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Week 6 Review: Accident to Destiny? Early Voting Begins Now!!!

Greetings everyone. Week 6 is what I call a mini rollercoaster week. In some ways I felt like I was losing focusing on my quest. Then again, sometimes its okay to leave the farming tools behind and just work with your bare hands. As long as you get the seeds planted. Before I get into detail about week 6, I have to provide you a some more details about week 5 day 34

Remember I wrote about the editing/job opportunity with the film distrubution company? I wouldn't call it a job. It's more like subcontracting work. The name of the company is called A1 Media Distribution. They also own the casting services company. Which is called AB Casting. Al Media Distribution basically distributes independent films all over the world. From what I've learned foreign countries love American films and there is much money to be made in the right market. On Wed, November 3, 2010, A1 Media Distribution will be representing over 100 films at The American Film Market. There will be thousands of buyers from overseas ready to purchase these films. 

While I was there on day 34, I was asking several questions to fully understand the process. Then shortly before I left, it dawned on me. I have a documentary that I created back in 2006 and its just collecting dust. Its called Echoes of a Dream: The Historical & Spiritual Perspective of the Civil Rights Movement. I've honestly became bitter about it over the years. After the completion of Echoes of a Dream, I believe that's when I started to realize the word "community" isn't necessarily a good word (That's another post. Lets keep it moving).
Moreover, here is the trailer of Echoes of a Dream.

Echoes of a Dream was the last thing on my mind when I came to L.A. As a matter of fact I didn't even bring a copy with me. Thus, I told them about my documentary and they said "Yes we represent documentaries can you bring it in." I later called my mom and had her send her copy ASAP. The potential and development of the resurrection of Echoes of a Dream will be described in the days below. 

Day 35 = Sunday, October 24, 2010

*Happy birthday roommate

*Saturday Night leading into Sunday morning while celebrating my roommates birthday (At the club and Denny's) I got an epiphany to write a movie and possibly distribute it through A1 Media. (I was literally writing down ideas in the middle of the club. One lady said to me, "Now who writes down stuff in the middle of a party. What are you writing?") It would be called The Quest of a Late Night Talk Show Host, The Movie. It would be a comedy movie based on a true story.

* Stayed home and used the computer all day.

* Later that night I discovered vocabulary tutorials on youtube and planned to start using them soon.

Day 36 = Monday, October 25, 2010

* Arrived at A1 Media around 9am and left at 12pm to do some audience work at Sony Pictures.

* I made a quick $40.00 sitting in the audience for a pilot show called People's Choice.

* All I had to do was sit in the audience and clap my hands off and on for 3 hours but it took 2 hours going and 2 hours coming on the bus. The traveling made it not worth it.

In the complex on the way to the studio
* Arrived back at A1 media and started putting in some more editing work on some trailers.

Day 37 = Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Billboard Film & TV Music Conference

* I started volunteering with the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference. (Alshante from Tampa, which is involved with Billboard found out I would was in L.A. from my business partner William Sanders and she contacted me. Thank you Alshante!).

* Myself and a few other volunteers spent a few hours packing bags with goodies.

* I returned to Al Media and put in a few more hours editing. 

* A1 Media Distribution saw the trailer of Echoes of a Dream and the loved it.

Day 38 = Wednesday, October 27, 2010

* Today started out rough. I knew I had a credit card payment due but I had -$10.00 in my business account.I had to transfer my last $200 from my personal account over to my business. I also had to acknowledge the fact that I won't be able to pay my credit card bills anymore. At least I won't be able to for a while. Since April I've been diligent about paying my bills. It many cases I didn't know how I was going to do it but I did. Now the challenge has caught up with me. Sorry creditors, I've tried. 

* First day of Billboard's conference. Volunteered from 8am - 5ish. (As the day went by I realized that this conference is mainly a music focus. Such as how to get your music into TV and movies). 

