Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 30 in L.A. (Quest Evaluation - Is this Realistic? - Special Announcement Included)

(Day 30 = Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

In this post you will read through a questionnaire evaluation of my quest, for its 1st 30 days in L.A. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine significance of my progress, and determine what’s next.    
Since I have been my own boss for over 7 years I will be conducting this evaluation by asking myself the questions. These questions will be important yet critical and will provide clear foresight for my quest. In appearance these questions may seem to be completely personal but they are also designed to help your own personal quest or conviction. 

The Boss: Mr. Motown Maurice, can you please define what you mean when you say you’re on a quest?

Motown Maurice: Well, according to Wikipedia, a quest is journey towards a goal. In literature, objects of quests require great exertion on the part of the hero, and the overcoming of many obstacles. The hero normally aims to obtain something or someone by the quest, and with this object to return home. The object can be something new, that fulfills a lack in his life, or something that was stolen away from him or someone with authority to dispatch him.

The Boss: Motown Maurice, I applaud you for memorizing Wikipedia’s definition but please define the quest on the terms that you are in.

Motown Maurice: My bad. I’m on a quest to become a nationally syndicated late night talk show host. On September 19, 2010, I left my hometown Tampa, FL and relocated to Los Angeles, California seeking to fulfill my quest.

The Boss: Motown, don’t you think you’re over dramatizing it by calling it a quest. Why can’t you just say you have taken a trip to L.A. I assume you also think you’re a hero now.

Motown Maurice: The word trip would provide a false impression. This isn’t a vacation nor a getaway.  I’m in L.A. for one reason only and that’s to host my own nationally syndicated late night talk show. I choose to describe it as a quest because there is no blue print that tells me how to accomplish this goal. Since the inception of late night talk shows in the early 1950’s there have only been a handful of hosts. Each host has their own unique story on how they received their own show. What makes my quest even more challenging is the difficulty of building a relationship with a network. The gates of Hollywood are heavily protected and are built to keep people out. I am virtually unknown in this industry and I am taking an unconventional path to achieve my goal. That’s why I’m on a quest.

Now to answer your question about me being a hero, I consider myself more as a seeker. However, I’m honored to say that in the eyes of many I’m considered a hero. I’ve lost track of the amount of people that have been inspired by my quest and envy my sacrifice. There are many people in my hometown that are living their dreams through my quest because they are not able to pick up and leave as I did. Many others are passionately rooting for a successful accomplishment. From that stand point I could be considered as a hero but I have a lot more to achieve before I truly deserve that title.

The Boss: How do you feel about your first 30 day’s? Do you feel like you have accomplished a lot? Are you satisfied?

Motown Maurice: I will never be satisfied until this quest is over. Then when this quest is over, I’m sure there will be another quest. My agent and many others say I’ve accomplished more than some people accomplish in a year. Let’s just say I’m far from content and I’m definitely not throwing a party. It’s possible I may have expected more out of my 1st 30 days. Now it’s more important to focus on the next 30 days and make sure it’s significantly more successful than the 1st 30 days.

The Boss: I understand the definition of a quest and what your quest is, but why are you doing this? What drives you? What is your motivation?

Motown Maurice: That’s a great question. Recently I was watching a 60 minutes interview with Eminem. For those of you who don’t know him, he is the most successful rapper of the last decade. If it makes any difference to you he is also white. The first thing Eminem said in the interview is, he’s trying to win the respect from the crowd and his fans.

After of a series of shows in Tampa I officially decided I wanted to become late night talk show host during the 2nd quarter of 2009. For the first time, every one of my personality traits, accomplishments and desires started to make sense. Than on January 23, 2010, I officially joined the late night race with the intentions of competing with The Tonight Show & The Late Show from Tampa, FL. I was obviously trying to gain the respect of Leno, Letterman and the other late night hosts. So now I’m in the main turf for late night shows and they still don’t know I exist. So like Eminem, a part of me is doing this to gain their respect and get their attention. Of course I also want the respect from the people. They are also the gate keepers to success.
Besides that, becoming a nationally syndicated late night talk show host is my purpose in life. As a host I am able to entertain and most importantly inspire. I love to inspire and improve the lives of others when I can. I truly don’t have any other options at this point. I have sacrificed everything to make this happen and there is no plan B.  Either complete my quest or die. If you’re not willing to die for what you want then you probably don’t really want it. As scary as that may sound it’s the truth and it’s a requirement for success in epic portions.

