Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Services Not Needed

It all started on Day 233 Tuesday, May 10, 2011 when I received a response to become a contestant for a project entitled "Japaneses Style Game Show." This is what the breakdown said:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been chosen for the first phase of our Japanese Style GAME SHOW casting! Please carefully read the below instructions so that we can submit you to our producers and move you to the next phase... We cannot tell you too many details about the pilot, but it's for ANIMAL PLANET, so you KNOW it will be GREAT! MUST HAVE the kind of adventurous, up-for-anything personality that game shows love! Also, although it will not be overly strenuous, you MUST be in good physical shape, as running, jumping, spinning etc could be involved...

Now... for the next phase! TAPE INSTRUCTIONS: - 3-5 minute VIDEO submission...

Tell us or show us some physical skills you have.... also, brag about some physical accomplishments (mountain climbing, marathon, tiger wrestling etc... :) COMPETITIVE SPIRIT- give us some examples of how competitive you are, in life, sports, games, etc... ANIMALS - tell us your favorite animal stories, imitate an animal, if you were an animal, what kind of animal are you? tell/show us about your pets! WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE YOU AS A CONTESTANT? TELL US SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT YOU, THAT WE WOULDN'T KNOW BY LOOKING AT YOU. BE YOURSELF... and HAVE FUN! SEND ASAP....

There was much more in the message but furthermore, I was extremely reluctant about it at first. I was at the point where I was tired of putting video submissions together. In the past I put so much energy and passion into video submissions because video production is how I made a living for so long. I take pride in all the videos I produce. Moreover, I decided to do it based on a quick recycled idea from my Expedition Impossible audition video. It's one of my less detailed videos in which I completed it in one take and it did the job.   

By Day 238 Monday, May 16, 2011 I was a top 20 finalist.

By June 2nd & 3rd (Week 37) I had the impression I was locked and sealed. The following week (Week 38) I met with the producers on Monday. Then I met with a doctor for my medical test on Wednesday. Then on Friday June 10, 2011 I got an email indicating that I am alternate. I'm not in the top eight but I'm an alternate. Meaning if one of their top eight drops they'll make a space for me.

They communicated with me all the way up until last Thursday, June 23rd asking for more information. Then informed me that I would be on hold as an alternate all the way up until the day of by 7am. Today was the day of and exactly at 7am I received this email. 

Hello Alternate Contestant,

Thank you for auditioning for our pilot as we greatly appreciate your involvement.  It was a pleasure meeting you and unfortunately, we will not need you to report to our set.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Once again, thank you.

Within the last week I started to think maybe they are playing a game and everyone is an alternate for the show until the day of. Then in the last couple days I figured they're not choosing me. If they really wanted me they would of told me by now.

The most frustrating part of the process is being kept on hold for so long. On my calendar I blocked out June 29th, 30th, & July 1st. If they would of selected me, they would of put me up in a hotel for 3 days, provide a stipend, plus a possibility to win a grand prize. They were very firm about being available. I passed up submitting for other projects on those dates because of what they told me.

Not to mention Judgment is approaching. I will fully explain that in my 2011 Mid Term Evaluation (Coming soon). Considering the that fact that this Thursday/Friday is my last day in my current living arrangements this would of been an ideal opportunity to support my transition process.

Its pointless to spend time pondering on why they didn't choose me. Overall, I think I did great but for some reason two thing points out in my mind. At the meeting the executive producer asked me where I worked. I told him a supermarket. There was a weird pause at that point. Or maybe it was an energy shift. No one else would of noticed but me. If I had to play inspector gadget I would say maybe my job wasn't interesting enough of this show.

They also didn't know about any of my experience in front of the camera. They asked me how I think I'll do in from to the camera. I mentioned stuff I did in college but maybe that wasn't convincing enough

Going into the interview, I thought the producers knew more about me going in. I don't think they even saw the video above. Apparently, I learned that the casting team doesn't share any information with the producers. The casting department just passes on the people they select along and the producers learn you from scratch. At least that what went down in this case. 

Final Thoughts

Yesterday, for about two minutes, I felt some moments of anger but in a flash it was all over. Anger because I denied submitting for other opportunities. I was totally committed to this show. I don't like being left hanging on a cliff like that, but its the chances I have to take. This is the process that my successors had to go through. Being on hold or being told "We went another direction" is the inaugural stages of Hollywood. As I build another foundation from this disappointment, I'm looking forward to graduting from this "We went another direction" phase.

