Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 31: Creating and Waiting...

Week 31

Where do I start? Where do I begin? I'm happy to say that I'm not just in the mode of waiting
anymore, I'm now creating more. That's another reason why I enjoy this blog. Its a form of creating. This week and most recently I have definitely created a few things to be proud of.

Day 210 Sunday, April 17, 2011

* I attended a networking event catered to filmmakers. It was called Happy Independence Day. I found out about it through email but I'm not exactly sure how they found me. Overall, the event was cool. I did have the impression it was going to be a lot larger. A few people I spoke to thought the same way but its not about quantity its about quality. I also met a few cool people there. As a matter of fact, my first guest on The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle came from a contact I met here. How sweet is that?!! I arrived with the intentions of finding some guests and I did. There is also a possibility of some other potential interviews from the contacts I met here. Below is a picture of Crystal who is the founder of Happy Independence Day.

Marisela, Crystal & Motown Maurice
 Day 211 Monday, April 18, 2011

* Last Monday, I created The Motown Maurice Shuffle – Hollywood Edition. Exactly one week later, I made an adjustment to the name. Now the show is called The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition.  Adding the word Hustle made a great difference to me. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking at the time but I was in front of my computer and it hit me. Since last week, I kept thinking about the name as if something was missing. Now I'm content. 

Day 212 Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last week, day 208 Friday, April 15th  I mentioned something about a puppet documentary. Yesterday, and I basically told them about the dissolved situation and they called me back. They have been very persistent about interviewing me. I'm done with the person I initially considered doing the project with but I had a friend filled the gap.  I truly believe it happened for the best.

* In preparation of my first blog talk radio interview tomorrow I did a show test with my good friend Kimberly Webb.Thanks Kimberly.

* I have something really cool under development. I found a posting on Craigs List in reference to a radio station that will broadcast shows for free. The radio station is currently located in Chicago and it sound like a great opportunity. The listening audience is pretty large.

* The trailer for H.E.B Studios came out today. I didn't watch it and realize I was in it until Saturday.  Click the link to see the trailer and the story of how it all started:  I Made The Trailer (H.E.B Studios)
Day 213 Wednesday, April 20, 2011

* Ava is my friend that filled the gap for what I spoke about on Tuesday. As you will see below things went well. The handsome guy in the middle is Mr. Chill. I will formally introduce you all to Mr. Chill soon.

Motown Maurice, Mr. Chill & Ava
Motown Maurice, Mr. Chill & Ava

* I had an audition today for a Bing commercial. At the audition they said Bing over and over but I didn't realize it was Microsoft's Bing until Friday. My roommate was telling that I should try to get a commercial gig because of how well they pay. When I heard her say Bing I then realized it was "Bing." It just so happens, I got a call back on Friday and I told her. Its crazy how she realized what it was until she said the name.

The actual audition was in simple office setting. All I had to do wear a suit, sit at a table next to a female worker, look at some papers then poke her with my pen. It was so simple but myself and the other female actor got an amazing reaction. We both looked at each other wondering what we did so special.

As I said, I got the call back on Friday. On Saturday, I had trouble finding the call back information and I had no choice but to plan to arrive super early on Monday. Nevertheless, on Sunday, April 24th) I got an email stating that they canceled the audition. (Booooooo)

* The Chicago radio station I spoke about on Tuesday is called I Voice Radio. I gave them a call today and it went well. Afterward I started brain storming on two five minute spots to send. At first I was planning to finish it today but I decided not to rush it and send it for the next rotation.  

Day 214 Thursday, April 21, 2011

* Today I premiered the official first episode for  The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition. My first guest was Stacey Newsome Santiago It was a great first show. Please check it out.

Getting Personal

I changed the title of this blog a few times while in the process of writing it. At first I was going to reveal in detail a list of personal things that affected me this week but I don't have the energy to write that much detail. Personal factors are always energy draining. That's why I don't engage often. I will highlight a few things but nothing more.


When it comes to personal relationships I don't have many. If I do run into one,  my approach is very similar to how I approach my business endeavors. I believe in the step by step building process. On the contrary when its unable to build anymore I destroy. I recently destroyed one.  If I'm not building I'm destroying. That's just me. It has something to do with the dissolving matter I mentioned on Tuesday. I'm going to leave this discussion right here. It doesn't help my quest and its the story of my life. Very rarely does a person, especially a woman come into my life for a long term basis. C its been cool.  

Focus Factor

Right after the personal conclusion I had to jump into my first interview on my radio show and at times it was hard to stay focused. I'm sure the personal issue had something to do with it, but overall I have to train my mind to be focused on 100% I have a mind that drifts and daydreams often. I even noticed that in all my interviews I've done in Tampa. That's why I'm excited about my radio show, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to fine tune my mind in the position in needs to be in during an interview.

