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Week 20 Review: Tis The Season to have a Manager, Be Tipsy or become a Blood Thirsty Vampire?

Another week has gone by and it's time for another blog. Now I have to evaluate how to document and measure the success of week 20. I could write this post with 1 or 3 angles. The fact that I may have a manager, how much I enjoyed being tipsy on Tuesday or my opening performance in the Vampire Masquerade but the reality of this week did not bring forth any great results to brag about. At least in my opinion. The most positive thing I can say is that I planted some seeds. More seeds. I'm not content. I'm still constantly thinking hard, brain storming and restlessly trying to find ways to stay busy each day each week. At the same time I'm always aware that noting good least forever. Cousin Time is never too far behind. 

I won't write to much. I'll make bullet points and if the seeds grow I will link it back to where I panted it.

Day 133 = Sunday, January 30, 2011

* Woke up to rain this morning. Maybe it means blessing. :-/

* I attended a financial meeting that I was invited to by a random guy on the train on day 132. Nothing special for me. I'm not an insurance salesman.

* Relaxed the mind to prepare for the new week with Redbox hits. The American and Alpha & Omega. The American wasn't very good.

Day 134 = Monday, January 31, 2011

* On day 131 I was notified about an audition at Warner Brothers. Since it was a valuable audition and I got the sides in advance I connected with my agents daughter for audition coaching. I learned a lot from her. 

* Arrived late of Vampire Rehearsal.

* Got a hair cut.

* Formed the fool at improv class. I went on a hugging spree. Long story.

Day 135 = Tuesday, February 1, 2011

* Woke up early and naturally feeling good. I also found joy in playing one of R Kelly's hit songs Happy People a lot. 

* On my way to my Warner Brothers audition I noticed people getting ready for a Hollywood star ceremony for Adam Sandler. He got his Hollywood star today.

This is the best picture I was able to get on a moving bus. I believe that's Kevin James on the podium and Adam Sandler behind him. I'm sure you can find better pictures on the web.

* Guy this guy on the bus said I looked like Eddie Murphy. That's funny. The day before someone on the train said I looked like him when I told him the part I was auditioning for was compared to Eddie Murphy.

* The audition was cool. I believe I'm getting better. I came in with the mind set to be in character some of the time. That didn't work. I was auditioning for a character who played the part as a small time con artist. They compared him to Eddie Murphy from Trading Places. I had this idea to try to con the casting director in a joking way but I didn't do most of my ideas. I did however try to sell the casting director some DVD's before I left. lol, I hope he got the joke. If I get casted I would of a had to relocate to Atlanta.

Warner Brothers... I'll be back. Says Motown Maurice. 
 * Vampire Rehearsal
* I attended the LA Casting Networking Mixer and I thoroughly enjoyed the open bar. You say "tipsy." The last time I was there was in October on day 16 While there I saw someone from my improv class and he gave me a few available tips. He told me about another side Now Casting. I didn't know about it until now.  
* The same night I received an ironic email about high top fades/Atlanta. Is that a sign. lol. Probably not. 

Day 136 = Wednesday, February 2, 2011

* Vampire rehearsal

* Recieved an audition notice for a Boost Mobile commercial.

* Updated my resume some.

* I went ahead and filled out a profile on Now Casting. I also saw a section for managers looking for talent. I emailed a few. I also submitted for a few roles available.
Day 137 = Thursday, February 3, 2011

*  One of the management companies contacted early this morning (the immediate next day) and invited me to an audition the same day.

* The Boost Mobile audition went fast. They took everyone's picture a few time times and that was it.

* Vampire Rehearsal

* The management audition went well. When I arrived and showed her my resume she said, "So your Motown." There was about 10 people there and the owner spent about 3 hours sharing a lot of knowledge about the industry, providing advice on resumes and your companies history. (This is much better than that ridiculous management company I connected with on day 86 . We all had to read a monologue for the audition. At the end of the audition, when everyone else left she gave me some one on one attention. She even showed some interest in my video production skills.

Day 138 = Friday, February 4, 2011

* Vampire Rehearsal

* Another great thing came out of signing up for Now Casting. I submitted for a epic trailer project and I got a call just about the next day from a guy name Paul. He told me there was someone else casting for the project and the didn't choose me. That same person either quit or got fired and then Paul took over. When Paul took over he saw my picture and immediately remembered me from The Show Biz Expo on day 76 & 77 and day 77 part 2. He then said to himself I got to give this guy a call.

He asked if I remembered him but I tried to play it off as if I did. He said that didn't matter and he even gave me priority auditioning for tomorrow. 

They are shooting a trailer. If the trailer does well then they are shooting a pilot. Then if the pilot does well I could be casted to be a part of the show.

* What started off as an accident on day 115, lead to an opening night for The Vampire Masquerade. The place was fairly packed and I was told I did good a good job as "Dog Boy." That's my characters name for the play. 

Its Motown Maurice as "Dog Boy" I'm suppose to be sad in this scene because one of my vampire friends is dying.
Motown Maurice as  Dog Boy. He loves human blood.

Motown Maurice as Doy Boy - Its time for revenge

Motown Maurice - It looks like Dog boy is back to normal
Motown Maurice & Vampire cast. Celebrate good times.
 * I'll post more pictures of others show soon. I have to perform this 7 more Fridays.

Day 139 = Saturday, February 5, 2011

* On day 111 I paid to audition for a casting director at the The Network Studio Workshop. I decided to do it again today with another person. The presenter seemed interesting and he was casting for comedy projects. The cost was only $44 and I think it was worth it. He was cool and shared his contact info. I'll be in touch with him soon.

* Yesterday, I mentioned about the audition today. I arrived at the audition and there was a lot people. waiting. I knew I had priority audition but I didn't want to seem too special. Plus I didn't know where Paul was. Nevertheless, after a few minutes of waiting, Paul arrived and allowed me to skip everyone. The audition was short, good and simple. They even asked me if I'll be available on certain dates. We'll see what happens.

Finals Thoughts

This is pilot season. The prime steak of an actors meal. The idea is to audition and get casted as many pilots as possible. If a network likes the pilot it could get a show deal. If the show gets a deal the cast could get picked up. That is where the the idea of a manager could be exciting. The more representatives on my team the more pilots I can audition for. There is always pro's and con's to every situation but we'll see what happens. Pilot season generally runs from from January to April. Keep me in prayers.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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  1. It was a great show. Highly recommended. My man Motown needed a leash! Great job!!


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