The Motown Maurice Show (2010)

On Saturday, January 23rd 2010, Motown Maurice officially introduced his presence in the
late night talk show arena with The Motown Maurice Show. Tampa, Florida hasn't been the same since.
This high energy late night talk show show opened  with a monologue, video parodies, guests of the new and old school generations, specialty acts and musical guests.

The Motown Maurice show aired a total of 8 episodes on Tampa Bay’s first television station WTTA My TV Tampa Bay. It is a part of Sinclair Broadcast Group. It aired Friday nights at 1:00am and the coverage area reached Tampa and 9 other surrounding counties.  


The season premiere. Motown Maurice interviews,  Bern Nadette Stanis, Denard Span & Phantom
Motown Maurice takes it to The Bridge for the first time.

Motown Maurice & Denard Span Left Fielder of the Major League Baseball's Minnesota Twins

Denard Span's Interview Part 1

Denard Span's Interview Part 2
Motown Maurice & Bern Nadette Stanis. Better known as the quick witted, sexy, savvy and the
original “It” girl, Thelma Evans, from the groundbreaking, African American
sitcom, “Good Times.”

Bern Nadette Stanis's Interview
Motown Maurice & Musical Guest PHANTOM

Phantom's Interview 
Motown Maurice introduces The Retro Rail
Motown Maurice, Tommy Ford from the Hit Show Martin, Gail Jhonson & Lucius Baston
Motown Maurice & Tommy Mikal Ford. Best known for his role as “Tommy” on the hit FOX television comedy, “MARTIN”. Tommy Ford is one of the most familiar personalities to emerge in African-American popular television culture. 

Tommy Ford's Interview Part 1 

Tommy Ford's Interview Part 2
Motown Maurice & Lucius Baston. He plays the role of Deshaun “Midget” Hackett in the Action/Adventure “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes,  Baston also appears for the first time on TBS, as Leroy Williams, for the season finale “Payne-ful Resolution” in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”.

Lucius Baston's Interview
Motown Maurice & Gail Jhonson. She is Jazz Pianist from Los Angeles. By 2004, Keep The Music Playing, Gail Jhonson's highly acclaimed debut contemporary jazz CD on her own (Philly The Kid Records), brought her into the international recording spotlight. Led by the hit singles "Heaven" and "Just For Kicks".

Gail Jhonson's Performance 
Motown Maurice introduces The Retro Rail.
Motown Maurice, Lenroy “TNT” Thomas, Pastor E.T. Pickett, III & Rose Bilal
From Ybor City Tampa, FL its The Motown Maurice Show in front of a live studio audience. 
Motown Marice & Pastor E.T. Pickett, III. He answered his call to ministry in 1995 when he founded
Word Alive Ministries, Incorporated of Lakeland, Florida.

Pastor E. T. Pickett, III's Interview 
Motown Maurice & Rose Bilal. She has spent the past decade exploring jazz classics and becoming one of the Tampa Bay's best known singers. Her vocal stylings of legendary greats such as Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Ella Fitzgerald help keep alive the heartfelt message of jazz music of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Throughout the 1960's Rose was the heart of the music scene and worked with some of the greats: The O'Jays, The Delphonics, Wilson Pickett, Chubby Checker and Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Rose Bilal's Interview
Motown Maurice & Lenroy “TNT” Thomas.  “TNT” is known as the “Heavyweight Savior”. Thomas, a heavy weight boxing prospect was born in St. Catherine Jamaica and now fights out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lenroy "TNT" Thomas's Interview Part 1

Lenroy "TNT" Thomas's Interview Part 2

Motown Maurice sends peace behind the scenes
Motown Maurice and the guest getting down on the Retro Rail
Motown Maurice, Pam Iorio, Stacey Spencer & Denise Moore
Motown Maurice & the Mayor Pam Iorio. She is the mayor of Tampa, the nation’s 53rd largest city. Sworn into office for a second four-year term on April 1, 2007, Mayor Iorio has established six strategic goals to guide Tampa: investing in neighborhoods, economic development of our most challenged areas, creating a residential community downtown, efficient city government focused on customer service, establishing Tampa as a city of the arts, and making regional
mass transit a reality. Mayor Iorio is committed to improving the quality of life in Tampa.
The Mayor of Tampa & Motown Maurice head bump.
Mayor Pam Iorio Presents Motown Maurice with a Key to the City.

Mayor Pam Iorio's Interview Part 1

Mayor Tamp Iorio's Interview Part 2 
Motown Maurice & Denise Moore. She is an engaging jazz and blues songstress with a wide vocal range and a phenomenally accurate ear.  This blue-eyed chanteuse is more than a percussionist and arranger, she injects personal style into many of the great standards and classics.  She is deeply influenced by Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles, but it is likely you will also hear Denise eloquently perform songs by recent chart-toppers like Diana Krall and Norah Jones.