* I attended Lifebook acting class today but I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to be able to attend today. I started emailing my teacher since Sunday/Monday about my financial issues. After a series of emails he made some great suggestions. His suggestions lead to a few great ideas of my own and we basically worked things out. As a result, I know have a leadership position. I'm now an up and coming stage manager.

The desire to Lead

Since I met my acting teacher, I've been a supporter of his vision and I wanted to have a leadership role. Now I'm happy to be in one. I've been in many leadership positions in the past and now I really dislike just sitting and watching. I want to contribute.  In addition, I've been blessed over the years to have so many people support my visions. It humbles me and builds an ever growing desire to support the vision of others. Of my leadership suggestions, one of them is to take non-flash photography pictures of class scenes and start up a Lifebook Acting Facebook page. The response of the page was well received immediately.  Check it out for your self:

* After class myself and a few other students went to a place called CafĂ© 101. My focusing issues affect me so much that my mind wonders off in everyday conversations. I'm not worried about it, I'm going over come my focusing issues. 

Day 215 Friday, April 22, 2011

* I received my first assignment as a stage manager. I was told that it normally takes at least a month before a stage manager receives such an assignment but he said he is confident about it working out. I basically was assigned to to supervise the theatre while it was being renting out. I proudly accepted it.

* I also worked on a new poem with the intentions of airing on I Voice Radio. I'm really excited about it. Stay posted on this one.

Day 216 Saturday, April 23, 2011

* I received a phone call from a Craigs List response for an opportunity to do Stand Up Comedy at a club. They told me they liked my stuff speech (I assume he was talking about a youtube link I sent) and it was free from comics. However, I have to sell tickets. Right... I told him I don't know anymore in LA and I probably wouldn't be able to sell any tickets. The conversation then took a  positive shift when he found out I was from Tampa and I was born in N.Y. He ended the conversation by saying "lets not let the tickets deter you."  He then said we should talk on Monday.

Part of me want to preform stand up now but the other part of me want to wait. I could always put something together but its so soon. Its this upcoming Friday. Note, I have never really did stand up comedy before. Of course I've done monologues for my shows but not full stand up comedy. I'm going to start doing it soon but maybe not now.

* Check me out at my new leadership position as Stage Manager.

Motown Maurice, Stage Manager of Lifebook Acting Academy
Final Thoughts

Creating and Waiting...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Made The Trailer (H.E.B Studios)

Check me out at the 30 second mark.

Read here for the development of this video: Never Hide Your High Top Fade (My SAG-E Story)

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week: 30: Introducing The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle

Week 30 Review

Sometimes on my worse days, I think about blogging the details of my sleeping and sluggish posture. I've had a hand full of those unmotivated moments this week but thankfully they never last very long. I've realized that the primary reason I begin to experience these fears of non-productivity are because during those dull and energy draining moments I neglect my powers to create. 

Hollywood indeed has many great opportunities. If any artist is connected to the right website or source they will probably be engulfed with a stream of opportunities everyday. Many of them, any artist would all love to be a apart of. I spend many hours of my day submitting and submitting away. The results are not always encouraging. Every time I submit, it drains my energy. Every time I attend an audition it drains my energy. Then it puts me in a position of waiting and laying... waiting and laying. 

Those waiting and laying moments are the enemy of the artist. They are my most vulnerable and weakest moments. I've had too many of those moments this week until I noticed this big bright light bulb hovering over my head. Even after I began developing my new idea, I began laying and waiting again. I totally neglected some of the new power that was surging within me. 

The problem is, sometimes there are moments as an artist when we think we have to wait for someone to give us permission to be creative. I don't need anyone's permission and I know that already but I was certainly acting like I needed someones permission to be creative. I have the power, I'm fully energized and I need to use it. I have a few great ideas going and I'm on the verge of creating  my own  Motown Maurice Hollywood Universe as I blogged on week 28

This week has been an emotional roller-coaster for me, Honestly, it should have never been that way because I came up with a groundbreaking, quest expanding and creatively empowering idea at the very beginning of the week. I call it the The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition 

Day 203 Saturday, April 10, 2011

Blogging...Nothing special that I can remember.

Day 204 Monday, April 11, 2011

Today is the day the The Motown Maurice Shuffle came to life. I actually added the Hustle part to it about 7 days later (A few moments before I started writing this blog). It all started with an email from someone I met at the last Chris Brown Music Video Shoot. Apparently he is a music artist and his publicist was asking for him to be a part of my publication. I immediately said to myself, "What publication?" The thing is, a lot of people I meet out here have the impression I still have a show of some sort and they ask to be on it. Of course I don't have a how anymore. After I read the email, I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet then like a ball of lightening it hit me. I then said to myself, "If they want to be apart of my show then they can be apart of my show." 

