Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 11 Review: Full Circle Just like I Said Part 1 - Wow!! - Unbelievable

I have to immediately start this blog by telling you about the most amazing phone call I have ever received. I was already having the best day/week of my quest then this phone call out of no where. It was unbelievable. Simply remarkable. It was awesome. However, I'm sorry to inform you that I won't write the full details of  the phone call until its 100% confirmed. Right now its about 90% confirmed. I know... a friend of mine recently told me that the main reason I should be on television is because I got the "teasing" thing down pack. My bad. I don't mean to tease you all like that but I think its best to wait before I write anything about it. I promise you its worth the wait. Nonetheless, this week ended up being my most eventful and productive week of my quest.

Last week, (Week 10) I was just complaining about my "Fears of Non-Productivity."
contrast between week 10 and 11 is astonishing. I also believe I wrote my own prophecy for my quest in week 10. Read what I wrote: 

"From a superstitious point of view I use to claim the number 10 was my lucky number. I don't think I'll be using that number anymore more. Maybe number 11 will be my new lucky number. Hopefully week 11 will usher in a glimpse of success that I see in 2011. Based on the state that I'm in right now, its mustard seed of hope I have to hold on to."

If week 11, resembles 2011 in anyway, then I'm going to have a stupendous year (Between you and me, I can see the future.) I would like to extend my prophecy throughout the last 4 weeks of 2010. I believe week 12, 13, 14, & 15 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Based on the progress I'm receiving right now, I better buckle my seat belts and get ready for the take off.

No Sacrifice No Victory

Before I get into the details for this week, let me clarify exactly what I meant by non-productivity last week. My spirits were down mainly because everything slowed down dramatically and there was nothing to work on. The life of a seeker is hot one day and cold another day. The objective is to stay as hot as possible so when the cold days come around you won't feel the freeze. 

I really should of mentally allowed myself to enjoy the liberty of relaxing at home and watching TV & Movies but I don't enjoy that all the time. I desire to be in the process of creation all the time. Since I had nothing to work on I felt lazy and unproductive. I was submitting for projects but everything was just so dramatically slow.

The reason I titled this segment of the blog, No Sacrifice, No Victory is because its true and I'm living it. My story won't make you cry but its an example of sacrifice. Its the story of my credit score. They have aggressively started calling me this week.

Just recently I had a credit score way above average since, now its all going down hill. "Oh well," is what I say. Once again, I appreciate all that credit has has done for me in the past. I would probably still be in college if I didn't have credit cards to pay summer classes with. I also won't have been able to produce The Motown Maurice Show earlier this year among much more. However, now, credit can't do anything for me. I have no choice but to be successful or die trying.  No Sacrifice No Victory. 

Day 70 = Sunday, November 28, 2010

* Nothing significant to report but if my memory is on point, I watched the movie Hancock before going to sleep. It was my second time watching it and I enjoyed it even more. I enjoyed it so much I started watching the making of Hancock on the special features menu. I was energized so much by it, that I broke into a prayer. Note: I don't pray often. I remember telling God my desires to be a part of a creative process. 

Day 71 = Monday, November 29, 2010

* On day 59 week 9 I auditioned for a reality show but I never really gave full details about it. Well, a week pasted and I called today for an update. The conversation and energy was great but I was able sense that I wouldn't get selected. For some reason at the audition they mainly asked questions about my quest. That was unusual. I left in awe and excited. If you read about my previous auditions, they never wanted to hear about my quest. I would get cut off every-time I spoke about it  For some reason that audition was different. It gave me the impression that I had an advantage. The person who interviewed me even said, hopefully the producers will pick me because I'm unique and that's what they need. I left with a huge smile on my face.

Moreover, when I spoke to them today I can tell talking about my quest really didn't help me as much as I thought. I didn't have a real enough job for them and they were looking for regular people. For some reason I told them I only make money as a freelance editor. Nevertheless, God knows why I wasn't selected. It was a show about finding "Love" anyway, lol. No Comment. I certainly did learn from that experience.

