Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 8 Review: When 1 Door Closes, 2 Doors...

Week 8 Review

Wipeout Results

If I was blogging everyday as I did in the beginning, immediately after Monday's audition I would of posted a blog partly negative entitled: Motown Maurice is Wipeout. If I made the show I would of posted a blog entitled: Motown Maurice is on Wipeout. The wording might of been different nevertheless, I just revealed to you the 2nd big secret game show I auditioned for on Monday, November 8th. Its the crazy yet adventurous reality competition filled with obstacles, better known as Wipeout. 

If you read week 7's review then you know how passionate I was about being apart of this show. If you never seen the show before check out this link: If you read week 6's review then you would know I had a semi premeditated strategy at first but that all changed when I left. As a result, I went into Monday's audition being myself. Representing who I am, as aspiring late night talk show host. That all changed very quickly. Once I finally got called into the room, (my first red flag was how they referenced me) they made me scream out loud for the camera. Energy is an imperative component for this show followed by major silliness. By the time I said, "I'm an aspiring late night talk show host...," they stopped and said I can't say that. I was cut off at least 2 or 3 more times because I kept mentioning my aspirations. As I expected before, most of these game shows are not interested in ambitious individuals. They won't pick anyone who gives the impression they are auditioning just be be on TV.

I had to recollect my thoughts, reintroduce myself with my birth name and answer all the questions thrown at me. I managed to decently answer all the questions but the last question I'm still dumbfounded about. This same question was thrown at me during the Minute To Win it audition on day 25. It was the "What would you do with the money if you won question." Through experience I knew my ambitious answer about creating jobs don't work well with these game shows but it was the best answer I had in my head at the time. When I gave them that answer they asked for me to say something fun and adventurous. I then said I would make a swimming pool out of chocolate and swim in it. In addition to that, I said I would build a house out of candy and take bites out of it every morning when I woke up. Believe it or not that answer was accepted. 

The moment the interview was over I suspected it to be a lost because of all the times I had to start over at the beginning. However, I have to admit I was wrong and didn't realize it at first. One of the interviewers gave me an application and another person guided me into a small room with a few other people inside filling out their applications. This application was long and detailed. I left like I was wasting my time until someone brought to my attention that this room represented the 3rd round. That person also informed me that everyone didn't make it to this application process. She said she saw others being shown the door and told "thank you and we'll be in contact."  Knowing that brought a smile on my face and gave me a little boost to finish the lengthy application.

To make long story short, to my surprise I made it to the 3rd round but I still confident that I'm not going to  get any further. The application is very thorough and by the time they look me up they see my accomplishments and they will probably conclude I'm doing this just to be on TV. I'm exactly the type of person they don't want to cast. Interesting to mention that same night I received a phone call from the production company but when I answered they already hung up. I called back but the receptionist couldn't tell me what line called. I don't know what that was all about but something like that happened before and when I called back they told me it was a mistake. 

Of course Wipeout told me I can expect a call anytime after I left the audition and mid January, but I really doubt it. I'm sure they make their decisions very quickly. My predictions put me on a low until the next day but that's somewhat natural for me. When I really want something I use my energy and if i don't receive energy in return then it takes a moment to regenerate new energy. 

The rest of the week started off very slow and it allowed me to realize how much it sucks being at home in L.A. In Tampa I didn't mind being at home working on stuff. There were times I wouldn't leave the house for days but not here. There is so much stuff to do in L.A. its a miserable feeling being at home here. I vowed to find something to be apart of everyday from this week on.  

As a matter of fact this week ended up being one of my most exciting weeks. As the door to Wipeout closed on me more doors with greater potential. Check me out below.

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Day 49  = Sunday, November 7, 2010

* Spent majority of the day one the computer.

Day 50 = Monday, November 8, 2010

*Wipeout audition (Explained above) 

*I was suppose to do some audience work for a TV One show called Way Black When, but the Wipeout audition lasted much longer then I intended. I should of communicated with the casting company about my status but I didn't think it would of mattered. I later got a email asking, were was I. I didn't think they would of even noticed my absence. I apologized more then once through email. Hopefully, they won't hold it against me next time. I take all the blame but I partly neglected to communicate because it took so long to get all the info from them. 

