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Manhattan Monologue Slam comes to LA

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The Manhattan Monologue has a successful history of over 10 years in NYC and now its here in Los Angeles, CA.  The Manhattan Monologue Slam provides opportunities for actors to showcase their talents and get noticed by industry professionals. In addition to that, the winning performer will go home with prizes geared towards advancing his or her career. So if your a serious actor looking for professional exposure, the Manhattan Monologue is where you need to be.

The Manhattan Monologue Slam

This week's winner of LA's first Manhattan Monologue took home the following prizes:

* $100 cash from Instant Cast
* Argentum Exclusive MMSLAM Package
* Free Workshops and Memberships from The Actors Key
* Free headshot session with Robert Kazandjian
* SpedReels 6-month membership
* Free casting director Workshops
* Free Demo Reel Editing
* Free Memberships from
* Copy of their performance
* Argentum Exclusive MMSLAM Package
*Discounts for head shots, head shot reproduction, demo reel editing, acting classes, CD workshops, and

The prize list will expand and grow each week and so will the list of Judges. All of the judges for the Manhattan Monologue Slam are selected based on their expertise in the field of entertainment, film, television and theatre. Judges include: agents, producers, managers, directors, actors, casting directors, teachers, screenwriters and playwrights.

Introducing Keith Blaser and Philip Galinsky two men responsible for bringing the Manhattan Monologue to LA. Keith reached out to me on Facebook arounnd July 12, 2011. He noticed we had similar audition vidoes for the Craftsmans Screw'd Contest. We stayed in contact and I later interviewed him on November 16, 2011 as on Hustle & Shuffle.

Keith's Interview Link:

Keith's Interview Player:

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In the interview we talked about the Manhattan Monologue Slam and here it is. Keith and Philip have given birth to a fresh and invigorating platform for actors to expose their talents and a broader scale.

Philip Galinsky, Motown Maurice & Keith Blaser
King King Hollywood hosts the Manhattan Monologue Slam
Philip Galinsky starts the show. 
Keith Blaser warms the stage up for the performers. 
A.J. Moorehead  preforms at Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood
Lovinsky Jean-Baptiste recites his Monologue. 
Enzo Slams in his Monolouge
Dorian Logan shares his Monologue.
Paige sheds a tear during her performance at the Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood
The Judges are impressed and shares their responses.  
Lidia Korotko expresses herself at the Manhattan Monologue Slam. 
Looks like Philip is trying to dance. 
Eddie Navarro keeps it steady at the Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood.
Jamie Page is looking sexy at the Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood
Audience participation. You got to love it. 
Paul Davis stands one eyed and tall at the  Manhattan Monologue Slam
Gina Lombardo performs her monologue at the Slam 
Chad Coe gets rad at the Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood. 
Bad girl Tatum sets us straight at the Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood. 
Motown Maurice looks on during the voting break. 
All the performers are on the stage one last time before the winner is announced . 
The judges states their final thoughts. 
Keith Blaser tally's in the votes. 
We have a new sponsor. She was so impressed with the talent she added an extra incentive for the winner. 
The results are on the board. 
Paige White wins the first Manhattan Monologue Slam in Hollywood. 
Enzo Kim & Motown Maurice 
Tatum Willoughby & Motown Maurice

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this event so much I'm even thinking about putting up one of my late night poetic pieces. It was well organized and exciting. There is is a need for more events like this in Hollywood and Kieth and Philip are successfully conquering the task. That's right, there are more events to come. Its time for all serious actors to get away from their electronics and stop waiting for your Youtube videos to get discovered. Get out to the Manhattan Monologue Slam and showcase your talent in front of top notch industry professionals. 
Congratulations to Kieth, Philp and the whole team. Your on to something big.


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As the quest continues...

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