand and said, "That's right stay in character. Stay in character."

So many other great things and connections happened in this shoot but I'll let the pictures and video below speak for itself.

Motown Maurice studying with his lady friends.

Motown Maurice & Amber Rose. She came to visit her current boyfriend Wiz Kahlifah. Little does she know, she'll be dating me next.

Snoop in between scenes.

Motown Maurice in the classroom.
Motown Maurice gave her the answers to the test and he got a kiss.

Motown Maurice & J. Cannon Events

Motown Maurice and his classmates.

Motown Maurice & Kendre

Motown Maurice & the popular guys.

Motown Maurice and his new lady friends.

Motown Maurice is the only guy in his class.

Video ( 1) Here:

Motown Maurice & Snoop Dogg
Video (2) Here: (Added 9/12/12)

They built a track for Snoop Dogg and his bike to scroll down the hall.
Oko Carter & Motown Maurice
Wiz Kahlifah & Snoop Dogg
Video (3) Here: (Added 9/12/12)

Final Thoughts

I just mention that I finally got to play a game a basketball today. With my dress shoes on and all. Within my first shoot they was like the geek can play ball. lol. Fo shizzle my nizzle.

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Mac & Devin Go To High School Super Nerd Highlight

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Week 33: Its Not My Time Yet...

but my time is definitely near. I can feel it!

I have never took this long to post my weekly review. I normally post on the start of a new week which is Sunday. The latest on the following Wednesday but not this time. I'm posting week 33 on the first day of Week 35 which means I'm extremely behind. Things have been moving very fast. There is a lot of good momentum in the air and I'm loving every moment of it. Before I break down my review I have to shout out my mom and a few other things.

Momma Knows...Momma Knows...

First and foremost, I have to give my mom a shout out. I could spend the rest of my life listing one million and one reasons of how great she is but for the sake of time I'm going to specify one reason now. Less than two months ago I posted The Pursuit of a Limitless Entertainer Part 1 in that post I mentioned that my mom sent me a credit card. My mom felt lead in her spirit to send me a credit card with my name on it. At one time I had near impeccable credit until the end of last year (No Sacrifice No Victory). The fact that she could put a credit card with my name on it is a miracle of its own.

Moreover, I took the credit card from my mom with the intentions of making my mom happy. I still told her that I had no plans to never use it. I just new I would have my stuff together soon. A few weeks pasted and I didn't use it as I planned. At the same time my mom would constantly tell me to use it for food and transportation. Reluctantly, I started to use it slowly but surely. Now I can honestly stay that I don't know how I would of made it through the past couple of weeks if my mom didn't send me that card. God only knows what type of crap I would be eating or if I would be even eating at all. I completely stopped eating fast food shortly after arriving in LA. I'll purchase some french fries from every blue moon but that's it.

Subway's sandwiches is the only type of fast food I've been eating the most. Burgers don't agree with me anymore. Thanks to my mom I'm able to purchase a meal of my desire and eat happy. I never feel like sleeping after eating one of Subway's $5 foot longs. I've also been trying to go to the movies at least once a week to help me relax my mind. The goal is to take one day or half a day out of the week and do something relaxing. I am able to do so because of my mom's superb spiritual intuition. 

The point to this banter is, "Momma Knows...Momma Knows. I didn't even want to acknowledge that card but it has truly been a blessing to me. I am able to eat decent and relax with ease because of my moms power to love. Thank you ma. You are truly the Unsung Miracle of my survival out here. Love you ma. 

Everywhere I go...

On day 222 & day 223 I wrote about how popular I'm getting. Since then I literally can't go anywhere without somebody recognizing me from another event or place we met before. I'm not exaggerating either. For only being in LA 6/7 months I think that pretty good. I also think its a sign. My time is coming. I won't post every time someone recognizes me but just now that I'm making a very vivid presents here in Hollywood and I'm being noticed. Hollywood is sinking because I'm getting larger. 

I'm starting to connect the dots...

I began to have strong visions this week. I believe I opened up a can of worms when I wrote Week 28: CREATING THE MOTOWN MAURICE HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSE. I'm beginning to visual all my puzzle pieces more clearly and soon I will be able to put all together. I have to create on my own, point blank. I knew this from the very beginning but for some reason my wires were disconnected for a while.  The questions of "when?" and "how?" are always hovering but I am positive the answers will soon utter "here!!"and "now!!!." 

On my 30th day evaluation I completely broke down what I was going to do and described steps in which I needed to take. Moving forward since that evaluation I had a radio interview not too long ago on The Red Viking Show.  In the interview I was asked what network I want to have my show on. At this moment I don't like the answer I gave. The bottom line is I have to create on my own without any limitations. Most importantly, I'm now beginning to realize exactly now I'm going to do it. I'm sure I will eventfully join a network but I need to focus on my own creations. Time will soon reveal it all. 

