Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St

Throughout the course of my entrepreneurship endeavors I've often reached pinnacle moments where I had no clue how I was going make it through the next month financially. Most of these moments started to occur after I started producing my monthly discussion forum Wide aWoke Wednesday between 2007-2009 in Tampa, FL. I focused on those shows so much I started to neglect the marketing and promotion aspects of my business that actually made money. 

Nevertheless, somehow, someway, a gig would unexpectedly pop up and clear the way for me financially through the next month and sometimes beyond. I wish I could remember each remarkable situation but I can't. The situation occurs, somehow a blessing arises and I move on to make another business transaction.

It just so happens that I've going through the "How am I can going to make through the next month dilemma." Now that I have this blog I'm happy that I can properly log "The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St.

First there are a few things you should know.

* Last week I shared my Woe Is Me saga which first shaped my financial dilemma. By the time you reach the 8th Woe is Me you will see this:

Woe is me: I'm broke and I have no money.

Woe is me: I haven't booked any paying gigs this year. 

I only had one 2 day gig's in January that brought in about $116.00. Since then I haven't any other gigs. 

Now I did have some money that later came in from some work in December and of course my mom and loyal supporters have gave me a few donations but that money immediately went to IRS and United States Treasury bills.

At the beginning of this week I had about $150.00 in my business account. My personal account had about $60.00.

Since December 2010 I had to take the ethical sacrifice by not paying my credit card bills any longer. I also officially got rid of my 2005 Dodge Durango which eliminated my car payments and insurance at the beginning of this year.   

By extracting all of these bills, all I have to really worry about is my phone bill, storage of my belongings in Tampa and about $25.00 per month worth of online casting services fees. Which means I have about $234.46 is serious bills each month. Now of course this doesn't include transportation and food. Currently, I'm in a really blessed situation and I am not obligated to pay rent/utilities which is extraordinary. 

Moreover, my bills are approaching and all I need is at least $100.00 to $150.00 to clear the way for March. Somehow, someway, I finally got a gig this week to be in another Chris Brown music video. Its been over a month since I worked for money and right when I needed it the most a gig came in to secure they way a little bit longer. What a blessing!!!

I made $100.00 dollars from that shoot and I paid for my storage and phone bill almost immediately.

I now have to my name less then $25.00 in my personal account and less then $45.00 in my business account. That's barely enough left to take care of food and transportation but that's the least of my worries.

This is a post of amazement, less than concerns or worries. When there seems to be no way, God always makes a way. All I have to do is continue to make the effort and take the initiative.

I'm blessed and I'm going to do everything in my abilities to keep the blessings coming so I can share my blessing with someone else.

Yesterday/Friday, I was on my way home in the rain from an audition and a man in a wheel chair near a street corner asked me for some help. He needed me to help push wheel chair down the street.  I got off my cell phone and started to push. Jokingly, I said to myself "this could be a set up." Its dark, gloomy and raining, hmmmmmm.

Furthermore, I pushed his wheel chair at some type of church/community and he told me thank you very much. Then I told him, "No problem, if I help you then you can help someone else and then we're all helping each other making the world a better place." He responded in agreement. We really didn't get a good look at each others faces but I do know I felt good about it.

About an hour later I was getting off my bus stop and a young man just gave me an umbrella as I stepped off the bus. He almost trapped his arm in the door handing it to me and indeed I had no umbrella walking in the rain. It happened so fast that I didn't get to see his face either.

I have no clue if I ironically got that umbrella because of my good deed with the man in the wheel chair earlier but I do know I'm blessed, it feels good to bless someone and it also feels great to receive a blessing.

Please note that I'm not making this post to make anyone feel bad of not making a donation to me. Or to get more donations from those who have made donations to me. This is not the purpose of this post at all. Of course if you feel lead to make donation at this moment, free free. lol

Through all the hard times and uncertain financial moments the universe always makes away. Its amazing. So amazing.

That fact that I made it this far is beyond amazing. This story almost fortifies that I'm on the right path. If you are working hard for something and you seem to always survive with just enough, then there is a big chance you are on the right path.

I'm proud to also stay that my mom has been an wonderful supporter for me in so many ways. Financially, she has provided alot and I know she doesn't make much money. I'm almost proud to say that I didn't even know that last time I've asked my mom for money. Better yet anyone for money. I can only assume that high school was the last time I asked mom or anyone for money.

With that being said, whenever my mom blesses me with some money its always at the right time and on time. I could easily ask her and I know she would give it in a heart beat but somehow she just knows when I'm in need. Most times she sends without asking. I don't know how she knows but mamma knows. Thanks ma. I love you.

All my donations from my fans and supporters also came in at the right times. Thank you to all that have made donations. There are a few people since last year and early this year that I haven't had a chance to acknowledge in my post yet but I will do soon.

I hope reading this post has blessed you as much as it has blessed me writing it.

As the Quest Continues

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  1. Continue to press forward, good things will happen.

  2. Hay Motown how are you? and I love your blog, you have mention a lot of interesting words which will touch anyone heart. Motown you have had the victory of your heart desire since your were born, it's coming wait on the lord and be of good cheer psalm 27.


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