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Never Hide Your High Top Fade (My SAG-E Story)

Post represents: Sunday, March 20, 2011 (day 181)

Last week (Week 26 day 179) I received an email asking me to confirm my attendance as a party extra in web series scene. You won't even see anything about it listed on week 26 because at the moment I didn't consider it significant enough. I didn't know much about it at first. The primary reason I took it on was for the SAG voucher. I need about 3 of them to become SAG Eligible. Its not for the money. The pay is only a non-guaranteed deferred $50.00. Although, an included meal is always encouraging. 

Most importantly, for those of you who don't know, SAG is The Screen Actors Guild. The pivotal union for thespians. When you do a big enough part in a SAG film or complete about 3 scenes in SAG extra work, an actor/actress can become SAG-Eligible (SAG-E). Its a union that all thespians want to be apart of. Of course there is a significant cost to join SAG but it also means more money and bigger parts. My acting teacher Allen Levin told me the only reason I should be doing non-union work is to get reel footage or to get SAG vouchers.Which makes plenty sense.

While somewhat doubtful about it, I ended up going for it. I even became more doubtful when I had to wait for the bus in the windy rain. That poor little umbrella that was given to me from a stranger on the bus back in February couldn't handle the pressure. Thankfully the bus came on time. There is a good chance I might of turned back if it was late.  I was already thinking about the email I would of sent if I had to turn around. That wind wasn't playing games. Every time the wind blow by my umbrella flipped inside out. I don't know whats up with the weather in Southern Cali lately. Its been resembling Florida too much weather lately.

The journey become more daunting when I had to cross a flooded street. When I finally arrived at my destination myself and another person put our socks in the near by drying machine. I didn't know in advance but the party scene was planned in the open space of an apartment living room.

This is where it gets interesting. I think the last time I got a hair cut was on Week 20 February 1, (day 135)  Which means the high top fade was looking rough. As a result, I arrived with a hat on. I was hoping I could do the party scene with the hat. Its the same hat I'm wearing in the video on day 20.

As people started to arrive for the scene I maintained causal conversations with them. Of course my conversations always leads to me giving out my fliers. One guy in particular asked me if I still had the high top. I told him I did but its just looking rough right now. Minutes later the director finally started to tell us details of the party scene and mentioned that its a 90's themed party. Immediately, the guy that I was talking to said out loud, "Your going have to pull out the high top fade now." The director looked at me and said, "You have a high top fade?" I smiled and said, "yes but its not exactly faded right now."

I had all intentions to try wear my hat but that was my Que to unleash The High Top Fade. Since I always plan a head, I brought a can a oil sheen with me just in case. After a few minutes of picking it out and sheen-ing it up, it looked presentable. A few people looked at me and said, "Wow, I didn't you had that under there." Before you know it, the director and the cinematographer asked me to do a quick talking role at the beginning of the scene. Without any hesitation I said "lets do it."

All I had to do was dance through the party and at a certain point I get on my phone and said something like "Where are you, this party is jumping. You need to get over here now." It was easy and fun to do.

Shortly after the scene was over, my friend Kim Stives tapped me on the shoulder and shared some delightful information. She told me that I should be SAG-E now because of my talking part and in this SAG web series. She said she just looked up the information on her through her phone for me. I was befuddled by the information because I had no clue that my little part was that valuable. I also had no clue Kim was going to be at this same shoot. I met her at a LA Casting Networking on the first Tuesday of this month. Since we met, we have been good to each other. She has given me a ride home a few times and I have informed her about the free acting class among other things. Without a doubt she was looking out for me with this one.

After the shoot, I told the director what I was told and she immediately made me fill out the proper paper work. She wasn't sure how many words were required but she promised to look into it.

I flowed through the next few days knowing that I might have a possibility to become SAG-E.  Then the following Wednesday, day 185 I got a call from the director confirming my eligibility for my role. All I had to do was send her a resume and head shot. Now that's a reason to celebrate.

Now you understand, why I love my high top fade so much. Yes, to some degree it type castes me but at the same time it distinguishes me in many more ways. This is a true blessing. I almost didn't want to go anymore because of the rain but I never take rain for granted because I know it means blessing. I wonder what would of happened if I walked in with my high top already on display. There is a chance it might of not had that same surprising affect.

You just never know when or your life is going to change. I came to this shoot to do some back ground work and I left with a talking scene and SAG-Eligibility.What a blessing. I sincerely believe that this small achievement emulates a bigger blessings to come.

I was so thankful for this that I sent the director gift card from Star Bucks and signed posted card when I send her the stuff she asked for.

I'm not sure when the scene is going to post but it will post here 

Check them out and support those who support me. In the mean time I'll keep you posted.

As the quest continues...

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