Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 10 Review: Fears of Non-Productivity

Week 10
(Unbelievable! My post was 90% complete and somehow it disappeared. I had to write it completely over. What a waste of time.)

Lets review the wonders of week 10 in the year 2010. This week briefly reminds me of when I reached rock bottom earlier this year. All in one year, I reached my highest and my lowest pinnacle. At same time, maybe this is a bad week to compare. This is the week of Thanksgiving and I should be blogging about giving thanks, needed rest and how much I deserve it. Nevertheless, instead I'm going to label this week as my most unproductive week.  

Day 63 = Sunday, November 21, 2010
* Following my first time baking chicken last Saturday, I cooked again and this time I improved a bit on the flavor.

If I keep this up, I might have to rename my show  late night cooking with Motown Maurice.

Day 64 = Monday, November 22, 2010

* The results of my day 12 Paradise Hunter submission came in and I didn't advance to the next round. I'm partly content with the results. Although, based on the way things are going for me right now, it would make sense to accept a hosting opportunity out of the country for a year. When I applied for the gig my heart wasn't completely in but I'm sure the choice was made for the best. 

* My agent sent me on an audition in which I still don't know much about. The experience was different and somewhat weird. When I was called in, I was asked to pretend I'm walking and it suddenly starts raining apples. Then I had to pick up a baseball, use it as a pretend apple and bite into it (not literally). I was asked to perform it twice. The fist time I included some apple smelling and crunching sound effects. He claimed he liked it but he wanted me to do it again without the sounds. The second time wasn't as great so I'm going to assume I'm not what they are looking for.

* I also had to produce a makeshift audition video for a game show hosting opportunity. Since I don't have all my equipment, the video wasn't of its best quality but it served its purpose. I called video "Million Dollar Question." If anything good comes from the video, I'll post it in the future.

Day 65 = Tuesday, November 23, 2010

*Although, I finished last weeks extra long blog today, it still earns the title of my first unproductive day of this week. 

*       * On another note, I became a life coach for a friend. At the bottom of last weeks post. I mentioned the thought of also becoming a life coach. The first session was a success but in less than a day fear took over her and it ended. 

Day 66 = Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 * Generally unproductive

 * I did receive a phone call for a small paid video gig for next Wednesday. All I know is that the skit is compared to something of Saturday Night Live. I'll keep you posted.

     * Later that night I attended the Black Women's Lawyers Annual Cocktail Sip. It was a very well attended event.

     Day 67 = Thursday, November 25, 2010 (Thanksgiving Day)

   * This was absolutely my first time away from parents on Thanksgiving day. Since my roommate was out of town, I have no family or close friends in L.A. I planned to spend the day at the Laugh Factor. It's a famous comedy club that advertised free food today. I also hoping to meet Arsenio Hall there. The website stated he and other comedians would be there serving the food.  When I arrived the line was super long, extending down the street. Most of the people on the line looked homeless so I figured they needed the food more then I did. So I left and ate chicken meal at El Pollo Loco. I absolutely did not enjoy it.



     * Later that night I managed to invite someone I met from the cocktail sip to the movies. We saw the movie called Mega Mind. The movie was great, the company was also cool but I doubt I'll ever go to the movies in L.A again. I accidentally picked a movie that was 3D. Can you believe the cost was $16.50 each ticket. I almost had a heat stroke when I was told the total price for the tickets. lol oh, well, I got what I asked for.

     Day 68 = Friday, November 26, 2010 

 Unproductive: Watched TV & Movies

     Day 69 = Saturday, November 27, 2010

    * Unproductive: Watched TV & Movies

      Final Thoughts

      From a superstitious point of view I use to claim the number 10 was my lucky number. I don't think I'll be using that number anymore more. Maybe number 11 will be my new lucky number. Hopefully week 11 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2011. Based on the state that I'm in right now, its mustard seed of hope I have to hold on to.  

      My mind and body thoroughly enjoyed relaxation of this week. Watching movies from the perspective I view them is very motivational. However, my soul is miserable, restless and unhappy because it no longer has a purpose. My soul doesn't want to rest or watch movies it was to serve its purpose to the world by any means necessary. Unfortunately, my soul has no placement and is constantly searching for placement. This week resembled my hiatus way too much. My 5 month long, beard growing hiatus is a period I never want to experience ever again. After experiencing what I been through during my 5 month hiatus, the thought of non-productivity is a subtle "fear," that provokes me. 

      In a few words, this week was not a positive week for me. I didn't do much or any reading and since it was thanksgiving there wasn't much going on or coming in. All I did was eat and watch TV. If I was able to gain weight I would probably be obese from eating junk this weekend.

      As the year comes to an end,  I don't have much to look forward to. In many ways I feel like my time is running out. The best thing I have pending right now is that audition with ___ but its best to keep it moving and not think about it. As the days go by its beginning to not look in favor. I'm forced to constantly contemplate my next move as if my life is on the line.

      I have so many positive and negative thoughts flowing through my mind. Many in which I'm hoping will never manifest. On day 60 I posted a mediocre question asking, "Do you believe in luck?" I wrote that with the intentions of bridging that post together with another later on. I'm going to assume that's not going to happen. On another note, I'm planning a big evaluation review post of this whole year up until now around new years eve. I'm praying I will have more of a purpose on this earth by then. I have some thoughts in consideration I hope I will never have to write about.  

     As the quest continues...

     The Future of Late Night

     Motown Maurice

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 9 Review: My Decision Impacted The Universe, According Its Laws, Now It Has Affected My Appearance!!?

