Friday, December 31, 2010

Donation Update # 4 (The Last Donation)

10:33pm (New Years Eve)

I'm on my way to church with my mom and I'm creating this post to acknowledge the last few people who give me donations this year. 

I will come back and list them later.

With the spirit of success, I'm anticipating that I won't need anymore donations in 2011.

Come back soon for the official update.

As the quest continues

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week 14: Humbling, Relaxing, Peaceful and of Course Tasteful

As the stretch of the holidays began to approach, I was forced with a head to head battle with my arch-nemesis this week. My deepest and darkest fear that dreaded foe, the one and only fearsome state of “Non-Productivity!!! (Arrrrrrwww ) Don’t you hear the screeching sounds of horror? Week 10 was my last encounter and I felt defeated. This time I hailed victorious not because I found a way to be productive by my standards... I was victorious because I was at ease nor was I bothered by it.  

The outcome of this week is “More Than Meets The Eye.” You won’t read any significant amazing stories this week however, I will explain what this week means pretending to my future. 

As you should know by now, I have been in the process of prophesying the next 5years of my life. Which means this week represents 2014. 2014 will be the year of ease, comfort and reward. I will be very established and well grounded. Great things will happen and I will be surprised very little by it. My life will reach the placement of automatic success. 

This will be the first life cycle that I’m comfortable with and I will maintain it temporarily until I’m ready to break the cycle again  (Which probably won't be too long). Connections, phone calls and amazing opportunities will come in my direction that I’m not even expecting. I’m going to reach a level of greatness and be filled with an abundance of peace, reward and blessing. Of course, I will share all my blessings with the world, in effort of making the earth a better place. 

If you have been watching the news, it has been raining like crazy in Southern California over the past week. Some places were even devastated with mudslides. I live in the Down Town/Korea Town area on flat land so I wasn’t affected by any disastrous conditions. Nevertheless, this is the most rain Southern California has experienced in over 5/6 years. The immediate night before I left for Tampa it stopped raining and suddenly everyone is southern CA felt peace upon their shoulders.

I’ve recorded many weddings in my day and every time it rained on someone ones wedding day, it was recognized as a blessing. 2014 will be a year of many great unexpected blessings. As unexpected as the rain L.A experienced this week. There is a great chance I  might even begin planning for or expecting my first child during 2014. Lord help me! Please help me!!

Day 91 = Sunday, December 19, 2010 

* Nothing significant to report.
* Blog writing day

Day 92 = Monday, December 20, 2010

* Nothing significant to report.

Day 93 = Tuesday, December 21, 2010

* Nothing to report but I did spend some time on Facebook.

Day 94 = Wednesday, December 22, 2010

* I was happy to receive a phone call from The Big 2. They asked me 2 simple questions and then I asked them if I'm still in the running. They confirmed with a hearty "yes."

* Went to Staples in the rain. No umbrella necessary for me. It was alot of rain but not as much as Florida's rain. Thus, it was the most rain I've rain seen in L.A in one setting.
* Caught a movie with a friend. (Little Fockers) The movie was so so. I didn't think it was really funny. I don't think my friend thought so either. After seeing that movie I realized for the first time, I don't think I like most comedy movies very much. 

* A DVD of a church project I appeared in came in the mail. I'll post it soon.

Day 95 = Thursday, December 23, 2010

* Departed for Tampa. I had a transfering flight to N.Y then Tampa. It took me almost a total of 12 hours to get to Tampa but it goes by very fast when you enjoy reading. 
Day 96 = Friday, December 24, 2010

* First full day back in Tampa. 

* Ran some errands

* I had a random loud fusing situation with my mom. I know right. Already. To a degree I was mostly wrong but there is always a but factor. lol. I still owe my mom an apology and it will come. I just hope she also listens to my exchange of advice for a change. The great thing about our relationship is that we never stay mad at each other. By the next day, its like nothing ever happened. 

* Played my Nintendo Wii and will continue to play it throughout the week. I'm really enjoying it.

* Spent some more time reading also. 

* One of my major objectives while in Tampa is to dump all my footage from all my previous shows like Wide aWoke Wednesday's onto an external hard drive. It has been a humbling experience to look back at all the support I've received over the years.

Day 97 = Saturday, December 25, 2010 (Christmas Day)

* I'll let the video do the talking...

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 13 Review: The Return of The Champion. Tampa Bay Are You Ready?

Special Announcement 

Before I get into my episodic blog of the week, let me first announce my brief return to Tampa. I will be arriving on Thursday, December 23rd and leaving on Monday, January 3rd. While I'm in Tampa, my quest will continue. The quest will never stop, unless its completed. This return is simply a pit stop that will prepare me even more for 2011. 

While in Tampa, my main objective is to sell my truck. If you know anyone interesting in purchasing a 2005 Dodge Durango, please contact me asap. Its in excellent condition. New tires and new brakes. I plan to have it sold shortly after my arrival. 
The Motown Maurice Mobile is for Sale

Among other things I have to accomplish, this will be Tampa's last time to see Motown Maurice before the rest of the world is introduced to Motown Maurice. If you recognized the significance of this, I'm presenting the opportunity for you and I to connect while I'm in Tampa. Since a few people have requested that we do lunch, chat and hangout; I'm now extending the invitation to you if you are interested. 

Please note a few terms and conditions. 

* I won't have a car.
* My schedule is filling up and limited. 

* I have limited funds to no funds.

* My noticeable fans, followers and biggest supporters have priority over others.

* There is no guarantee, it all depends. 

* Please don't take it personal if I am not able to connect.  

* Please don't try to sell me any products or ask me to join organization or group.  

I will be there for less than 12 days so if your interested act fast and contact me quick.
Thank you
Looking forward

Now We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog  

In the words of God Father of Soul, "I Feeeeeel Good." I just realized that for the first time in a long time when someone asked me how I was doing, I responded by saying, "I feel good, or "I'm doing good?" I didn't say, "I'm maintaining, I'm surviving, nor did I say I'm hanging in there." I said, I"m doing good/great." In deed, I am doing good.

I admit this week this did not initially start of in high energy. I was even concerned about the status of this week at first. As you know the outcome of week 13 will mirror 2013. (Read week 11 & 12 for my prophetic details.)

Without any reservations, I'm proud to announce to you that 2013 will be a better year than 2011 and 2012. Not because there is a Big 4 or Big 5. I didn't even receive multiple exiting phone calls as I did the last two weeks. Nor was I super busy. This week actually started off very slow, depressing with specs of non-productivity (my worst fear).      

2013 will be a marvelous year because by this year I will be completely in sync with the powers of the universe. My super powers will be fully developed by then. I sincerely believe I will be fully walking in my purpose and responsibly using it for the better of man kind. (As I'm writing a biblical comparison comes to  mind but I rather make that comparison at a later time.) How do I know this? I know this because I'm beginning to fully interrupt the laws and principles of the world we live in. For you to understand, how I understand, let me help you understand. 

