Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 5 Review: Chris Brown Music Video Premiere, My New Film Distribution Team & More

Greetings to all of my faithful followers. It has been a few days since my last post. After my day 30 evaluation of my quest, I had to evaluate how I'm going to further the use of this blog. I enjoyed my blog vacation and now I have decided that I will  have to significantly change the pace up for now. I've spent a lot of time on this blog and I know as a fact things are about to get very busy for me. As a result, I have established a new system so you can keep up with my progress.

I'm going post a weekly update showcasing bullet points of what I accomplished during the week, on Sunday's. Some weeks I'll have a mid week update. Everyday I'm planting seeds everywhere I go. Some  seeds grow and a lot of seeds won't. Its not necessary for me to write about each seed I plant. Thus, when one of my seeds grow significantly, I will give you a full and detailed explanation of its story. Pending on when that happens, I may post a breaking news report.

I hope you all understand. Here are some bullets of you missed so far. By the way thank you all for your comments. Please keep it coming.

Day 31 = Wednesday, October 20, 2010

* Attended the Black Women’s Lawyers Networking Mixer with my roommate.

* During the introduction segment of the program I informed the group about the planning and recruitment of the 2nd season of my show. (That felt pretty good and received a great response)

Day 32 = Thursday, October 21, 2010

* Chris Brown’s Yeah 3X music video featuring Motown Maurice has been released.

* I am seen about 16 times on the left hand side.

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Day 13 in L.A. (Chris Borwn - Yours Truly - Yeah x3)

* Since the video release I've received 2 emails, 1  message on my FaceBook wall & at least 1 phone call. 

* As a result of money running low, I decided to strategize using Craigs List to find extra and audience work.

* Found an ad looking for extra work and went in for an interview/audition.

* I was suggested some advice and asked to return with 3 more head shots the next day.

* Contemplated on not paying credit card bills anymore, to save money.

* Decided to try out for another game show next weekend. Game show name to be announced.

* Started walking with my pocket dictionary to avidly focus on building my vocabulary at any given time.

Day 33 = Friday, October 22, 2010

* Returned to the location and turned in my 3 head shots as requested.

* Booked some audience work for Monday. 

* Reluctantly made a payment towards Bank of America credit card.

* Decided to create my own system of paying for pubic transportation to save some extra money (no more comment).

Day 34 = Saturday, October 23, 2010

* Found an ad looking for MOVIE EXTRAS WANTED for ROMANTIC and ACTION Motion Picture and went in for a meeting.

* The interview went well.

* 10mins later as I was walking toward the train station and another person from the same company called me back with interest about my show. (She noticed my flier)

* I went in, showed them my demo and they all laughed with excitement.

* They found out about my editing abilities and was basically offered a differed payment job editing movie trailers.

* After a full explain of what they did, I ended up finding out that they are also a film distribution company (Imagine a big yellow light bulb over my head right now).

* I was offered food and stayed an additional 3-4 hours getting acclimated to my new team learned a lot about they do. (I'll share more in due time)

* Ended the night celebrating my roommates birthday at a club and later eat breakfast at Denny’s.

I hope you all enjoyed my week 5 update.

Pray one of these seeds grow.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. I am sooooooooooo proud of you. You looked like you had a lot of fun in the video. Wow! You truly inspire me. Keep striving! I see you at the top.

  2. Motow!
    The story is simple. A farmer sows seed in a field:
    Some seed falls on the paths, and the birds quickly eat it. Some seed falls where there are rocks, and not much soil. Plants grow quickly, but soon the sun dries them. There is not enough soil, and the plants die. Some seed begins to grow in a place where there are too many weeds. The weeds stop the growth of the plants, and the plants die.But other seed falls on good ground. So, the plants grow well. The farmer has a harvest from these plants.
    Your Harvest begun when you first hit the pavement in L.A. Congratulations on the New Job!! Oh, and the Chris Brown Video..I was looking for you the entire video! I see you back there in the front row doing ya thang!
    Penny in Sunny Tampa

  3. Really excited for you. Keep up the good work. Much love.

  4. Wow! A very cool vedio, and you are in the front of course. Cool moves Motown! I wish you much success and without a doubt a couple of seeds will grow

  5. You go big brother!!! When you make it to the top!!! Do not forget the little people.

    The Wicked ONE


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