The Boss: Are you being realistic about this quest? I hate to sound doubtful but realistically your chances are slim and there are several variables against you. 

Motown Maurice: There are 4 things in this world that fascinates me beyond belief. There are subways, airplanes, highway/interstate and space traveling. Do you think any of these things was realistic before they were created? Yet, someone created an airplane and someone else set forth to build subways underground. Today we all see it as another way to get around but back in the days it wasn’t realistic. Nevertheless, it started in someone’s mind and we are enjoying the pleasures of it today. 

I would like to expose you all to another side of the famous actor Will Smith in this video below. Please watch it. Not only do people say I look like him, but we also think very much alike. He can probably articulate success much better than me but our thoughts flow parallel. Please watch this video.

The Boss: Very inspiring video, now…

Motown Maurice: I’m sorry to cut you off but before you ask another question I would like to touch on something Will Smith said about talent and work ethic. Like him, I have never considered myself to be talented. I have an imagination that can be very creative but I am not talented. My confidence is in my work ethic. I work hard and I devote everything I have into my quest and anything I’m a part of. My skills are developing and they will continue to develop as I create.

The Boss: How do you plan to gain the respect of Hollywood if you don’t have much talents? Wouldn’t you like to work your way up on The Tonight Show? You can only get that opportunity if they recognize your talents right?

Motown Maurice: You are asking a question that has been on the surface of my mind these last few days. The conventional way of one day hosting a late night talk show for a network is to appear as a talent on a regular basis and hope to one day work your way up. I’m not a standup comedian by nature nor do I have any special talents. As a result, that way won’t work for me. My agent told me over a week ago that my approach is different compared to most traditional actors. In deed she is right. The system that is already designed won’t work for me. I will study the system, audition and do my best to understand it all but I am my own designer.

The Boss: If you not going to become a late night talk show host the standard traditional way, then if you don’t mind me asking what is your plan?

Motown Maurice: Literally, yesterday I started to sum up all the signs that I have been receiving since I arrived in L.A. Now for the first time I’m going to announce my plan to premiere the 2nd season of The Motown Maurice Show live in L.A. Please note I didn’t come to L.A with these intentions. I came hoping to work my way up some talk show ladder, pursue acting, host some other shows and get noticed. Granted, I still need the experience/exposure and I will still attempt to find some gigs to make money. In the mean while, I have conceived a plan of action for the next season.

The Boss:  Can you tell us your strategy? How do you plan on accomplishing this?

Motown Maurice: Some answers you will have to read when the book comes out one day. The truth is I did it before and I can do it again. This time I will do it much better. I have access and I know how to access a lot of skilled and talented people hungry for opportunity and work. In many ways it’s going to be easier. All I will say is that I have a huge campaign idea and I’m excited about bringing it to life. Originally, I was going to use the idea to promote the 2nd season of my show in Tampa but this time I will use it in L.A.

The Boss: Did you get the results you wanted during the first season of your show in Tampa and what results do you expect from doing it in L.A.?

Motown Maurice: I absolutely did not achieve the results I desired or deserved in Tampa because it simply isn’t the market for late night talk shows. Each show I anticipated a sonic boom that never did happen. That sonic boom will come in due time. I am located in Mecca of entertainment which gives me access to gain the respect from the other hosts, the people and the networks. Ultimately, I have to make enough noise and execute a brand of quality that will lure the executives to me. I don’t know where to find them nor do I have time to search. I have to keep it moving.

The Boss: Don’t you need a lot of money to pull this off? Do you have any?

Motown Maurice: You’re right. I’m still in great debt from my 1st season but I’m not going to let money deter this vision. It will come and I will find it. I had no clue how I was going to finance the 1st season but somehow all the expenses were taken care of. I still have a lot of credit card bills but all the expenses were taken care of.

The Boss: Do you have a launch date yet?

Motown Maurice: All dates are to be announced but I will start recruiting and rebuilding my new team on Nov 1st.