By the way, the last name of that show that was revealed is: "Who Is The Most Loved By Animals"
I wish I could share more about but this is is all I know. You know just about as much as I do. They really keep show pilot details on lock.

As a standard gratitude, I replied back to that disappointing email that say, "thank you for the consideration. I wish you the best with your pilot..."

Believe me, at one point, I really wanted to say "Thank you for leaving me hanging on the cliff for so long. You knew darn well you wasn't going to choose me. Why did you waste my time? I could of been working another project..." lol, but of course I know better then to say that. As disappointing as the results are, through a process of elimination I was considered for a great opportunity and indeed it is something to be appreciative about. I have grown from this and I'm much smarter and stronger now.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craftsman Screw'd Reality Show Audition Submission

Here is a particial break down of the reality show:

We're looking for a person in his mid 20s to mid 30s of any ethnicity who is NOT very good with tools. He's the kind of guy who can hang a picture frame and maybe patch a hole, but when it comes to building a deck, even a birdhouse from scratch. he's clueless. The kind of person who picks up a phone and gets someone else to do the job instead of picking up a tool himself. He should be charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera, with a likable, relatable and an engaging personality.

My video approach is quite different from the others I've seen but I wouldn't of done it any other way. I got the idea and made it happen.

Someone on Youtube inititally commented, "I think you have the best personality out of all the vids I watched. I hope you go far" - CAT

Unfortunately, I had to take the original video down, re-edit it and upload it again. It was 1 second too long and I was notified that could disqualify me.

If your interested in auditioning check it here:

Feel free to vote for me by giving me a thumps up.

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As the quest continues...

The Future Late Night

Motown Maurice

Week 40: Through The Wire!!!

Last week, (Week 39) was grand. I had a bunch of auditions and I had fun at the same time. I had at least 5 auditions last week and I'm proud to say I booked one. I booked an internet barbershop commercial with Pro Keds. Since I booked it, I've referred to it as something small probably because it doesn't pay much and it won't air on TV. In reality, I shouldn't size it. I booked and that should be celebrated. Overall, the booking was good. The pay was only $100.00 but I practically did nothing but sit in a chair for a few hours. No more then 4 hours.

This week didn't have momentum comparable to last week, but that's the roller coaster of Hollywood. This week I had 2 in person auditions and 2 video submissions. Wow! I didn't realize I had that many until now. I guess I never really count the video auditions.

The slowness of this week affected my energy at times but by now I know exactly how to solve that short random occurrence. I simply grab a smoothie or a bite to eat at a restaurant then I'm back on my grind.

I'm glad I have learned important methods towards maintaining my powers and strengths because
I'm "Through The Wire" from this point on. This week was my last complete week of my blessed 9 plus month living arrangements. Regardless, of the projects I have pending a head, my life is going to significantly change in the matter of days. Week 38 is titled, "I'm Ready for Change." and week 39 is titled, "It's Time to Break The Cycle". I'm about to get what I asked for.

Day 273 Sunday, June 19, 2011

* While still in bed around 12:30pm, I got a text to audition as a host of a movie review show on Youtube. The time frame was from 1:30pm-3:30pm the same day. I had very little time to get myself together but I did. I also had to quickly put together a movie review and I choose a movie I haven't even scene. While at Sizzler yesterday I read a review on my phone about Mr. Popper's Penguins and it paid off. I think I did great considering I wrote most of it on the train ride there. I didn't get a call back but I'm okay with that. 

* Even thought I was just at Sizzler yesterday, I had a craving for that open salad bar again. I celebrated a good audition by treating myself to Sizzler again and I liked it. 

Motown Maurice enjoys Sizzler again.

* I partly watched the movie Yogi Bear from Redbox.
Day 274 Monday, June 20, 2011

* Took Pictures at the Monday's Lifebook Acting. See pictures here.

* Did some brief scene work with one of my classmates Sylvester.

* My energy was low so I tried I different brand of smoothie at Jamba Juice. I think I like Robeks better. I also used my Dodger Baseball ticket from last week to purchase a large box of Pizza Hut and got the other one free. They took a while with my order so I threw in some bread and soda. I had 2 large pizza to eat for the rest of the week.