I thought about two particular types of interviews I had in Tampa and someone I randomly found on the internet the week before. As all of these thoughts transpired, I established my own on-line internet talk show. Check out the direct channel here:

Now Stay tuned to for noting but greatness.

Day 205 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

* I attended an interview for a show called B. That's a code name of course. Moreover, it was a fun interview. I'll keep you posted on that. 

* My agent got me an audition for some type of music video commercial that's going to aired in Australia. I spent a portion of the day learning the lyrics to R-Kelly's song Ignition. Unfortunately, that lead auditions were for white males only and I auditioned to be a background club goer. I should of been a shoe in but I haven't heard back. 

* My good friend Ava hooked myself and my other friend Cassandra with some audience work for a show called Hell’s Kitchen. That little $65.00 came in handy. Thanks Ava. 

Day 206 Wednesday, April 13, 2011

* Today started off unmotivated. A lot of laying and waiting then I suddenly got a craving for
Pizza Hut. I enjoyed it.

* I finished up my invitation for my radio show and sent out two invites. 

* I haven't forgot about my Video Monologue Blog. I've been forcing myself to work on it. I also made the decision to complete 5 more then focus on my stand up comedy routines at clubs afterward. 

Day 207 = Thursday, April 14, 2011

* I did my first radio show test by myself and it worked out well.

* What I'm about to explain may be one of the primary reasons why this week had so many unmotivated moments. I was reluctantly debating on calling Mr. Executive all week until today.  I called but of course his secretary claims she sent it too him but he's been out of the office a lot. At this point I've moved on. I did my part and I'll wait to see if that seed sprouts. If not, there are plenty more other seeds.  

* Between all these unmotivated moments my acting class was also one of the best things that happened to me this week. Being around other creative people is always a necessity. Unfortunately, this resource may come to an end for a while. I'll explain next week. 

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Day 208 Friday, April 15, 2011

I woke up unmotivated but I redeemed some power when I got a call about puppet/stuffed animal documentary. This was probably the best phone call all week. They wanted to know about my relationship with Mr. Chill. I'll introduce you all to Mr. Chill another time. Moreover, the conversation went well but I noticed a turning point when they asked if I had a lady in my life and  what she thought about him. I wasn't sure if I gave a clear answer at the time but when the conversation ended I realized that every show, project or movie always have a love interest. Human love interest or not there is always love. Since I don't really have one in LA, I'm sure my answers wasn't very confident sounding.  

Doubtful on whether they were going to call me back or not they did end up calling. Now they wanted the involvement of a woman in my life for the documentary piece. I got off the phone and made a confirmation with someone but I later dissolved it for various reasons. Oh, well. That could of been a decent $500.00 or so but I'm not worried about it.

Day 209 = Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today was my bold and daring, relaxing, yet strategic universal day. I attended the movies at Universal City Walk during the matinee times and saw Hop & RIO. I really enjoyed Hop. It was on point. Afterward, I walked a few feet over and jumped on the Universal Studios King Kong Tour Ride. This was for strategic reasons and if everything goes well I'll explain later. I still have the year pass that Crissy gave me when she came in town. I also jumped on the Simpson Ride and saw the special effects show. The Simpson Ride was sweet.

This is where I got bold. After all that, I still didn't want to go home. I wanted to see some more movies. So I said what the heck and I just walked into the theater. I wasn't about pay to get back into the movies with money I didn't have. Plus I wanted to purchase popcorn and a drink with the money I did have. Well... it worked. No one bothered me and I saw Limitless. Another great movie. 

After all that, I got daring and walked into theater to see Scream 4. This time there was someone inside asking for tickets. After acting like I was searching for my ticket for a for a few seconds I gave them the, "I think I left my ticket in the bathroom" routine. I left and never came back in. I'm actually glad I didn't see a forth movie. That would of been too much and I would of had trouble figuring out how to get home with the transportation system that late.

Let it be known, that was the first time I sneaked into the movies from the front door. I've sneaked into a lot of things during my days but never the movies in that way. What can I say, I'm living life on the edge. 

Final Thoughts 

I didn't realize it initially, but the signs have been pointing in the direction of radio for a while. On Day 52 = Wednesday, November 10, 2010 I had an audition at some radio station that I decided not to be a part of because of obvious reasons. Then on Day 171 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 I got a call to potentially be a host for a radio station in Burbank. I recently received an email stating there is an involved cost and possibly position openings that will probably come in later.  I'm not feeling that anymore. Lets not forget about my recent exposure to The Red Viking Show. The list could go on and on. The bottom-line is, that I'm currently aligned with the signs by adding this new feature to my quest. Hollywood involvement or not I have to keep creating. I don't need anyone's permission to be creative.