* As I was filling out my Wipeout application I received a random phone call attached to a invitation to host a talent showcase. One of my good high school friends Terrance Bedford told his cousin about me. She lives in California and works in entertainment. One of her associates was in need of a host and she mentioned me. Its amazing how word of mouth works. I later found out I won't be the primary host but more of the behind the scenes interviewer on camera. The showcase will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. Its a great opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

* Conan O'brien premiered his new show on TBS entitled Conan. It was the most anticipated show of the year. I love the parody intro and it was good to see Conan back but I was surprised that he didn't attempt to try anything new. He had a great opportunity to reinvent late night but he stayed in his comfort zone with the typical basic late night format. After seeing that episode I began to realize that my quest is "More then meets the eyes." I have to save late night before its too late.   

Day 51 = Tuesday, November 9, 2010

* Very unproductive day. Half the day at home. Another part at the restaurant, Denny's.

* Momentum started to build up when I was assigned more audience for Way Black When through another company for Thursday.

Day 52 = Wednesday, November 10, 2010

* I auditioned for an opportunity host my own radio show. I saw the ad on Craig's List. The audition was more like a lecture session. They made us watch videos about the history of radio and the history of the their company before we actually auditioned. Some of it sounded to good to be true. I was even informed that they have a television department. The told me I could work in that department in stead of radio and have my own show on TV. I called back the next day and was informed that I passed the audition and I should attend the orientation the following Sunday. I ended up rescheduling and I'm still iffy about the set up. They want me to pay $40.00 for the orientation but I still don't know enough about it.

Day 53 = Thursday, November 11, 2010

On this day (aka Veterans day), I was casted by another company to be part of a what I was suppose to be part of on Monday. TV One's special entitled Way Black When 80's edition. Hmm, I wondered what partly convinced them to cast me. Moreover, it was a great show. Its not a lot of money ($30.00) but the show was so great they should of charged me to be apart of it.  All I had to do was applaud and cheer for a 3 hours here and there. This show is a prime example when I say there is always stuff to do in L.A. It was a great show and there are plenty of shows to sit in and watch. The set up was in a talk show format and it will air on TV One in February. You might see me clapping my hands in the 80's show. They are also shot a 60's, 70's & 90's editions with different hosts. I heard Sin Bad hosted the 70's edition on the day I missed. Check out the line up of what I experienced first hand and what you will experience in February

Comedian Niecy Nash was the host.

The audience hype man/warm up comedian named JC (I think that's his name). The moment he got on stage he noticed my high top. I was probably sitting down for only 5 minutes in the very front row. He wasn't even on stage for a minute yet. He even called me on the stage. It went by quick. He showcased my high top and at one point I pulled out my pick and began picking it out. It was kind of whack of me. He did ask me my name and acknowledged me one or two more times in between. This week, for the first time I started to get a few compliments about my high top form strangers. I'm glad to know it has grown back in a notice state now. Its still not at my desire height yet.

Legendary Rapper Cool Moe Dee was a guest and interviewed by Niecy

Comedian Shang did some stand up

Doug E Fresh arrived when we thought it was over and put on an awesome show. Did you know the new song and dance Teach Me How to Dougie is all about him? Actually, from what someone told me, the dance is originally his dance he use to do back in the days. He even did it in his performance.
Bobby Brown was interviewed and preformed two songs. His old school classic My Prerogative and a new song from his up coming album. I can't remember the name but it was hot.

Miki Howard was interviewed and preformed 2 songs.
Mint Condition was the house band

One of these hot ladies from En Vogue performed with Mint Condition.

Christopher Kid Reid (Better known as Kid from Kid and Play) was in the back observing. I heard he's hosting the 90's show soon.

Without a doubt the show was great, however, I felt horrible most of the time while I was there. Its hard to enjoy myself when I'm also looking at things from a technical perspective. I wanted to be to working behind the scenes better yet hosting the show. At one point I felt infuriated. I had my fliers with me but for some reason I made a premeditated decision not to give them out. My mind was playing tricks on me. A part of me didn't want to give it out for reasons I'm not sure how to explain at this time. I think sitting down for so long made me feel small and docile. Thankfully, I resorted my courage and tried to approach the hype man that called me on the stage after the show but of course it couldn't be that easy. There was some guarding his path and I had to keep walking. 

