Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photographer Apprentice

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Cresha is serious about her business. When I met Cresha on Monday (Feb 6, 2012) she told of her intentions to start her own photography business. Of course since I've been a professional photographer for so long in Tampa, FL, I offered to assist her anyway I could. We hung out at a cafe downtown tonight and when she got a hold of the camera she wouldn't let it go. Myself and the homeless had our own personal photographer for a night.

Motown Maurice & Cresha at a cafe in Downtown LA. 

I like the way you take my photos girl.

This is my good side. I think...
Very intimate. I like.

I look sad and pathetic but I like. 
Yes, I'm posting up on a tree and I look cool. 
I got my cell phone in my hand and I look sexy on this tree. 
I'm in the moment don't bother me. 
The homeless didn't even have to pay for their photo shoot. 
Out of place yet nice looking building across the street from the police station. 

Final Thoughts

Cresha and I ended up venturing to a prime quarters for the homeless, which was basically near the door step of a police station. It was a very interesting, artistic and spontaneous night. The homeless lived on the streets in packs. Its an obvious rough life. It makes me even more thankful that my homeless streak wasn't that rough.

Thanks for a great night Cresha. Photography is differently in your blood. Keep it going.

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As the quest continues...

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Motown Motown

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  1. Cresha Cre8tive ProductionsFebruary 17, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    I Had so much fun beating you in Jenga & hangin with the good ole homeless folks. oh & the rats lol. Thank you for letting me be your personal photographer. I enjoyed photographing you Motown Maurice.


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