While at an Lawyer holiday mixer on Thursday, my mind broke into a trance as I paced myself throughout a dark semi crowded lounge, while sipping on a glass of Grey Goose and cranberry juice. The for about 5 seconds the world stopped and a light bulb of intelligence hoovered over my head and before it disappeared I captured it. I took it and it begin to spread through my entire anatomy. Ok, yes there was an open bar and I was on my second drink but that had nothing to do with it. I was in sync with the wonders of the world. 

I've mentioned many times before that "Everything always comes around full circle." Well, certain laws and principles of the earth also come around full circle. However, you can't always wait for these laws and principles to work on their own. You have to activate them. The law that I am talking about is The Law of Attraction.  

My confidence and marketing presence among other things ignited The Law of Attraction which made me hot during week 11 & 12.  I was so attractable that I was receiving phone calls from everywhere. I felt the energy in the air and I'm sure that energy triggered a domino affect of phone calls coming from everywhere. Then all of a sudden, this week started to feel cold. As hot as I was the last two weeks I suddenly wasn't as hot. That's typically the fluctuating temperature of the entertainment business. Among other businesses. The question is how do you get hot again?

That's when it hit me right in the middle of the club/lounge with the drink in my hand and all. I realized if I want to be hot again, I have to make one more person, one more casting director or one more anybody to become attracted to me. It all makes sense. To be attractive you have to be able to attract. 

Early in the day, I did get one phone call to be a tester for a physical game show that's working on the pilot. I submitted for it early in the week and hoped they would of called me because I had nothing else going on. Its not a much money but it sounded like fun and a reason to get out the house.

This is where it all comes together. If I want my phone to start ringing again or if I want get accepted for The Big 1, The Big 2 or The Big 3 I have to attract another party. I need new energy on top of my previous energy or that energy will die out. Its an ever going effort to keep energy flowing. I can't always wait for things to come around full circle, I have take the initiative to turn the circle with my bare hands when necessary. 

I decided that when I show up as a game show tester on Friday, I'm going to get them to like me or love even love me. I'm going to leave there so attractive that some way, somehow, everyone is going to want a piece of Motown Maurice. That is one of the basic functions of The Law of Attraction. 

While my name sits on the desk of The Big 1, 2 & 3 I'm going to create a new source of energy developed by my attractive personality and positive vibes of the game show team while I'm there as a tester. This new energy will ascend to universe and pour down nothing but potent nurturing drops of attraction where ever my name is mentioned. 

It works. I'm telling it it works. As i said before, its no different from when a guy is trying to get a girl but gets rejected over and over. Until he finally finds a girl and all of a sudden they all want him. Its magical at the same time its scientific. 

Day 84 = Sunday, December 12, 2010

* Completed two really creative demos and submitted them to The Big 1 & The Big 3. I like them both, its just a matter of someone else liking them. Don't worry, I've sending new energy in the air. (Stay posted I'll post them one day.) 

Day 85 = Monday, December 13, 2010 

* I had a brief and partly pointless audition on Monday. You go in and you say one line and you leave.

* I mailed out my packages to The Big 1 & The Big 3.

* After such an accomplished weekend I spend some time relaxing. 

* Ironically Tangela Walker-Craft emailed me about an opportunity and it was the same one advertising The Big 3.

Day 86 = Tuesday, December 14, 2010

* I had an interview with The Big 2. It was decent. I ended quicker then I expected but its not in my hands anymore. 

* Last week I wrote about a management company interested in me. They first noticed me at The Show Biz Expo. I had to rescheduled the appointment and finally met up with them today. Skipping forward to the meeting. They asked me to read a script. After reading a script one of them asked me if I was tired because I looked and sounded tired. At the moment I thought I gave good energy for the part I read. We all assume maybe because I had a long day. It did take a very long time to get there. They then asked me a few questions about my name and my agent. They looked at maybe a minute worth of my demo and we concluded.  As I was leaving they lady who called me gave me some advice and suggested I that I increase my energy because it was kind of low.

I know, in the past at my shows in Tampa there have been sightings of me having a low energy level. This meeting was the first time someone told me I had low energy since I've arrived in L.A. To a degree it puzzled me but I soon figured out why. The reason I gave off low energy is because they didn't give me any energy to work with. I personally think their presentation as a company was lacking. They didn't tell me anything about companies history or what they offer their clients. 

I know I can't always rely on the energy of others and I have to produce energy at times whether I like it or not but I'm content with what happened today. I'm honored by the management invitation and I know my time will come when I will have one. As for them and that meeting... I don't think that company was a good fit for me anyway. They haven't called and I'm okay with it. 

* The Big 1 responded today. That was hot. Keep in mind I just mailed them my package yesterday and they responded through email using the word "excited." They also requested more pictures. That's definitely a great sign but we have a long way to go before we can celebrate. Anything can happen.  

Day 87 = Wednesday, December 15, 2010 

* Pictures for The Big 1 were emailed. 

* I confirmed The Big 3 received my package and its no longer in my hands. 

Day 88 = Thursday, December 16, 2010 

      * After a week of no phone calls, I started to receive a few calls here and there igniting a small boost of energy. DJ Blenz and the Be Come a Host people called. I also received a phone call that casted me as a tester for the game show I wrote about above. 

·         * I completely confirmed my trip to Tampa.     

            *  I attended the lawyer holiday mixer and somehow I found myself in a profound conversation about the laws of success with an young man trying to definite his purpose in life. It was powerful. I shared with him enough  knowledge to sell in a book. He was inspired and I was really passionate about sharing my wisdom.Our conversation was 10 times greater then the conversation I had with the young man on day 76. 
      Maybe the open bar had something to do with it. 

Day 89 = Friday, December 17, 2010 

·         * Today I hailed victorious. I had a chance to be a tester for an up and coming game show. Basically, the show is still in its preliminary stages and I was the stunt dummy. Don't worry I wasn't the only person there. It was a really fun experience. The show is based on catching a wide array of inanimate objects. It also has a Wipeout feel to it. Everything took place in a huge open field owned by a waste management complex.

      I made myself very attractive during the testing. There was one game where myself and 3 other people were tired to each other with about 6 feet of rope. The challenge was to catch soccer balls being catapulted into the air by throwing machines. The connection of the rope was in the center with our backs turned to each other. If you looked at us from an aerial point of view the rope would look like an X.

      Moreover, after playing a few team related tests, they finally put us against each other. When they threw in a $20.00 cash reward for the person who catches the most balls, I knew it was on. After multiple falls and opposition by my competition, I hailed victorious. I caught 8 balls. 2 of my competitors caught 6 balls and other caught 0. That $20.00 felt good. I gained mad respect from the production team also.

