Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sparks - Cover Drive

Completely Cut Out. This is the first music video I've been apart of and I am no where to be seen. There was one cameo opportunity that would of highlighted me but I sensed a lower probability of its use once the director decided to shoot the same take with 2 different people. The take with the two others is the one taht was used. Its the scene at :38 seconds that replaced with. I was replaced my friend Ingel so its all good. Big ups to Ingel for scene in the video.

Final Thoughts

I'm just leaving a music video with a group from the UK and there was another background extra whom I thought looked familiar. She was also apart of the Cover Drive Shoot. Her name is Batani. She informed me that the Sparks video was out. It made sense to me because I've been noticing a lot of hits on my blog from my previous behind the scenes with Cover Drive post.

After giving off so much energy, its not rewarding feeling noting being able to see at lease a glimpse of my work in the video but what can I say. You win some, you lose some. The pro to the situation is that their success will channel curious minds to search Cover Drive and possibility discover my blog.

Truthfully, most of the extras aren't noticeable in the video. It almost seems like we were cast just to lift our hands up for the concert scene.

The best of success to Cover Drive.

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As the quest continues...

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