* I took a chance and played some lottery. I won 3 dollars at first and lost afterward. 

* Received a notice for a project related to 80's looks (tomorrow).

Day 275 Tuesday, June 21, 2011

* Welcome to the First Day of Summer: 

* In my audition today they were looking for 80's type guys with a boom box and cool hair that could  be a dancer. I'm not dancer but I tried it anyway. The actual dancing wasn't too bad. It didn't require as much movement as I thought. Nevertheless, as I was leaving there was a young man waiting to audition who had a high top fade. Honestly, his hair looked taller and was shaped a bit better then mind. While I was in the audition this lady complimented my hair then here comes this guy right behind me. I haven't heard back from the project but it shoots later in the summer. Who knows! 

Motown Maurice looking old school for the audition.

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  Day 276 Wednesday, June 22, 2011

* Hustle & Shuffle interview with: Joey-O 

One of the things that inspired me to interview him was the honorable shot out he gave me in his Youtube documentary.  Its called: The History of Joey-O (in the making) Looking for me at the 10:03min mark.

* A audition notice for a handyman reality show was sent to me an usual 3 times and I figured I would put something together real quick. It got rejected a few days later because it was 1 second over the limit. I ended up upload again the following week.

Read Post: Craftsman Screw'd Reality Show Audition Submission 

* I got a hair cut  & went to Wal-Mart/Sallys beauty supply. The electric shaver I got from Wal-Mart previously wasn't doing the job. I had to pick up a very expensive pair from Sally's. While at Wal-Mart a guy named Daniel remembered me from the TSAG potluck on Day 230 Saturday, May 7, 2011. Later at the bus stop he noticed me and I got a free ride. That's one of those situations where its good to have a memorable look.

Day 277 Thursday, June 23, 2011

* I received communication from the Japanese Style Game Show I've been pending for. They needed my helmet size. Still no final word yet. Last time I heard from them was on June 16th. They asked for clothes sizes. They last time I recorded correspondence on my blog was on June 10th. Today's email gave me the impression that everyone is an alternate until the day of but I could be very wrong.

* Attended Lifebook Acting Class. See more pictures here.

Motown Maurice acts drunk in an improv scene. 

* Left for a weekend trip to Los Vegas with a few friends from class. On the way there we made a stop at In-N-Out Burger. It was my first one and my first burger in a very long time. I enjoyed it.

Kelly and Motown Maurice at In-N-Out Burger

Motown Maurice is in love with this burger

 Day 278 Friday, June 24, 2011

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Day 279 Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final Thoughts

Although this week was slow at times it was productive. I could do without any slow moments but I know its only temporary. For a period of time I looking forward to the Los Vegas trip and having  extensive fun. I had fun a some moments but I'm just really not a party person. At least I'm not a party person yet. The Vegas trip also helped me realized how socially disconnected I am with women right now. Besides how boring I am, The MT experience was great. I don't want to blow the review of my Vegas Trip. That post is delayed but I will make sure its up soon. 

With all the challenges ahead I would like to close by quoting the words of  Kanye West from his song "Through The Wire".

But I'm a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph

Make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice

What Happens In Vegas...

Post Represents: Thursday, June 23, 2012 - Sunday, June 26, 2012

It took me about a year to finally update this post. Mybad! I'm now posting all the photos and pictures on May 12,  2012. There is much I remember and even more I don't remember for some odd reason. Nevertheless, what I do know is this whole trip was made possible by the man himself Michael "MT" Tabuso. I asked for the MT Experience and I certainly got it. As for what happened in Vegas...Let the photos and video speak for itself.

Thursday, June 23, 2012
After class at Lifebook Acting we made a stop at In-N-Out Burger to pop my cherry.
This was my first In-N-Out Burger and it certainly wasn't my last. 
Oh Yes! This is good. 
Guys this is not cool. 
Ha ha ha you got me. Very funny. 
Friday (Morning), June 24, 2012
We shifted a few spots before we officially checking in our room. 
Welcome to Tropicana Las Vegas
Toast it up everybody. This was also my first Mimosa. (Cherry Pop Number 2) 
Motown Maurice, Sara Berger, Kelly Shanley & Michael Tabuso
The new "Friends" of Prime time television. 
I'm so glad I switched Barbers. My hair looks terrible. 
We're such a dignified group
Steak and Eggs compliments of Michael "MT" Tabuso.