     The other game anyone would love. We can to climb a ladder onto a platform that was at least 15 feet in the air, jump and and balls. Guess where we would land? Our landing pad was a huge pool of square sponges. The pool of sponges was like 6 feet deep. I never did anything like that before. We did test jumps in that pool most of the day.

      Imagine me flying in the air and diving into a pool of sponges and disappearing. Let me tell you... Its easy to catch the ball but its hard as heck to get out of that pool of sponges. There was a few times they had to come and rescue me. They threw me a rope and all but I still couldn't get out at times. 

   I  In this same game, I was put against this athletic girl. Probably for some unplanned reason they put the white guy against the white girl and me against the black girl. We had a $20.00 challenge to catch the most balls in the jumllping the pool game. At one point she was wining at least by one, then when I was stuck in the pool of sponges again she shouted, "Stop being so dramatic and get out of there. I said, "What!!!!!? I was going to let you win since you said you needed the gas money but its on now." She was up 3 to 4 for a while and I was on my last ball and skillfully caught my very last ball and tied her. I didn't realize at the time but she had one more ball. When my back was turned I heard a "Yeahhh.....Awwwwww." Apparently, she had it then dropped it.

      We needed up splitting the $20.00 and I went home with an extra $30.00 total. What a great day. Being there fueled my desire to compete and victorious showmanship which hailed me as the champion of the day is is the main reason why week 13 has been my best week.

      Day 90 = Saturday, December 18, 2010 
     * Believe me when I tell you I woke up sore from yesterday. I relaxed for the rest of the day and started working on my blog. 

 Final thoughts

     The beautiful thing about being a tester for that show is if the networks pick it up, I might have a high chance of being one of the real contestants. My final thought of this week is I'm writing way to much. I'm so glad I' done with this post. I hope I didn't bore you. I'm going to make sure next weeks blog is shorter. See you all in Tampa soon. 

     As the Quest Continues

     The Future of Late Night

     Motown Maurice

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 12 Review: The Big 1, The Big 2 & The Big 3

Week 12

What can I say? When your hot your hot. Without a doubt I'm certainly hot right now. Remember the prophecy I wrote last week? If not, here it is: 

"I would like to extend my prophecy throughout the last 4 weeks of 2010. I believe week 12, 13, 14, & 15 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Based on the progress I'm receiving right now, I better buckle my seat belts and get ready for take off."

In a few words week 12 has been fabulous. 2012 better watch out. Let me debate for a second on which week was better between week 11 and week 12... Hands down I would have to say week 12 for a couple reasons. The first reason is because of The Big 2 and The Big 3. The other is based on what I accomplished. Week 12 has to be my most accomplished week creatively. I put a lot of time into two videos I'm very proud of. 

I know what your thinking what is The Big 1, The Big 2 & The Big 3. Sorry your going to have to continue to tune in and you'll soon find out. All I can say for now is that The Big 2 and The Big 3 are two new phone calls. The infamous phone call from last week was The Big 1 and you'll soon find out about that also. I know your sick of the teasing but you will know in due time. 

I was on a sincere creative high this week. Its been a while since I had a creative high like that. I had two important tasks at hand and my creative mind ran with it and conquered it. I was telling my roommate the other night that at times I feel like a creative magnet. I started noticing my magnetized abilities last year and early this year, until my hiatus. When I say creative magnet, I mean I can attract an idea just by leaving the house in almost any environment. Its a dangerous power. I think its from consistently being creative for so long. Its an amazing high no drug can induce.   

Day 77 Sunday, December 5, 2010
* Today is an continuation post from my last. If you visit week 11 you will also see what I started to write day 77.

Motown Maurice and a guy who apparently wasn't having a good day.

Motown Maurice at The Show Biz Expo 2010

* Irving is a call guy I met on day 16. He's also the same guy that prayed for me on day 38. He was inspired by me and what I'm doing and asked for an interview. He even called me later in the week sharing such get compliments and told me to tell my mom that she did a great job with me. Below is the brief interview he did with me. I'm sorry I look so cheesy. Irving is one of the people that have been making me feel like a star since I've been here. Thanks Irving.

* Started writing the poem for the Box Start Talent Contest.

* If you have been reading my blog I've vaguely posted about a transportation system I established in the past. Well, my system finally caught up with me. (lol) Since the day 2, I started to write about LA's transportation system. In a few words their paying system is lacking. Which is why I developed my own system to make it through my financial hard times. Basically, I wouldn't pay for the train and I would tell the bus driver I only had a dollar instead of a $1.50.

Well...the train finally caught up with me. I was initially taking the bus to get to The Show Biz Expo until my friend told me I could take a train. A different train in which I only took once before. Moments after I sat on The Blue Line an officer arrived on the train and said, "Everybody please take out your ticket." Just great, I tried a new route and this is what I get. Have no fear, I was gracefully prepared for this type of situation

I pulled out my Florida's drivers license and played dumb. I was like, "I thought since I was from out of town I can ride for free." She said, I can't, held my license and told me to purchase a ticket. When I came back with my ticket she told me next time she's going to write me a ticket. That ticket she's talking about is a $250.00 ticket.

Later that night, I rode two trains on the way back but I only purchased one ticket. I got off one stop too early but it was still a familiar stop not far from home. Believe it or not they were checking again. The officer pulled myself and 3 others to the side. He had no intentions to give us a ticket but instead he was trying to educate us on the right way to ride. This one dude was trying to give an full explanation but the officer wasn't even trying to hear a story. Some people just like to talk so much. Why talk when the officer wants to do all the talking. The officer spoke for a few and let us go.

That same dude told me he knew exactly how the ticket system works but he was just doing his thing. We then both agreed they need to do a better job with the paying system. They need a system more like the one in N.Y. The irony is, the day before I got for my first real paying gig. I believe its the universe saying I don't have to do that anymore. Indeed, I will and I have started doing better.

Day 78 Monday, December 6, 2010

* Here are the details for my call back for week 11 day 75 the Tosh.o audition. When I auditioned for the commercial I had no clue what was about to go down. I had an opportunity to briefly read the script when I got their and I noticed it had something to do with The Roots. The Roots is an American Hip Hop band that currently plays for Late Night with Jimmy Fallen. Automatically, I figured I should put my Afro pick in my hair. When I was called in, the lady smiled and said I don't have to do that. I started to take off my pic and I said, "Okay, but I thought it was The Roots. That's what the roots do." As in that's what Quest Love, the drummer for the roots does. She quickly responded and said, "Okay, I didn't know."

I did a few things they asked me to do and that was it. The exact the next day I got a call back stating I was booked. The lady actually told me my hair pick is what got her. So today is where it all went down. I was basically a background extra for Tosh.o commercial. I did nothing but pretend I was playing a bass guitar in the background. I was just one of the three black guys in the scene. When I say we were just black guys I meant that literally. That's how they had us written in the script, as "Black Guys." No speaking parts for me yet but this was my first real booking that came through my agent. Before I left, I discretely posted one of my fliers on a board near the break room. I wonder if its still there. 