*  Even though I'm not a musician, I found some of the social media advice refreshing. In addition to a few conversations I had with the other volunteers I started to mentally redirect some of my near future plans towards social media again (I'll share with you in my week 6 evaluation below). 

If you've always wondered how music supervisors select songs, here is a prime example. At this workshop, people submitted CD's for a chance to have their music critiqued live, on stage, by some of the top music supervisors in the business. Check out these videos if you have a great interest in music

Part 1

Part 2

* Echoes of a Dream came in the mail by the way of my mom (Thanks Ma!). 
* My roommate and I later attended the conference opening party at Hunny Pot in North Hollywood.

* Someone in the club recognized me from on day 16 at the L.A castings mixer. His name is Irving. When I realized who he was I showed him my new filer and he said, "You got what it takes man! Your going to make it." Then out of no where, this guy started praying for me in the middle of the club, asking God to guide, protect me and show me the way. That was deep. Thanks Irving. I really appreciate it.

* I started passing out my fliers and one person Irving introduced me to told me my marketing material was really nice.

* A1 Media informed me about another deferred paying editing job they booked for me. Which is great but I'm not sure when the payment will come in though

Day 39 = Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meeting Carson Daily

* Today was a day to look forward to. Billboard had on their schedule a work shop with Carson Daly. He is a fairly nontraditional late night talk show host on NBC. His show is called Last Call with Carson Daly. Two volunteers encouraged me to ask him a question. Since one of them named Lisa was handling the microphones she told me she'll make sure to get it to me when the time comes around.

* Carson started speaking with his music producer Davis after 11:30am. First he gave a brief history of his show. I was so focused on what he was saying at first, I forgot to record it. He basically spoke about how much his show changed over the years. He started off trying to be like the traditional late night night shows but none of it really worked for him. His passion persevered and finally after 10 seasons he is now focusing on music. Which is what he loves most. Now his show is in more of a documentary style format then anything else.  

* Here are some of the things he spoke about:


* Most of the workshop he was taking questions from an instant texting service. Somehow people in the audience would send a text to a certain number and it would appear on these big screens. I figured just in case if they didn't have time to pass around the microphone I would send a text. This is what my text said. "I'm on an epic quest to host my own nationally syndicated late night talk show. Can you share some advice on how I break in?"

* For some reason Metro PCS wouldn't allow me to send the text.

* I used one of the other volunteers phone to send the text but it never posted. At that point I figured someone denied it and I didn't care to ask the question anymore. I new it was a music focus conference so maybe the question was out of place.

* Then towards the last 5 or 10 min's someone suggested to pass the microphone around. Lisa told me to sit down and before you know it she came up to me with the mic. I was the first person to ask a question. (Thanks Lisa)

* I didn't ask the question the way I initially pictured myself. I didn't even say my name. Terrible! I said, "Greetings, my question isn't particularly about music but I'm considering hosting my own late night talk show one day. Can you share some advice (I know that was so weak of me.)

* Carson responded saying, "Go to TBS." Everyone laughed for a little and then Carson continued on by saying, "Just keep doing it. Keep doing your thing. Work hard and you will get it." I said thank you and he responded again by saying, "I feel bad because I just gave you horrible advice."

* Indeed the advice was bad but I didn't expect a great answer. Its really a hard question. That's why I'm on a quest. I probably isn't an answer to that question.  

* After the workshop, I got in line to meet him. I told him I apologize because I know that was a difficult question. I showed him my flier, told him what I did in Tampa and that I would love to intern for him. He seemed impressed. He said, "The Future of Late Night, nice." We shook hands and I adjusted over to his music producer. I got his business card and I also gave him a flier. He looked at the flier and looked at me. No words was exchanged. I'm not exactly sure what that look meant but it could mean one of 2 reason ( No more comment).

Carson Daly
* As soon as I got home, I emailed his music producer, told him about my quest, my movie idea and the possibility of working under Carson.

* Carson's music producer is one of the most important contacts I have to date. The only thing that could of made this day better was an immediate reply with interest but that never happens. 