Denise Moore's Performance 
Motown Maurice & Stacey N. Spencer, Motivational Speaker, Executive Producer/Host of the “Just Teens” TV Program and Mentor for Youth! ~ Founder of Teen Tyme Productions, Inc. Teen Tyme tackled the issues concerning the lack of Positive Programming on television for teens. Also, Stacey is the developer of the  “Seminar Of Hope” an intervention program designed to stamp out juvenile delinquency in Florida and one day across this nation.

Stacey N. Spencer's Interview 
Mr. White, Motown Maurice & Karate Mac.
Motown Maurice, Saxophone Sensation B.K. Jackson, Inventor Tangela Walker Craft & Hypnotist Mr. Bill
Motown Maurice & the live studio audience.
Motown Maurice & Tangela Walker-Craft. She is a patented inventor of a multipurpose baby pillow called The GoPillow! The patented baby pillow has been featured on the Montel Williams Show, in Pregnancy Magazine, in Inventor’s Digest Magazine, and dozens of other media outlets.

Tangela Walker-Craft's Interview
Motown Maurice & B.K. Jackson, is a young, energetic, saxophone sensation from Tampa, Florida.  B.K. is an exceptional musician and has been electrifying audiences in Central Florida for several years. 

B.K. Jackson's Interview 

B.K. Jackson's Performance 

Motown Maurice, Mr. Bill Hypnotist & Mel Lockett. Mr. Bill began his entertainment career as a DJ in local bars in the 1990's. He later learned Stage Hypnosis through books at his local Magic shop.Mr. Bill currently performs his stage Hypnosis Act in various public appearances.

Mr. Bill's Interview
Motown Maurice & The Retro Rail.
Motown Maurice, Hip Hop Mom's of T-Pain, Lil' Wayne & Ne-Yo, The Poor Chef, Paris and The Birds of Paradise
7 mins before Motown Maurice goes live. 
Really! What is Motown Maurice doing?
Motown Maurice & Charles Mattocks, “aka” The Poor Chef. He made a name for himself as the author of Eat Cheap but Eat Well. His famous tag line, “What can you cook for $7?” has taken the country by storm. His meals are healthy, cost-effective, and delicious

Charles Mattocks's Interview 
Motown Maurice, Aliyah D. Najm, H. Loraine Smith, and Jacida Carter.

Motown Maurice & Paris and The Birds of Paradise. When they take the the stage you're hooked three chords later. Their music will have your toes tapping so naturally, you'll be ready to jump up and dance in no time.

Paris & The Birds of Paradise's Performance
Who has sexier legs? Motown Maurice or...
Motown Maurice NuJak Executives, Dance World, Martial Arts & Studio Fitness
Ladies and Gentlemen. Motown Maurice & his live audience.  
Wow. The Motown Maurice Show is packed.
Motown Maurice & Lakeland’s NuJak Executives. Frank Kendrick & Tim Jackson

Motown Maurice dances with Kimberly Jackson. Dance World. Inc.
Motown Maurice & The Elite Martial Arts & Studio Fitness, was founded by Luis Villanueva, Senior Instructor.

Motown Maurice knows how to end a show.
Pamela Y. Robinson, P.A., Marc VanClaggett & Tony Stinyard
Take it to The Bride Motown Maurice
Motown Maurice & Marc VanClaggett. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Over the years he has earned a reputation of being one of the world's truly dynamic vocalists.  Marc has shared the stage with The Four Tops, The O'Jays, The Temptations, Jazz Crusaders, Roya Ayers, Gladys Knight, Grover Washington Jr., LTD, Mary Wilson and many more.

Marc VanClaggett's Performance 
Motown Maurice & The Law Office of Pamela Y. Robinson, P.A.. They are the Official Sponsor of The Motown
Maurice Show. It also is Florida law firm that handles personal injury, criminal and family law cases. They are dedicated to providing our clients with personal, courteous and professional service. Our staff is trained to handle clients with the utmost care, and we realize that when a client has a legal problem, their situation is often troubling or distressful.
Pamela Y. Robinson's Interview

Motown Maurice & Tony Stinyard. He is a Tampa native that recently completed a short film entitled "Sex, Love & Consequences." It was submitted to B.E.T.'s short film contest which ranked in the top final 100 out of
over 3,000 submissions nation wide. Sex, Love & Consequences is based off a 300 page book
created by his cousin Clea Stinyard and converted it down into a 30 minute screen play.

Tony Stinyard's Interview 

J Phil, Motown Maurice & Rodney Knledge Gibbs

The Motown Maurice Show Team 2010

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