Day 224 Sunday, May 1, 2011

* Just over a month ago I was facing a furious State of Judgment. Somehow it passed and I'm still standing. Today Judgment resurfaced with an official date. I'm far from concerned and I did promise myself not to use the term judgment again but but it is what it is.

* I went to see Fast 5 at AMC Century City 15. I won't be seeing any movies over their again anytime soon. Its in at a fancy mall off of Santa Monica Blvd. I like the mall because you can interact with some many different Sony and IPad toys but the movies are too pricey. The cost is like $13.50. I'm going to stick with AMC at Universal City Walk. Other than that, Fast 5 was great. I really enjoyed it. I am now an official fan of bank heist movies. I never even seen any of the other Fast and Furious movies but I saw this because it had a robbery plot.  

* After the movies I immediately found out Osama Bin Laden was dead.

* Received a  notification to audition for a Snoop Dogg movie/video.

Day 225 Monday, May 2, 2011

* I auditioned for a Mercedes Benz commercial and I left feeling like I could of gave a lot more energy. I didn't think I did so well. Nevertheless, later this week my agent called me and I notified that I'm on the "avail list." It doesn't mean I'm confirmed but more like a tentative status. I obviously did better then I thought. I'm not great at predicting these type of things anyway. My agent said they are noticing me and obviously liking me.

* The Mercedes Benz audition was in Sherman Oats so I had to visit my favorite pizza place. Its been a while since I was there. I think the last time I was there was on day 17.  

* I'm been anticipating the open call audition to become a Universal Studios Tour guide for a few weeks now. I found that ad on Craigs List. I figured I was a shoe in but I never heard back. Oh well, it wasn't for me. I really didn't want it anyway. Although, it would of been a great opportunity to enhance my speaking skills its too much like a day job. I sure I would of because inpatient and not lasted anyway. 

* I arrived at the Snoop Dogg audition not sure what to expect. Upon arrival I was approached by the casting director and I was told she thought I would make a good nerdy geek for one of the roles. She saw my high top and thought of Steve Urkel. I had no clue that's what they wanted me their for. I remember submitting for the project but what when I got the notice I later realized I was put down for a females role. I probably submitted so fast I didn't realize what I did. As soon as they told me to be a nerd, I had to improvise immediately. She said she really wanted me to do well at the audition and that gave me a little extra motivation.   

As you read and journey with me, also visualize the extent of my travels from bus to train with a bag on one shoulder and a a change of clothing in the other. With out knowing they wanted me to audition for the role of a nerd I think I did pretty good. You be the judge by checking out the picture below. Moreover, I was excited and excused myself from the casting area and thoroughly rehearsed in front of the building. When I finally auditioned I received an amazing response. The young man in casting told me that my depiction of the character was awesome. He asked me to try it again with a totally different approach but I think my 2nd approach was too similar. 

Long story short, as great as the response was I think I made a charactercher of the role. Meaning I was to clownish. I'm proud that I mesmerized my lines and I gave great energy but I should had better versions prepared. I didn't get the part. A more popular young semi celebrity actor got it. I did get a call to be apart of the project as an extra. See week 34 for the review. 

Motown Maurice is a sexy looking nerd.
Day 226 Tuesday, May 3, 2011

* I took my friend Kate from my LIfebook acting class to Star Bucks for coffee and conversation. Coffee and/tea is a great way to network.  I recently self-acknowledged that I like treat people for a bite or a drink from time to time. Unfortunately, most people I've invited for tea don't have it together to invest in the importance of tea and networking.People around here are very dizzy.

* Lifebook Acting class scene rehearsal for "Rescue Me," at Linna's house.

* I had an audition for a student project for the role of Ryan. I didn't do that great because I probably should of completely memorized the scene but at the least I like the way I incorporated the styrofoam cup into the audition.

Motown Maurice after an audition.

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 Day 227 Wednesday, May 4, 2011

* My buddy Ava and I rehearsed a scene we preformed at our last TSAG class. I went over by her place near Venice beach. We were preparing to be in a contest this upcoming Friday. 

* My roommate likes to listen to the radio in the morning but their are times she won't put it on because she may not want to wake me up. I sleep in the living room and I don't mind the radio on in the morning. Sleeping or not. I got up and I put the radio on and laid back down. Then I heard his name. Mr. Executive's name in part of an event called Mac's Minute Microphone Mixer. My head popped up as fast as lightening. Shortly afterward I paid and signed up to attend. Part of the story is revealed here: Time Warner Cable's Born To Shine. The core of what happened next is posted on Friday below.