* At this point I started my energy rollercoaster. I started to break into my zone. 

* I was high about my movie then some how my high become low by the end of the day (I was also fighting off the possibility of catching a cold. I did win the fight by the way.)

* As excited as I was about making the movie. The realization of the necessity of money was the only way it was going to be done right. 

* The plan then became to focus on distributing Echoes of a Dream and then using the profit to finance the movie.

* Later that night I found Carson and Davis on Facebook and sent them a message. Still no reply. 

Day 40 = Friday, October 29, 2010

* Worked most of the day at A1 Media Distribution.

* Actors Access (another popular company that provides work for talent) called me and told me what I need to do get my video uploaded. The person who called is named Micheal and he told me he looked me up and checked out my stuff. He told me he liked my stuff, congrats, keep pushing. Your going to get there."

* My USF African Student Association friend Jennifer texted me stating she had a dream I had a my own talk show on NBC.  The immediate day after I met Carson Daly and his producer. How ironic.  

Day 41 = Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wipeout Process

Now this is a day I plan to soon follow up with a breaking news report soon. I auditioned for another game show. As most of you know I auditioned for a game show on day 25.  It didn't go well. Since I have another game show audition to tell you about I will reveal the name of the show from day 25. It was a game show called "Minute To Win It."  Now you know. I'm so past that audition but now I have a new game show audition to keep secret from you.

This audition in particular I filled out an application for August of 2009 while I was in Tampa and September of this year. While in Tampa, I wasn't even thinking about L.A. however I did start thinking outside of the box then. I was in my "If something happened or waiting for something to happen state of  mind.  I also figured a reality show or a game show could be my way out.

I when I was notified about this audition through L.A. Castings, I had to debate about it. It was in San Diego. Which is over 4 hours away by taking the Subway, Amtrak and light rail. Google maps gave me easy directions plus my I was happy to know my game show application was still on file. As a result, I decided to do it.

I mentioned on week 5 about my own system for paying for transportation (I'll tell you about that another time) however, since I was on new grounds I didn't use my system for Amtrak. I was really hoping the Amtrak tickets were not expensive but for me they were. It was $31.00 each way. Remember a Tuesday, I was in the negative. Furthermore, I purchased a one way ticket in hopes of possibly creating a system on the way back.

This is what I look like when I have to pay $31.00 for a train with money that I don't have.
When I arrived I had trouble finding the place. I walked up and down the streets. No body knew where it was. I'm getting concerned because I don't like to be anywhere late. The time range to arrive was 11am-3pm. It was near 2pm and I still couldn't find the place.One person told me its on the other side of the street, possibly in the mall. I got lost some more, asked a few people and no body knew. Then, I used my cell phone to looked it up and I found out its a restaurant in the mall. Someone else told me where to go and I was on my way. 

When I arrived, I saw a line of mostly weird people outside and a young lady signing people in at her table. I knew I was at the right place because the name of the game show was on her hat. I got in line and started to think out side the box. I didn't have any costumes with me but I had some drum sticks and my son Mr. Chill was with me in my bag. However, there was something consistent about some of the people in line. They all had a small sticker their chest. I over heard  a conversation and got the impression that interviews are over and you have to sign up for another date.

At this point saying to myself, "Are you serious!!" I traveled and spent all this money for nothing." I even said something in that nature to another person next to me. When it was my turn to sign up, I asked the girl if I had to also fill out one of the sheets that everyone else seem to have filled out. She said, "No, just pick a date and schedule an appointment." I did all that and decided to stick around and observe my surroundings. While I was on line I kept hearing people shouting with lots of energy. Then I noticed someone from the game show interviewing a group of 5. She asked  a few questions they answered and told 3 out of the 5 to go sign in at the same table I signed in at. The others were asked to go home.