Before writing this, I partly wanted to focus on all the negative and depressing moments of this week. That would of been such a waste of time. I got a really good thing going and I need to focus on that. This time next week, I should have a few good interviews on my belt. "I'm not running after anyone anymore and I'm not waiting and lay in my own spit anymore." I have the power and I'm going to use it. 

The first Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition episode coming soon. I anticipate a few interviews by this time next week.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 29: I'm Looking For The H.E.I.C

I'm Looking for The Head Executive in Charge

In the past few posts, I've referred to the March Month of Madness often. Each time I addressed how important the month of March is. My demands were clear. I needed significant results by the end of the month. Positive or negative I required results. I approached each day of March knowing that my future was at stake.

March is now over and I just completed my first full week of April... So what happened? Shouldn't I be writing about how wonderful things are right now. Or I should be writing about how horrible my life is right now. Although a negative outcome is always a possibility, I won't allow that to happen while I'm in the divers seat. In this case, I did get results. I got plenty of results. Its not exactly the results I envisioned, but in many ways I believe its better.

I got results alright. I got my Universal State of mind back. Immediately after the first weekend of April (The 1st, 2nd & 3rd) I wrote CREATING THE MOTOWN MAURICE HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSE. In deed it was vaguely written and this post will also be partly vague, but its enough for you to know I'm back. When  I say I'm back, I'm referring to to my way of thinking.

As much as I would like to write full intricate details of whats transpiring, it would take too long. In addition, it will be better to provide details when I have fully acquired what I'm working for. For now, I'll just point out the factors that triggered the return of my revolutionary mind state. 

Seeking The Executive Part 1 

Day 194 Friday, April 1, 2011

* I significantly remember proclaiming this day as my a graduation day. At least its what I told some of my fellow Vampires marking the completion of our never ending show run.

* Most importantly, earlier in the day I had a casual conversation with one of my fellow cast mates Ava. That conversation uprooted this stream of growing thought. Ava missed the admin group meeting on Day 192 Wednesday, March 30, 2011 and during our recap is where things started to manifest. I told her about an idea the group tried to give me. They suggested I try to get in contact with Jay Leno. Knowing what I know about Jay Leno and his competitive edge, that was an unreasonable suggestion. As I shared that suggestion with Ava she responded by saying, "Your right, Jay Leno probably isn't the guy that would help you but I think I know someone that would be able to help you. Remember I told you I met..." 

I won't reveal his name right now but I was in total agreement with the person she suggested. Remarkably, it wasn't the first time his name was suggested to me. As a matter a fact, a year and a month before while I was still in Tampa, I tried to find his information. At one particular meeting, his name was suggested and that same day I began to seek out to reach him. Although, I was unsuccessful at the time I believe its more than a coincidence that his name came up again.   

His name permeated my mind all weekend and finally I had to take some action on Monday morning. For now lets call him Mr. Executive.

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Week 29 Review

Day 196 Sunday, April 3, 2011


Day 197 Monday, April 4, 2011 

I woke up this morning with a fiery intensity boiling up in my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Executive. Ava and I discussed a premature plan to meet up with him the same way she met him a few weeks before. The plan had potential but my mind was burning and I had to act faster. As a result, I got my butt up from the bed and immediately began researching on the internet. The search was like deja vu from the year before. Some of the sites I found were the exact same sites I remembered seeing the year before. 
Nonetheless, with even more perseverance I continued on searching. Finally I found an address on a site called: Unsure about the address and whether or not it was up to date, I kept searching. The same address kept popping up then I suddenly found a phone number. Last year I couldn't find an address nor phone number. With a smile of curiosity I called and behold it was the number to Mr. Executives office. I was immensely shocked. 

I made sure I left a clear and precise message with the receptionist. I was trying so hard to be clear and precise I exaggerated one tiny bit of detail.

Day 198 Tuesday, April 5, 2011

* Feeling guilty about that exaggerated bit information I called back the next day and cleared it up with a more precise approach. My precise approach worked. I was put in contact with the direct assistant and obtained her email. I promised to send a cover letter and digital portfolio with in 24 hours. By this time I was adamant about calling that office at least once a day.

* Another LA Casting Networking Mixer

...Motown Maurice & ...
The last networking mixer I attended was on March 8th.  I went there with hopes that it would be my last or at least one of my last visits. This appearance would make the one of my last. Or the last one of the last two (Something like that). I didn't even enjoy it this time. None of the networking was resourceful for me this time around. Or maybe its because I didn't enjoy the open bar. The last two times I really enjoyed it but this time my first and only drink put a taste in my mouth.  

