Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Radio Interview with The Red Viking Show

On day 176 I had the honor of being a guest on The Red Viking Show . Hosted by Eric Erickson and Meggan Anderson. They are both comics who discusses headlines or whatever is rattling around their heads through podcast. With irreverence and laughter as well as comedy bits and sketches. Throughout the show Eric & Meggan has their audience shaking their head and asking “What are they going to say next?”

On day 163 (March 1, 2011) I was searching Craigs List as I normally do and I found their ad stating that they were looking for guests. I emailed them right away. They responded the next day and the history lies beneath us. This is definitely an Craigs List epic achievement. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As I said, to Eric and Meggan this is the first of many interviews to come. The Red Viking Show is just one of the components of  their cave. The Temple of The Cave to be exact.

When I arrived, I walked into a full pledge studio. I sure wasn't expecting to see so much. Every cubic feet of their large and spacious 8th floor studio was enriched with vibrant creative energy. They have a wardrobe, photography area, podcast station, book publishing department and much more. Its a heaven for any artistic person.

Eric and Maggen have a great vision that will soon grow into something larger then they ever imagined. They support Motown Maurice, in return lets also support these guys. Here are a few of their links.

Website: The Temple of The Cave

Facebook: The Temple of The Cave

Facebook: The Red Viking Show

Now check out my interview below.



Eric Erickson, Motown Maurice & Meggan Anderson: The Red Viking Show

Motown Maurice on The Red Viking Show. Seen is Meggan Anderson. Not seen is Eric Paul Erickson
To listen to the full show episode click here:

For other episodes click here

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  1. Pamela Y. Robinson, Esq.March 28, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    Motown, I was very impressed with your interview and Eric and Meaggan seemed genuinely impressed also. You were articulate and well-spoken as well as humourous at times, the right times I might add.
    I am proud to walk this journey with you. Keep on doing whatcha doing...planting seeds and before you know it you are going to reap the benefits in a great way.

  2. Not only were you a great guest, but a great person all around. Your charisma was great! Best of luck with everything! - Meggan Anderson


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