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Emerging Savvy Behind the Scenes

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Savvy,  the next generation teen band discovered by Lil Wayne. 

Yesterday, while at The Take Me Out interview, I received an email to confirm my participation for a music video this morning and I wasted no time to jump right on it.  Music Videos have been good to me this year  and I'm not going to deny them. This one made my 4th video for 2012 which sums up a total of 10 videos since I arrived in L.A. That's not even including the music video I will appear in this Monday. I confirmed it with a call during this shoot.

As soon as I arrived the first thing I did was check into the breakfast table.  Can you say turkey omelet?  
Quick overview with the director and production crew. 
Its the wardrobe mobile. 
You got to love this mansion. 
Wardrobe changed my shirt and I added the glasses. I'm ready. 

Mobile food trucks to feed everybody. 

Exclusive footage scenes from the music video. Don't tell no body. 


What are you doing? Watch your head. 


He's going to crash. 

Hey, I think that's Savvy in the background. 

I like it when the ladies slip and slide. 
Motown Maurice & Denuvare Hanlin
......, Jasmine Hutchinson & Motown Maurice 
The reflection of a star. 

Background in the front yard waiting. 

...., Motown Maurice & Ingel Catindig

Bonnie Rotten & Motown Maurice. 
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Motown Maurice & Denuvare Hanlin

They are getting ready for lunch my favorite part of these shoots. 
Motown Maurice & Joanna Aimee
Brooke Bridges & Motown Maurice 

Joanna Aimee takes a bite out of my Mexican Medallion.
I met her at the last Chris Brown Shoot
Background profile photo. 

......, Motown Maurice & Darell Davie 

Video # 4

The food is almost ready. 

I'm gong to kill this fruit. 

That carrot cake was mean. 
The main course. 
They must be trying to give someone a cavity. So much sweets. 
Crew first. Extra's eat last. 
This was my plate. I ate it all. 
Crystal G. & Motown Maurice 
Lauren, Motown Maurice & ... 
Motown Maurice & Side Show Bob...I mean Troy. 

I met her at the ...

Not order are: Motown Maurice, Joanna Aimee, Jordan Brodie Av-tal, Evan Avtal, Hazel Estrell and more
Not order are: Motown Maurice, Joanna Aimee, Jordan Brodie Av-tal, Evan Avtal and more. 

Believe it or not I own everything but the green wrist band.
Wardrobe has not challenges with me. 
Brooke Bridges & Motown Maurice doubles up on the Dwayne Wayne glasses. 

Final Thoughts

Talk about a music video full energy. I believe I out do myself one music video after another another. When the cameras where rolling I had extreme fun. Especially in the scenes where we had to dance and jump up and down. Other than not being able to take a photo with Savvy everything was great. I made several direct connections with Savvy during a few of the scenes. The energy was live. We literally danced together a few times. I even recall one of the young ladies in the band telling someone, "He knows all the words of the song."

I had no clue what kind of group they were when I arrived. During the shoot I witness a talented band emerging to represent tomorrows next generation band. Most importantly their personalities are warm and very pleasant. My further research caused me to stumble upon this video.

Video Here: 

They are from Texas and they few in to L.A. for a couple of weeks to work on this video among other things I'm sure. Since they were apparently discovered by Lil Wayne are definitely in good hands. Soon the world will be knowing about Savvy. Its just a matter of time. They are talented young and fresh. I'm certain fans will embrace them very well.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

Update: Thursday, July 12, 2012

I randomly did a Youtube search for the music video which still isn't out yet. However, the audio track is available on line. Enjoy! Until the the official music video comes out.

Music Here: 

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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