* I received a notice for a Trivia Show with NBC. I honestly dislike trivia. I never really participated in any games with friends. I submitted anyway. When the response came in,  I submitted for it anyway. Read below to find out what happens.   

Day 199 Wednesday, April 6, 2011

* Attended my admin group for the second time.

* After the group meeting I went over some typos and additions on my cover letter & portfolio with my sponsor for life Pamela Y. Robinson. Following that, I sent the info to Mr. Executive's assistant and followed up with a phone call. I didn't get to speak to her but I spoke to the young lady I interacted with on Monday. They all know me by now and they are extremely friendly.

* After a nap, I retrieved  a random email from my college friend Jovan who thought of me after he read an article. The awesome thing is that we probably haven't spoke since college. Maybe just a few times on Facebook. Moreover, the information he emailed me was eye opening, I was also humbled that he thought of me after reading it. When good people know your doing good things, they think of you when you least expect it. 

The article was about Google/Youtube's newest endeavor. I immediately invested hours of my time trying to find Google's contact info. Unfortunately, its almost impossible to get a number that leads to a human being.  As a result, I decided to go to one of the Goolge's locations in Santa Monica in person the next day. As for the project, I'm going to keep the details of it under raps for now.   

* While seeking Google's contact information I found a program called Google chat. Click here and
 we can chat with each other when I'm on my blog. You don't have to download anything.

Day 200 Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Plot Thickens 

* Spoke to Mr. Executive's assistant and I was advised to follow up next week because he's in the studio right now.
* On the bus to Google in Santa Monica, I received an audition notice for a role on TnT. While looking at the information on my cell phone, I realized the audition was for today in a couple hours. Not only that, the audition was in walking distance from Google's location in Santa Monica. Its like they new I was going to be in the area. That situation was laid out perfectly. (More about Google below)

I arrived early at the audition knowing that I had to leave soon to get to the trivia audition. I got called in pretty quickly but when they found out the role I was auditioning for I had to sit down and wait for a while. I few new people came in after me was called in because they were a part of the first set. I asked a few time concerning questions and I was politely told that I could leave if I needed to. Realizing that I would probably miss my other audition I had to make a decision. The best decision was to be patient and do my best at the audition my agent got for me.

Once the audition was over I left running in full speed 8-10 blocking in effort to get the next bus. As soon as I arrived at the bus stop a bus came. Even though I got the bus on time, traffic was terrible. I made a one transferring mistake along the way and arrived an hour late. It just so happens that the audition group just went in a few minutes before I arrived. This opportunity obviously wasn't for me.

Even though I missed that audition, I got a call back for the TNT audition a few hours later. It come through email. That's something to celebrate about. I think I made a great decision to be patient, don't you think?

* I failed to mention that I got a call for for another audition notice for a new game show called: (JML). I responded to an email the night before, she called today and  within one conversation I had scheduled interview for tomorrow. 

* Attended Life Book acting class. 

Day 201 Friday, April 8, 2011

* I arrived at the TNT audition with an out of the box idea. Before I mention the idea, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my TNT audition is with the same casting company that called me back for The McDonald's commercial in January. A call back is a big deal in this industry. 

The audition was for a role that involved a young man walking his dog while indulged with his cell phone. The character is into his phone so much that he doesn't realize his dog is getting demolished by a monster. In today's called back I decided to make it a little more realistic and make the space my own. When I walked in, I asked if I could try something that I didn't do the day before. Once I got the okay, I pulled out my makeshift apparatus.  I basically used my pants belt, the shoulder strap to one of my bags and made a leash. I noticed in advance a near by stool and attached my leash to one of the legs. It took about 10 seconds to put it all together and right away they responded to my creativity. 

One of the five casting directors said, "Wow, I didn't know what you were about to whip up. I thought you were going to do stand up comedy or something. "At the moment I had an advantage. I am certain that my idea and extra effort made an impression. I did about 4 takes of the same routine and it ended. Sine there wasn't much response or eye contact at the end I left a little sideways about a possible positive outcome. 
* I had my audition for JML at Sony Pictures. The last time I was at Sony Pictures was when I did some audition work on day 36. Everything comes around full circle as you can see. 

Motown Maurice visits Sony Pictures again.
* Before any of the above details took placed today, I received an email to interview for a show code name B. Apparently, this particular person remembered from my LS (Love Scouts. Code Revealed 3/5/12)     interview on Day  157 = Thursday, February 24, 2011  they said I was great and wanted to invite me to interview for show code named B next week. They also said it doesn't mean I won't be apart of LS. 