That same process took place again with another person. Then I realized, I totally skipped the first interview by accident. I completely didn't know I was in the wrong line. Honestly, I'm really glad that happened for a few reasons. The main reason is because I had a chance to over hear one of the most important questions that I probably would of screwed up on. That question was, "What would you do with all the money if you won?" Believe me when I tell you some of the answers I heard was horrible. Some said, "If I won, I'm going to Disney World. Another said, "If I won I would throw a big party and invite you and everyone."

I probably would not have mentioned starting a talk show because I tried that on day 25 and concluded that I might of been too ambitious for these show.  I think I was wrong. After viewing a few 1st round auditions I decided to take chance and talk to the young lady I signed in. I literally asked her, can you share anymore advice other than coming with a lot of energy. She gave great advice then genuinely answered all of my questions. After a question or two she said, "You just jumped in line didn't you. You didn't even do the first interview." I told her I didn't know I was in the wrong line and I was struggling trying to find the place. I'm not even from around here. She said, "That's okay, we should of had a sign up anyway."

Her advice was great and it gave me a visual of what to expect. In the 2nd interview I'll be video taped and the casting producers will be there making the decisions. She encouraged me to talk about my talk show because the want to see the winners use the money to start big things like their own show. I was right about one she said. The casting producers stray away from actors because they might not be themselves on camera.
They don't want anyone acting on their shows.

She even told me it was okay to show them my flier. She was great (Thank you).  Now I'm ready to take this audition on Monday, November 8th. I plan to book this one. There is no maybe's or if's about it. Sorry you will still have to wait for my official confirmation before I tell you.

On the way to the train, I returned a call from my USF Total Praise friend Judith. She called with interest about L.A. and it evolved into a prophetic phone call. She began to tell me stuff like, "I know you heard this before but your going to get what you want. I see you getting your talk show and doing greater and bigger things. You have always been a go getter and I see your not going to let nothing stop you. You going to make it."

When she was done staying that, she had to be exhausted because I felt power in every word she said. Yes, I have heard messages like that before but not quite the way she said it (Thank you very much Judith). In addition to her prophecy over my life. She also shared her newest desires to relocate to L.A. and also achieve greatness. In all sincerity I shared with her all the best advice I could at that moment. She's not the first person to be inspired by what I'm doing and she certainly won't be the last.

My primary purpose on this earth is to inspire, help people and improve the lives of others. Which is why I want to be late night talk show host. As a host, I can inspire and entertain at the same time. Judith as we agreed, all you have to do is make a decision. As well as you see success in my future I also see it within you. As well as everyone around you. Most of the time people can see someone's gift before you know you have one. Family and friends will tell you over and over that you have a gift. Or you have talent, but we ourselves have to make a decision. All of this has brought Judith to the edge. Judith you will know when its time to jump. When you jump, God will make sure you land safely. Just jump.

My day ended with a great blessing. There was no where to pay for the train outside and I was told you pay for the train inside. I entered in the back end and went into the bathroom. After I sat down, someone passed by and asked me if I had a ticket. It told him, "I didn't know where to pay, I thought you could pay inside." He said, "You can't pay outside but that's okay I'll come back to you." He put a tag above my seat and never asked me about my ticket or paying again. Praise the lord. I would of had to pay another $31.00.

This is me smiling on a free train ride home.
Check out California's beautiful scenery. There are mountains like this everywhere.

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Week 6 Evaluation 

What exactly is a big break? Everyone is always talking about finding "that big break." For the first 4 weeks in L.A. I was looking for the big break and the easy way out. I completely avoided my true gifts, which are to lead, envision and create. Now that I'm completely intact with the path that I must take, I've realized no matter what happens there will be no break or easy way out for me.

Instead of a big break, most likely an opportunity will arise that will be better described as a catalyst. As for the easy way out, there is not such thing. If you decide to be great and successful all be prepared to embrace intense challenge. Some challenges will subside, new ones will arrive and some will make return in different forms.