* Starting with an ad I noticed on Craig's List, I took a story I developed about myself, Ava and Mr. Chill from Day 213 Wednesday, April 20, 2011 and it spawned a phone call about a game show called What's It Worth? The audition takes place next week.  

Mr. Chill & Motown Maurice in a photo shoot for upcoming things popping.
* On Day 218 Monday, April 25, 2011 I got the impression that my agent might not be doing theatrical work anymore but it was later cleared up. On Saturday, I was informed that my agents  theatrical division is staying open with the excitement of a new person on the team. Ironically and randomly an agency known as ATA contacted me with interest of representing me. Of course I later declined and was advised by others not to accept anyway.  

Day 228 Thursday, May 5, 2011

* Conducted my 2nd The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle interview with Chuck Erickson

* Lifebook Acting Scene rehearsal for "Friends" at The Space Theater.

* Lifebook class. See other pictures here:

* I called yesterday to thank the guys for allowing me to host the comedy show on Day 222 Friday, April 29, 2011 and they called me back today to ask me to host their next show. They thought I was good and pointed out that I should liven things up a bit but I was all in. 

Day 229 Friday, May 6, 2011

Read Post: Time Warner Cable's Born To Shine

* Wednesday's rehearsal payed off at the Hollywood Fight Club today. It went well and we were asked to perform in the showcase. For various reasons Ava and I decided to wait until next month to perform in the contest.

Mac’s Minute Microphone Minute...

Wednesday above explains show I ended up at this event. I attended and I thought it was a pretty cool event. Radio host/actress Tammy Mac created the event and invites well known casting directors. The casting director for the movie now in theaters "Jumping The Broom" was present. Each talent put their name in a bucket or signed up in advance. The format is based on everyone performing for a minute. American Idol meets the Gong Show. Some peoples minute lasted much longer for some odd reason. I wrote some stand up comedy mostly while waiting but my name didn't get picked. Tammy did say everyone wasn't going to get picked and its not something to be discouraged about. In her own words, "Its Just Not Your Time Yet."

Once the event was over at least two really interesting things happened. Of course everyone was swarming toward the casting directors to give them their head shots. I wasn't swarming and I didn't have any head shots. I had my quarter page flier and I waited patiently to drop one in each of their hands.

Who is Mr. Executive

I've been writing about Mr. Executive a few times for the past few weeks and there is no reason to hide his name at this point. His name is Bryon Allen. One of the main reasons I attended this event was because I heard his name on the radio spot. He wasn't present but his executive producer was there. Interesting enough, when I approached her, she shook my hand and said my name loud and clear with energy. She noticed my flier hanging around my neck. She was very receptive. I told her a few things about myself, a bit about my recent show in Tampa and that I've been trying to contact Byron Allen. I even mentioned his assistants names. She responded positively and we separated.

I spent some time wondering around the exit and when she left we made eye contact and smiled at each other. For some reason before she exited, she told her associate, "That's Motown Maurice." I don't think her associate heard her because she was talking to someone else. Thus, that tiny mention of my name was meaningful.

* The other interesting thing that happened came from another casting director. I don't remember what he casts for but he thought he should give me some advice. I gave me one of my fliers and after asking me a few questions he told me that I shouldn’t put The Future of Late on there? He thought it was arrogant and it might affect my chances in Hollywood. He said he was just trying to help because I seemed like a nice young man. The conversation ended by him shaking my hands and him saying "Welcome to Hollywood."

On purpose I didn't engage into conversation with that guy. He has no idea who I am and what I'm capable of. I'm not one of these humans he's use to interacting with. If arrogant is the word that describes me best I'll accept it proudly. I have to send a message and I'll do it by any means necessary.  I'm not dependent of any casting directors because I am the creator of my own universe. I'm sure that conversation would of discouraged a normal human being but not me. My wheels began turning and the fire began to burn baby.  

Tammy Mac hosting Mac's Minute Microphone Mixer
* At the end of the show, Tammy Mac took the time out to tell me how good I did at the Born To Shine contest  again. She said, I really did a great job and that maybe only one other person might of been close to matching my energy. 

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Day 230 Saturday, May 7, 2011  

I attended the new edition of the ShowBiz Expo. The last one was there on Day 76 & Day 77. 
This time I didn't volunteer and I attended as a spectator. Goods things tends to happen while attending.
Motown Maurice and the sexy ladies booth at the ShowBiz Expo
* Don't let the picture fool you. I did some serious networking at this event. The most notable was with Metro's Transit TV. I have a feeling I will have a good update about that soon.

* After the Showbiz Expo I attended the TSAG potluck. See more pictures here:

Motown Maurice and TSAG 1, 2, 3, & 4 potluck
TSAG Related: 

Final Thoughts

I have no interest in writing any final thoughts. I'm just glad I'm finally done writing this post.  

As the quest continues...

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