Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 16: Review - Auto Amazing!!!

I ended 2010 with such great energy, determination and passion my life is now set to Auto Amazing. I mean that literally. I'm sure, if I did a survey with my faithful blog followers, most of them would agree that amazing things took place in my life last year. Some of those amazing events were executed with great effort, and the burning desire to be successful. Now that amazing trend has saturated my quest magnetically into a new found principle I call Auto Amazing.

Day 105 = Sunday, January 3, 2011 
Day 106 = Monday, January 2, 2011 

Auto Amazing Auto Mobile

I came to Tampa with the primary intentions of selling my 2005 Dodge Durango. On day 99,  I went to Car Max and was offered only $6,000.00 for my SUV. The bank wouldn't accept the offer since I owed over $9,500.00. I think the bank negotiated around $8,000 but regardless I wouldn't have been able to come up with the difference. The only option I had was to write a for sale sign on the windows of my truck hoping someone would notice and make the purchase. The entire duration of my trip was spent with no leads of selling my truck.

I pleaded my situation with the bank and my only options presented was to have my truck voluntarily repossessed or repossessed the old fashion way. At first I figured I would refrain from the harassment and drop off the car off at the bank myself. A while later I decided to just leave my car at my parents house until they decide to come and get it.

Moving forward on Sunday, January 2, 2011 and I'm scheduled to depart the next day Monday, January 3, 2011 to arrive in LAX. By the time I woke up and I was notified that there was a sudden change of plans and I won't be able to leave on Monday anymore. Now my flight has changed to Tuesday.

Monday morning, I meet up with a few of my friends on one of Tampa's main roads, Dale Marby. On my way back home I noticed a Toyota dealer ship. A couple days before, my mom was telling me I should go to there and see if they would give me an offer for me car. It also reminded me of an idea I had back in September to trade in my SUV and in return get my mom a new car. The only reason that idea wasn't fresh in my mind was because someone at my bank told me it was difficult.

To make a long story short, I pulled into the dealership, signed some paper work, left with my truck, a few days later on Friday, January 7th my mom came back with my truck and she traded it in and now she is riding out in a 2009 Toyota Prius. This story is amazing because of 2 main reasons.

Reason number 1: I wasn't even suppose to be in Tampa on Monday and I happened to be driving by the dealership and the idea sparked in my head. In my mind I was set to have the truck repossessed.

Reason number 2: My mom is the definition of amazing. She has never owed a vehicle in which she had to make payments. She doesn't like making payments but her love and support transcends all. In deed, she needed a better car but she specifically got another car with the main purpose of taking that burden of debt off of my back. Thank you ma. I love you so much. You are the best.

Lets go back to Monday for a second. Remember I was suppose to be in route to LA that day. Later that evening when things we already looking good for the trade in of my truck, I stopped at the gas station. While pumping gas, someone approaches me with interest of purchasing my truck. Hence, the sign on the window. They took my number and said she would call. They never did call but it just shows that the law of attraction does really works. If you can get one other party to like and/or want what you have then everyone else will start pouring in. 
I told my Sponsor for Life, Pamela Y. Robinson and she quoted the rapper Mike Jones. "Back then they didn't want me but now I'm hot they all on me." Not until that moment did I realize how profound the chorus of that song really is. I wonder if Mike Jones knows that. Who? You know Mike Jones. Who? MIKE JONES.

Auto Amazing doesn't stop here. Wait until you read about what happened with Code Blue. 

Day 107 = Tuesday, January 4, 2011

* Arrived back in LAX around 3pm/4pm.

* As soon as I checked my voice mail I had an awesome phone call from one of The Big's. I have decided that I won't write about any of The Bigs anymore. I won't even mention if its The Big 1, 2 or 3. Don't worry as soon as I get clearance I'll let you know full details. In the mean while I'll be keeping good records.

* Okay here is the start of another amazing story. Which means its time to reveal Code Blue. On day 102 I mentioned Code Blue for the first time. Code Blue was a notification of an opportunity to audition for a McDonald's commercial. Unfortunately, it was for the following Monday and impossible to make because of my traveling situation. Nonetheless, I felt deep in my heart if it was for me there would be another opportunity extended for another day.

