Sunday, January 1, 2012

Party Like a Rock Star in 2012

That's it. My main goal for 2012 is to Party Like a Rock Star. Last year, I Specified My Goals for 2011 and I haven't accomplished any yet. There was an opportunity to accomplish my hosting goal with New Jack Web Attack. However, I wasn't even close. The project was a flop.

My goals from 2011 shouldn't be considered as failure because they still exist in the universe. I can't control the timing, I can only continue to aim for the moon until I finally hit it. This New Year, I'm proclaiming to Party Like a Rock Star in 2012. The last time I partied was at a Halloween Party October 2011 and I had a wonderful time. It was through that experience which helped me realize partying is an important component of life and success. I've also had a interview with a few Hustle & Shuffle guests that expressed the importance of partying. The interviews were with Donte Essien & Iyad Hajjaj. Dancing is a vital form of expression and we all need it in our lives. I now believe its important that everyone dances from time to time. Its a sign of joy and happiness. I'm thriving to live a joyful life starting now and I plan to show it on the dance floor from this point on out.

Also, when the opportunity presents itself, I plan to begin building my performance range. Back in July, when I was in the barber seat of Orlando Wilson, we had a conversation about Martin Lawerance. Orlando brought to my attention why Martin is such a great physical comedy comedian. Martin takes professional karate classes.

Check out out my favorite Martin characters Martin Fly Jones.

It all makes sense. Take professional classes then mix it with comedy. The way to enhance performance skills are by taking professional classes. I want to take karate classes, dancing classes: Hip Hop, Yoga & Salsa. Anything that will make me a better performer. By doing so, it makes me a more valuable to the camera.

That's my goals and plans for 2012. After setting such specific goals for 2011, I know they may not come to past when I desire. Thus, I know they will come to past. In summary, I want to Party Like a Rock Star in 2012 and enhance my skill sets.

As I stated, in a few of my recent evaluations (Last Week of 2011The Boss Issued 2011 Evaluation) I don't have a clue what my near future holds but I do know that 2012 will be much better than 2011. The one that that I can confirm about my life is that every year is better than the last.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

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