Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blow the Whistle...Dance! Did I do that? (Halloween Celebration)

Post Represents: Saturday, October 29, 2011 (Halloween Weekend)

Review of Halloween party at Crown Bar on Santa Monica.

Motown Maurice celebrates Halloween 2011 as Urkel or is he playing himself? 

Enjoy my weekend theme song "Blow the Whistle"

Motown Maurice, I mean Steve Urkel... is having a great time. 

There's Steve Urkel in the house without a doubt.

Blow the Whistle and do the Urkel dance.  

Mc Hammer Attack

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel found a french maid and a sexy mamma. 

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel and Star Track guy.

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel helps an old lady down the stairs. 

Whats my favorite words?..."Did I do that?"

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel loves the attention. 

Your not Laura but you might be a keeper. 

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel found his Twinkle Bell

This girl gave Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel her love. She really liked me. 

This was Wonder Woman. She was WONDERFUL. WOW. I really mean WOW. I'll remember our dance forever. 

Now this girl is my type of people. 

LA. The place where you'll never find the dance floor empty. 

Motown Maurice / Erkel found Eve and Adam was no where to be found.  Right on. 

The Tiger woman loves Steve Urkel /Motown Maurice.

Motown Maurice / Steve Urkel gets arrested by a slutty cop. 

What can I say. Steve Urkel has a lot of fans. 

The party is over and they still want to take pictures with Motown Maurice. I mean Steve Urkel. 

Unfortunately, this poor guy got knocked the *$%^ out after the party. I never saw he get back up.  He was breathing but  was certainly unconscious. 

 Halloween Fametacular on Saturday, Oct 29th, 2011 | Feat. Halloween Appetizers and Hors d'oeuvres | Plus $300 Halloween Costume Contest

Final Thoughts

The whole night people went out of their way to give me mad props. Many stopped and said, "Urkel, I loved you on family matters. That was my favorite show. TGIF" Several times things got kinky when I asked the ladies to pull my suspenders.

On a too much information note: Dancing with these ladies gave me physical action I haven't received in a very long time. Nearly a year. I almost forgot how soft you ladies feel. This Urkel look has really been a working for me. It won't stop anytime soon. Before I arrived, one person at Subway told me I reminded them of Screech from Saved by The Bell.

This night is confirmation once again. The people are confirming and positioning my place in Hollywood as a Geek/Nerd. I can do it and I can dig it. Whats my favorite words? "Did I do that?" Blow the Whistle.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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  1. MOTOWN MAURICE YOU PARTY ANIMAL! So glad you finally let go and had a marvelous time. Ye, the ladies love you! Those photos will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars one day! "BLOW DA WHISTLE"!!! I was smiling looking at the photos and in your video, it was a complete 360 degree turn around from the "The first confessions" video! Keep having fun, don't mix business with pleasure, but definitely put time aside to mix pleasure with pure fun! Keep pressing forward my friend!
    Your Number One Stalker Fan!


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