Day 79 Tuesday, December 7, 2010

* I had an audition for an independent film last week on day 75. Today, I came in for a call back and this guy tells me he was impressed with first audition. He asked me how many people would purchase a DVD or some see me in the theaters not just because Chris Tucker is going to be in it. "Hmmmm, Really!" To make a long story short he wanted to make sure I was committed first. Second, he told me I had to purchase 10 DVD's at $10.00 each in advance to be part of the project. In another words, I had to pay $100.00 to a part of his project and he wanted me to sign right now. I've yet to see any of his work or the script. He wouldn't even let me take the contract home with me to look it over.

I've been around long enough to notice the red flags. I saw a few and my biggest read flag was present. I told him let me think it over and I'll give him a call the next day. I did call and said, "No thank you." 

* Finished writing the poem and and auditioned for the Box Star talent show. They literally had me audition in a box booth.

* I was so hot this week that I was reciving love from my bay area family. Former guest of The Motown Maurice Show and inventor of the Go Pillow Tangela Walker-Craft called me to expose me to a on air television opportunity. Since we met, anytime she gets words about an opportunity she send it my way. Much love. Thank you very much Tangela.

*  I received a call about The Big 2. (Stay posted)

* A1 Media distribution told me I had a consideration for buyer looking at my documentary. (No more comment)

Day 80 = Wednesday, December 8, 2010

* I received a call about The Big 3. (Stay posted)

Day 81 = Thursday, December 9, 2010 

* I even received a call about management consideration. Apparently the picked up my information at The Show Biz Expo and they were interested. The conversation lead to us setting an appointment to meet in person.

Day 82 = Friday, December 10, 2010 

* I attended the become a host free class. I mentioned that developing story last week. The class was good. The instructor definitely knows her stuff. I would like to attend her class but I want to time somethings out first. I don't want to pay $600.00 for two days of money that I don't have when I might be busy already in 2011. I will know in due time. 

* Agent informed me about another audition on Monday.

* Purchased some KFC and intensely started working on my demos for The Big 1 & 3  

Day = 83 Saturday, December 11, 2010 

* Working demos all weekend.

* Reschedule appointment for manager

Final Thoughts

I should of completed this blog already. Since I'm completing this blog so late in week 13, my thoughts are conflicting. If I would of completed it earlier I would of probably had a happier ending. Now, I'm some what numb. It was actually hard for me to finish this blog for about 3 reasons. 1 is because I was worn out from all the editing and creative work. 2 is that I was tired of writing about small stuff.  3 I'm probably suffering from withdrawal from the last two weeks. 

That's the entertainment business for you.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 11 Review: Full Circle Just like I Said Part 1 - Wow!! - Unbelievable

I have to immediately start this blog by telling you about the most amazing phone call I have ever received. I was already having the best day/week of my quest then this phone call out of no where. It was unbelievable. Simply remarkable. It was awesome. However, I'm sorry to inform you that I won't write the full details of  the phone call until its 100% confirmed. Right now its about 90% confirmed. I know... a friend of mine recently told me that the main reason I should be on television is because I got the "teasing" thing down pack. My bad. I don't mean to tease you all like that but I think its best to wait before I write anything about it. I promise you its worth the wait. Nonetheless, this week ended up being my most eventful and productive week of my quest.

Last week, (Week 10) I was just complaining about my "Fears of Non-Productivity."
contrast between week 10 and 11 is astonishing. I also believe I wrote my own prophecy for my quest in week 10. Read what I wrote: 

"From a superstitious point of view I use to claim the number 10 was my lucky number. I don't think I'll be using that number anymore more. Maybe number 11 will be my new lucky number. Hopefully week 11 will usher in a glimpse of success that I see in 2011. Based on the state that I'm in right now, its mustard seed of hope I have to hold on to."

If week 11, resembles 2011 in anyway, then I'm going to have a stupendous year (Between you and me, I can see the future.) I would like to extend my prophecy throughout the last 4 weeks of 2010. I believe week 12, 13, 14, & 15 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Based on the progress I'm receiving right now, I better buckle my seat belts and get ready for the take off.

No Sacrifice No Victory

Before I get into the details for this week, let me clarify exactly what I meant by non-productivity last week. My spirits were down mainly because everything slowed down dramatically and there was nothing to work on. The life of a seeker is hot one day and cold another day. The objective is to stay as hot as possible so when the cold days come around you won't feel the freeze. 

I really should of mentally allowed myself to enjoy the liberty of relaxing at home and watching TV & Movies but I don't enjoy that all the time. I desire to be in the process of creation all the time. Since I had nothing to work on I felt lazy and unproductive. I was submitting for projects but everything was just so dramatically slow.

The reason I titled this segment of the blog, No Sacrifice, No Victory is because its true and I'm living it. My story won't make you cry but its an example of sacrifice. Its the story of my credit score. They have aggressively started calling me this week.

Just recently I had a credit score way above average since, now its all going down hill. "Oh well," is what I say. Once again, I appreciate all that credit has has done for me in the past. I would probably still be in college if I didn't have credit cards to pay summer classes with. I also won't have been able to produce The Motown Maurice Show earlier this year among much more. However, now, credit can't do anything for me. I have no choice but to be successful or die trying.  No Sacrifice No Victory. 

Day 70 = Sunday, November 28, 2010

* Nothing significant to report but if my memory is on point, I watched the movie Hancock before going to sleep. It was my second time watching it and I enjoyed it even more. I enjoyed it so much I started watching the making of Hancock on the special features menu. I was energized so much by it, that I broke into a prayer. Note: I don't pray often. I remember telling God my desires to be a part of a creative process. 

Day 71 = Monday, November 29, 2010

* On day 59 week 9 I auditioned for a reality show but I never really gave full details about it. Well, a week pasted and I called today for an update. The conversation and energy was great but I was able sense that I wouldn't get selected. For some reason at the audition they mainly asked questions about my quest. That was unusual. I left in awe and excited. If you read about my previous auditions, they never wanted to hear about my quest. I would get cut off every-time I spoke about it  For some reason that audition was different. It gave me the impression that I had an advantage. The person who interviewed me even said, hopefully the producers will pick me because I'm unique and that's what they need. I left with a huge smile on my face.

Moreover, when I spoke to them today I can tell talking about my quest really didn't help me as much as I thought. I didn't have a real enough job for them and they were looking for regular people. For some reason I told them I only make money as a freelance editor. Nevertheless, God knows why I wasn't selected. It was a show about finding "Love" anyway, lol. No Comment. I certainly did learn from that experience.