The Boss: This is an even bigger undertaken from your last. Are you sure you want to do this?

Motown Maurice: What other options do I have? This is what I know how do. I can’t wait for Oprah or Jay Leno to come knocking on my door because that’s not going to happen. I said in Tampa that I wanted to compete right? So, I’m going to bring it to them the only way I know how.

The Boss: Let’s say you launch your show in L.A. will your quest be completed?

Motown Maurice: Absolutely not. My quest won’t meet its goal until I am nationally syndicated. Rebuilding my show from a grass roots level is just another stepping stone. Eventually, I will still need the support/backing of a cable/major network. To my benefit, many of the major and cable networks are in L.A. which makes the recognition possibilities higher.

The Boss: When do you plan to return to Tampa?

Motown Maurice: This is a good question. I don’t know yet? In my studies most seekers or hero’s never return home until their quest is complete. In many terms I feel the same way. The holidays are approaching and I know my family would like to see me. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been away from my family during the holidays. I can’t fully answer this question yet.

The Boss: Briefly, what are your long and short term goals?

Motown Maurice: They are generally the same as they have been for the past few years. Creative jobs and host my own nationally syndicated late night talk show. I still want to be part of another project that will give me some national exposure first, but that is beyond my control. Originally, I wanted to create jobs in Tampa but I don’t have a problem creating jobs in L.A. I’m positive there will be a time when I’ll be able to do something big in Tampa. That will come in time.

The Boss: What are going to do to prepare for your 2nd season?

Motown Maurice: First thing I have to do is reactivate my leadership abilities. I literally stopped leading since the conclusion of my 1st season. 2nd I’m going to have to focus more on my performance skills. I have always worn multiple hats in the past. I can’t do that this time around. As I start recruiting my team I’m to have to specially focus on finding strong producers and writers that will take the weight off of my shoulders. I also hope to start attending Monkey Butler Comedy. They offer free improvisational classes and free is what I can afford right now. Hopefully they are good. If not them, I will look for another troupe. The troupe I mentioned on day 11 didn’t work out for a few reasons I consider red flags.

The Boss: Even though I am your boss and we are the same person, I think you’re insane but I completely support you. I came to this interview with the intentions of beating you up with critical questions but there is no stopping a man who isn’t afraid to die for his purpose. I wish you all the best. Do you have any final comments?

Motown Maurice: First off, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I never experienced such a thorough interview. You did a great job and I enjoyed myself. First I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me and following my blog. Thank you to everyone that has sent me donations for my quest. Thank you to those who have called and checked on often. Thank you Ma, Aunty Bern, Attorney Pamela Y. Robinson, Valerie, Rodney & Crissy. I recently realized that I already started rebuilding my team and didn’t know it. A few people help from time to time help with grammar errors on my blog and Reggie has always been available for technical support. Thank you all.

I appreciate my agents very much. First Class Talent Agency is the best. Every other day I meet someone who has horrible stories about their agents and I couldn’t ask for anything better agency right now. Thank you very much Cynthia and Sandy.  

I don’t want to get too deep into thanks because this quest is far from over but everyone should know I am grateful. Please forgive me if I left your name out. Know that are loved and appreciated.  As for this blog, I set a goal for myself to blog about my first 30 days. This blog has been a quest within a quest.  The reason I write some much is so you all can learn from my experiences and to outline the book I’m going to write one day of course. After today, I’m going to change the frequency of my posts. Blogging everyday isn’t easy. I may take a break for a few days and return on an every other day basis. I’m not sure yet of the frequency but don’t worry I will continue to keep you posted with everything as I have been doing.  

Thank you all. I look forward to seeing your comments and please share share share! I can’t only go national with your support. 

As the quest continues…

Motown Maurice


  1. Motown!
    Are you sure that you were interviewing yourself? Now I see why you are so talented and successful, there is more than one Motown inside there! I keep reading and reading in anticipation for the announcement and I was pleasantly surprised when you told "Your Boss" that your intentions are to do your second season of your show in L.A. Bravo!
    Penny in Tampa

  2. Just a few observations-

    First, you should be more than satisfied with all that you have accomplished thus far! You've done more than most ppl in your position. And just because you are satisfied doesnt mean that you are going to stop moving. As important as it is to keep moving forward, its equally important (in my humble opinion) to celebrate your accomplishments and all that God has blessed you with along the way. If nothing else it will alleviate some of the saltiness when things don't go your way (like around week 3 lol)

    Next, I am excited to see the revival of the Motown Maurice Show. I gotta admit, thats what I assumed you were going to do (after making some connections of course) when you first said you were going to LA. With that being said, I still maintain that you would've been perfect for that travel show you were talking about a couple of weeks ago!

