Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 7 Review: I'M NOT AFRAID!!!... Week of Anticipation, Patience & Research

As you all know, I've been planting seeds for a while now. Most intensively since I've been in L.A. 
Nevertheless, some of my seeds were gobbled up by a chicken. Now this chicken has used the nutriment from my seeds and laid a dozen eggs. These eggs in particular look good and they safely belong in a basket. As much as I want to put all my eggs in this one basket, I've learned many times over again not to do that. The last time I've learned was from my experience with Oprah's Your Own Contest

As a result, I'm never going to put all my eggs in one basket again. Which is why I've only put about 6 eggs in this particular basket. What am I taking about? I'm taking about my 2nd audition for the anonymous game show Monday, Nov 8, 2010. It's the only thing that is currently keeping me motivated (See week 6 for the back story for the audition).

At times this week has been somewhat idle. After I launched my Future of Late Night Campaign, I found myself checking the page every 2 minutes waiting for 100,000 fans to come pouring in. My original strategy to get fans rolling isn't going to work as easy as I thought. So now I have 1 of  2 of choices to build my fan base. 1. Pay for some web advertising options with money that I don't have. 2. Be interviewed by a national television or radio corporation to gain some exposure. In stead, I've decided to just slowly nurture the campaign and not make it a complete focus for now.
After realizing I have to shift my focus, that's where I began to be idle. The only thing that helped me stayed balance was my passionate anticipation to audition for the game show. I found joy spending time researching as much information as I could about this show. I'm determined to get it. When I'm into something all I can do is think about it, research and get ready. This is far from the end of my quest but its unmistakeably a gate I need to capture the key for. I'm not looking for a break through or someone to give me a big break, I want the key. Without the key, I could  get thrown out at any given time. I've been turned away before but not this time. I have to seize this opportunity and take the key. I've come to far.     
Yeah! Its been a ride. I guess I had to...  go to that place... to get this one. Now some of you... might been in that place...and your trying to get out. Just follow me. I'll get you there.

"You can try to read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em. But you wont' take the sting out of these words before I say 'em. Cause ain't on way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhem. When I say 'em or do something I do it..., I don't give a damn what you think, I'm doing this for me, so forget the world. Feed its beans, its gassed up, if it thinks its stopping me, I'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly...And all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony. No if and or buts don't try to ask him why or who can he...

"I'm afraid...I'm take a take a stand...Everybody...Everybody come take my hand...come take my hand. We'll walk to road together. Through the storm. Whatever weather. Cold or warm. Just let you know that, your not alone. Holla, if you feel like you've been down the same road." 
"Not Afraid" by Eminem
Those are the words of my current theme song. I know what your thinking. "What game show is this?" Is it that serious? Yes, I seriously need to conquer this. Forget the fact its a game show. Forget the fact its nationally syndicated and it could easily be a huge catalyst my quest. Forget the fact that I could win $50,000.00. For get all that. This is no game. This is a huge determining ultimatum factor.

"And I just keep in living this way, so starting today. I'm breaking out of this cage. I'm standing up Imma face my demons. I'm manning up. Imma hold my ground. I've had enough. Now I'm so fed up. Time to put my life back together my life right now."

As for week 7, I wish I had more exciting things to write about I'm sure there will be plenty in week 8.   

Day 42 = Sunday, October 31, 2010

* Spent the day on the computer, debating how to market my campaign and when to recruit to start my team again. 

Day 43 = Monday, November 1, 2010

* Designated a notebook and started writing down future ideas for the campaign. 

* I received an email confirmation about my game show audition on November 8th. (Its official). 

* Put in some hours at A1 Media...

Day 44 = Tuesday, November 2, 2010

* Agent notified me about a big audition on Thursday. 

* Created and submitted My Future of Late Night Campaign Speech. I'm not completely happy with it but I'll let it ride fro now. I have better components of the campaign to look forward to.  

*Did some social networking research. 

*Worked my last day at A1 Media...until further notice.  (No further comment) 

Day 45 = Wednesday, November 3, 2010

* Constantly waiting for the Facebook fan page to increase. 

* Started researching improvisational shows and various comedic characters. 

*As I was preparing for my audition tomorrow I found an article about marketing tips for rappers that became very useful. This week, I was so hyped about my campaign I started emailing reporters that wrote about late night talk shows. My email basically said, my name and I told them that I'm The Future of Late Night. I never got a response. The marketing tips generally said your reputation should speak for itself and I shouldn't have to tell anyone who I am like that. They should know me because of my reputable brand. It makes a lot of sense and I know longer send out emails like that. 

Day 46 = Thursday, November 4, 2010

*I attended the audition my agent sent me on but I was told I was too old. Its a long story. They told my agent and other people we could attend as long as we look 18-24. However, when we got there they asked us our age immediately and the casting director said, no can do. Regardless, I had a chance to give my head shots and promotional material to a very prominent casting director who works on a lot of projects. She told me she has a few movies in place and she might call me in for a read. I later found out that the audition was for a MTV show called Disaster Date. So, I didn't miss out on anything much.

* I was notified by A1 Media Distribution that my documentary has some buyers looking at it and I was congratulated. We'll see what happens.  

 Day 47 = Friday, November 5, 2010

* Contacted by the Florida Courier about a news feature about my quest. Stay tuned. I will post it.