On another note, I have decided to retract one of my announcements I made on my 30 day quest evaluation. I said to The Boss I will start the recruitment and rebuilding The Motown Maurice and my new team on Nov 1st. Instead, I have need to stop avoiding the elephant in the room. Instead I will being my social media campaign. I need to first focus on building my audience. Most importantly I have to send American a message. 


Motown Maurice Presents: The Future of Late Night Campaign

Official Launch Date: November 2, 2010

Official End Date: When Motown Maurice has his own nationally syndicated late night talk show. 

Vote Early: Begins now. Vote by "Liking" the link below.

Together we can save late night. Please stay tuned for more details.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. A day we've all been waiting for. Yayyyyyyy! What a journey! You'll look back and smile. Miss ya!

  2. Def remember that pad and pen everywhere- regardless of how "event inappropriate" it was lol.

    got me feelin like a celeb with the honorable mention!

  3. Motown! This is by far to me, is the most profound and entertaining blogs of them all, as well as informative full of epiphanies and insight. I love the statement you made about not expecting a "Big Break" anymore, and that you realize that every encounter, lead, appointment, audition, contact, free bus ride, every experience becomes a catalyst to your ultimate goal, to Host a Late Night Talk Show. I was thinking that since I am your "Stalker Fan", I felt that I should be privy to early announcements and information others do not have access to yet! Then I realize, every Fan is special and requires all of your attention just like I do. Therefore I will have to wait just like everyone else for the Big Announcement on November 2nd.! I will make that sacrifice. Keep pressing forward Motown.Tampa Bay is so proud of you!!

  4. Motown!!! Wow, I went back to your post on October 30, 2010 and there I was! I definitely have to say, after reading your blogs I feel like your story will become a big reader in the future because you have the who, what, when, and where in it. You've spoken about things people have questioned and maybe too afraid to ask and things people have wanted to do and were too afraid to do. I'm glad you're not letting anything stop you. I can SEE and HEAR your don't understand how motivating that is to others. As mentioned on your blog, I too want to move to LA and of course after speaking to you I received a lot of info that could help me and after reading your blogs, I definitely have a feel for what I should be prepared for. Although I'm pursuing other dreams, I feel like your journey can relate to a lot of people and that's why I feel like your book in the future will be a great seller; speaking about then and now. I didn't think I motivated you that much but I'm glad I did. I really meant it Motown...because of your persistency, your drive, your bravery, your passion, you continuing to be a go getter and not letting the closed doors stop you, I can see your future in late night television. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WILL SMITH VIDEO. If anyone reading this comment hasn't seen it, please take a look at it. After watching the video, I've become even more motivated and driven. I've actually set a date for my move to LA now. Thanks Motown for your encouragement and your help. Something you said stood out to me. I can stay here and accept and/or thank people for their compliments and hearing a thousand times that I've got what it takes to be an model/actress, but if I don't go somewhere where I can do something about it, I'll just continue eating up all the great compliments and wasting my talents and skills. (Of course I paraphrased it). I truly appreciate you Motown and I can't wait to see where God takes you. One day we'll be looking back and saying "Remember when...." It will ALL pay off.

  5. You are truly being guided by the right place within your heart, which is the place where your higher power lives. YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED! Things as small as getting candy thrown to you during intermission (their way of keeping you excited and his way to feeding his hungry child to keep him focused) to things as big as a free expensive hair or train ride home. Man, people stand outside all by the FREEway with a sign stating that they are hungry and/or need a ride and come up with nothing. Instead of standing still waiting for help you go hard day in and day out. You started walking towards your destination and people can see your determination to get there. That makes it that much easier to help. You belonged in the line that you was standing in just like you belong in LA...I don't have anything critical to say because you are a extraordinary brother. You are definitely marking your territory everywhere you go. You probably won't have a "big break" You will "BREAK BIG". Soon the world would know the guy with the high top fade by the name of Motown Maurice ;-) I wish you well on the 8th.

  6. This is great Motown, stay focused and your dreams will come TRUE!

    Ivy B.


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