* After that phone call I fell into sleepy mode. Things were still slow. Later a phone woke me up. It was a casting company interested in casting me for a dating show. It sounded familiar and it ended up being for the same show I applied for above with a different casting director. I guess I applied for the show in two different places. We canceled the appointment since I already interviewed. As you can see I'm getting a few calls its just a matter of time now. That phone call did get my butt off of the couch and I took that energy and ran with it. 

Day 72 = Tuesday, November 30, 2010

* While still trying to establish productivity based on my standards, I started thinking maybe working my way up behind scenes by joining an audience coordinating team. The idea wasn't necessary. My mind was everywhere thinking about how to get to the next step.

Day 73 = Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today is where the excitement begins 

* One good thing did come from last week on day 66. I received a call about a video shoot for today. I honestly had no clue what I was getting into but it didn't matter, it felt so great to get out the house. When I arrived I found out it was a music video shoot. Everyone else also arrived without knowing much about it. It was a nice day and I met a few cool people there. If you came to my page earlier and saw the picture of me and the lovely ladies, it took place today.
They were killing time by taking pictures together and I jumped in one.

I think the name of the music video we appeared on is called: CAVIAR LA.
I'm not even sure. Its a comedy music video. However, there were to familiar faces present.

Columbus Shortt, from the movie Stomp The Yard.

Wilmer Valderrama, from That 70's Show. He was singing believe it or not.
They were very cool guys. The first time I saw them they introduced themselves and shook a few hands including mine. Be on the look out for the video. I had a solo scene recorded, so you might see me. 

The day started around 7 or 8 in the morning and ended around 5pm. I was pretty sad the shoot was over.

Music Video Related:
The Way I Fiesta' by Eduardo Fresco...

Motown Maurice at the Kodak Theater killing time.

* Note: On the way to the shoot early this morning, I saw a sign about a casting for a independent film. I called and left a message.

* This is one of my stories of "Everything always comes around full circle." When I was still in Tampa I found a website about becoming a host. When I arrived in L.A. my agent forwarded me that website. I signed up for it but nothing really pulled my attention. Today, I noticed in my spam box an email from the website and it all started to make sense. I started to see the value that company would bring to enhancing my hosting skills.

They offer boot camps and workshops for anyone who wants to advance their hosting careers. The lady who runs it, is the known as the queen of hosting. When I told my agent about the site they said, that's the lady they were trying to get to be my manager since day 9. They just haven't heard back yet. I immediately signed up for a free workshop on December 10th and paid to be a member of their site. 

Most of the classes cost but its worth the investment. The owner manages 25 successful Hollywood hosts and God willing she will also become my manager. This will not be the last time you read about this opportunity.
* I received an email for the consideration for another reality show. A show based between men and women. No more comment.

Day 74 = Thursday, December 2, 2010

* I got a call back about the independent film and an audition was set for Friday. It took place at USC in the Steven Spielberg building. I'm not too fond about my audition but this story gets interesting. Stay posted.

* My agent contacted me with two commercial auditions.

* One is for Tosh.o on Comedy Central and the other is for Anna Linens.

Day 75 = Friday, December 3, 2010

Today I had a total of 3 auditions. Wow! Thankfully, my roommate allowed me to borrow her car for the auditions. First I began my day helping my roommate out at a law function.

* The audition for the independent film was first and I was told to look out for a call back on Monday.

* I got a phone call about a internet talent show called Box Star. They wanted me to audition but I said I couldn't make it. To me, the the opportunity sounded weird and I wasn't available because I was scheduled to volunteer over the weekend. 

* I auditioned for Tosh.o and my hair pick actually helped me get casted. They called me the next day and told me I got it. I'll share more details soon.

* Then I auditioned for Anna’s Linens but I don't think I did that great.