Week 9 Review

(Sorry for the two day delay. I've had at least two fans contact me asking where is the blog, lol. It's great to know I have avid readers. Thank you)

Have you ever worked really hard for something and the results were not in your favor? Leaving you drained, confused and/or depressed.  I'm proud to say I've accomplished a lot of my endeavors but I've also attempted several challenges, many in which I appeared to be an ideal candidate for but the outcome was overtly negative. In those moments of despair, I am often not able to elucidate what just happened, nevertheless, someway, somehow, the universe reveals to me unequivocally why I wasn't granted that certain opportunity. Allow me to share a few examples.

In 2008, my business was financially stable and I was in the prime state of my monthly talk show/discussion forums Wide aWoke Wednesday's. I also had several people on my team willing to put in office hours to support my visions but I didn't have the space to fully utilize their efforts. My main desire during most of that year was to expand. I passionately wanted a house. My sole intentions were to occupy the vast majority of the home so I can build and grow my business/visions. Before then, I never wanted a house. In 2006, I actually set forth to purchase my own 10,000 square foot special event center. Since that endeavor was later revealed to be impossible (at that period in my life), purchasing a home and using it as my place of business later became my only option. 

In effort towards purchasing the home, I did everything I could possibly do do and more. I attended the First Time Homer Owners Associations Classes, worked with several realtors, did all the paper work, searched for homes online and in person. I even researched some auctions for homes. To make a long story short, I never received a loan. To date, it still makes no sense to me but I was ineligible because as a business owner I didn't pay myself enough. My business had decent stats, but my personal income plainly wasn't enough. My credit score at the time was an 803/804 but that didn't matter. My situation was described by the professionals as a catch 22. I tried everything. Believe me when I say I tried everything, but no loans where offered. 

In addition to dealing with the frustration of not being able to get a loan I was also experiencing claustrophobia from my over stacked apartment. I completely out grew my one bedroom 600 square foot place. I needed a way out but I was stuck. It became a nearby unbearable situation. I felt like I was sleeping on top of office supplies. Don't get me wrong it may have looked catastrophic but I was fairly organized. I just own a lot of stuff and had them all in one place. After awhile, I learned to bare with my arrangements and continued moving forward.
A few years later, I understand why I wasn't able to get a house. Lets just say I did get the house, all of the things I accomplished in the following years would of never have never since life. I'm 100% sure that The Motown Maurice Show wouldn't have happened yet, nor would I writing you form L.A. now pursing my quest. 

When I was trying to purchase the house I literally cover everything possible detail towards that achievement yet there was some force not allowing me to get it. I am now sincerely thankful that I wasn't able to get the house or special event center. Lets say you were able to time travel and you flashed back between the years of 2006-2008. Once you arrived, you asked me if I could see myself living in L.A one day, I probably would of said "no" or provide an inclusive answer.  Now look where I am, as a result of consistently taking the initiative to be a greater and better person I am now in route to achieve bigger and greater goals. If I was bestowed with the house or center, my spirit would of been trapped and my vision would of been hindered from growing to its full potential. The beauty of it all is that I can still have that house and special event center in the very possible near future. Now that everything makes complete sense to me, I am completely thankful for the previous disappointment. 

If you understand that story, then you'll also understand my unsuccessful attempts with my recent game show auditions. Fall of 2009, while I was still in Tampa I took a train to Miami, FL and auditioned for a game show called Bank of Hollywood (at the time it was tentatively named "Chance'). Since I've been in L.A. I auditioned for two shows, Wipeout and Minute To Win It . All the audition results were negative no matter how hard I tried or strategized. Today, I'm also happy they didn't cast me and I completely understand why the universe didn't allow me to take part in it. 

Lets use Minute to Win it as an example. This week, I had a first hand experience with the show by doing some audience work. I noticed two very important key factors. The first one was stated by the show's host Guy Fieri. When arrived he greeted the audience and asked if they ever been to a game show before. Most of the crowd would cheer and say, "yes." Then he would respond by saying "That's good but this in not a game show, this is a life changing show." The other factor was how excited all the constants were responded when they won money. 

I mention these factors because they don't apply to me. In addition, all of the constants had some type of sympathetic situation in their life that normally leads to tears when spoke about it. Which results to them  bursting into joy and excitement when they was rewarded money or a prize. Thank God I don't have any sincere sympathetic situations in my life. Plus, I am not driven by money. If I was granted the opportunity I would have to fake the excitement if I won. I really can't see myself getting excited over money. I'm just not motivated by money. I don't even like playing most games to begin with (lol). Now that time has passed I understand why and I'm glad I wasn't apart of those shows.

Does this mean I'm going to stop applying for game shows? Absolutely not! I'm still open and receptive towards all opportunities. All it means is that I comprehend the message/results the universe is sending me and I'm spiritually in conjunction with the energy conspired. 

As you can see this week inspired anecdotes which revealed revelations of information about me and my quest. In another words this is a long post. 

Day 56 = Sunday, November 14, 2010
* The highlight of of today was an audition for a role on a potential television show entitled Wassup in L.A. Its about Cuban family that moved from Florida to California. There were one or two roles for non-Hispanics. I auditioned the role of the brothers friend named Allen. There was a long wait before I was called but the audition was quick and to the point. They told me to give them a lot of energy and read half of the script I was provided. I did my part and we thanked each other and I left. Looking back, I did so so. Without a doubt I'm sure I could of gave more energy for what they were looking for. I partly think they had they probably already casted that part because they asked me to read half of the script. To me the results are obvious.

The line of people waiting for their turn to audition.
* Can you believe credit card companies also call you on Sunday's. I didn't make any payments last month and two companies are anticipating payment by November 30th. One of the companies have me in a payment program and the other is willing to reduce my finance charges. That's where the pressure lies. If I don't make payment I will be taken out of the payment program. By the way don't feel sorry for me or feel bad about not sending me a donation. I'm just lodging my trails. In the end the credit card companies will be okay either way. If not by the end of the month, they will eventually get their money.