* Contemplated on my "aspiring" approach for the audition.  

* Spent a portion of day night walking up and down Hollywood BLVD.

* Constantly thinking about Monday's audition.

* Received a text about audience extra work for Monday in a retro themed show. Hmm, I wonder why they choose me. 

Day 48 = Saturday November 6, 2010

* I finally trusted another barber with my hair. I was in route to another recommended barber, but I got lost and found myself peaking inside of random barbershop. As I was walking away someone came out introduced himself and give me his card. I later found out the barbershop I was looking for was still over 20mins away. As a result, I figured I'll give this random barbershop a chance. The end result was good. I'm happy with my hair this time but I'll be more of a judge when I have my height back again. 
Since my high top massacre on day 19 I've maintained my cool and never mentioned the name of the barbershop in my blog. Since the incident, the owner promised to send me my refund but I'm still waiting for it. Its obviously not coming. So I no longer need my cool. If your in L.A. don't go to Legends Barbershop. I heard through the grapevine about other bad experiences at their 2nd location. Down with Legends Barbershop in L.A. 

I will give a shout out to TR Hair Studio on LA Brea Ave for my current hair cut. Much love and thank you for my first good hair cut experience in L.A.

That same day...

* I began doing a lot unique things to get ready for the game show.(I'll explain later)

* Began vocabulary exercises. 

* Started doing researching a particular type of comedian that I am destined to be. (I'll explain later) 

* Researched a lot of old talk shows.  

* I registered an account with I love it. Give it a try. 

Final thoughts:

No final thoughts just a note.

Note: I added a picture of myself on day 6. The picture just came in. I'm looking pretty cool. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. Motown!
    I went to an amusement park once and in the distance i saw a huge roller coaster that towered over all the other rides in the park. As I approached it I was filled with anticipation and fear. I made a decision to take the ride. I got in and as I began to strap myself into the harness a man came along and made sure I was safe and securely locked in. As the Tram began to move with its creeks and bumps, my heart began to race and I braced myself. The Tram preceded on a upward climb, slowly... slowly creeping along the rails. As I saw the top approaching, I was filled with anticipation and anxiety not knowing what I would find on the other side. Then all of a sudden, the Tram plunged downward in a spiral, then twist and turned bumping and shaking along the way. I closed my eyes and felt afraid, questioning why would I take such a crazy ride knowing that at this moment the fate of my life was in the outcome of this journey I was on. I opened my eyes and I saw the blue sky and the sun. I could hear the screams of others who were on the same ride. Then I felt the wind on my brow and in its breeze I heard laughter and joy! As the ride finally came to an end I realized that it was just the beginning. You see all I could think about was taking the ride again! Motown, you are on the same ride right now. With every twist, bump, creek, incline, you will reach the top! And the next barber that messes up that High Top Fade will get a personal visit from your Stalker Fan! Keep your head up Motown, your ride has just begun.
    Penny in Sunny Tampa

  2. Hey there Motown. I give you major kudos and praise for your courage and fortitude in taking this journey of yours. I've realized now from recent experience that it can be really, REALLY hard and discouraging when you don't seem to have the support and backing of many others. It seems sometimes, and may be a lot of times we have to go down a lonely path in life. But I'm sure it doesn't mean we will always be alone on our way.

    Keep it up Motown. Keep following your heart, and dare to be the person you dream to be. Be who you are meant to be. And as a good friend Mark told me before, keep your inner light shining.

    Peace brother, and Good Luck in the audition today!

  3. Hope you get the game show and the 50k!!!! I saw the Chris Brown video and you are all up in there!! Nice job...

  4. WOW! Motown,you are all in my refrigerator. There have been times when it was very full and I could pull out anything I wanted to fulfill my appetite. I had everything I needed and more. I had a job, bills were being paid and I was able to treat myself with something special feom time to time. Then one day, not ready and not looking...the job was gone and items out of the frig started to diminish. Bills was piling up. One day I looked in the frig and there was a half loaf of bread, water and a bottle of ketchup. You see I put all my eggs in one basket and went to get one out...I drop the basket and rest got broke. One day I came home, I switch on the light and in the middle of the day my house was cold and night even as the sun was beaming through the blinds. I had many opportunities to make things better, but I focus the one option that made my smile feel better and left the others on the side line. It didn't work out and my smile flipped upside dowm and my heart met blue. I was at a stand still and didn't know what was the next thing to do. I return to the side line and picked up a chance to fill my frig with food and drink and make my day night light. I felt so good everything felt right. The interview, the meeting and the telephone call
    was begining to connect, until that email pop up
    saying we picked someone else. I could not believe I remained on the shelve. So, I no longer
    collecting eggs then placing them in one basket. I scatter them all around from Heaven to Earth to the firm solid ground. I will be the one who say I choose you to my life, my dream to be real;to be true. Motown Maurice, again thanks for the inspiration that drives my motivation that brings such a sensation to my motive of operation.

  5. Well said Arthur, very touching. Oh how I miss you all of you guys. Have you ever been amongst a group of 50+ people and no one argued? That is special. I've only experienced that type of environment under the umbrella of the MMS. Proliferating yourself about the earth is the best thing anyone can do. I've learned that concept over the years. Not only are you diverse, but you gain so much more experience, its like a 2 for 1 deal. Stay motivated, you are closer than you can imagine.


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