Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog Boy Has Fans

Post Represents: Friday, March  25, 2011

Since day 137 February 4th I've been performing every Friday night (Except one canceled show) in the The Vampire Masquerade as Dog Boy. Dog Boy is a love/hate type of character but I have learned to love him mostly and have fun with it. The most inspiring part of the experience is the love I receive after the show. Just about after every show, audience members always come up to me telling me how much they enjoyed my performance.

Some actors/actresses who have seen the play with other casts tell me that I'm the best Dog Boy they seen in a long time. Its all very encouraging and wonderful to receive such compliments ad be recognized. Below are a few people who showed me some love after my performance today.

Fellow cast member Adriana Barba, Motown Maurice, Natalie & Tyler. Dog Boy Fan.

Fellow cast member Elizabeth Rogers, Motown Maurice & her aunt. Dog Boy fans.

The last show is on April 1st. Stay tuned for the last report. 

 As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

 Motown Maurice

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