Day 57 = Monday, November 15, 2010 

* Attended a meeting to potentially volunteer for The Show Biz Expo 
* I completed and submitted article to FL Courier. Its available now, to read it click here

Day 58 = Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*I found a posting on Craig's list about a work Shop and casting directors. The information was very vague but I attended for the curiosity. Everyone who attended was also clueless. When it started, the presenter still didn't explain anything. Instead she handed out some scripts, assigned us a partner and prepared for cold reading. Myself and an Asian guy practiced and later preformed a comedy reading in front of the group. I'm not too found of my performance but from some reason it seemed like the class liked it. I received a few compliments that day and the following days ahead. For me it was good cold reading experience and but there was also a noticeable mention that day. Before I left, I exchanged information with my cold reading partner and when I told him my ultimate goal everything stopped for a moment. He looked at me a with surge of energy and said, "You look like a host." Not until a few days later did I realize the significance of what he said. I will explain in further details in the end of the post. 
Bad communication is in L.A. too. 

* I was invited to be apart of a program in which ended up becoming a horrible experienced laced with bad communication. I mentioned last week on week 8 day 50 about an invite to host a showcase. There was a host of red flags in which I should of knew better.

First after I spoke to them on Monday and they promised to call me back the next day but they never did.

When I finally I called them the following weekend we scheduled a run through the Sunday before. Note the 2nd coordinator barely new most of the important details.

When I arrived on Sunday for the run through I found out I wasn't the host and they wanted me to interviews behind the scenes. This was a surprise but I was cool either way.

Finally on the day of the event I arrived on time and was ready to go. After a couple hours they asked me when is my camera man coming? Whattt? Never did they even ask me to bring my own camera man. A subtle something was mentioned indirectly about a camera man on Sunday but no one directly asked me anything. I don't even know how they got the impression I would automatically come with my own camera man. It makes no sense.

After that, I figured I wouldn't be doing any interviews so as a team player I offered that same person and the host my services to help out in another area. After a few more minutes, that same organizer told me they had everything under control and if I want to stay its going to be $5.00. She even wanted to walk me over to the call box. Unbelievable!! Their bad communication wasted my time and  now they want to charge me a lousily $5.00 to stay. That was disrespectful but most of all it was unprofessional. I told the initial person who told me about them and the host and they were even shocked.

Trust me it didn't bother me but it taught me a lesson to be more selective. The signs vivid in the beginning and they were even more clear when I arrived. Its one of those events where performers/guests arrive early and regret it because they realize its not going to start anytime soon.

* I finished reading a book I purchased on March 29, 2010. Its called Show Runner - Producing Variety and Talk Shows for Television by Steve Clements. I originally purchased it to provide insight for the planning of the 2nd second of The Motown Maurice Show in Tampa. Most of the information I discovered on my own however, it did provide me a lot of industry knowledge I didn't know before.

Day 59 = Wednesday, November 17, 2010

* I had an in person audition for a reality show I mentioned last week. Of course I have to continue to keep it secret until further notice. I was also asked not to talk about it so that makes it double secret. No guarantees, it was unlike any other interview, I have a few regret factors...but it did go well compared to others. No more comment.

* I started reading Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill again. My sponsor for life Attorney Pamela Y. Robinson gave that book over the summer. I barely got pass the 2nd chapter because I just didn't have my mind in order to continue reading it. Now I'm reading it everywhere I go and I can barely put it down. 

 Day 60 = Thursday, November 18, 2010
* I did some audience work for the NBC show Minute to win it. As you know I didn't make the audition but sitting audience is just as great of an experience. It just so happens I attended their Christmas special. Check out the prize everyone in the audience took home with them.

Everyone one in the studio audience had to wear one of these hats and we all  took home Minute To Win It the video game by Nintendo Wii. How awesome is that? Somehow I left with three copies but some girl during my lunch break noticed my 3 copies told me she didn't have one and she wanted it for her kids. I don't believe her but I give her one anyway. One is for me and other has ready be claimed.
Not only did I get a free game but I also got paid. I made $8.00 an hour cash money and worked about 14 hours (I think I was over paid, I came home with $150.00  but I'm not complaining). It was so long because they recorded more then one show in one day and the Christmas themed games needed more time setting up. The constants also did well. The longer they lasted the more we got paid. I think the first constants won $250,000.00. 

They recorded shows for the end of this year and for 2011. Be on the look out, you might see my high top in the audience in a few shows.

  Day 61 = Friday, November 19, 2010

I wasn't on the list for the next day but I showed up anyway and managed to get in after awhile. I pulled in another 8 hours. Its really pays to be recognizable.

 Day 62  = Saturday, November 20, 2010 

* After a busy week I slowed down tremendously and decided to go where Motown Maurice has never gone before. Yup, that's right. I went in to the kitchen baked some chicken and potatoes. I did some research accompanied by my mom's guidance over the phone and it wasn't too bad for my first try. I proud of myself. I also think I'm liking this cooking thing. I always said, "I don't know how to cook but it doesn't mean I won't apply myself one day." I decided to apply myself and I like the challenge. The final results is rewarding plus it keeps me busy. I even cooked again the following day but that's a new week.

After I finished cleaning the chicken. I didn't season it enough but I know better now.
The final product. Baked chicken/potatoes and a side of avocados.

Now its time to make love.
Final thoughts   
100% Olive Oil

For those of you all that remember, I grew a beard for over 5 months before I moved to L.A. As a result, I didn't have to shave for a long time. When I finally shaved my face, it was as smooth as a babies booty.  However, that didn't last for long. Shortly afterward I started having ingrown hairs, razor bumps and an irritated  look on my face. I'm super conscious of how my face looks so I had to do some research and discovered the secrets of  100% Virgin Olive Oil. I now use it to shave, cook and moisturize my face. So far so good. I'm loving it. There are also linkages of  100% Virgin Olive Oil and people over 100 years old. For your own benefit check out these links.