* After that phone call I fell into sleepy mode. Things were still slow. Later a phone woke me up. It was a casting company interested in casting me for a dating show. It sounded familiar and it ended up being for the same show I applied for above with a different casting director. I guess I applied for the show in two different places. We canceled the appointment since I already interviewed. As you can see I'm getting a few calls its just a matter of time now. That phone call did get my butt off of the couch and I took that energy and ran with it. 

Day 72 = Tuesday, November 30, 2010

* While still trying to establish productivity based on my standards, I started thinking maybe working my way up behind scenes by joining an audience coordinating team. The idea wasn't necessary. My mind was everywhere thinking about how to get to the next step.

Day 73 = Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today is where the excitement begins 

* One good thing did come from last week on day 66. I received a call about a video shoot for today. I honestly had no clue what I was getting into but it didn't matter, it felt so great to get out the house. When I arrived I found out it was a music video shoot. Everyone else also arrived without knowing much about it. It was a nice day and I met a few cool people there. If you came to my page earlier and saw the picture of me and the lovely ladies, it took place today.
They were killing time by taking pictures together and I jumped in one.

I think the name of the music video we appeared on is called: CAVIAR LA.
I'm not even sure. Its a comedy music video. However, there were to familiar faces present.

Columbus Shortt, from the movie Stomp The Yard.

Wilmer Valderrama, from That 70's Show. He was singing believe it or not.
They were very cool guys. The first time I saw them they introduced themselves and shook a few hands including mine. Be on the look out for the video. I had a solo scene recorded, so you might see me. 

The day started around 7 or 8 in the morning and ended around 5pm. I was pretty sad the shoot was over.

Music Video Related:
The Way I Fiesta' by Eduardo Fresco...

Motown Maurice at the Kodak Theater killing time.

* Note: On the way to the shoot early this morning, I saw a sign about a casting for a independent film. I called and left a message.

* This is one of my stories of "Everything always comes around full circle." When I was still in Tampa I found a website about becoming a host. When I arrived in L.A. my agent forwarded me that website. I signed up for it but nothing really pulled my attention. Today, I noticed in my spam box an email from the website and it all started to make sense. I started to see the value that company would bring to enhancing my hosting skills.

They offer boot camps and workshops for anyone who wants to advance their hosting careers. The lady who runs it, is the known as the queen of hosting. When I told my agent about the site they said, that's the lady they were trying to get to be my manager since day 9. They just haven't heard back yet. I immediately signed up for a free workshop on December 10th and paid to be a member of their site. 

Most of the classes cost but its worth the investment. The owner manages 25 successful Hollywood hosts and God willing she will also become my manager. This will not be the last time you read about this opportunity.
* I received an email for the consideration for another reality show. A show based between men and women. No more comment.

Day 74 = Thursday, December 2, 2010

* I got a call back about the independent film and an audition was set for Friday. It took place at USC in the Steven Spielberg building. I'm not too fond about my audition but this story gets interesting. Stay posted.

* My agent contacted me with two commercial auditions.

* One is for Tosh.o on Comedy Central and the other is for Anna Linens.

Day 75 = Friday, December 3, 2010

Today I had a total of 3 auditions. Wow! Thankfully, my roommate allowed me to borrow her car for the auditions. First I began my day helping my roommate out at a law function.

* The audition for the independent film was first and I was told to look out for a call back on Monday.

* I got a phone call about a internet talent show called Box Star. They wanted me to audition but I said I couldn't make it. To me, the the opportunity sounded weird and I wasn't available because I was scheduled to volunteer over the weekend. 

* I auditioned for Tosh.o and my hair pick actually helped me get casted. They called me the next day and told me I got it. I'll share more details soon.

* Then I auditioned for Anna’s Linens but I don't think I did that great.

* On the way back from all these auditions is where I received that infamous phone call. (Stay posted)  

Next Related: The Big 1 Revealed

Day 76 Saturday, December 4, 2010 &
Day 77 = Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Biz Expo 2010 

* I spent the day at The Showbiz Expo. It was an awesome experience. I literally felt famous when I left there. I recorded some video but unfortunately I don't have time to put it together.

As a volunteer I was able to post my head shot among others on a runway table. It allowed me to get so much recognition and many people approached me. A young man came up to me asking for some advice because he wanted to become an actor. A lady came up to me and said, "Your doing great at marketing. I see your fliers everywhere. I'm to call you and cast you to play Will Smith one my projects." So many more things like that happened this past weekend. I wish I had time to write about each one. For those two days I  felt like a star.

Motown Maurice and a African Eagle. Sorry I got the name.  

I was talking to John Balauat, from Full Sail University for less than two mins, then he pulled out his camera and asked to take a picture with me because he said I was going to be famous one day. He said he could sense it. I was shocked. I barely said much. I was so honored so I pulled out my camera also. That happen to me in Tampa once or twice.
Alien man and Motown Maurice.

Motown Maurice, Cassandra Raphael & Raymond B. Smith. We volunteered for The Show Biz Expo.

Box Star Talent Show Story
On Friday, I mentioned that I got a call about the Box Star Talent Show. I turned it down because I wasn't available. On Saturday, another person called again but I had to tell them I wasn't available plus I was busy helping others at the Expo. I had to get off the phone quick. Believe it or not they called me again on Sunday. This call was by the first person who called on Friday but he couldn't remember what I told him. At this point I'm trying to figure what is going on. No body in Hollywood ever calls back when you tell them your not available. This time they told me they had additional auditions on Monday & Tuesday. 

At this point I needed to know more about the project. He said something about TV and I said I thought it was on the internet. He said its going to be on MSNBC and America will vote who is the star. I then told him I really don't have any special talents I'm on a quest to become a late night talk show. He said, "Then write a monologue." That's all I needed to hear. Nevertheless, I ended up not writing a monologue. I wrote a poem and its probably one of the best poems I have ever wrote. I haven't wrote poetry in so long that I forgot that poetry could be considered one of my talents. It must have been meant to be, because an actor I know in L.A. sent me a video of himself doing poetry a few days before.  Somehow my flow for writing poetry quickly started to flow. My creative roots are in poetry. I love this poem so much. Yes, of course its about my quest. I'll share more about the poem next week.

So whats really going on? 
Let me explain whats happening to me write now. Its the basic principles of the law of attraction. As I was giving advice to young man about acting, I told him what I did wrong with Oprah's Your Own show contest. Which was putting all my eggs in one basket. Then I told him the analogy most guys will may understand. 

For most guys there is a period of time when girls won't even look their way twice. Then suddenly the moment you find a girl, a whole much of girls want them.  That's the law of attraction.

I'm hot right now and the universe is spreading the heat and attracting sources from all over. Its almost magical. All of a sudden I'm getting phone calls from everyone. As long as this email is, I'm skipping so much details because I'm running low on time. 

Is it possible that week 12 could be better than week 11? (Since I'm writing this during week 12... Looka here, looka here)

I am really lost for words. Remember this week started off empty and within one day I had 3 auditions, 1 infamous phone call (be patient and I played celebrity at the expo for the weekend. 