Michael Tabuso & Motown Maurice or should I say Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker
I at least had to get in my penny slots. 
(Friday Afternoon) July, 24, 2011 - The First Interview 

Marcus Hancock Murray joins the crew. (On the left)
After the photo above, I'm not 100% of the order of what happened. This is what I remembered. I remember going to a pool party and I wasn't allowed in because I didn't have my ID with me. I want back to the room, grabbed another drink and I took a nap.
Taking a nap. 
Apparently, everyone was worried about me they came back to the room, found me and brought me back to the pool party that I didn't make it to on my own.  

I'm having a really deep conversation with Kelly but I don't remember what I was talking about. 
Happy People in Vegas 
Deep conversation completed. 
Apparently after the pool party,  I feel a sleep again and missed out on the  festivities for the night. 
(Early Saturday Morning) - Saturday, July, 25, 2011

Saturday, July, 25, 2011 - Interview with Kelly & Friends 

This is a pretty good looking talk show. 
(Saturday Afternoon) July, 25, 2011- Pool Party 
Motown Maurice & Michael "MT" Tabuso holding it down at the liquid party. 

Sara Berger ,  Michael Tabuso , Kelly Shanley & Motown Maurice

Pool Party Exclusive 

Sight Seeing Time 
MGM Hotel 

Stature of Liberty in Los Vegas  
The Los Vegas Hotel Strip. 
Really. There are roller coasters in front of the hotels in Vegas? 
Castle Casino Hotel 

Saturday Night 

Saturday Night Dance Fever 

Motown Maurice & Michael MT Tabuso looking dapper. 
Motown Maurice, Sara Berger & Kelly Shanley looking dapper. 
Television networks are you blind?  You got a show here. 
Happy Birthday Sara

A Question for Jojo

More Questions 

The Party Squad Has Arrived 

Toast It Up Part 1 

Toast It Up Part 2

Club Niki Official Grand Opening Hosted by Britney Spears (Hotel Tropicana) 
What Happens In Vegas...
Arriving Back on Sunday 

Final Thoughts 

Again, this Vegas Adventure 2011 was all made possible by my good friend Micheal "MT" Tabuso. It was an experience to remember, even though there are parts of the trip I don't remember, lol. MT, thank you so much  making this happen and inviting me along. You certainly know how to party. Its going to take a few more trips to Vegas before I graduate to your party level but I'll get there soon enough. I've haven't been back to Vegas since but I'm sure I'll return again in the future.

As much as I enjoyed the experience and the scenery, being able to get away and sleep on a real bed for a change was a blessing in its own special way. Again, MT thanks for looking out.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Pro Keds Barbershop Internet Commercial

Post Represents: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last week (Week 39) I auditioned for the Pro Keds Barbershop (Wednesday), then on Friday I got the call for the gig. Here are a few pictures below.

Motown Maurice working the Pro Keds Barbershop Internet Commercial

Motown Maurice, commercial talent and store owners for the Pro Keds Barbershop Internet Commercial.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure my personality had something to do with it but it was mostly my hair that booked this gig. Hey! I'm not complaining. My high top and I work as a team. This wasn't a big paying gig but I met some cool people, possibly a new barber and hopefully I'll be seen in the commercial.

I will post it as soon as it comes out.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Monday, June 27, 2011

Talent in Trade School Commercial

Post Represents: Day 273 Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Friday I recieved a notice for a lead role in a Talent Trade School Commercial. Since the project was located in Spokane, WA, they wanted a quick video submission. It was due on the 20th.  I haven't heard from them since so I can properly assume I didn't get it. It was a non-union buy-out project and would of paid $1000+20% flight (or mileage), hotel, ground transport, and per diem for a 1 day shoot. 

Final Thoughts

Now its on to the next one.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born to Shine…Not This Time

Post Represents: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well the results for Born To Shine came in and for the umpteenth time, I was not selected contest wise. The question is, did it affect me? The proper answer is "No." I am totally immune to these type of results by now. My life is filled with many disappointments that builds foundations. The top two disappointments from the past year that come to mind is Oprah's Your Own Show (this blog has limited info on that right now) and Expedition Impossible. Expedition Impossible actually premiered on ABC over the past weekend. I think they did a good job selecting teams and I am not bitter at all. 