That day was present shortly after I got off the plane. First I received a text then a phone call from my agent. Suddenly I had a McDonald's commercial audition to get ready for the next day. (Keep reading the story gets better)

Day 108 = Wednesday, January 5, 2011

* I started physically working out (Cough cough)

The before picture. Motown Maurice starts to intensely work out. I wonder why. After picture coming soon.

 * Audition for the McDonald's commercial is today. I know I didn't do my best but I felt half way decent about it. I'm getting better but not yet fully comfortable. However, there was a good sense of energy in the room. The guy conducting the audition did say, "this was fun," as I was leaving.

Day 109 = Thursday, January 6, 2011
* If you remember reading day 89 I was called to be a tester for a up and coming new game show. Well, I was called back and this time was something special.

My first test was trying to figure out how to get into a full body suit. We were outside in tents and it was very cold. Typical me put the body suit on backwards and managed to unintentionally make a few people laugh. I went into a portable restroom to put it on the correct way and I still managed to put it on wrong.

First I was assigned to get into a makeshift ground level pool of mud and attempt to catch footballs. For some reason I managed to fall every time I tried to catch the football. Believe me, its not easy. After the first fall in the mud I couldn't help but think out loud in my head, "WHAT THE HELL IM I DOING HERE!!!" Probably after my 6th fall I noticed a red substance in my hand. By my surprise it was blood. How it sliced the skin on my palm I have no clue. Moreover, part of me was happy for it because it meant I didn't have to fall in the mud anymore. The medical team reacted immediately and I certainly soaked up the attention.

Motown Maurice hits the mud. Literally!

I got hosed down and mud was still all over me.

You see my boo boo.

Motown Maurice! Your New American Hero. Motown Maurice is here.

After the mud, I started testing in a pull of water below knee level. Myself and another person was handed these nets with poles connected to it and we had to catch various objects being shot in the air. Sounds easy of enough right? That's until two people start blasting water out of a full pressure fire  hoses in your face. Unbearable. I really think they were out to get me.

Day 110 = Friday, January 7, 2011

Auto Amazing Vehicle with a Stranger

Today provides the last connecting piece for the amazing McDonald's story. 
Note a few important points. First know that I was called again to test for the same game show. This time the location was far beyond anywhere I was familiar with. The only reason I was able to get there was because the coordinator picked me up at a central location. After the ride and nap I arrived in a mountainous area in Santa Clarita, CA. I'm still not sure where I was but myself along with the other testers spent most of our time on this flat mountain.

After a few hours I noticed a two voice messages. The area I was in was so far out that my phone was barely working. I check my messages and it was my agent trying to get a hold of me about my McDonald's call back. They wanted me their at 1:30pm. Hence it was 11:30am, I had no car, we were suppose to be done by 11am but we were still testing. Lets  not forget I had no clue where I was.

While I was on the phone with my agent trying to figure out how in the world I could possible make this call back, two people near by over heard my conversation. Both became curious on what I was talking about. While on the phone I thought I heard one young lady say something about borrowing her car but I thought I was hearing things. No body lets a stranger borrow their car. 
By the time I got off the phone I had to verify what she said and again I thought my ears were deceiving me. She literally looked at me and said, "If you want you can borrow my car." I didn't even know the girls name at the time but she said I could borrow her car. I probably spoke to her for a total of 2-5 minutes earlier and now she's offering me her car. Wow. Its that amazing?!!!

Few moments later, the other person who was curious about my conversation just happen to be a production supervisor and got clearance with her boss and they agreed that I had a family emergency. I didn't even have to do anything. When I got off the phone my arrangements was set. Words can't describe my gratitude and appreciation for them.

At this moment, Motown Maurice was basically a stranger but Maria gave me the keys to her car anyway. Wow. Thank you Maria.

Motown Maurice & Carla, who gave me the family emergency clearance. Thank you Carla.
30mins later I left in route to the audition with Maria's white ford truck. Now you must be wondering how did I get back since I had no clue were I was. Believe me or not but exactly two weeks before, on December 23rd, the morning I left for Tampa, I spent some time playing with my phone. I realized for the first time that I had a GPS on my phone. I had that phone for probably a year and just two weeks before today I found out I had a GPS on my phone. Wow, did that come in handy. I still had to drive a couple miles down before my phone could get reception but it got me where I needed just fine fine. 

On the way to the audition I was visualizing a parking space near by and that's exactly what I got. I got the best parking possible which was directly across the street from the audition.   

