Friday, January 28, 2011

Specific 2011 GOALS Part 1

I've been thinking. My New Years 2011 prophecy isn't specific enough. Visionary's, seekers, overachieves or whoever have to be specific about exactly what then want out life. I was way to broad in the previous post and at this point of my quest I can't afford not particular about my goals/desires. 

So far the year isn't panning out the way I envisioned, therefore its never too late to write out in detail exactly what I want to achieve.

There have been a pattern within the types of opportunities I've been submitting for and even the ones I've been considered for. Combining some of those particulars and my aspirations to become a late night talk show host I know exactly what I need to achieve in 2011. Now for the first time, here are some of specific goals for 2011.

Hosting: I need to book my first paid hosting gig (an acting gig will also suffice). The more experience hosting the better for me. I want to either host a television or internet show. Television is preferred but I'm very open to either opportunity.

Traveling: I've been submitting for a lot of opportunities that involved traveling and now I have a desire to travel around the world. Traveling and hosting is ideal. I want to meet and interview people all over the world.

Compete: My desire for competition has been fueling for a long time now. I'm tired of competing against myself and I'm looking for a showdown. It doesn't matter who, how many or what. Bring it on. I feel indomitable. A reality show competition would be nice but it really doesn't matter the format. I need to compete.

Comedy: Lastly, I want to expand my comical horizons. I have more in me but I'm lacking the direct challenge. I want to produce some of my best work in comedy this year. Better yet in the style of physical comedy.

In conclusion...

Is all that too much to ask for? I want to host, travel. compete and perform at my comical best in 2011. I've paid my dues. I've been through the storm and a matter of fact I'm still going through it. Moreover, I sincerely need this to advance on my quest.

As a matter of fact, I need at least 50% of these goals to reach fulfillment by the end of this quarter. Meaning by the end of March. I know we are not suppose to put a time limit on our goals but time is of the essence. My roommate informed me two weeks ago that she is considering moving at the end of March. Personally I want to become a legitimate roommate by then, have my own place or even better be traveling across the world on a comical, hosting, adventure. 

This post is my vision board. These are my goals. They represent my needs and burning desires for 2011. This is just one post of many that will present my goals for 2011.

As the Quest Continues

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  1. As soon as i started reading i was gonna ask if you had brought that white vision board you had lol

    And again...a big fat "i told you so" about the traveling/hosting combo. I said it would be perfect for you. Again, u never listen to me :P

    As far as travel, u should come with us to London lol (if that actually happens).

    I hope ALLLLLLLLL your dreams come true...and even the things you dont realize you want yet :)

  2. In today's LoA Lesson, it talked about getting clear...and my clear meaning discovering what limiting beliefs are you holding that has prevented you from attracting your wants. You know what you want, ask yourself now, "Why don't I have this yet?" The answers will unveil your beliefs. Analyze the belief, is it aiding you, or hindering you? If hindering, flip it around and CHOOSE to believe what will aid you. I hope this makes sense....maybe I should just send you the lesson, LoL!


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