I have visited the Facebook of Born to Shine page for the results a few times since the contest but not many. My energy has been invested in several other places. If I didn't grow from my disappointments I would of been one of those people leaving comments on their Facebook page in order to seek attention. Never again. I've seen several other contestants doing that and for winning proposes its completely unnecessary.

As great as my interview went with Born to Shine, I most likely would of guessed they wouldn't of choose me. However, not until I got the results did I realize exactly why. Following the results, I went into the shower and subconsciously asked myself "I am wanted?" Someone without my strength and resilience may have of taken that question off in an extremely negative direction. I on the other hand realized something profound.  

My uniqueness isn't fit for a an already sculptured vision. Some people are not meant to be sidekicks or co-host. Other are not meant to fit a pre-design. Others perform in revolutionary standards. Its not impossible for me to be selected for a contest but tell me how many judges you think are looking for a someone who can build a talk show with his eyes close and is rocking a high top fade. I am not a typical fit. Most of these contests don't truly seek out for the extraordinary.

A base case scenario that involve me, involves producers and/or judges creating a tailor fit show. Just like the current web-cast show that is being created around me right now. I mentioned Day 268 Monday, June 13, 2011 and there is much more details to share in the future.

Final Thoughts

I could cry out "When is the disappointment going to end," but the answer is "Never." As long as I continue attempt to achieve feats of greatness, disapointment will come and go.

Bring it on. In the end, I will win and stay strong.

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As the quest continues...

The future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baggage Clip Exclusive

My episode of Baggage aired recently on day 262 Week 38 

There is now a clip online available for you to see below. I can't bare to watch it yet but I'm sure you can.

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Don't Celebrate Until Your Mom Screams

Final Thoughts

As soon as I know when the full episode is available, I will post it and share my thoughts then.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Week 39: It's Time to Break The Cycle

As the weekend approaches, I often begin to think about what I'm going to title my new blog post. The ideas tend to change at least 2-3 times before I finalize, as it did with this title.  "It's Time to Break The Cycle" is based on a bold decision I made during the weekend. Although this decision is very pivotal to my quest, I don't want it to over overshadow how exciting this week was. Therefore, I will extrapolate some of what has been developing in my head in my final thoughts section below. 

My weekly patterns have been somewhat consistent. Typically my week starts off slow. By Tuesday I start receiving some audition notices, following by an audition rush on Wednesday. My Wednesday's have been hot lately. Thursday's can sometimes also hold its own heat also but it all depends. Then on Friday's things sadly slow down throughout the weekend.

Nonetheless, I have learned to truly appreciate the slower weekends. I don't always like the slowness of the weekends but it grants me an opportunity to replenish my energy. Through experience I have learned proper energy restoration techniques to surge my body back to 100% expeditiously. 

When fully restored, I begin writing my blog sometime on Sunday, while preparing to embrace a new week. No week is ever the same. Each week holds its own mystical and adventurous decor. The goal that I am seeking is truly a quest and now that I have embraced the "Fun Factor," each day/week provides its own unique and astonishing reward.

Day 266 Sunday, June 12, 2011

* Blogging as usual...

 * Watching the NBA Play Off (Poor Lebron. Congrats Mavericks) 

Day 267 Monday, June 13, 2011

* Last week (Week 38) I mentioned a few times about an audition I had for a web-cast show. Today I had to audition for the 2nd time by submitting a video. After submitting they called me on Wednesday to provide an update. I won't reveal the full details yet but I'll say they like my look and they are in the process of creating a character for another show inspired by my appearance. We are suppose to start shooting in July. Once the process begins I will reveal the audition video and future details.

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Day 268 Tuesday, June 14, 2011

* Early early in the morning near 2:00am I received two audition notices for a Pro Keds commercial. I don't recall ever receiving any notices that late before. The auditions are for the next day. Following those notices, I got a call from one of the new staff employees at my agents office. He noticed I confirmed right away and wanted introduce himself and share the excitement to be working on the team together.

* Last week, on Day 264 Friday, June 10, 2011 I auditioned for a project produced by one of my Lifebook classmates. She told me I surprised her at the last audition. I had a call back today and I thought I did decent but I found out later in the week that I didn't get the part. Which is completely cool. The experience we great and I gained from it.

