Friday, April 1, 2011

Judgment Month Is Over. Now Whats Next?

March 2011 is officially over. AKA March Month of Madness. The Ultimatum Month. The Biggest Woe Month. I'm Demanding Results in March Month. The Where Will I Be in April When March Is Over Month.

Well, now that April has arrived I guess the April fools joke is on me. If you read the links you will notice that I took the approach writing out the demands of what I desired to happen by the end of March. None of my demands are foreseen at the moment, so I can either say that it didn't work or they are in a working process.

The challenge of not knowing where my near  future existence has been extended but Judgment leers near by. I'm either back to the drawing board or waiting to receive the drawing board that I already designed. I think I sent it in for framing.

In my latest adventure with X-Factor I wrote about how hard I been trying and that there is a such thing as trying to hard. All I know is that there is a new adventure waiting for me and I feel good about it. As fun as it was putting these demands over my head, its best to have fun with them. Its always good to aim for something and that's basically what I did and what I have always done.

As I usher in April I'm not going to write or focus on the inevitable challenges that lies ahead or put a time limit on myself. Better yet, I need to stop creating unnecessary judgment scenario's. I'm going to enjoy every aspect of my journey and celebrate. I'm blessed and I want to do whatver I can to keep attracting blessings.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

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