To God be the glory. 

What will happen next on The Quest of a Late Night Talk Show? 
Will Motown Maurice seal the deal? 
Will Motown Maurice break big?

Tune in next post.

As the quest continues... 

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 10 Review: Fears of Non-Productivity

Week 10
(Unbelievable! My post was 90% complete and somehow it disappeared. I had to write it completely over. What a waste of time.)

Lets review the wonders of week 10 in the year 2010. This week briefly reminds me of when I reached rock bottom earlier this year. All in one year, I reached my highest and my lowest pinnacle. At same time, maybe this is a bad week to compare. This is the week of Thanksgiving and I should be blogging about giving thanks, needed rest and how much I deserve it. Nevertheless, instead I'm going to label this week as my most unproductive week.  

Day 63 = Sunday, November 21, 2010
* Following my first time baking chicken last Saturday, I cooked again and this time I improved a bit on the flavor.

If I keep this up, I might have to rename my show  late night cooking with Motown Maurice.

Day 64 = Monday, November 22, 2010

* The results of my day 12 Paradise Hunter submission came in and I didn't advance to the next round. I'm partly content with the results. Although, based on the way things are going for me right now, it would make sense to accept a hosting opportunity out of the country for a year. When I applied for the gig my heart wasn't completely in but I'm sure the choice was made for the best. 

* My agent sent me on an audition in which I still don't know much about. The experience was different and somewhat weird. When I was called in, I was asked to pretend I'm walking and it suddenly starts raining apples. Then I had to pick up a baseball, use it as a pretend apple and bite into it (not literally). I was asked to perform it twice. The fist time I included some apple smelling and crunching sound effects. He claimed he liked it but he wanted me to do it again without the sounds. The second time wasn't as great so I'm going to assume I'm not what they are looking for.

* I also had to produce a makeshift audition video for a game show hosting opportunity. Since I don't have all my equipment, the video wasn't of its best quality but it served its purpose. I called video "Million Dollar Question." If anything good comes from the video, I'll post it in the future.

Day 65 = Tuesday, November 23, 2010

*Although, I finished last weeks extra long blog today, it still earns the title of my first unproductive day of this week. 

*       * On another note, I became a life coach for a friend. At the bottom of last weeks post. I mentioned the thought of also becoming a life coach. The first session was a success but in less than a day fear took over her and it ended. 

Day 66 = Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 * Generally unproductive

 * I did receive a phone call for a small paid video gig for next Wednesday. All I know is that the skit is compared to something of Saturday Night Live. I'll keep you posted.

     * Later that night I attended the Black Women's Lawyers Annual Cocktail Sip. It was a very well attended event.

     Day 67 = Thursday, November 25, 2010 (Thanksgiving Day)

   * This was absolutely my first time away from parents on Thanksgiving day. Since my roommate was out of town, I have no family or close friends in L.A. I planned to spend the day at the Laugh Factor. It's a famous comedy club that advertised free food today. I also hoping to meet Arsenio Hall there. The website stated he and other comedians would be there serving the food.  When I arrived the line was super long, extending down the street. Most of the people on the line looked homeless so I figured they needed the food more then I did. So I left and ate chicken meal at El Pollo Loco. I absolutely did not enjoy it.



     * Later that night I managed to invite someone I met from the cocktail sip to the movies. We saw the movie called Mega Mind. The movie was great, the company was also cool but I doubt I'll ever go to the movies in L.A again. I accidentally picked a movie that was 3D. Can you believe the cost was $16.50 each ticket. I almost had a heat stroke when I was told the total price for the tickets. lol oh, well, I got what I asked for.

     Day 68 = Friday, November 26, 2010 

 Unproductive: Watched TV & Movies

     Day 69 = Saturday, November 27, 2010

    * Unproductive: Watched TV & Movies

      Final Thoughts

      From a superstitious point of view I use to claim the number 10 was my lucky number. I don't think I'll be using that number anymore more. Maybe number 11 will be my new lucky number. Hopefully week 11 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2011. Based on the state that I'm in right now, its mustard seed of hope I have to hold on to.  

      My mind and body thoroughly enjoyed relaxation of this week. Watching movies from the perspective I view them is very motivational. However, my soul is miserable, restless and unhappy because it no longer has a purpose. My soul doesn't want to rest or watch movies it was to serve its purpose to the world by any means necessary. Unfortunately, my soul has no placement and is constantly searching for placement. This week resembled my hiatus way too much. My 5 month long, beard growing hiatus is a period I never want to experience ever again. After experiencing what I been through during my 5 month hiatus, the thought of non-productivity is a subtle "fear," that provokes me. 

      In a few words, this week was not a positive week for me. I didn't do much or any reading and since it was thanksgiving there wasn't much going on or coming in. All I did was eat and watch TV. If I was able to gain weight I would probably be obese from eating junk this weekend.

      As the year comes to an end,  I don't have much to look forward to. In many ways I feel like my time is running out. The best thing I have pending right now is that audition with ___ but its best to keep it moving and not think about it. As the days go by its beginning to not look in favor. I'm forced to constantly contemplate my next move as if my life is on the line.

      I have so many positive and negative thoughts flowing through my mind. Many in which I'm hoping will never manifest. On day 60 I posted a mediocre question asking, "Do you believe in luck?" I wrote that with the intentions of bridging that post together with another later on. I'm going to assume that's not going to happen. On another note, I'm planning a big evaluation review post of this whole year up until now around new years eve. I'm praying I will have more of a purpose on this earth by then. I have some thoughts in consideration I hope I will never have to write about.  

     As the quest continues...

     The Future of Late Night

     Motown Maurice

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 9 Review: My Decision Impacted The Universe, According Its Laws, Now It Has Affected My Appearance!!?

Week 9 Review

(Sorry for the two day delay. I've had at least two fans contact me asking where is the blog, lol. It's great to know I have avid readers. Thank you)

Have you ever worked really hard for something and the results were not in your favor? Leaving you drained, confused and/or depressed.  I'm proud to say I've accomplished a lot of my endeavors but I've also attempted several challenges, many in which I appeared to be an ideal candidate for but the outcome was overtly negative. In those moments of despair, I am often not able to elucidate what just happened, nevertheless, someway, somehow, the universe reveals to me unequivocally why I wasn't granted that certain opportunity. Allow me to share a few examples.

In 2008, my business was financially stable and I was in the prime state of my monthly talk show/discussion forums Wide aWoke Wednesday's. I also had several people on my team willing to put in office hours to support my visions but I didn't have the space to fully utilize their efforts. My main desire during most of that year was to expand. I passionately wanted a house. My sole intentions were to occupy the vast majority of the home so I can build and grow my business/visions. Before then, I never wanted a house. In 2006, I actually set forth to purchase my own 10,000 square foot special event center. Since that endeavor was later revealed to be impossible (at that period in my life), purchasing a home and using it as my place of business later became my only option. 

