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Week 32: I Got To Stir It Up Now!!!

While reading this post, I need you press the play button to listen to the song.

This is my current theme song. Its also on the sound track for Eddie Murphy's 1985 Beverly Hills Cop movie. I've always liked this song and I started listening to this song again earlier this year when I was in preparation for Expedition Impossible. It was on  my motivational song list. I'm not the type of person that listens to music all the time but I recently felt lead to play this song. I didn't just play it in the house but I played it on my phone as I was heading for a few destinations over the weekend. The audio file is also on my phone for mobile access. 

Moreover, every time I listened to this song as I was walking down the street and riding from bus to train. Each time I heard the song, I had an out of body experience. Of course I am wide aware that I currently live in Los Angeles, CA and you might as well say I live in Hollywood because its so close but this song created a very surreal reality for me. While I'm listening to this song there was a voice in my head staying, "You are in the Entertainment Capital of the World. You are walking on the mother land of creativity. Motown Maurice you are living among some of the most greatest minds ever created. Motown Maurice you in the place where visions dreams are manufactured. Motown Maurice your are in Hollywood..." 

I had an extra pep in every step I took while listening. The thoughts that where going through my mind wasn't insinuating that I made it. It was insinuating that I am in the right place. These moments were significant for me because I never lived my life dreaming to be in Hollywood like the majority of people out here. I really didn't even envision it. I simply got pushed to the edge, made a decision and now I'm here. I'm here in the place where many people dream of being but may never see the lights of. 

Hollywood is a big deal but its only during musical moments like this I realize how big it is. After 6 months I'm still here. Believe me its hard to explain how I'm still surviving.  My current living situation which has been the same since September 19th doesn't make any sense. I wish I can make better sense of everything but I can't. I just know I that I'm blessed and "I have to Stir It Up Now, When I think about tomorrow, I'm not going to take it anymore..." 

Play the song again from the beginning and image me walking on Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, The Avenue of The Stars. Then put your mental 3D glasses on and witness the glow. That glow is my beautiful mind surging with creative power that is anxious to electrify Hollywood with a few million giga watts of The Motown Maurice Experience. At any giving time I'm just miles, feet or yards ways from other super humans. Unfortunately, I haven't met any one of my own species yet but its just a matter of time.   

As I'm writing this post I'm listening to this song and I can just see my journey flash before my eyes. I see a Hollywood type montage with pictures and video flashing with me in the center of it all ascending to the top.

As you can see I'm on a super high right now. I feel really good and that song stimulated much of the visual and the feeling. "When I think about tomorrow, I can't wait to stir it up now."  I have to stir it up. This week has been really good. The past couple previous weeks has been generally slow. I gauge it slow because I wasn't riding the bus and train much. This week I had to put some cash on my tap card compared to the last couple weeks. By the time the weekend came around I officially confirmed my hotness. I came into the month of May very hot and on this pace I will be stirring  up temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit before the month is over. 

I am truly on a creative high. I said a few weeks ago that I will be creating my own Motown Maurice Hollywood Universe and I am truly doing so. Of course I'm all for partnerships and doesn't mean I'm going to be neglecting the true Hollywood. That fact that I'm in creating my own universe is probably part of the reason I'm hot right now. Hollywood can feel the energy and it wants some of it. Thus, my creative energy has been coming out in the form of comedy unlike ever before. This week week has been a ground breaking jump in my future adventures in stand up comedy. I've writing original jokes unlike ever before.

Obviously there is so much to explain and its best that I just right to the highlights. 
Day 217 Sunday, April 24, 2011

* I have to be honest, today was a really bad day. It was only bad because I was forcing myself to do too much work. I have to use at least one day out of the week to rest and that's what I did wrong today. I should of went to the movies or made it a Redbox night. I finally allowed myself to watch the NBA Playoffs but I still should of got out and rested. I know better but I still didn't do better. Not resting put me in battle with of vice of mine

* I explained last week about my Bing commercial cancellation.

Day 218 Monday, April 25, 2011

* I got a phone call from my agent early in the morning and the informed me that they are now going to focus their company solely as a  commercial agency. There are pro's and con's for that but it means I will need to find more representation.

* My SAG E papers came in. 

