Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 31: Creating and Waiting...

Week 31

Where do I start? Where do I begin? I'm happy to say that I'm not just in the mode of waiting
anymore, I'm now creating more. That's another reason why I enjoy this blog. Its a form of creating. This week and most recently I have definitely created a few things to be proud of.

Day 210 Sunday, April 17, 2011

* I attended a networking event catered to filmmakers. It was called Happy Independence Day. I found out about it through email but I'm not exactly sure how they found me. Overall, the event was cool. I did have the impression it was going to be a lot larger. A few people I spoke to thought the same way but its not about quantity its about quality. I also met a few cool people there. As a matter of fact, my first guest on The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle came from a contact I met here. How sweet is that?!! I arrived with the intentions of finding some guests and I did. There is also a possibility of some other potential interviews from the contacts I met here. Below is a picture of Crystal who is the founder of Happy Independence Day.

Marisela, Crystal & Motown Maurice
 Day 211 Monday, April 18, 2011

* Last Monday, I created The Motown Maurice Shuffle – Hollywood Edition. Exactly one week later, I made an adjustment to the name. Now the show is called The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition.  Adding the word Hustle made a great difference to me. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking at the time but I was in front of my computer and it hit me. Since last week, I kept thinking about the name as if something was missing. Now I'm content. 

Day 212 Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last week, day 208 Friday, April 15th  I mentioned something about a puppet documentary. Yesterday, and I basically told them about the dissolved situation and they called me back. They have been very persistent about interviewing me. I'm done with the person I initially considered doing the project with but I had a friend filled the gap.  I truly believe it happened for the best.

* In preparation of my first blog talk radio interview tomorrow I did a show test with my good friend Kimberly Webb.Thanks Kimberly.

* I have something really cool under development. I found a posting on Craigs List in reference to a radio station that will broadcast shows for free. The radio station is currently located in Chicago and it sound like a great opportunity. The listening audience is pretty large.

* The trailer for H.E.B Studios came out today. I didn't watch it and realize I was in it until Saturday.  Click the link to see the trailer and the story of how it all started:  I Made The Trailer (H.E.B Studios)
Day 213 Wednesday, April 20, 2011

* Ava is my friend that filled the gap for what I spoke about on Tuesday. As you will see below things went well. The handsome guy in the middle is Mr. Chill. I will formally introduce you all to Mr. Chill soon.

Motown Maurice, Mr. Chill & Ava
Motown Maurice, Mr. Chill & Ava

* I had an audition today for a Bing commercial. At the audition they said Bing over and over but I didn't realize it was Microsoft's Bing until Friday. My roommate was telling that I should try to get a commercial gig because of how well they pay. When I heard her say Bing I then realized it was "Bing." It just so happens, I got a call back on Friday and I told her. Its crazy how she realized what it was until she said the name.

The actual audition was in simple office setting. All I had to do wear a suit, sit at a table next to a female worker, look at some papers then poke her with my pen. It was so simple but myself and the other female actor got an amazing reaction. We both looked at each other wondering what we did so special.

As I said, I got the call back on Friday. On Saturday, I had trouble finding the call back information and I had no choice but to plan to arrive super early on Monday. Nevertheless, on Sunday, April 24th) I got an email stating that they canceled the audition. (Booooooo)

* The Chicago radio station I spoke about on Tuesday is called I Voice Radio. I gave them a call today and it went well. Afterward I started brain storming on two five minute spots to send. At first I was planning to finish it today but I decided not to rush it and send it for the next rotation.  

Day 214 Thursday, April 21, 2011

* Today I premiered the official first episode for  The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition. My first guest was Stacey Newsome Santiago It was a great first show. Please check it out.

Getting Personal

I changed the title of this blog a few times while in the process of writing it. At first I was going to reveal in detail a list of personal things that affected me this week but I don't have the energy to write that much detail. Personal factors are always energy draining. That's why I don't engage often. I will highlight a few things but nothing more.


When it comes to personal relationships I don't have many. If I do run into one,  my approach is very similar to how I approach my business endeavors. I believe in the step by step building process. On the contrary when its unable to build anymore I destroy. I recently destroyed one.  If I'm not building I'm destroying. That's just me. It has something to do with the dissolving matter I mentioned on Tuesday. I'm going to leave this discussion right here. It doesn't help my quest and its the story of my life. Very rarely does a person, especially a woman come into my life for a long term basis. C its been cool.  

Focus Factor

Right after the personal conclusion I had to jump into my first interview on my radio show and at times it was hard to stay focused. I'm sure the personal issue had something to do with it, but overall I have to train my mind to be focused on 100% I have a mind that drifts and daydreams often. I even noticed that in all my interviews I've done in Tampa. That's why I'm excited about my radio show, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to fine tune my mind in the position in needs to be in during an interview.

* I attended Lifebook acting class today but I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to be able to attend today. I started emailing my teacher since Sunday/Monday about my financial issues. After a series of emails he made some great suggestions. His suggestions lead to a few great ideas of my own and we basically worked things out. As a result, I know have a leadership position. I'm now an up and coming stage manager.

The desire to Lead

Since I met my acting teacher, I've been a supporter of his vision and I wanted to have a leadership role. Now I'm happy to be in one. I've been in many leadership positions in the past and now I really dislike just sitting and watching. I want to contribute.  In addition, I've been blessed over the years to have so many people support my visions. It humbles me and builds an ever growing desire to support the vision of others. Of my leadership suggestions, one of them is to take non-flash photography pictures of class scenes and start up a Lifebook Acting Facebook page. The response of the page was well received immediately.  Check it out for your self:

* After class myself and a few other students went to a place called CafĂ© 101. My focusing issues affect me so much that my mind wonders off in everyday conversations. I'm not worried about it, I'm going over come my focusing issues. 

Day 215 Friday, April 22, 2011

* I received my first assignment as a stage manager. I was told that it normally takes at least a month before a stage manager receives such an assignment but he said he is confident about it working out. I basically was assigned to to supervise the theatre while it was being renting out. I proudly accepted it.

* I also worked on a new poem with the intentions of airing on I Voice Radio. I'm really excited about it. Stay posted on this one.

Day 216 Saturday, April 23, 2011

* I received a phone call from a Craigs List response for an opportunity to do Stand Up Comedy at a club. They told me they liked my stuff speech (I assume he was talking about a youtube link I sent) and it was free from comics. However, I have to sell tickets. Right... I told him I don't know anymore in LA and I probably wouldn't be able to sell any tickets. The conversation then took a  positive shift when he found out I was from Tampa and I was born in N.Y. He ended the conversation by saying "lets not let the tickets deter you."  He then said we should talk on Monday.

Part of me want to preform stand up now but the other part of me want to wait. I could always put something together but its so soon. Its this upcoming Friday. Note, I have never really did stand up comedy before. Of course I've done monologues for my shows but not full stand up comedy. I'm going to start doing it soon but maybe not now.

* Check me out at my new leadership position as Stage Manager.

Motown Maurice, Stage Manager of Lifebook Acting Academy
Final Thoughts

Creating and Waiting...

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