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The Pursuit of a Limitless Entertainer Part 2

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The day of X-Factor auditions was long and tedious. I layed down around 12am and couldn't fall asleep. So instead of trying to sleep, I spent the whole morning getting ready. I was basically working off of 3-4 hours of sleep from Friday night. In deed, I was tired but at the moment it seemed like a good idea to get ready instead of forcing myself to sleep.

I left my house around 2:50am with a heavy bag, my shirt/jacket on a hanger, a folding chair and my umbrella. The weight of all those items bared a burden throughout my whole body but I keep my eyes on the prize.

I caught the bus I desired and arrived at the LA Sports Arena when there was only a few people visible. Within the next 30mins to an hour a floods of people stood out. I guess we all thought we were wise by showing up early. Unfortunately, it didn't make a difference whether we arrived at at 1am or at 8am. The audition order were based on the tickets we received the day before.

What a waste of time. I should of stayed my behind home and slept. At the least, I'm glad I brought a chair with me. The majority of the early birds stood up for hours pointlessly. I slept uncomfortably in my chair with nothing to lean on. My poor neck was whipping back and forth. 

Don't tell any one but that leopard cloth Motown Maurice has on is a Snuggie.
I could write in great detail about every last moment that took place at the audition. Or I could post a whole bunch of behind the scenes footage of parts of the process. However, that would be pointless. I already wasted enough time trying to be all punctual. So I'll spare you the hoopla and get to the results. 

They probably started letting people in after 10am. In the middle of the arena there was over 30 booths filled with producers and Sony executives interviewing individual people. Organizers called out groups of people out according to their tickets. Then one by one people walked into a booth. The decision process took about 1 min or so. If I'm not mistaken I finally auditioned around 1pm in  booth 12. Nevertheless, I came in, he asked me a few questions, I sang the song as planned and he said, "Thank you but its going to be a no." I said thank you and I walked out smiling as I did when I came in.

I could imagine that he probably thought I was crazy singing my Day-O song. I even saw his eyes drifted a few times. Regardless of what he thought, I made a choice, did what I set out to do and believe it or not I'm still believe I'm the X-Factor. Plus, I got to take this cool picture with Pepsi afterward. Check me out.

My Pepsi X Factor Audition Photo

Pepsi should pay Motown Maurice to be their spokes person.
Final Thoughts

As soon as I was told "No" I took a small deep breath and set my mind towards the next one. It truly didn't brother me at all. There was one thought that stood out in my mind shortly after I left. I thought a lot about how hard I tried for this. The preparation, the clothes, the vocal lessons... I'm not saying preparation is unnecessary but most of my advancements in life came without me trying so hard. I do believe there is a such thing as trying too hard.

I put a lot of effort into advancing in X-Factor because of what I wrote in March Month of Madness Begins Now or what I wrote here Worst Case Scenario, I Become The X-Factor

On the way home, I picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken and slept the night away. I'm trully not worried about it the "No." As I sat in the arena waiting my turn I felt happy for everyone who got the gold ticket for the next round. Each person left their booth with joy and some left in tears of happiness. Other left in tears of sadness. The winners really wanted it and I'm happy for them. They deserve it. Me, well... I'm an opportunist entertainer seeking all possibilities.  

Through it all,  I'm not worried at all. I have my imagination and the wheels in my mind hasn't stopped turning. As a matter of fact its turning more precisely now. Yes, I'm on the edge and there is a lot about my future I would like to know. On the other hand, Doc Brown from Back To the Future would say, "It means that your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is what you make it. so make it a good one." 

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As the quest continues...

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  1. I see ya Mo! Stay motivated my brother!

  2. Read your blog and caught up with what you're doing. I'm really proud of you and I just wanted to send some positivity your way. You are on your path. ;)

  3. I truly know the feeling. I've come to realize that I always try to hard, as well. Lately, I've learned to just let go and let God and when I do I get better results. I'm glad you figured that out. Now all you have to do is do it. Try focusing on something else and watch how things turn out. You'll be just fine.

  4. I forgot to mention. I love the pictures and your choice of clothing.


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