Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Last Free Class - The Space Acting Group 3

March 23, 2011, yesterday (day 184) marked the last day of the free acting class I started on week 24 day 164  Read: ...Some of The Best Things in Life are FREE  Those that know me, are aware that I wouldn't end this chapter without taking a picture. There are a few other people missing because they couldn't make it unfortunately. Fortunately the couldn't make it because they had an audition to attend to. Hopefully, I'll get a picture with them later and come back and post it.

There were a lot of great moments today. The best moment was when the whole class presented our teacher with a few personalized thank you gifts. The way it happened was classic. I literally thought of the idea seconds before. I interrupted the class and told Mr. Allen Levin that the class worked on a scene together. Since I didn't have time to tell the class I'll be calling them all on the stage most of them was looking at me crazy. We all basically did a improv scene called, "Weeks, Months & Years After The Class." The premise was that we were all successful in our careers because of the class and we finally met up for our potluck. Within the skit we talked about our success and realized that we never thanked our teacher, Allen Levin.

As a result, we jumped into a huddle, I ran in the back got the gifts and then we presented it to him. I think it turned out pretty well. He wasn't expecting it and was very thankful.

This last class was a great and marked the beginning of a new chapter in my quest. I'll be attending the Thursday's classes now. Check out the pictures below. 

The Space Acting Group 3 featuring Motown Maurice

Allen Levin's The Space Acting Group 3 featuring Motown Maurice.
These 4 free classes when by so fast. For those of you who missed the opportunity, don't worry Allen Levin will be offering more. You can contact him here and tell him Motown sent you. Don't forget to mention my name.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. Hi Motown,
    Thanks again for always being the one who always remembers to take the group pictures, and for organizing things. And for being so quick with getting the pictures to us. You're precious!

  2. Great stuff, Motown!

  3. You guys rocked!
    I so enjoyed having all of you.
    So far you are the MOST productive 4 week class I have ever taught!! Bravo!!

  4. Hey Everyone,

    I just opened the gifts. THANK YOU for all the notepads and pens. I will use them to help bring artists closer to their dreams.

    Thanks for the discount card and the white-wash weekly planner and all else that was included.

    The scene you guys put on was so fun. I will remember it.

    Also - for each one of you that included a thank you card, I truly appreciate your words.

    I'm excited to share in all of your inspiration as you advance through the levels of your professional careers.

    Just remember: The only way to fail is to quit. Just keep taking step after step and soon you'll be in a place where you have surpassed your initial dreams and your dreams have grown as well.

    Love and support,

    Allen Levin

  5. Motown how are you? I want you to know everything you put your hands to is blessed. Motown you're a blessing and I know your dreams is a success, remember those words and you have a Jesus fill day.


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