* Another audition notice came in for national highway transportation and safety PSA. Its for my already jam backed Wednesday.

Day 269 Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today goes down in history and one of my most event full days. Check out my line up below.

* First my day started out as a featured guest host/co-host and on Temple of The Cave with Eric Paul Erickson. The last time I was in that studio was for the The Red Viking Show.
Once the interview is released, I will post it.

Eric Paul Erickson & Motown Maurice on The Temple of the Cave.

After the podcast I suited up for 4 back to back auditions.

* First I had two auditions in the same location for a PRO-KEDS Promo Video. First I auditioned for a Barbershop client and then I left the room changed clothes for a basketball player. I found out on Friday that I got booked for the Barbershop scene.

* Following those two auditions, I auditioned for a reality show called The Biggest Sports Fan. I exerted a lot of energy and got a nice response. I left feeling good.

* Then my last destination audition was at The Casting Lounge [skirts]. The last time I was at this location was on Day 223. This audition was for the national highway transportation and safety assn. It was some type of PSA. Myself and a few random people had to emulate a scene as a group of co-workers slightly drunk leaving work while entering a car and driving under the influence. We all took turns.

* I met up with my agent after all those auditions.

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* When ever I'm in Sherman Oaks. The area of my agent, I have to stop at my favorite pizza shop. Last time I was there was on Day 240 Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Motown Maurice enjoying his favorite pizza at Vitello's Express.

* Over all today was really fun and I felt rewarded. I remember walking and smiling during a few parts of the day.

Day 270 Thursday, June 16, 2011

* I spent the majority of the day being lazy by laying down and sleeping. I later realized I deserved to be lazy today. I an an eventful day yesterday, acting class is later in the day and tomorrow is an  adventure of its own.

* After class a group of us went to Cafe 101 to eat and chill. 

Motown Maurice and a few Lifebook Students hanging out at Cafe 101

See other pictures at

271 Friday, June 17, 2011

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Day 272 Saturday, June 18, 2011

* My body begin to feel sore from all that SkyBall yesterday and I didn't want to nothing stay in the bed. In terms of working and getting things done, I'm always on auto pilot. Nonetheless, I was drained of energy. Believe it or not, but in the picture tears were flowing through my eyes. Those tears were causes by a scene from The Jacksons: The American Dream. I found it on television and the drive, dream and vision of Joseph Jackson made m tear up. Movies have the ability to make me tear up. Vision in fruition has the same affect. Combine both and tears will flow through my eyes. 

Motown Maurice, you better wipe your tears.

* It took a few hours before I realized I had to do something to replenish. I wasn't in the mood to go to the movie theater so I turned to a restaurant alternative. I've been debating on trying out Sizzler for a while and I'm glad I did. Their open salad bar is amazing.

Motown Maurice takes a dive in Sizzlers Salad Bar.

Motown Maurice's Slizzer steak and shrimp meal has arrived.

* On the way out I felt great. My time at Sizzler was relaxing. I read the news on my phone and quickly powered up. As I was walking home, I found fascination in my ability to strategically replenish my energy by going to the movies and/or by grabbing a meal at a restaurant. I wanted to to find a superhero reference to parallel the similarities but the first thing that came to mind was Mumm-ra The Ever Living. 

Mumma-ra is nothing close to a superhero. He's a super villian from the 1980's cartoon Thunder Cats. 

According to Wikipedia, Mumm-Ra is regarded as immortal, and when defeated, he simply returns to his sarcophagus. Mumm-Ra cannot be truly killed; even in cases where his body is destroyed, he will eventually be restored. Mumm-Ra exists in a decayed, weakened form that must return to a stone sarcophagus to replenish his energy. 

He can summon the power to transform himself into a more vigorous and muscular form - Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living - by reciting the incantation: "Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"

I'm no bad guy but I can totally relate to Mumm-Ra and the need go into his Sarcophagus to replenish energy. My current Sarcophagus is the movies and/or a restaurant... Thinking of Thunder Cats brought back memories. I later found the old episodes on Hulu/Kids WB and I'm loving it.

* Still in mood to watch some movies I picked up 3 at the near by Red Box: Clash of the Titans, All-Star Superman & Yogi Bear. Yogi is the only one I haven't seen yet. 

Note to self: 

Good idea. Write the opening statements and final thoughts of the post first then write the review for the week. 