Parking can't get any better than this. Positive thoughts really work.


As for the call back, I left without the greatest sense of energy towards my way but I know everything always come around full circle. I've learned that I'm interesting, unique and I'm a memorable person. I'm confident that I'll cross paths with casting directors again.     

The least I could of was full up Maria's tank.

On the way back, I picked up Maria from her home and she dropped me off home. Of course I continued to show gratitude. One of the other testers took her home. In a conversation about what happened to her car, she then revealed that my family emergency was a McDonald's call back and she let me borrow her car. The guy she told responded by saying, "Did you know him? What if he steals your car?" She obviously felt comfortable with me just by our few minutes of interaction. She told me on the ride home there was a hand full of people she observed that should would of never offered her car but I seemed to have it together. First impressions is something else isn't it.

Oprah’s Contest

Today premiered Oprah's Your Own Show Contest. As you should already know, I was a contending finalist for the contest.  To be honest with you I wasn't impressed. A few others that saw the reality show felt the same way. My biggest issue with the show is that its lacking a sense of personality from the contestants. I think Zack is the best person. Not because he his handicap or the underdog but because he is funny and he literally has the best personality.

As for me not being a part of the contest, I am completely content. I also have to say my senses were right from the beginning. During early June/July in the deciding stages of the contest everyone around me just knew I would nab a spot easily. Positive and negative at the same time, I felt deep down inside that I was over qualified. I even said that to my Sponsor for Life, Pamela Y. Robinson. Now, after watching the first show, I can't help but say I was right. I would of advanced through that contest with my eyes closed.

Everything makes sense now. Literally being on that show could hurt of possibly hurt me more than anything else. Besides, I have more character now and I'm sure there is a better opportunity out there waiting for me (Cough Cough). 

My other 2 predictions were maybe Oprah wasn't looking for a late night talk show on her network. Or maybe Oprah doesn't target young black males very much. These are only my assumptions but I'm sure in time, if not Oprah, someone on her network will want an interview with me about my story.

Day 111 = Saturday, January 8, 2011

* I paid to read for a casting director at the The Network Studio Workshop in Sherman Oaks. I'm glad I attended the class and saw a few people read. I also picked up some pointers and broke layer of my ice. I've been hold back from being my true self at these auditions. Between reads she complemented someone for adding improvisation in their read. That's all I needed to hear. By the time I was done, I was receiving compliments for adding improvisation in my read. Even if she never calls me for a part in a movie I needed that experience to improve my audition skills. I'm getting better. I'm not at my best yet but I'm breaking my ice.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. My life now on Auto Amazing. My car got sold when it seemed like there was no hope. Then a stranger allowed me to borrow her car for an audition. This is only the beginning of the Auto Amazing experiences to come. This has been an Auto Amazing first week of 2011. It seems like all I have to do is show up and the Auto Amazing feature takes over.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. There are no words for how awesome your life is right now man, Auto Amazing doesn't even begin to do it justice. When I grow up (lol) i wanna be just like Motown. It really is amazing how all these things are falling into place but I know it is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. Keep pushing forward babe!

  2. Motown Maurice!
    The Universe's Positive forces are all in alignment for you! I love the "Auto Amazing" Principle. It is a cross between the wonderful Automobile incidents as well as the Universe working in Auto Pilot for you! BRAVO to Maria and Carla! I see you as Tony Montana! "The World is Yours" It is wonderful that your Mom has a new car. What a marvelous example of unconditional support and family coming together solving issues and leaving such positive, productive, wonderful results! I am kinda glad you are not going to mention the BIG 3 anymore! I would hold my breath as I read your blog waiting for a sign, a glimmer of hope of a clue as to what they could be and what the outcomes are! I am still excited but I can relax a little now! You are always thinking of your Fans! Keep reaching for the Stars Motown!
    Your Stalker Fan!

  3. Very good! Since I have not posted a comment, and I read all the posts, I'm just writing to say that you have persevered the lows and you are surely on your way to new heights. I support you wholeheartedly during this endeavor. Enjoy the ride my brother! LA is a trip. Korea town was my original neighborhood, off 7th and Normandie! Back then, they didn't know me. Now I'm hot!! Niiiiice reference!

  4. I will be in the audience when you accept your first Emmy. Congrats in advance


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