Facials -

25 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil-

Since I'm suddenly on this health tip. I'm proud to say I think I'm finally done with fast food. I believe the last time I ate a McDonald's chicken sandwich was either Oct 5th or 15th. Since I've been in L.A. I randomly kept seeing or hearing horrible things about fast food. Either Dr. Oz would say something thought provoking or I would get an email featuring a picture of what chicken McNuggets are really made out of. I've seen enough. Don't get me wrong I might eat some if offered by I'm done purchasing it.

What do I look like? 

I love the basis of my life right now because for the first time I'm reading and staying consistent with it. When it comes to reading, my mind has to be completely cleared and my life has to be in order to do so. Since I've started reading again I can't stop. Which provides another reason why I'm not in a rush to start driving again. Without a car I can read on the bus, train and sometimes when I'm walking.

Speaking of a car, I'm going have to sell my 2005 Dodge Durango in Tampa. It makes no sense to keep making payments for a car that I'm not using. I wish my mom would use it but she don't lke big trucks. So, if you know anyone that needs a SUV let me know. I'll probably be home around Christmas to sell it.

Now back to reading. As I said before, I'm now reading The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill. I'm only in the 3rd chapter but I honestly believe the author, who wrote this in 1925, who was born in 1883 and died in 1970 wrote this book about me. He must of used a time machine to secretly study me as a illustration for his book. Whatever the case is, this book sheds a lot of light on that comment "You look like a host," which was said to me this week. Note, I've been told that same comment a handful of times since I've been in L.A. I've even been told I sound like a host.

I remember when I established my production company in 2004. One of my first projects was a documentary among various other of video related projects. According to the people, I was the next Spike Lee or the next big time film director. I never really accepted those titles but that's what a lot of people saw in me at the time because of what I was doing.

Since I've been in L.A. I've been told, "You look like a host." The Laws of Success describes the power of making a decision, choosing your definite purpose and asserting self-confidence within yourself. Once you do that your definite purpose begins to physiologically and physically take form in an inward and outward appearance.

Have you ever met someone without knowing what they did for a living in advance and somehow you were able to sense that they was an attorney, a doctor or a muslin? If you knew what they were in advance its because the choice they made is not cultivating outward. This is some powerful stuff. As I'm writing it could very well be possible that Napoleon Hill and I are the same person, hmmm. I might be him reincarnated Moreover, I'm very glad to know that my definite purpose and desires is starting to take an outward form and now its just a matter of time before I host again.

On Thursday, when I was lining up for Minute To Win it, one of the coordinators saw my book asked what I was reading. She responded with excitement because she loves Napoleon Hill. She later told me that's she's a life coach. Saturday night at this party I got into my zone and started to visualize myself as a life coach. I've concluded its a great department to add a host. As a late night host, I will and have to be creative about it.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 61 Breaking News: The Florida Courier Continues To Show Motown Maurice Love

My sincere appreciation goes out to Jenise Morgan & The Florida Courier for following my quest and allowing me to publish this story. I can feel the love. Thank you very much. I know somethings great will manifest from this story.

Note: To all my Floridian's, news paper copies will be available from Friday, Nov 19 - November 25th. Get them while supplies last. You know where to go.

 Chasing his destiny

  • 11-18-2010
  • Categorized in: Metro
Motown Maurice, 30, launched his own talk show in Tampa, his hometown. He moved to Los Angeles in September. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF MOTOWN MAURICE)
Tampa’s Motown Maurice is confident that he is the ‘Future of Late Night.’
So what did he do?
Dropped everything and moved to Tinseltown.

Editor’s note: After hosting talk shows in his hometown of Tampa, Motown Maurice relocated to Los Angeles on Sept. 19 to begin a journey that does not consist of a Plan B. Virtually unknown in the entertainment industry, he is in pursuit of one goal and purpose – to become a nationally syndicated late-night talk show host. "The Future of Late Night,’’ as he calls himself, wrote this account of his quest for the Florida Courier.


Growing up as a teenager, I never completely understood why there were so many songs written about California. An artist either wrote about their "California Love," reasons for "Going back to Cali" or they would get listeners no matter where they were "Hollywood Swingin."
The California song list goes on and on. I’ve always loved the songs but not until I arrived in Los Angeles did I finally start to understand why this place is such a big deal. It’s without a doubt the Mecca of the entertainment industry. Most important, it’s a place founded to inspire any individual by keeping their dreams and visions alive.

A crazy move?
When I premiered "The Motown Maurice Show’’ on Jan. 23, 2010 in Tampa Bay, my sincere intentions were to revitalize Tampa Bay’s economy in an entertainment economy and create jobs. I was determined to have my show compete with "The Tonight Show’’ in L.A. and "The Late Show’’ in New York. Now that I live in L.A., I look back and understand why the reporter Eric Deggans from the St. Pete Times said I was crazy. It would have even made sense to say I was extremely delusional.
In heart, I never wanted to leave Tampa but I was pushed to the edge to the point where I had no other choice but to jump. Fortunately, before jumping I found an old college friend (whom I haven’t communicated with in over seven years) on Facebook living in Korea Town, Downtown L.A. Within two Facebook messages, I confirmed a place to live.

Left company, family, car behind
101119metro02.jpgFollowing that confirmation, one of my former team members of "The Motown Maurice Show’’ booked me a plane ticket to LAX (Los Angeles airport) for $50. My destiny to be in L.A. was more the obvious. In exactly two weeks, I left everything I had behind. I left my company, my family and 2005 Dodge Durango and started planting new seeds in Tinseltown.

The reality is some seeds can’t grow in certain environments because of its foundation. Florida was generally founded as the state retirement. On the other hand, "It never rains in Southern California."

