Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nicole Murphy hosts Maxwell Dickson’s “Art, Libations & Sound”

Post Represents: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Maxwell Dickson’s “Art, Libations & Sound” Red Carpet Launch Event Hosted by Nicole Murphy

WHO: The Notice Network, The Fashion Office PR, Ekquality Style Hause, The KAM Group, World Networks and The Blackstone Gallery presents…

WHAT: Maxwell Dickson’s “Art, Libations & Sound” Red Carpet Launch Event Hosted by Nicole Murphy

Blackstone Gallery
901 South Broadway,
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90015



EVENT FEATURES: One of downtown LA’s most historical landmarks The Blackstone Building
Red Carpet exhibition preview event. Beautiful art installations by Maxwell Dickson new & archival pieces
Performance art installation by Universal Harp’s Phillip King. Complimentary Beverages. Custom Libations
Musical Stylist spinning the evenings sounds.


Maxwell Dickson is the brand. 

Motown Maurice & Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife)



The red carpet to welcome in the celebrities. 

She's sexy. Hopefully I'll be her new photographer. 
Sponsored by Dama + Tequila 
The Essene of a woman model  & Motown Maurice 

Universal's Harp's Phillip King, Hollywood Harpist 
Phillip King & Motown Maurice 

Yes, I'll take some free food please 
Motown Maurice & Eustace from Atlanta 
Jay Knight, J.D. & Motown Maurice 
Here is where I belong.
Its a packed house. 
Nicole Murphy embraces the crowd. 
Tap Room 21 Brewing CO
Margret, Red Carpet Reporter & Motown Maurice 

New fans. 
Jessica D. Lee Wood & Motown Maurice

Jessica D. Lee Related: The Notice Network...

Motown Maurice & Mark the artist responsible for the pieces. 
Neil the CEO from Europe & Kristin McCoy, Actress Model  

Kristin McCoy, Motown Maurice &...

Dj Kagen on the ones and twos. 

Kem Anyanwu & Motown Maurice 

Kem Ananwu Related: Day 18 in L.A...

Motown Maurice & Artez Bailey

Artez Bailey Related: Future of Late Night Supporter

There's a magnetic force pulling me to...
The magnetic force is all over her... 
Motown Maurice & photographer John Dennis.  

Motown Maurice & Andre 
Don't you love the confident women that love to dance by them self . 


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Final Thoughts

The amount of love received tonight was stupendous. Most were initially interested in my look (One time for the Dwayne Wayne glasses I picked up last Saturday.) then by the time I gave them my calling card/flier they instantaneously became Motown Maurice Believers. Motown Maurice Supporters. Without a doubt in my mind, there are a handful of people present in today's event that will not only watch my late night talk show but they will also be apart of my studio audience one day. Thank you so much for the love. The love continues to follow me where ever I go and it growing more and more each time.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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