* As for the Google story let me continue were I left off yesterday. There are so many details I'm leaving out, for now. Nonetheless, I was unsuccessful trying my best to get the information I needed at Google's location in Santa Monica. The receptionist and a person outside new nothing. However, I came up with a better plan today. In the article Jovan sent me, it stated that Google has been in contact with Hollywood's biggest talent agencies. It listed 3 of the most well known agencies. Since I realized that I'll probably never find anyone from Google, I'm going to contact the talent agencies directly. 

Day 202 Saturday, April 9, 2011

Final Thoughts

This post and this week 28's post exemplifies an approach I haven't attempted since I arrived in LA on September 19, 2010. I never tried to contact any executive. I never tried to contact any major company with power. What does this mean? It means I'm having big visions again. I've had some smaller visions here and there throughout my quest but I'm now manifesting something huge. I can actually see a step by step process that can lead to the fruition of my purpose. I can see it coming to life greater then I ever imagined in the pasted. 

My current state of thinking is unlike any other thoughts I've had in the past year. Truthfully, the last time I was thinking at this magnitude was when I launched the first season of The Motown Maurice Show.
I'm now spreading my eggs out farther then ever before. Believe it or not, I have my least amount of eggs in the basket of auditions and reality/game show opportunities. I started out this week not even thinking about any auditions and before you know it I got hot. Sometimes that's how it works. Desperation doesn't align very well with achievement. The moment someone gets to a stage when they are not trying so hard and moving forward after every audition is normally when the best results achieved. I've been told that before and now I'm experiencing. 

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chat With Motown Maurice Exclusively

Everyone! Last Wednesday I was working on this epic plan to find a contact person or phone number for Goolge (I'll tell you more about the plan on the week 29 review). Although I was unable to find any good leads, I did find this really cool program called Google Chat.

With Google Chat, you can chat with me exclusively when  ever I'm on my blog.

The links are on the top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left hand corner of the blog. 

* You don't need to download anything.

* Just look for the green light!

* Whenever you see the green light just click and chat with me.

I'm really excited about this and ecstatic about talking with you.

If you know anyone from Google let me know but most importantly LET'S CHAT. lol

What are you waiting for? You have the green light. Ask me ANY QUESTIONS YOU WANT.

As a matter of fact, here is the direct chat link

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Monday, April 4, 2011


All I NEED IS A GOOD STRATEGY... The only problem is I'm not sure what the strategy is yet. THEN AGAIN MAYBE I DO KNOW WHAT IT IS. As blessings and disappointments continue to flourish my quest, strategy and imagination is my most powerful defense. Disappointments makes me stronger and strategy allows me to survive longer (wow, I like that quote). This weeks disappointments and most previous disappointments truly had no affect on me. I had no desire to sleep for long hours or did it deduct any of my energy. The only thing that it did was put me in the zone. 

Those of you that know me, know the zone is not a bad thing. The zone is when my mind travels into space and absorbs creative energy/ideas then transports them back to earth in a solid form. In another words, the zone is my deep deep daydreams. I'm in the zone right now and I have been in the zone in a less than usual way this week. Especially since the weekend. (Friday/Saturday).

I have an idea, in which I just realized that many signs have been pointing in this ideas direction lately. When I got the idea, I had a "why didn't of think of doing that before" moment. Now, I'm in the process of developing a strategy that may possibly be what I needed to begin with. I have been auditioning for all these reality shows and everything else that comes my way with the hope that one of them will grant me a key.

Truthfully speaking, I go into auditions with the mentality of advancing and winning. Then when that doesn't happen, the power to create my own Motown Maurice Hollywood Universe grows in more an more. I won't reveal my strategic plan right now but just know something very tasty is cooking. 

Day 189 Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 190 Monday, March 28, 2011

* Received a notice for a music video

Day 191 Tuesday, March 29, 2011

* I tried this Mexican restaurant nearby. lol

Day 192 Wednesday, March 30, 2011

* Attended my admin group. Its a small group of us that from the free acting class. We get together once a week and provide each other updates of our career.

* After class and in the spur of the moment, I joined my friend Kim Stives and volunteered a couple hours of my time at this Hollywood management company. It was interesting experience. I spend the time submitting talent for work. I could volunteer again and submit myself next time. hmmm we'll see.

Day 193 Thursday, March 31, 2011

* Read Post: Behind the Scenes With Hot New Artist SWIFT

* Received a audition notice from my agent.

* I was suppose to meet up with somebody at a park about a possibility of me being featured in a documentary. I tried to reschedule but he never emailed back. The whole situation wasn't professional anyway.  

Day 194 Friday, April 1, 2011

* Auditioned for some type of cable/TV/Internet commercial that my agent got me. 
Day 195 Saturday, April 2, 2011

* I went to an open call for the reality show called Big Brother. As usual I was pumped and hyped about the possibilities. However, they audition situation was nothing like imagined. They interview 4 people at a time and I didn't capitalize on any of  the ideas I came with.