This state has over 300 days of sunshine, 800 miles of coastline and more film and television affiliations than you can think of. It’s the place where big dreams born.

Getting around Tinseltown
If you’re someone with big dreams, visions, goals and a burning desire in the world of entertainment, then the City of Angels is where you need to be. I will admit the competition is fierce, but it’s more pleasurable to be around so many creative like minds.

Since I arrived, I’ve been learning a lot of new lessons and have been refreshed by very familiar old lessons. Nevertheless, each week is a new experience and adventure that will ultimately lead to my conquest.
I spent my first week in L.A. getting acclimated with the city’s transportation system. In my opinion, it’s fairly decent. The buses run moderately rapid. At first, the subway/train was hard to find but when I found it, I was immediately mesmerized by its massive infrastructure.
The train won’t take you everywhere, but it will take you to a lot of popular locations at a reliable pace.

Fake Samuel L. Jackson, real Usher
That same week I signed with First Class Talent Agency and took my first stroll upon the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame. By my surprise, I ran into Samuel L. Jackson. Okay, well it wasn’t the real Samuel L. Jackson; it was a wax figure. It was so lifelike, so couldn’t I say I really met him? A couple days later I attended a party and stood inches away from Usher, Bishop Don Magic Juan and Fonzworth Bentley.
The following week made me say "Yeah 3X." I was cast as an extra for a Chris Brown music video entitled "Yeah 3X." Apparently my unique hairstyle was one of the things that caught their attention.

A Kodak moment with Chris Brown
It was shot at Universal Studios Hollywood. The shoot took all day but it earned me first some quick cash money. I also learned a very important lesson in celebrity interaction.

At the end of the shoot, I was able to easily take a picture with Chris Brown. A minute or so later, I approached him again and begin to tell him about my show while passing him my card.

He immediately cut me off and pointed to who I should give it to. Then I realized in the future it would probably be best to figure out who are the handlers of the celebrities instead of approaching the actual superstar.

Visited Leno; did Doritos recording
In Week 3, I attended a live taping of "The Tonight Show’’ with Jay Leno. This was my first time attending a late-night talk show other than my own show.

It was an awesome experience. It was even better knowing my show isn’t far behind. I also had my first traumatic incident. I went to a barbershop and they massacred my high top. I still haven’t fully recovered from that terrifying haircut yet.

During my fourth week, I auditioned for NBC’s hit game show "Minute to Win it,’’ acted in a promotional church video and also was featured in a recording for a Doritos commercial contest. Both the promotional project and Doritos commercial’s release is still pending.

Horrible advice from Carson Daly
Then in Week 6, I volunteered for Billboard’s Film & TV Music Conference and had an opportunity to meet and ask Carson Daly a question about breaking into the late-night industry.He gave me some advice, then immediately admitted it was horrible advice. I figured it was a hard question to answer anyway. I also auditioned for a game show called "Wipeout in San Diego.’’

When I arrived, I accidently skipped the first interview and walked right into the line where people signed up for the second interview. During Week 8, I conducted the second interview of the game show "Wipeout’’ on Monday, Nov. 8. I would love to tell you I’m going to be cast for the show, but it’s a very unpredictable situation.

Not exactly the game show type
They did advance me to the next round that same day, but I’m going to assume I’m not going to get casted because of my ambitions and accomplishments.Some game shows have a particular type they are looking for. I could be wrong, but I’ve been studying these auditions for a while now. It’s not too difficult to understand how some of Hollywood’s institutions operate. Hollywood is heavily guarded. They make it nearly impossible to get inside and even if you meet someone on the outside, they are going to keep the gates secure because they don’t want to make it easy for anyone to get in. Even if I met someone that has "made it," they will probably be programmed to keep me out at first. I respect and understand how their system operates.

Planning to relaunch show
On my 30th day in L.A., I wrote an evaluation of myself and my quest. Since then, I find myself evaluating myself almost every day. I came to L.A. with the primary purpose of hosting my own nationally syndicated late-night talk show. Over eight weeks later and I still have no clue how to accomplish that.

Indeed I know it’s not an easy task. As a result, I plan to be strategic about everything I do and take
advantage of the opportunities that will provide me exposure for now.
Joining a project that will provide me exposure will build my credibility for a major or cable network. My best idea since I’ve been here was to rebuild my team production team from scratch and relaunch the second season of "The Motown Maurice Show’’ live from L.A. As great as those ideas sounds, they all are extremely difficult to pull off with no money or connections in this industry as of yet.

No such thing as a big break
All I have is my integrity and the loving support from my family, roommate and fans in Tampa Bay. A great portion of my quest has been sponsored by my fans, friends from high school and family. Most people who come to L.A. are all looking for their big break. I recently realized that there is no such thing as a big break. One day I will break big but the concept of waiting for a big break can become hazardous. So what’s next? I honestly don’t know. That’s what makes my quest most difficult yet adventurous. There is no blueprint for success in Hollywood. Everyone has their own unique story. As a visionary not knowing what’s next can be challenging but I will make it through the storm. I haven’t achieved any significant success in Hollywood yet, but I know enough to know that I have what it takes to be success. To be successful you have to obtain two major components – one is the delusional component and the other is the fearless component.If you don’t have both of them, then you probably won’t achieve success in this city. If others have relocated to L.A. to pursue their passions, why can’t I? Why can’t you?

Currently, I’m being considered for a reality show on NBC. My phone interview went well and my in-person interview is very soon.

Until next time…

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

Thursday, November 18, 2010

60 Day Quest Evaluation: Do you believe in Luck?

I don't believe in luck.

What some people consider as luck is actually an illustration of when hard work and preparation meets opportunity. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 8 Review: When 1 Door Closes, 2 Doors...

