Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Month of Madness Begins Now

I know most of you are probably having problems keeping up with most of my posts right about now. I started this blog posting everyday for the first 30 days. Then I merged into a once a week rotation. Now I'm back to posting almost everyday. Don't worry about keeping up. This is history in the making and this blog will always be here for you to revisit. Don't be afraid to go back and make a comment on previous posts.

This post in particular marks a pivotal point in my quest. I don't know whats going to happen but something is going to happen. As a matter a fact, something has to happen. Whether it be negative or positive. Since I feel so great, I am confident that this March Month of Madness will reveal a new path in my epic quest. 

If your thinking I know something and I'm just teasing you by saying what it is, that isn't the case. My recations are based on the positive energy soaring throughout the air and I'm being guided by the positivity of my emotions.

The way I feel, write, act and envision are all in aliment with my current desires.

On Week 21 I expressed my "Woes" and declared March as an ultimatum month.

In preparation of whats to come, I recently told the universe: I'm Ready Bring It On

Maybe my 2011 Prophecy Revealed will come into fruition. Than again maybe its my Specific 2011 GOALS Part 1

Again, I don't know whats going to happen. Nevertheless, with all the powers invested in me, I am DEMANDING for something to happen.

As the quest continues...

      The Future of Late Night

      Motown Maurice

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