* On the way back from all these auditions is where I received that infamous phone call. (Stay posted)  

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Day 76 Saturday, December 4, 2010 &
Day 77 = Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Biz Expo 2010 

* I spent the day at The Showbiz Expo. It was an awesome experience. I literally felt famous when I left there. I recorded some video but unfortunately I don't have time to put it together.

As a volunteer I was able to post my head shot among others on a runway table. It allowed me to get so much recognition and many people approached me. A young man came up to me asking for some advice because he wanted to become an actor. A lady came up to me and said, "Your doing great at marketing. I see your fliers everywhere. I'm to call you and cast you to play Will Smith one my projects." So many more things like that happened this past weekend. I wish I had time to write about each one. For those two days I  felt like a star.

Motown Maurice and a African Eagle. Sorry I got the name.  

I was talking to John Balauat, from Full Sail University for less than two mins, then he pulled out his camera and asked to take a picture with me because he said I was going to be famous one day. He said he could sense it. I was shocked. I barely said much. I was so honored so I pulled out my camera also. That happen to me in Tampa once or twice.
Alien man and Motown Maurice.

Motown Maurice, Cassandra Raphael & Raymond B. Smith. We volunteered for The Show Biz Expo.

Box Star Talent Show Story
On Friday, I mentioned that I got a call about the Box Star Talent Show. I turned it down because I wasn't available. On Saturday, another person called again but I had to tell them I wasn't available plus I was busy helping others at the Expo. I had to get off the phone quick. Believe it or not they called me again on Sunday. This call was by the first person who called on Friday but he couldn't remember what I told him. At this point I'm trying to figure what is going on. No body in Hollywood ever calls back when you tell them your not available. This time they told me they had additional auditions on Monday & Tuesday. 

At this point I needed to know more about the project. He said something about TV and I said I thought it was on the internet. He said its going to be on MSNBC and America will vote who is the star. I then told him I really don't have any special talents I'm on a quest to become a late night talk show. He said, "Then write a monologue." That's all I needed to hear. Nevertheless, I ended up not writing a monologue. I wrote a poem and its probably one of the best poems I have ever wrote. I haven't wrote poetry in so long that I forgot that poetry could be considered one of my talents. It must have been meant to be, because an actor I know in L.A. sent me a video of himself doing poetry a few days before.  Somehow my flow for writing poetry quickly started to flow. My creative roots are in poetry. I love this poem so much. Yes, of course its about my quest. I'll share more about the poem next week.

So whats really going on? 
Let me explain whats happening to me write now. Its the basic principles of the law of attraction. As I was giving advice to young man about acting, I told him what I did wrong with Oprah's Your Own show contest. Which was putting all my eggs in one basket. Then I told him the analogy most guys will may understand. 

For most guys there is a period of time when girls won't even look their way twice. Then suddenly the moment you find a girl, a whole much of girls want them.  That's the law of attraction.

I'm hot right now and the universe is spreading the heat and attracting sources from all over. Its almost magical. All of a sudden I'm getting phone calls from everyone. As long as this email is, I'm skipping so much details because I'm running low on time. 

Is it possible that week 12 could be better than week 11? (Since I'm writing this during week 12... Looka here, looka here)

I am really lost for words. Remember this week started off empty and within one day I had 3 auditions, 1 infamous phone call (be patient and I played celebrity at the expo for the weekend. 

To God be the glory. 

What will happen next on The Quest of a Late Night Talk Show? 
Will Motown Maurice seal the deal? 
Will Motown Maurice break big?

Tune in next post.

As the quest continues... 

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. So what's the deal here Motown? You look like you're in heaven...Lol

  2. Motown!
    This is becoming a Drama Series! I am left hanging on by the skin of my teeth, sitting on the edge of my chair, eyes stretched wide waiting for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! You killing me!
    I am so happy that you are in better spirits and the universe is coming together fr you. I will stay close to my computer waiting for the next episode!
    Your Stalker Fan!

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  7. I see that u are on your way n i wanted to wish u the best on everything u do n i believe n you n if anyone can make it u can

  8. Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like a break through is coming. Sending positive vibes your way!!


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