Week 8 Review

Wipeout Results

If I was blogging everyday as I did in the beginning, immediately after Monday's audition I would of posted a blog partly negative entitled: Motown Maurice is Wipeout. If I made the show I would of posted a blog entitled: Motown Maurice is on Wipeout. The wording might of been different nevertheless, I just revealed to you the 2nd big secret game show I auditioned for on Monday, November 8th. Its the crazy yet adventurous reality competition filled with obstacles, better known as Wipeout. 

If you read week 7's review then you know how passionate I was about being apart of this show. If you never seen the show before check out this link: If you read week 6's review then you would know I had a semi premeditated strategy at first but that all changed when I left. As a result, I went into Monday's audition being myself. Representing who I am, as aspiring late night talk show host. That all changed very quickly. Once I finally got called into the room, (my first red flag was how they referenced me) they made me scream out loud for the camera. Energy is an imperative component for this show followed by major silliness. By the time I said, "I'm an aspiring late night talk show host...," they stopped and said I can't say that. I was cut off at least 2 or 3 more times because I kept mentioning my aspirations. As I expected before, most of these game shows are not interested in ambitious individuals. They won't pick anyone who gives the impression they are auditioning just be be on TV.

I had to recollect my thoughts, reintroduce myself with my birth name and answer all the questions thrown at me. I managed to decently answer all the questions but the last question I'm still dumbfounded about. This same question was thrown at me during the Minute To Win it audition on day 25. It was the "What would you do with the money if you won question." Through experience I knew my ambitious answer about creating jobs don't work well with these game shows but it was the best answer I had in my head at the time. When I gave them that answer they asked for me to say something fun and adventurous. I then said I would make a swimming pool out of chocolate and swim in it. In addition to that, I said I would build a house out of candy and take bites out of it every morning when I woke up. Believe it or not that answer was accepted. 

The moment the interview was over I suspected it to be a lost because of all the times I had to start over at the beginning. However, I have to admit I was wrong and didn't realize it at first. One of the interviewers gave me an application and another person guided me into a small room with a few other people inside filling out their applications. This application was long and detailed. I left like I was wasting my time until someone brought to my attention that this room represented the 3rd round. That person also informed me that everyone didn't make it to this application process. She said she saw others being shown the door and told "thank you and we'll be in contact."  Knowing that brought a smile on my face and gave me a little boost to finish the lengthy application.

To make long story short, to my surprise I made it to the 3rd round but I still confident that I'm not going to  get any further. The application is very thorough and by the time they look me up they see my accomplishments and they will probably conclude I'm doing this just to be on TV. I'm exactly the type of person they don't want to cast. Interesting to mention that same night I received a phone call from the production company but when I answered they already hung up. I called back but the receptionist couldn't tell me what line called. I don't know what that was all about but something like that happened before and when I called back they told me it was a mistake. 

Of course Wipeout told me I can expect a call anytime after I left the audition and mid January, but I really doubt it. I'm sure they make their decisions very quickly. My predictions put me on a low until the next day but that's somewhat natural for me. When I really want something I use my energy and if i don't receive energy in return then it takes a moment to regenerate new energy. 

The rest of the week started off very slow and it allowed me to realize how much it sucks being at home in L.A. In Tampa I didn't mind being at home working on stuff. There were times I wouldn't leave the house for days but not here. There is so much stuff to do in L.A. its a miserable feeling being at home here. I vowed to find something to be apart of everyday from this week on.  

As a matter of fact this week ended up being one of my most exciting weeks. As the door to Wipeout closed on me more doors with greater potential. Check me out below.

Previous Related Post: Wipeout Process

Day 49  = Sunday, November 7, 2010

* Spent majority of the day one the computer.

Day 50 = Monday, November 8, 2010

*Wipeout audition (Explained above) 

*I was suppose to do some audience work for a TV One show called Way Black When, but the Wipeout audition lasted much longer then I intended. I should of communicated with the casting company about my status but I didn't think it would of mattered. I later got a email asking, were was I. I didn't think they would of even noticed my absence. I apologized more then once through email. Hopefully, they won't hold it against me next time. I take all the blame but I partly neglected to communicate because it took so long to get all the info from them. 

* As I was filling out my Wipeout application I received a random phone call attached to a invitation to host a talent showcase. One of my good high school friends Terrance Bedford told his cousin about me. She lives in California and works in entertainment. One of her associates was in need of a host and she mentioned me. Its amazing how word of mouth works. I later found out I won't be the primary host but more of the behind the scenes interviewer on camera. The showcase will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. Its a great opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

* Conan O'brien premiered his new show on TBS entitled Conan. It was the most anticipated show of the year. I love the parody intro and it was good to see Conan back but I was surprised that he didn't attempt to try anything new. He had a great opportunity to reinvent late night but he stayed in his comfort zone with the typical basic late night format. After seeing that episode I began to realize that my quest is "More then meets the eyes." I have to save late night before its too late.   

Day 51 = Tuesday, November 9, 2010

* Very unproductive day. Half the day at home. Another part at the restaurant, Denny's.

* Momentum started to build up when I was assigned more audience for Way Black When through another company for Thursday.

Day 52 = Wednesday, November 10, 2010

* I auditioned for an opportunity host my own radio show. I saw the ad on Craig's List. The audition was more like a lecture session. They made us watch videos about the history of radio and the history of the their company before we actually auditioned. Some of it sounded to good to be true. I was even informed that they have a television department. The told me I could work in that department in stead of radio and have my own show on TV. I called back the next day and was informed that I passed the audition and I should attend the orientation the following Sunday. I ended up rescheduling and I'm still iffy about the set up. They want me to pay $40.00 for the orientation but I still don't know enough about it.

