Sunday, February 20, 2011

Behind The Scenes of Look At Me Now!!!

If you read my last post The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St then you read a mention of another Chris Brown Music Video I was apart of. The last Chris Brown Music Video I was apart of was Yeah 3X back in September 2010. You can notice me a few times on there. Chris Brown needs to go ahead an put a brother on his payroll.

Below are some behind the scenes pictures of a soon to be world premiere of Look At Me Now starring Chris Brown featuring Motown Maurice, Lil Wayne and Buster Rhymes.

Sorry there is no pictures of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Buster Rhymes here but there are plenty pictures of me and the extras.

Note to all the other extras who may be visiting this page, I'm sorry but I don't remember all your names nor do I know how to spell it. If you want me to put your name in the caption please make note of who you are by leaving a comment below.

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Nicole, Motown Maurice & Pat...
Nicole, Motown Maurice, Justin & Pat...
Justin, Motown Maurice & ...
Justin, Tetris,..., ..., Roca, ... & Motown Maurice
Justin, Motown Maurice & ...
Brent Curtis on the left. Motown Maurice in the center getting a touch up.

Motown Maurice is wearing the hack out of that jacket.
Motown Maurice is feeling himself.
Motown Maurice says "Look At Me Now!!!"
Roca, Motown Maurice & Cos...

Motown Maurice: "You got to love my parts. I got them the Wednesday before."
Motown Maurice: "I got my hair colored for this Lil Wayne scene that never happened."
Motown Maurice: "I'm feeling the gold colored High Top, what do you think."

Motown Maurice & some other extras.
Motown Maurice & Silk Smoove
Motown Maurice & ...
Motown Maurice & ...
Motown Maurice & ...

Motown Maurice & ...

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Motown Maurice

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  1. Motown! You look Marvelous! Wow! I am so impressed with your look in these photos.. The Blond Streak in the Fro" "Fabulous" So proud of you. Keep pressing forward!!! Lovely!!!


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