    Last thing- one of the things i've always admired most about you is that you are so hardworking and dedicated to what you want to do. Never once have i doubted that you could accomplish anything you've set your mind to this far from The Combination to The Motown Maurice Show. You really are a visionary and extremely creative...but also talented, whether you realize it or not. Im sure if you sit and think about it long enough you'll be able to see clear as day what those talents are and how they've been helping you over the years. Consider that my hw assignment to you lol.

    I have sooooooo much more to say but i've been typing all night and I dont feel like typing anymore.

    The End.

  3. I am very inspired after reading this! The bottom line...there is no option B! I've been thinking about my business, where it's at and where I want it to calling, passion, and purpose...

    Thank you for bringing clarity! Be blessed.

  4. Motown,
    Congratulations on your perseverance. With your positive attitude and the momentum you have gained so far, you are bound to be successful.

    Kudos to you for not giving up on your dream.

    Veronica Blakely

  5. Hey Motown good luck man. I still think its possible.. but you need a publicist and a treatment to continue to push. Tampa will be missing your show. God Bless and God Speed!

  6. Mowtown, this is powerful in so many aspects!!! Protect that dream! Every bird has to spread their wings to learn how to fly.

  7. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!
    Camille Kelly-Raheem,Host & Producer
    The Speak Life Show

  8. Motown,

    If everyone fought as hard to achieve their dreams as you, the world would be nothing but winners. I admire your courage. With God, all things are possible. I pray that you succeed. And I hope to sit on your interview couch again in the very near future.

    T. Walker-Craft

  9. Brother Motown, you've inspired so many and you're so talented. Continue to create what you desire. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, "the universe is like one big mammory gland, pull on it". Energy follows your words and thoughts. From what I've been hearing from you, you have the ENERGY to do what you will sir. In your journey, remember to seek God first. As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

  10. Motown,

    I was talking with Tampa Mayor Pam Lorio yesterday and mentioned that I was watching your show when she appeared on it and was impressed with not only your show, but on the personality and enjoyment she brought to it.

    We all wish you well.

    Buddy Hooper

  11. Motown Maurice,

    I have a saying, "if an industry won't let you enter their doors, then build your own building." You are doing just that by re-launching The Motown Maurice Show in L.A. You are now in a place where visions are alive and plentiful. I saw your vision in Tampa. It is a shame that the Tampa Bay Area let a great opportunity get away by not properly supporting your show. I'll state it again; Tampa's loss is L.A.'s gain. I am currently laying the "bricks" to my "building" and look forward to being a special celebrity guest on the nationally syndicated Motown Maurice Show. God bless.

    Steven Bell

  12. Love the determination a young man has to become or meet is goals in life you live once so I applaud you young man and you have my support don't let up there will be down days, thosee are the days we plan to defeat and forget about I call it STRIVE if you keep that word in front of you everything will fall in place even the things that seem impossible to us. God Bless my brother.

    Tony Stinyard

  13. Motown I am a little older than you are (cough.)...ok, a lot older than you, and never in my years have I EVER seen someone interview themself, you are truly "special" and that is why we love you so.
    When I graduated from college I still wasn't sure what path I was supposed to take because at 21 yrs old I just didnt know,but I knew it was something above the norm that was my calling. As I was trying to figure out what it was that I was supposed to be doing, I read a quote out of a book, I forgot the book and the author of the quote, the quote was "Determine that thing that has to be done, then find the way to do it". You have determined what it is that you are destined to do now... and now you are doing!!!
    I think it is great that you have so many followers and well-wishers but I don't want you to feel pressured that you have to accomplish a certain thing within a certain time frame because when you are on a mission, time has no bearing on you ,and sometimes people will "pump" you up but when it comes to actually helping you they draw back, you only have to please God and yourself and move at the speed that is comfortable for you.
    Don't want to sound "preachy" there's a lot more that I have to say to you in due time...but I am very proud of your accomplishments thus far.

