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Week: 30: Introducing The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle

Week 30 Review

Sometimes on my worse days, I think about blogging the details of my sleeping and sluggish posture. I've had a hand full of those unmotivated moments this week but thankfully they never last very long. I've realized that the primary reason I begin to experience these fears of non-productivity are because during those dull and energy draining moments I neglect my powers to create. 

Hollywood indeed has many great opportunities. If any artist is connected to the right website or source they will probably be engulfed with a stream of opportunities everyday. Many of them, any artist would all love to be a apart of. I spend many hours of my day submitting and submitting away. The results are not always encouraging. Every time I submit, it drains my energy. Every time I attend an audition it drains my energy. Then it puts me in a position of waiting and laying... waiting and laying. 

Those waiting and laying moments are the enemy of the artist. They are my most vulnerable and weakest moments. I've had too many of those moments this week until I noticed this big bright light bulb hovering over my head. Even after I began developing my new idea, I began laying and waiting again. I totally neglected some of the new power that was surging within me. 

The problem is, sometimes there are moments as an artist when we think we have to wait for someone to give us permission to be creative. I don't need anyone's permission and I know that already but I was certainly acting like I needed someones permission to be creative. I have the power, I'm fully energized and I need to use it. I have a few great ideas going and I'm on the verge of creating  my own  Motown Maurice Hollywood Universe as I blogged on week 28

This week has been an emotional roller-coaster for me, Honestly, it should have never been that way because I came up with a groundbreaking, quest expanding and creatively empowering idea at the very beginning of the week. I call it the The Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition 

Day 203 Saturday, April 10, 2011

Blogging...Nothing special that I can remember.

Day 204 Monday, April 11, 2011

Today is the day the The Motown Maurice Shuffle came to life. I actually added the Hustle part to it about 7 days later (A few moments before I started writing this blog). It all started with an email from someone I met at the last Chris Brown Music Video Shoot. Apparently he is a music artist and his publicist was asking for him to be a part of my publication. I immediately said to myself, "What publication?" The thing is, a lot of people I meet out here have the impression I still have a show of some sort and they ask to be on it. Of course I don't have a how anymore. After I read the email, I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet then like a ball of lightening it hit me. I then said to myself, "If they want to be apart of my show then they can be apart of my show." 

I thought about two particular types of interviews I had in Tampa and someone I randomly found on the internet the week before. As all of these thoughts transpired, I established my own on-line internet talk show. Check out the direct channel here:

Now Stay tuned to for noting but greatness.

Day 205 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

* I attended an interview for a show called B. That's a code name of course. Moreover, it was a fun interview. I'll keep you posted on that. 

* My agent got me an audition for some type of music video commercial that's going to aired in Australia. I spent a portion of the day learning the lyrics to R-Kelly's song Ignition. Unfortunately, that lead auditions were for white males only and I auditioned to be a background club goer. I should of been a shoe in but I haven't heard back. 

* My good friend Ava hooked myself and my other friend Cassandra with some audience work for a show called Hell’s Kitchen. That little $65.00 came in handy. Thanks Ava. 

Day 206 Wednesday, April 13, 2011

* Today started off unmotivated. A lot of laying and waiting then I suddenly got a craving for
Pizza Hut. I enjoyed it.

* I finished up my invitation for my radio show and sent out two invites. 

* I haven't forgot about my Video Monologue Blog. I've been forcing myself to work on it. I also made the decision to complete 5 more then focus on my stand up comedy routines at clubs afterward. 

Day 207 = Thursday, April 14, 2011

* I did my first radio show test by myself and it worked out well.

* What I'm about to explain may be one of the primary reasons why this week had so many unmotivated moments. I was reluctantly debating on calling Mr. Executive all week until today.  I called but of course his secretary claims she sent it too him but he's been out of the office a lot. At this point I've moved on. I did my part and I'll wait to see if that seed sprouts. If not, there are plenty more other seeds.  

* Between all these unmotivated moments my acting class was also one of the best things that happened to me this week. Being around other creative people is always a necessity. Unfortunately, this resource may come to an end for a while. I'll explain next week. 

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Day 208 Friday, April 15, 2011

I woke up unmotivated but I redeemed some power when I got a call about puppet/stuffed animal documentary. This was probably the best phone call all week. They wanted to know about my relationship with Mr. Chill. I'll introduce you all to Mr. Chill another time. Moreover, the conversation went well but I noticed a turning point when they asked if I had a lady in my life and  what she thought about him. I wasn't sure if I gave a clear answer at the time but when the conversation ended I realized that every show, project or movie always have a love interest. Human love interest or not there is always love. Since I don't really have one in LA, I'm sure my answers wasn't very confident sounding.  

Doubtful on whether they were going to call me back or not they did end up calling. Now they wanted the involvement of a woman in my life for the documentary piece. I got off the phone and made a confirmation with someone but I later dissolved it for various reasons. Oh, well. That could of been a decent $500.00 or so but I'm not worried about it.

Day 209 = Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today was my bold and daring, relaxing, yet strategic universal day. I attended the movies at Universal City Walk during the matinee times and saw Hop & RIO. I really enjoyed Hop. It was on point. Afterward, I walked a few feet over and jumped on the Universal Studios King Kong Tour Ride. This was for strategic reasons and if everything goes well I'll explain later. I still have the year pass that Crissy gave me when she came in town. I also jumped on the Simpson Ride and saw the special effects show. The Simpson Ride was sweet.

This is where I got bold. After all that, I still didn't want to go home. I wanted to see some more movies. So I said what the heck and I just walked into the theater. I wasn't about pay to get back into the movies with money I didn't have. Plus I wanted to purchase popcorn and a drink with the money I did have. Well... it worked. No one bothered me and I saw Limitless. Another great movie. 

After all that, I got daring and walked into theater to see Scream 4. This time there was someone inside asking for tickets. After acting like I was searching for my ticket for a for a few seconds I gave them the, "I think I left my ticket in the bathroom" routine. I left and never came back in. I'm actually glad I didn't see a forth movie. That would of been too much and I would of had trouble figuring out how to get home with the transportation system that late.

Let it be known, that was the first time I sneaked into the movies from the front door. I've sneaked into a lot of things during my days but never the movies in that way. What can I say, I'm living life on the edge. 

Final Thoughts 

I didn't realize it initially, but the signs have been pointing in the direction of radio for a while. On Day 52 = Wednesday, November 10, 2010 I had an audition at some radio station that I decided not to be a part of because of obvious reasons. Then on Day 171 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 I got a call to potentially be a host for a radio station in Burbank. I recently received an email stating there is an involved cost and possibly position openings that will probably come in later.  I'm not feeling that anymore. Lets not forget about my recent exposure to The Red Viking Show. The list could go on and on. The bottom-line is, that I'm currently aligned with the signs by adding this new feature to my quest. Hollywood involvement or not I have to keep creating. I don't need anyone's permission to be creative.

Before writing this, I partly wanted to focus on all the negative and depressing moments of this week. That would of been such a waste of time. I got a really good thing going and I need to focus on that. This time next week, I should have a few good interviews on my belt. "I'm not running after anyone anymore and I'm not waiting and lay in my own spit anymore." I have the power and I'm going to use it. 

The first Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle - Hollywood Edition episode coming soon. I anticipate a few interviews by this time next week.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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