Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry it's a No Go - In Living Color

At exactly 10:36am (EST)  / 1:36pm (EST) I received this message from my agent with this in the subject line: 

In Living Color update... Sorry it's a no go. Thank you though for all your hard work! They won't forget you at that office!!

The body said this: Unfortunately, Keenen didn’t respond to him but we will keep him in mind for other projects.




I honestly had no response to the results. Normally I take a deep breathe and exhale. The my energy drops. This time I just took a breathe and pulled up my blog. My energy didn't change at all. 

For the past couple of days, I thought about how impressive my video submission was. At least it was too me and many people that saw it. I was confident that it would catch Keenen's attention. So many of my videos in the past has at the least go my very close. I saw no reason why they wouldn't want to see me in for a interview at the least.  

Then again that would be too easy wouldn't it. That would be way too predicable. Nothing in my quest has yet been proven predicable, why should it start now. 

I believe I was on the right track of being confident and positive but based on my track record, getting accepted for In Living Color this way would unorthodox. It all seemed to convenient.  

Final Thoughts

Sometime last week, while doing my In Living Color research I noticed they were having open casting calls at various comedy clubs. I think one was in Chicago. I'm not sure. Moreover, they plainly stated they are looking for up and coming comedians. A lot of the previous cast were up and coming comedians. That type of search is typical. I'm perfectly sure they have a keen eye for discovering a talented stand up comic. Discovering someone like me probably hasn't been figured out yet. Like Clark Kent, he looks human but he's not. He's Superman. I look human but I'm not even from this planet. I'm standing firm about what I produced from them. Its great work. Thus, the average eye isn't trained to see my greatness.   

Less than a week ago, the unfavorable results for the Doritos contest were revealed to me and now this. Which leaves me at zero pending projects. I'm back to the drawing board with a blank slate. 

After each of my countless disappointments in the past, a revelation was revealed to me that explained why I wasn't a part of it. There is a chance In Living Color won't do very well when they premiere their pilot episodes in the spring. Maybe I need to keep away from their conversational type of comedy. What ever the reason is, it really don't matter. If its meant for me to be apart of In Living Color they can always call me after the first or second season. Jamie Foxx didn't get involved until season 3-5. 

The one thing that I did learn from this creative process is that I'm a natural at creating parody videos on the fly. I basically blinked and came up with my character reels and submitted them for this. Its seems as thought all my hard work in Tampa over the years have provided me a very fine tuned and elaborate skill.  

My current location status is Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I'm partly stalling before returning back to LA. Mostly, I'm recharging my energy so I can begin my fight at full blast when I return. My decision to simply come South Florida was profound. A year ago, I wrote about traveling and I did no traveling in 2011. A few a days ago, I made the decision to travel to Lauderdale and I'm here. Somewhere in side of us we are dependent upon a source to fill-full our desires. That's a yoke that has to be broken. My future is in my hands. It has always been in my hands and it always will be. 

I'll figure out my next path in time and I'm sure it won't be something I can predict. All I can do is prepare and be ready for the next test/challenge. 

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As the quest continues...

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