Final Thoughts

I'm tired of these reality show auditions...
I'm even more tired of playing ring around the rosy with Hollywood. 
Its truly time for me to create my own Motown Maurice Hollywood Universe. 

Even with the challenges that I may soon face. Challenges that I won't write about in detail at this time because of various reasons. I am confident about the future.

Just over a year ago (While I was still in Tampa), I had a conversation about particular person. I tried to find a contact for this person but I had no success. This past Friday/Saturday that person's name came back up again. It was the 2nd time in March his name came up. Not only are things are in the process of coming around full circle. I had a rude awaken and already followed through with it.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last Vampires Standing

Post Represents: Friday, April 1, 2011

The Vampire Masquerade has finally come to an end. What started on February 4, 2011 concluded today. The whole experience has been one to remember.  One show was canceled, another show was added and bit of drama here and there. Nonetheless, nothing out weights this feeling of accomplishment. I glad to say that I have graduated from this chapter of my quest and I'm ready to move on to another. Check out some pictures of The Last Vampire Masquerade featuring Motown Maurice as Dog Boy. Then check out the links below and review some of the others Vampire show postings. 

Motown Maurice as Dog Boy in the opening scene of Vampire Masquerade.

Dog Boy is moving to fast for the camera.
Dog Boy corners Virginia.
Dog Boy is waking up.
Dog Boy has awoken.
Virgina is dying.
Motown Maurice is a handsome looking Dog Boy.
Dog Boy looks painfully from the side.
Dog Boy can't believe whats happening.
Dog Boy is...confused
Dog Boy is frightened. 
Motown Maurice as Dog Boy smells blood in the audience. (Note: To self, I like how my high top look in this picture.)
Wow, there is a picture on without Dog Boy.
Dog Boy has revenge in his eyes.
Dog Doy is healed.
Its over. Move over now its over....
Motown Maurice cherishes the love from the audience.
Motown Maurice celebrates with Cassandra Raphael after the show. She took all the pictures. Thanks Cass.
Motown Maurice & fellow cast member Mo Mo.
Motown Maurice, Unique & Nihilist Gelo. Cast members that always came through when others didn't.
Motown Maurice & Jesse
Michael Schneider, Motown Maurice & ... Fellow cast members.
The Last Vampires Standing
The Last Vampires clowning
I just realized that there are a few Vampires who stayed through until the end who aren't in the group photo above. Unfortunately, we lost some really good Vampires in the making of this Masquerade. To the other few Vampires who aren't in this photo. Where were you guys? I thought everyone knew we were suppose to hang out after the show. As for the Vampires we lost, there will always be a place for you in our hearts.

A special thank you for my roommate who came to see my last performance. She presented me with these flowers right after the show. (Note: She's not seen in any of these photos). Thank you for the support roommate. Your the best.

Although, the audience for the last performance was kind of stiffer then usual, I received a handful of compliments as I did in just about all the shows after the show. I even received some compliments from my fellow cast members.You are all the best. Thank you very much. I'm positive our director Chris will never have another Vampire cast like us. 

Point of Advice: 

If any of you read my original posts about this show, you will realized that I kind of fell into this experience by accident. I'm sincerely glad that happened. Don't let it be an accident for you. It was partly Cassandra's fault (She's since in the picture above) that I joined this show. I came to watch her audition, she didn't show up and before you know it I was called on stage to audition with the others. I just went with the flow from that point on. 

There is so much possibilities in theatre that is often taken for granted. Whether you join the The Berubians Theatre Company or another, join a theatre show and watch it enhance your career. 

Besides that, I met some wonderful people in my cast. I'm positive that we all will stay connected and help each other along the way. I've already started brain storming. Stay posted Vampires.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice

Behind the Scenes With Hot New Artist Swift K.I.D

Post Represents: Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Monday I received a notice to be apart of a music video. I have to be honest, initially I was debating on whether or not I wanted to do it. Yes, I did submit for it, but sometimes when you actually get a response it creates a chance of reevaluation.

There were 3 main reasons why I took so long to mentally confirm my involvement. Reason number 1: I had an appointment with some guy on Craigs List who wanted to feature me in a low budget documentary. However, I was iffy about him because of the lack of professionalism in his email and post.

Reason number 2: I started my Life Book acting class on Thursday Nights with Mr. Allen Levin. I'm paying for that class now plus I enjoy it. I really didn't want to miss it.

Reason number 3: The music video was titled confidential with no detailed information about who or what song. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

I debated and debated until the casting department proactively decided to call me. Good proactive communication can get me involved almost every time. Its one way into my weak spot. By the time I received a second message from them I was hooked. 