Day 53 = Thursday, November 11, 2010

On this day (aka Veterans day), I was casted by another company to be part of a what I was suppose to be part of on Monday. TV One's special entitled Way Black When 80's edition. Hmm, I wondered what partly convinced them to cast me. Moreover, it was a great show. Its not a lot of money ($30.00) but the show was so great they should of charged me to be apart of it.  All I had to do was applaud and cheer for a 3 hours here and there. This show is a prime example when I say there is always stuff to do in L.A. It was a great show and there are plenty of shows to sit in and watch. The set up was in a talk show format and it will air on TV One in February. You might see me clapping my hands in the 80's show. They are also shot a 60's, 70's & 90's editions with different hosts. I heard Sin Bad hosted the 70's edition on the day I missed. Check out the line up of what I experienced first hand and what you will experience in February

Comedian Niecy Nash was the host.

The audience hype man/warm up comedian named JC (I think that's his name). The moment he got on stage he noticed my high top. I was probably sitting down for only 5 minutes in the very front row. He wasn't even on stage for a minute yet. He even called me on the stage. It went by quick. He showcased my high top and at one point I pulled out my pick and began picking it out. It was kind of whack of me. He did ask me my name and acknowledged me one or two more times in between. This week, for the first time I started to get a few compliments about my high top form strangers. I'm glad to know it has grown back in a notice state now. Its still not at my desire height yet.

Legendary Rapper Cool Moe Dee was a guest and interviewed by Niecy

Comedian Shang did some stand up

Doug E Fresh arrived when we thought it was over and put on an awesome show. Did you know the new song and dance Teach Me How to Dougie is all about him? Actually, from what someone told me, the dance is originally his dance he use to do back in the days. He even did it in his performance.
Bobby Brown was interviewed and preformed two songs. His old school classic My Prerogative and a new song from his up coming album. I can't remember the name but it was hot.

Miki Howard was interviewed and preformed 2 songs.
Mint Condition was the house band

One of these hot ladies from En Vogue performed with Mint Condition.

Christopher Kid Reid (Better known as Kid from Kid and Play) was in the back observing. I heard he's hosting the 90's show soon.

Without a doubt the show was great, however, I felt horrible most of the time while I was there. Its hard to enjoy myself when I'm also looking at things from a technical perspective. I wanted to be to working behind the scenes better yet hosting the show. At one point I felt infuriated. I had my fliers with me but for some reason I made a premeditated decision not to give them out. My mind was playing tricks on me. A part of me didn't want to give it out for reasons I'm not sure how to explain at this time. I think sitting down for so long made me feel small and docile. Thankfully, I resorted my courage and tried to approach the hype man that called me on the stage after the show but of course it couldn't be that easy. There was some guarding his path and I had to keep walking. 

While out side myself and the rest of the audience had to wait for a bus to take out back to a central location. We was on one of Universal NBC's lots by the way. Moreover, as we were waiting for the bus I over heard someone talking about the show. He was explaining the situation with the show and hopes that it will be more than a black history special. Apparently, if things go well the networks will approve it as a series. He also talked about his title to the person he was chatting with. I believe he was the AD (Assistant Director). As he was talking then leaving, I looked at one someone I met and said I should give him my flier what do I have to lose? She said, "you should." That's all I needed to hear.

I approached him, told him my name and that I was a host.  I also told him how can I get involved. Of course I received the typical you have to keep doing what your doing and network answer. After a few second of that I gave him one of my fliers and I believe it put me on another level. He than said he was going to show it to his boss. I don't know if he will really do that or not but I know I did my part. One way or another everything will come around full circle.

Later that night I started write down some new ideas for my show. I'm in the process of reinventing my show and myself. 

Day 54 = Friday, November 12, 2010 

* Started to walk around with a book everywhere I go now. I never liked reading in loud environments but learning how to channel out all the noise. 

* Here is where things get interesting. When I was leaving Way Black When on Thursday I noticed I had a voice mail and it just so happens a show is interested in me. I called back today and we had a great conversation. For now all I will tell you is that its a reality show, the phone interview when well and I have a interview in person on Wednesday. I'll keep posted. Its secret time again.

* Ended the night by walking around Hollywood Blvd
Day 55 = Saturday, November 13, 2010

* Motivated by someone I met on Thursday, I now have a new system for the buses as well as the train. 

* I attended my Alma Marter Florida A&M University's Alumni meeting. It was good to be around some rattlers for a change. 

* I was invited to a small birthday house party by someone I met at Way Black When. It was cool. Maybe 10 or more people. One person I met there is a Content Producer for a production company. I'll definitely be in contact with him

I have a feeling this upcoming week is going to be even better than the rest. There is no reason for a dull day in this city. Stay posted. I wasn't able to post a breaking news post this week but I'm sure there will be plenty coming soon. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 7 Review: I'M NOT AFRAID!!!... Week of Anticipation, Patience & Research

As you all know, I've been planting seeds for a while now. Most intensively since I've been in L.A. 
Nevertheless, some of my seeds were gobbled up by a chicken. Now this chicken has used the nutriment from my seeds and laid a dozen eggs. These eggs in particular look good and they safely belong in a basket. As much as I want to put all my eggs in this one basket, I've learned many times over again not to do that. The last time I've learned was from my experience with Oprah's Your Own Contest

As a result, I'm never going to put all my eggs in one basket again. Which is why I've only put about 6 eggs in this particular basket. What am I taking about? I'm taking about my 2nd audition for the anonymous game show Monday, Nov 8, 2010. It's the only thing that is currently keeping me motivated (See week 6 for the back story for the audition).