Day 219 Tuesday, April 26, 2011

* Rehearsed two scenes with my classmates from Lifebook. The scene below is Friends. The other scene is Serenity.
Lifebook rehearsal with Michael, Motown Maurice, Kate & Kelly
* On Day 216 Saturday, April 23, 2011 I wrote about the possibility of me breaking into stand up comedy. I spoke with the guy today and told him straight up that I don't have much stand up experience as in me doing a whole comedy set. He asked about my specializations and lets just say he delegated as the host the of the show.  He was even happier because he would of had to host and he didn't want to do that. Things worked out for the best. The event took place on Saturday. Keep reading...

* On Day 205 Tuesday, April 12, 2011 I wrote about a fun interview experience I coded named Show B. Lets just say I'm officially booked right now. I still don't want to reveal the name yet. Stay posted. I will be revealing the name very soon.

Day 221 Wednesday, April 27, 2011

* I  rehearsed a scene called "Rescue Me," with my a few of my Lifebook classmates. 

* I found someone on Craigs list who wants to interview me on her new show called Redlipstick. 

* One of my Lifebook classmates named Kelly’s invited me to sit in her audition class and it was was great. She did great.

Day 222 Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Day 199 Thursday, April 7, 2011 I wrote about missing an audition to be apart of a trivia show on NBC. Its actually called Still Standing. Well, the opportunity came up again, I resubmitted and I got invited. I attended and I did as terrible as I thought would. I'm glad to have been there but trivia is not my thing.

* Since I new I that I had to host a comedy show on Saturday I signed up to do a 3 minute stand up scene in my Lifebook Acting Class. It went well. The feed back was great and I'm a better comedian because of it. 

Motown Maurice does a 3min stand up that turns into a 8min stand up in class
* I received a notice for hosting audition for a teen show.

* I received a notice notice to audition for a DJ with Trac phone. 

Day 223 Friday, April 29, 2011

* I've been telling myself since my last hair cut that I need to try another barber. I think the last time I got my hair cut was Day 187 Friday, March 25, 2011. Moreover, I haven't been satisfied with my cuts. I tried a new barber shop on Wilshire Blvd. The hair cut was okay (I'm still searching for a better barber) however, I did meet a white guy that was getting his hair cut at an African American barbershop. It just who happens who works on the creative side of production for one the networks and he suggested to take my flier to give it to someone in casting.  

* I audition for Trac phone DJ gig. Nothing special to really report.

* The name of the comedy show I hosted is called The Raw Artist Comedy Show Network Cafe. Overall, I think I did good. I said a few decent jokes I pre-wrote and I even did a little improv. I performed a few jokes about Donald Trump, the Royal Wedding and my high top of course. I woudn't mind doing  it again. I know the have a show coming up on the 13th. Lets see if I get a call back.

Motown Maurice hosting the Raw Artist Network Cafe
I'm getting popular story part # 1

* I arrived early to host the comedy show and as I was waiting outside I saw Mikealis Alan from the music video show Hey Hey Hey noticed me in his car and shouted my name. No big deal right. Check out what happened tomorrow.

Day 223 Saturday, April 30, 2011

* Out of all the auditions I've completed in LA this is just the 2nd hosting auditing. The first one was on Day 125 = Saturday, January 22, 2011. Today's audition was interesting because it was a casting call for the age range of 16-18. Which means I was mostly likely the oldest person present.

I did okay but the young man I was paired up with over did it. There was a part he had to add on lines and he just added way too much. I wanted to tell him but I didn't. Now that I think about it I should of shared my expertise. By not doing so I'm certain he made me look as bad as he did himself.

* Read post: h.e.b Studios Launch

I'm Getting Popular Story Part 2

After I left the  h.e.b Studios Launch I was on standing on the street corner waiting for the bus and Matt from one of my former cast members in vampire masquerade (2nd guy from the right) shouted my name from the back seat of a Taxi. The fact that people I met are starting to notice me now is a big deal to me. 

Final Thoughts 

I have 3 blog talk radio show interviews coming up.

I'm on a comedy writing high. That's all I've been doing is writing a lot of jokes. 
I'm hot and I have to Stir It Up.

Something is approaching. No...multiple things are approaching.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

The Future of Late Night

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