As usual, I over packed and arrived on time (8:30am) in an area I've never been before. I had to take two trains and one bus. This location was different from all the other locations I've shoot videos before. The video was shot in a mansion, indoors and outdoors. I later learned that the same mansion is rented out often and is sometimes used for porn videos (But that's completely different blog. lol) 

Through it all, I have to admit this was my best music video experience. I am extremely happy that I decided to be apart of it. I've been apart of 3 music videos since I arrived in LA. Two with Chris Brown. Yeah 3X and Look At Me Now. Then there is a video with Wilmer Valderrama and Columbus Shortt. I have no clue when that video is going to come out.  Wilmer and Columbus were very cool guys. They shook my hand in addition to the other extras. Chris Brown on the other hand, don't even look in the direction of the extras. 

The star of this video's name is Swift K.I.D.. He's from Montreal, Quebec Canada. I'm positive the entire United Stated of America will also know who he is soon. We laughed, we chatted and we had a great time. As a matter of fact, someone had the impression we knew each other before today. It was a sincere pleasure working with him. In his own words, he thanked me for being so cool during the set and for making everything a lot more fun and comfortable. This was his first professional music video and I apparently helped loosen things up.  

Its amazing what a little energy can do. I just realized something about myself. At a real house party or even at a club I'm never ever dancing. Seriously. I never dance at a party. I honestly prefer to daydream. I get some of my best ideas in a party environment. I'm 100% certain that anyone who was present at this music video shoot probably don't believe what I'm writing because I was  the life of the party scene. The reason for that is because of the cameras. I'm a totally different person when cameras are rolling. I had mad fun during every aspect of the shoot and I showed it with my dancing feet. Each of my two left feet.

In the very first shoot scene of the day, the director came to speak to the extras between cuts. He directed the people around me then looked at me and said, "You already know what to do."

Another reason I'm glad I was apart of this video was because some of the unreliable extras that didn't show up. I ended up changing clothes and playing the role as the bartender in another scene.  Without a doubt, I'm probably have a lot of face time for this video. I'm excited about seeing it when it comes out.

Now here is your chance to check out some of the photos I took behind the scenes of Swift K.I.D's New Video: Hey Hey Hey

Kelly, Motown Maurice &...

Mikealis Alan, Motown Maurice &...

Motown Maurice & Chelsea G.

Motown Maurice doesn't normally dress like this.

Swift K.I.D & Motown Maurice

Motown Maurice and a couple sexy ladies from the shoot.

Motown Maurice & some more sexy ladies.

What can I say. The ladies really love Motown Maurice.
Final Thoughts

Once again my high top fade deserves some credit. When I was contacted about this video, one of the first things they asked me through email was, "Do you still have your high top fade?" That's the same thing I was asked upon getting accepted for my Chris Brown's Yeah 3X.  Most recently I become SAG-E partly because of my high top. 

Of course I am more then just my high top fade but I am thankful for the doors it opens for me. One of the directors came up to me and told me they were certain they wanted me when they saw my picture. Not only did they get the high top, they got more energy then they could imagine.

Throughout the whole day, I networked with a lot of wonderful people and the day rapped at a decent time. I was able to make it to my acting class shortly after it started.

Swift K.I.D, thank you very much for the great experience. I'll be your hype man when you need me. Just holla. I'm looking forward to seeing your success continue to grow.

Everyone. Stay tuned for the release of Swift K.I.D'S debut  single: Hey Hey Hey.

I'll post it when it releases.

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As the quest continues...

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Judgment Month Is Over. Now Whats Next?

March 2011 is officially over. AKA March Month of Madness. The Ultimatum Month. The Biggest Woe Month. I'm Demanding Results in March Month. The Where Will I Be in April When March Is Over Month.

Well, now that April has arrived I guess the April fools joke is on me. If you read the links you will notice that I took the approach writing out the demands of what I desired to happen by the end of March. None of my demands are foreseen at the moment, so I can either say that it didn't work or they are in a working process.

The challenge of not knowing where my near  future existence has been extended but Judgment leers near by. I'm either back to the drawing board or waiting to receive the drawing board that I already designed. I think I sent it in for framing.

In my latest adventure with X-Factor I wrote about how hard I been trying and that there is a such thing as trying to hard. All I know is that there is a new adventure waiting for me and I feel good about it. As fun as it was putting these demands over my head, its best to have fun with them. Its always good to aim for something and that's basically what I did and what I have always done.

As I usher in April I'm not going to write or focus on the inevitable challenges that lies ahead or put a time limit on myself. Better yet, I need to stop creating unnecessary judgment scenario's. I'm going to enjoy every aspect of my journey and celebrate. I'm blessed and I want to do whatver I can to keep attracting blessings.

As the quest continues...

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