At times this week has been somewhat idle. After I launched my Future of Late Night Campaign, I found myself checking the page every 2 minutes waiting for 100,000 fans to come pouring in. My original strategy to get fans rolling isn't going to work as easy as I thought. So now I have 1 of  2 of choices to build my fan base. 1. Pay for some web advertising options with money that I don't have. 2. Be interviewed by a national television or radio corporation to gain some exposure. In stead, I've decided to just slowly nurture the campaign and not make it a complete focus for now.
After realizing I have to shift my focus, that's where I began to be idle. The only thing that helped me stayed balance was my passionate anticipation to audition for the game show. I found joy spending time researching as much information as I could about this show. I'm determined to get it. When I'm into something all I can do is think about it, research and get ready. This is far from the end of my quest but its unmistakeably a gate I need to capture the key for. I'm not looking for a break through or someone to give me a big break, I want the key. Without the key, I could  get thrown out at any given time. I've been turned away before but not this time. I have to seize this opportunity and take the key. I've come to far.     
Yeah! Its been a ride. I guess I had to...  go to that place... to get this one. Now some of you... might been in that place...and your trying to get out. Just follow me. I'll get you there.

"You can try to read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em. But you wont' take the sting out of these words before I say 'em. Cause ain't on way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhem. When I say 'em or do something I do it..., I don't give a damn what you think, I'm doing this for me, so forget the world. Feed its beans, its gassed up, if it thinks its stopping me, I'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly...And all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony. No if and or buts don't try to ask him why or who can he...

"I'm afraid...I'm take a take a stand...Everybody...Everybody come take my hand...come take my hand. We'll walk to road together. Through the storm. Whatever weather. Cold or warm. Just let you know that, your not alone. Holla, if you feel like you've been down the same road." 
"Not Afraid" by Eminem
Those are the words of my current theme song. I know what your thinking. "What game show is this?" Is it that serious? Yes, I seriously need to conquer this. Forget the fact its a game show. Forget the fact its nationally syndicated and it could easily be a huge catalyst my quest. Forget the fact that I could win $50,000.00. For get all that. This is no game. This is a huge determining ultimatum factor.

"And I just keep in living this way, so starting today. I'm breaking out of this cage. I'm standing up Imma face my demons. I'm manning up. Imma hold my ground. I've had enough. Now I'm so fed up. Time to put my life back together my life right now."

As for week 7, I wish I had more exciting things to write about I'm sure there will be plenty in week 8.   

Day 42 = Sunday, October 31, 2010

* Spent the day on the computer, debating how to market my campaign and when to recruit to start my team again. 

Day 43 = Monday, November 1, 2010

* Designated a notebook and started writing down future ideas for the campaign. 

* I received an email confirmation about my game show audition on November 8th. (Its official). 

* Put in some hours at A1 Media...

Day 44 = Tuesday, November 2, 2010

* Agent notified me about a big audition on Thursday. 

* Created and submitted My Future of Late Night Campaign Speech. I'm not completely happy with it but I'll let it ride fro now. I have better components of the campaign to look forward to.  

*Did some social networking research. 

*Worked my last day at A1 Media...until further notice.  (No further comment) 

Day 45 = Wednesday, November 3, 2010

* Constantly waiting for the Facebook fan page to increase. 

* Started researching improvisational shows and various comedic characters. 

*As I was preparing for my audition tomorrow I found an article about marketing tips for rappers that became very useful. This week, I was so hyped about my campaign I started emailing reporters that wrote about late night talk shows. My email basically said, my name and I told them that I'm The Future of Late Night. I never got a response. The marketing tips generally said your reputation should speak for itself and I shouldn't have to tell anyone who I am like that. They should know me because of my reputable brand. It makes a lot of sense and I know longer send out emails like that. 

Day 46 = Thursday, November 4, 2010

*I attended the audition my agent sent me on but I was told I was too old. Its a long story. They told my agent and other people we could attend as long as we look 18-24. However, when we got there they asked us our age immediately and the casting director said, no can do. Regardless, I had a chance to give my head shots and promotional material to a very prominent casting director who works on a lot of projects. She told me she has a few movies in place and she might call me in for a read. I later found out that the audition was for a MTV show called Disaster Date. So, I didn't miss out on anything much.

* I was notified by A1 Media Distribution that my documentary has some buyers looking at it and I was congratulated. We'll see what happens.  

 Day 47 = Friday, November 5, 2010

* Contacted by the Florida Courier about a news feature about my quest. Stay tuned. I will post it.

* Contemplated on my "aspiring" approach for the audition.  

* Spent a portion of day night walking up and down Hollywood BLVD.

* Constantly thinking about Monday's audition.

* Received a text about audience extra work for Monday in a retro themed show. Hmm, I wonder why they choose me. 

Day 48 = Saturday November 6, 2010

* I finally trusted another barber with my hair. I was in route to another recommended barber, but I got lost and found myself peaking inside of random barbershop. As I was walking away someone came out introduced himself and give me his card. I later found out the barbershop I was looking for was still over 20mins away. As a result, I figured I'll give this random barbershop a chance. The end result was good. I'm happy with my hair this time but I'll be more of a judge when I have my height back again. 
Since my high top massacre on day 19 I've maintained my cool and never mentioned the name of the barbershop in my blog. Since the incident, the owner promised to send me my refund but I'm still waiting for it. Its obviously not coming. So I no longer need my cool. If your in L.A. don't go to Legends Barbershop. I heard through the grapevine about other bad experiences at their 2nd location. Down with Legends Barbershop in L.A. 

I will give a shout out to TR Hair Studio on LA Brea Ave for my current hair cut. Much love and thank you for my first good hair cut experience in L.A.

That same day...

* I began doing a lot unique things to get ready for the game show.(I'll explain later)

* Began vocabulary exercises. 

* Started doing researching a particular type of comedian that I am destined to be. (I'll explain later) 

* Researched a lot of old talk shows.  

* I registered an account with I love it. Give it a try. 

Final thoughts:

No final thoughts just a note.

Note: I added a picture of myself on day 6. The picture just came in. I'm looking pretty cool. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

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