While out side myself and the rest of the audience had to wait for a bus to take out back to a central location. We was on one of Universal NBC's lots by the way. Moreover, as we were waiting for the bus I over heard someone talking about the show. He was explaining the situation with the show and hopes that it will be more than a black history special. Apparently, if things go well the networks will approve it as a series. He also talked about his title to the person he was chatting with. I believe he was the AD (Assistant Director). As he was talking then leaving, I looked at one someone I met and said I should give him my flier what do I have to lose? She said, "you should." That's all I needed to hear.

I approached him, told him my name and that I was a host.  I also told him how can I get involved. Of course I received the typical you have to keep doing what your doing and network answer. After a few second of that I gave him one of my fliers and I believe it put me on another level. He than said he was going to show it to his boss. I don't know if he will really do that or not but I know I did my part. One way or another everything will come around full circle.

Later that night I started write down some new ideas for my show. I'm in the process of reinventing my show and myself. 

Day 54 = Friday, November 12, 2010 

* Started to walk around with a book everywhere I go now. I never liked reading in loud environments but learning how to channel out all the noise. 

* Here is where things get interesting. When I was leaving Way Black When on Thursday I noticed I had a voice mail and it just so happens a show is interested in me. I called back today and we had a great conversation. For now all I will tell you is that its a reality show, the phone interview when well and I have a interview in person on Wednesday. I'll keep posted. Its secret time again.

* Ended the night by walking around Hollywood Blvd
Day 55 = Saturday, November 13, 2010

* Motivated by someone I met on Thursday, I now have a new system for the buses as well as the train. 

* I attended my Alma Marter Florida A&M University's Alumni meeting. It was good to be around some rattlers for a change. 

* I was invited to a small birthday house party by someone I met at Way Black When. It was cool. Maybe 10 or more people. One person I met there is a Content Producer for a production company. I'll definitely be in contact with him

I have a feeling this upcoming week is going to be even better than the rest. There is no reason for a dull day in this city. Stay posted. I wasn't able to post a breaking news post this week but I'm sure there will be plenty coming soon. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. You titled this blog very appropriately! Good luck on your upcoming audition. Im praying that more open doors for you! Keep your head up & keep your confidence in who you are and all of your abilities!... ☀


  2. Motown,
    What a journey you are on. I know you may get discouraged at times but You can never even think that you are a Wipe Out! My favorite person in this blog is the person who agreed with you to give your information to the Assistant Director. I love this blog so much because in every action you take, you always find other opportunities lurking about and you go for them. I am sure you had an opportunity to network at the party you were invited to. I believe that the producers of the Games Shows are looking for ambitious people, they just want your aspirations to be geared towards their production instead of your own. lol I was thinking that I wish your Quest was a Reality Show that I could follow. You could document all of your travels, auditions, and opportunities. Now that would be a great Reality Show. I also can see you having a show like John Stewart. He takes everyday news and makes it funny. I can see you doing it with entertainment as well as general news stories, doing little skits and just making people laugh. I laughed so hard at you serenading the Mothers with the "Neyo" song and I laughed when The Mayor here in Tampa bumped Afros with you on your show. With Today's problems, like the economy, decrease of jobs, war, etc. We as a Country need to laugh! God knows it is good for the soul. I agree with you, Late Night needs a Messiah. Will you save us Motown from the hum drum of Late Night TV? I am counting on you. I wish you could talk this blog from the beginning and make a documentary out of it. Give a copy to every Producer, Director, Assistant Director, Casting Crew you come in contact with regardless of what they are producing. It could be part of your Portfolio. I am sure that you have already thought of all the ideas that I have given here. Your talents are so broad that there is nothing you can't do. I want you to be encouraged and keep pressing forward. I mean, who else is worthy to be stalked by me? Until the next blog update...
    Your Stalker Fan
    Penny in Sunny Tampa

  3. You are a prime example that winners never quit. I will continue to pray for your success.

  4. It's all in the making! Just be optimistic!


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