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Briefly Scientology

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Quest Status: On Vacation
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When your on the edge with very few options one or two bad ideas are bound to happen. These videos represent one of them.  I should delete this video and act as if it then happened but I won't. At least I only thought about going to the Scientology church for about 24 hours. I had a change of heart after watching one random episode of South Park. (See Final Thoughts)

Video # 1

Video # 2

Final Thoughts

During the Christmas break I began watching a lot of South Park on Netflex and I've been thoroughly in enjoying them. The next day after making those videos I randomly selected an episode of South Park to watch on my tablet not realizing it was about Scientology. That's all I needed to see. It must have been destined for me to watch it. I was unaligned for a moment and South Park realigned me and aligned me right back to where I'm suppose to be. The episode was funny and every enlightening.

The truth is, I probably would of never joined the church but I was definitely eager to attend a service upon my return to L.A. South Park basically told me not to waste my time.

This is a must watch episode of South Park:

Trapped in the Closet - South Park - This is what Scientologists actually believe.  

As the quest continues...

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