Note to self 2:

My face has improved a lot with the ingrown hairs and razor bums. Last week Friday I purchased Sheer Cocoa butter straight from Africa and that has been helping. The electric razor I brought at my last Wal-Mart trip on May 27th is better then the razor blades I've been using. For a few days may face was near prefect. Now there is a few ingrown hairs here and there but overall my face has tremendously improved. 

Since I moved to LA I have been having trouble with shaving. That's over 8 months. Moreover, I'm happy to announce its getter better.

Final Thoughts

Last week I titled my week review "I'm Ready for a Change." Now, this week's post is titled, "Its time to Break The Cycle." There is a significant parallel in those titles. Over time I've realized that the life we live rotates in a circular motion. Meaning similar concurrences repeat over and over. Many of them whether positive or negative will repeat for the rest of our lives unless the cycle is manually broken.

Throughout this blog, I have repeated many times that I am blessed. Without any doubt I will mention how blessed I am for the rest of my life. I am also confident that blessings are forever lasting. However, I believe strongly that I need more then my usual cycle of blessings to elevate to the next level. For example, at SkyBall I came close but not close enough. That has happened several times just within the past year. If I don't do something I could be on that same cycle for ever. Which is why I'm going to break my cycle with a strong, bold and confident choice.

Truthfully I made the choice already months ago but the difference now is I have an option to avoid that choice but I'm not going to take it.

I prefer not the mention the details of the choice right now but it has to do with GodSpeed - JuneSpeed (Judgment Day is Revealed) and something somebody offered me on Day 235 Thursday, May 12, 2011. Not knowing how serious the person was about the offer, the same offer was presented this past Thursday after acting class. 

Initially humbled by just being thought of and remembered I later realized that type of ofter/blessing has been an on going cycle within the last 10 years of my life. In no way do I want to seem like I don't appreciate my blessings but I believe strongly that if I want the change I desire, I need to break the cycle. 

Note! I am on a great cycle. I'm on a cycle that is unknown to the majority of the world. Its the cycle of blessings. However, I need to break the current cycle, magnify it and launch a newer cycle that will appropriate me for the next level. 

Throughout my life I have fearlessly taken the same approach and it has always been successful. Oddly enough, I was unaware of the powers that exists in those choices. The only difference now is that I more now then before.   

Without revealing my choice I will say this much. I have been blessed with the option of comfort but I'm going deny comfort to seek beyond and above my common blessings. 

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Lets End The Day With a Dodger Game & Fireworks

Post Recaps: Day 271 Friday, June 17, 2011

Despite the slight disappointment of getting cut from SkyBall, things worked out perfectly at the end of the night. I signed out, collected my little $75 check and Kelly and I went on our way to a Dodger Base Ball game. Originally, the SkyBall tryouts was suppose to be in Long Beach but thankfully a couple days before they changed the location to a much closer spot. 

Today's Dodger game is compliments of Michael T (MT). Another Lifebook Classmate who is evolving into a lifetime friend. We've already completely two scenes together. Rescue Me (Day 235) and Friends. As a matter of fact those are my only scenes to date in that class. Some how he thinks I'm cool and he's been sharing what he calls the MT Experience. Let's just say he knows how to have fun and hopefully through MT I'll learn have to incorporate real fun in my life. I tend to only know how to have fun when there is a video camera present. Without the camera, I'm usually in the state of deep thought.

Moreover, this Dodger was a great experience. Not to mention we had great seats. It was the second time I ever attended a baseball game and I'll say exactly what I said after I attended my first Tampa Bay Rays game. "Baseball s much more exciting in person and than on television.

Kate, Motown Maurice, Kelly & Michael (MT)

Please don't ask what I'm doing here.
This is what MT wrote below this pic on his Facebook picture: "Here is Me with America's next Best Late Night Host...The exceptional Motown Maurice


Dodger Game in action
Dodger fans gather on the field to watch the fireworks.
Motown Maurice & Kate enjoying The Fireworks Night at The Dodger Game.
Final Thoughts 

This was a special game because it was fireworks night. The explosive colors, illuminating flames and sparks ended the night perfectly. In many ways I think the fireworks also represented how extraordinary this month of June has been and will be before it ends. Thanks MT for the experience and thank you in advance for the next experience!!!. Sorry I can't talk about that one yet. Then again I might never talk about it. :-)

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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