In effort towards purchasing the home, I did everything I could possibly do do and more. I attended the First Time Homer Owners Associations Classes, worked with several realtors, did all the paper work, searched for homes online and in person. I even researched some auctions for homes. To make a long story short, I never received a loan. To date, it still makes no sense to me but I was ineligible because as a business owner I didn't pay myself enough. My business had decent stats, but my personal income plainly wasn't enough. My credit score at the time was an 803/804 but that didn't matter. My situation was described by the professionals as a catch 22. I tried everything. Believe me when I say I tried everything, but no loans where offered. 

In addition to dealing with the frustration of not being able to get a loan I was also experiencing claustrophobia from my over stacked apartment. I completely out grew my one bedroom 600 square foot place. I needed a way out but I was stuck. It became a nearby unbearable situation. I felt like I was sleeping on top of office supplies. Don't get me wrong it may have looked catastrophic but I was fairly organized. I just own a lot of stuff and had them all in one place. After awhile, I learned to bare with my arrangements and continued moving forward.
A few years later, I understand why I wasn't able to get a house. Lets just say I did get the house, all of the things I accomplished in the following years would of never have never since life. I'm 100% sure that The Motown Maurice Show wouldn't have happened yet, nor would I writing you form L.A. now pursing my quest. 

When I was trying to purchase the house I literally cover everything possible detail towards that achievement yet there was some force not allowing me to get it. I am now sincerely thankful that I wasn't able to get the house or special event center. Lets say you were able to time travel and you flashed back between the years of 2006-2008. Once you arrived, you asked me if I could see myself living in L.A one day, I probably would of said "no" or provide an inclusive answer.  Now look where I am, as a result of consistently taking the initiative to be a greater and better person I am now in route to achieve bigger and greater goals. If I was bestowed with the house or center, my spirit would of been trapped and my vision would of been hindered from growing to its full potential. The beauty of it all is that I can still have that house and special event center in the very possible near future. Now that everything makes complete sense to me, I am completely thankful for the previous disappointment. 

If you understand that story, then you'll also understand my unsuccessful attempts with my recent game show auditions. Fall of 2009, while I was still in Tampa I took a train to Miami, FL and auditioned for a game show called Bank of Hollywood (at the time it was tentatively named "Chance'). Since I've been in L.A. I auditioned for two shows, Wipeout and Minute To Win It . All the audition results were negative no matter how hard I tried or strategized. Today, I'm also happy they didn't cast me and I completely understand why the universe didn't allow me to take part in it. 

Lets use Minute to Win it as an example. This week, I had a first hand experience with the show by doing some audience work. I noticed two very important key factors. The first one was stated by the show's host Guy Fieri. When arrived he greeted the audience and asked if they ever been to a game show before. Most of the crowd would cheer and say, "yes." Then he would respond by saying "That's good but this in not a game show, this is a life changing show." The other factor was how excited all the constants were responded when they won money. 

I mention these factors because they don't apply to me. In addition, all of the constants had some type of sympathetic situation in their life that normally leads to tears when spoke about it. Which results to them  bursting into joy and excitement when they was rewarded money or a prize. Thank God I don't have any sincere sympathetic situations in my life. Plus, I am not driven by money. If I was granted the opportunity I would have to fake the excitement if I won. I really can't see myself getting excited over money. I'm just not motivated by money. I don't even like playing most games to begin with (lol). Now that time has passed I understand why and I'm glad I wasn't apart of those shows.

Does this mean I'm going to stop applying for game shows? Absolutely not! I'm still open and receptive towards all opportunities. All it means is that I comprehend the message/results the universe is sending me and I'm spiritually in conjunction with the energy conspired. 

As you can see this week inspired anecdotes which revealed revelations of information about me and my quest. In another words this is a long post. 

Day 56 = Sunday, November 14, 2010
* The highlight of of today was an audition for a role on a potential television show entitled Wassup in L.A. Its about Cuban family that moved from Florida to California. There were one or two roles for non-Hispanics. I auditioned the role of the brothers friend named Allen. There was a long wait before I was called but the audition was quick and to the point. They told me to give them a lot of energy and read half of the script I was provided. I did my part and we thanked each other and I left. Looking back, I did so so. Without a doubt I'm sure I could of gave more energy for what they were looking for. I partly think they had they probably already casted that part because they asked me to read half of the script. To me the results are obvious.

The line of people waiting for their turn to audition.
* Can you believe credit card companies also call you on Sunday's. I didn't make any payments last month and two companies are anticipating payment by November 30th. One of the companies have me in a payment program and the other is willing to reduce my finance charges. That's where the pressure lies. If I don't make payment I will be taken out of the payment program. By the way don't feel sorry for me or feel bad about not sending me a donation. I'm just lodging my trails. In the end the credit card companies will be okay either way. If not by the end of the month, they will eventually get their money.

Day 57 = Monday, November 15, 2010 

* Attended a meeting to potentially volunteer for The Show Biz Expo 
* I completed and submitted article to FL Courier. Its available now, to read it click here

Day 58 = Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*I found a posting on Craig's list about a work Shop and casting directors. The information was very vague but I attended for the curiosity. Everyone who attended was also clueless. When it started, the presenter still didn't explain anything. Instead she handed out some scripts, assigned us a partner and prepared for cold reading. Myself and an Asian guy practiced and later preformed a comedy reading in front of the group. I'm not too found of my performance but from some reason it seemed like the class liked it. I received a few compliments that day and the following days ahead. For me it was good cold reading experience and but there was also a noticeable mention that day. Before I left, I exchanged information with my cold reading partner and when I told him my ultimate goal everything stopped for a moment. He looked at me a with surge of energy and said, "You look like a host." Not until a few days later did I realize the significance of what he said. I will explain in further details in the end of the post. 
Bad communication is in L.A. too. 

* I was invited to be apart of a program in which ended up becoming a horrible experienced laced with bad communication. I mentioned last week on week 8 day 50 about an invite to host a showcase. There was a host of red flags in which I should of knew better.

First after I spoke to them on Monday and they promised to call me back the next day but they never did.

When I finally I called them the following weekend we scheduled a run through the Sunday before. Note the 2nd coordinator barely new most of the important details.

When I arrived on Sunday for the run through I found out I wasn't the host and they wanted me to interviews behind the scenes. This was a surprise but I was cool either way.

Finally on the day of the event I arrived on time and was ready to go. After a couple hours they asked me when is my camera man coming? Whattt? Never did they even ask me to bring my own camera man. A subtle something was mentioned indirectly about a camera man on Sunday but no one directly asked me anything. I don't even know how they got the impression I would automatically come with my own camera man. It makes no sense.