  14. Keep it moving and believe in in your quest as you have beening doing. You are an inspiration to me Motown and I'm sure many others. Remember keep God first and you will continue to have more success than you can handle.

    God Bless
    Wakaina Hutchinson

  15. Wow that was an incredible piece of work. I enjoy your show and all that you do. We think alike!

  16. Now, THAT's what I call an ego/soul dialogue, Motown!

    Remember, you can always make inroads via the production work offered to you by your agency on, I believe, Day 1. You never know, a client you work with, may help you reach your ultimate goal. God knows mine always help me to do so.

  17. Hey brother Mo, The Motown Maurice Show moving to LA is music to my ears, like Day 27. Your determination is motivated enough to believe that one can truly receive their dream. “He’s who says he can't and He's who say he can't are both usually right" The Quote that Will says should resonate through everyone spine.
    Great interview and your creativity are off the chart. Good luck and have fun with your next venture

    Stay Blessed (Black Fist up)


  18. Keep up the good work..the more people you meet the more in your funnel...It took me a little over 2 plus years to be a successful Sales Rep...keep the funnel your brains out..don't be shy talk to are doing great!

  19. Motown as a friend and fellow blogger, I must say your creativity & passion keep us coming back to read more & more. You're doing exciting things, and I'm glad that you are independent enough (as you've always been) that you didn't let geography or finance stop you from pursuing your dream. And therein lies the key: dreams are pursued, they very rarely land in your lap.

    You are right that certain art forms do not flourish in Tampa. That's why my wife & I introduced The Art & Soul of YOUth to Lakeland as a breath of fresh air on the cultural scene. You were an integral part of this effort & I'm personally sad that you probably won't be around for next year's event.

    Here everyone says they are behind you until you ask them to tangibly show their support for something more than just a happy hour or "networking" event. Bottom line, we're proud of you and will (not 'wish') you the best in all your endeavors!

  20. I have read some of the blog and watch three quarters of the video, and fine it very interesting. I love the words of Will Smith and what you and him stands for. Stay well and be bless.

  21. Hello Motown Maurice!

    I want to commend you on the courage and conviction that it took to take a chance and make changes in your life in pursuit of your dreams. I am praying for your success. Remember to remain ever faithful and endure because inthe words of my late, dearly departed pastor--Abe Brown, the greatest single act of faith is to endure.

  22. Peace Lord, Motown Mo,this your fellow disciple
    eye am, in Tampa ,Fl at cuts and fades barbershop remember this attribute: ALL is eye Am, ALL can Eye can, ALL does eye do, Eye can been ALL eye wish in the ALL, as long as my wish is to stay in ALL, eye am never alone,remember this for me and you will materialize your desire/s , and you will begin to perceive your reality, from Brother,Eye Am Re-EL aka DHILL in Tampa,FL

  23. Congratulations to surviving the first 30 days! Am I surprised? NO! I'm back in order, looking forward to reading more.

  24. Motown I have completed reading the entire blog dated 10/20/10 and find it very interesting. I consider you Motown, an inspiring, figure, with a spirit of motivation, and persistently. There was so much energy in your interview, you're superb. Mo keep up the good work and let your quest come through. Much blessings to you.

  25. Absolutely amazing...I was getting mad at The Boss for asking so many question that seemed
    to be presnted in derogatory manner. I was asking why is Motown entertaining this guy? Little did I know you were really on your quest
    with unstoppable deternmination. I got and I am more deternmine to work my quest, dreams and goal.
    Thank Motown Maurice...YOU ARE REALLY SOMETHING ELSE!

  26. Motown, You are truly an inspiration. I have no doubt that you will leave a lasting legacy in LA with season 2. Continue to spread those wings and fly. You have so much to teach the world with your determination and message. You see, I have always believed that this is not just a quest for entertainment but your spirit contains a messagae for the world. Please continue to follow your heart and know that Tampa loves you. Thanks for living your dream and leaving a legacy for other young men to follow. Karen Willis-Barrett


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