After that, I figured I wouldn't be doing any interviews so as a team player I offered that same person and the host my services to help out in another area. After a few more minutes, that same organizer told me they had everything under control and if I want to stay its going to be $5.00. She even wanted to walk me over to the call box. Unbelievable!! Their bad communication wasted my time and  now they want to charge me a lousily $5.00 to stay. That was disrespectful but most of all it was unprofessional. I told the initial person who told me about them and the host and they were even shocked.

Trust me it didn't bother me but it taught me a lesson to be more selective. The signs vivid in the beginning and they were even more clear when I arrived. Its one of those events where performers/guests arrive early and regret it because they realize its not going to start anytime soon.

* I finished reading a book I purchased on March 29, 2010. Its called Show Runner - Producing Variety and Talk Shows for Television by Steve Clements. I originally purchased it to provide insight for the planning of the 2nd second of The Motown Maurice Show in Tampa. Most of the information I discovered on my own however, it did provide me a lot of industry knowledge I didn't know before.

Day 59 = Wednesday, November 17, 2010

* I had an in person audition for a reality show I mentioned last week. Of course I have to continue to keep it secret until further notice. I was also asked not to talk about it so that makes it double secret. No guarantees, it was unlike any other interview, I have a few regret factors...but it did go well compared to others. No more comment.

* I started reading Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill again. My sponsor for life Attorney Pamela Y. Robinson gave that book over the summer. I barely got pass the 2nd chapter because I just didn't have my mind in order to continue reading it. Now I'm reading it everywhere I go and I can barely put it down. 

 Day 60 = Thursday, November 18, 2010
* I did some audience work for the NBC show Minute to win it. As you know I didn't make the audition but sitting audience is just as great of an experience. It just so happens I attended their Christmas special. Check out the prize everyone in the audience took home with them.

Everyone one in the studio audience had to wear one of these hats and we all  took home Minute To Win It the video game by Nintendo Wii. How awesome is that? Somehow I left with three copies but some girl during my lunch break noticed my 3 copies told me she didn't have one and she wanted it for her kids. I don't believe her but I give her one anyway. One is for me and other has ready be claimed.
Not only did I get a free game but I also got paid. I made $8.00 an hour cash money and worked about 14 hours (I think I was over paid, I came home with $150.00  but I'm not complaining). It was so long because they recorded more then one show in one day and the Christmas themed games needed more time setting up. The constants also did well. The longer they lasted the more we got paid. I think the first constants won $250,000.00. 

They recorded shows for the end of this year and for 2011. Be on the look out, you might see my high top in the audience in a few shows.

  Day 61 = Friday, November 19, 2010

I wasn't on the list for the next day but I showed up anyway and managed to get in after awhile. I pulled in another 8 hours. Its really pays to be recognizable.

 Day 62  = Saturday, November 20, 2010 

* After a busy week I slowed down tremendously and decided to go where Motown Maurice has never gone before. Yup, that's right. I went in to the kitchen baked some chicken and potatoes. I did some research accompanied by my mom's guidance over the phone and it wasn't too bad for my first try. I proud of myself. I also think I'm liking this cooking thing. I always said, "I don't know how to cook but it doesn't mean I won't apply myself one day." I decided to apply myself and I like the challenge. The final results is rewarding plus it keeps me busy. I even cooked again the following day but that's a new week.

After I finished cleaning the chicken. I didn't season it enough but I know better now.
The final product. Baked chicken/potatoes and a side of avocados.

Now its time to make love.
Final thoughts   
100% Olive Oil

For those of you all that remember, I grew a beard for over 5 months before I moved to L.A. As a result, I didn't have to shave for a long time. When I finally shaved my face, it was as smooth as a babies booty.  However, that didn't last for long. Shortly afterward I started having ingrown hairs, razor bumps and an irritated  look on my face. I'm super conscious of how my face looks so I had to do some research and discovered the secrets of  100% Virgin Olive Oil. I now use it to shave, cook and moisturize my face. So far so good. I'm loving it. There are also linkages of  100% Virgin Olive Oil and people over 100 years old. For your own benefit check out these links.

Facials -

25 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil-

Since I'm suddenly on this health tip. I'm proud to say I think I'm finally done with fast food. I believe the last time I ate a McDonald's chicken sandwich was either Oct 5th or 15th. Since I've been in L.A. I randomly kept seeing or hearing horrible things about fast food. Either Dr. Oz would say something thought provoking or I would get an email featuring a picture of what chicken McNuggets are really made out of. I've seen enough. Don't get me wrong I might eat some if offered by I'm done purchasing it.

What do I look like? 

I love the basis of my life right now because for the first time I'm reading and staying consistent with it. When it comes to reading, my mind has to be completely cleared and my life has to be in order to do so. Since I've started reading again I can't stop. Which provides another reason why I'm not in a rush to start driving again. Without a car I can read on the bus, train and sometimes when I'm walking.

Speaking of a car, I'm going have to sell my 2005 Dodge Durango in Tampa. It makes no sense to keep making payments for a car that I'm not using. I wish my mom would use it but she don't lke big trucks. So, if you know anyone that needs a SUV let me know. I'll probably be home around Christmas to sell it.

Now back to reading. As I said before, I'm now reading The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill. I'm only in the 3rd chapter but I honestly believe the author, who wrote this in 1925, who was born in 1883 and died in 1970 wrote this book about me. He must of used a time machine to secretly study me as a illustration for his book. Whatever the case is, this book sheds a lot of light on that comment "You look like a host," which was said to me this week. Note, I've been told that same comment a handful of times since I've been in L.A. I've even been told I sound like a host.

I remember when I established my production company in 2004. One of my first projects was a documentary among various other of video related projects. According to the people, I was the next Spike Lee or the next big time film director. I never really accepted those titles but that's what a lot of people saw in me at the time because of what I was doing.

Since I've been in L.A. I've been told, "You look like a host." The Laws of Success describes the power of making a decision, choosing your definite purpose and asserting self-confidence within yourself. Once you do that your definite purpose begins to physiologically and physically take form in an inward and outward appearance.

Have you ever met someone without knowing what they did for a living in advance and somehow you were able to sense that they was an attorney, a doctor or a muslin? If you knew what they were in advance its because the choice they made is not cultivating outward. This is some powerful stuff. As I'm writing it could very well be possible that Napoleon Hill and I are the same person, hmmm. I might be him reincarnated Moreover, I'm very glad to know that my definite purpose and desires is starting to take an outward form and now its just a matter of time before I host again.

On Thursday, when I was lining up for Minute To Win it, one of the coordinators saw my book asked what I was reading. She responded with excitement because she loves Napoleon Hill. She later told me that's she's a life coach. Saturday night at this party I got into my zone and started to visualize myself as a life coach. I've concluded its a great department to add a host. As a late night host, I will and have to be creative about it.

As the quest continues...

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