Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 18 Review: What Don't Kill Me...ONLY MAKES ME STRONGER!

I love this blog? 

After visiting the Dr. Phil show last week, he mentioned something that helped me understand the importance of this blog. One of his guest was a young lady on that was treated badly by a young man. She claimed that she didn't want to be with him anymore yet she's still talking about him and she won't cut him out of her life. After minutes of rambling from Dr. Phil, he explained her exact problem. What she really wanted was emotional closure. She wanted him to apologize and show some sympathy.

Since he wasn't going to do that, Dr. Phil recommended that she find closure by writing in a journal or mentoring other young ladies. His suggestion/advice was basically providing an external outlet so she could finally remove him from her life.
Upon listening to his advice, I realized that I may be benefiting from my blog the same way. If you are affected by something/somebody emotionally or energetically, its natural for you to want understanding and closure. In a situation were closure isn't available, its important to seek closure else where. I'm sure this same theory is what brought forth many of this worlds most inspiring activist, motivational speakers and authors. 

Without realizing it, my blog allows me close the doors on many auditions and submissions I never heard back. I've loved this blog passionately since the beginning but now I love it even more. Thank you blog and thank you again to my homeboy Rodney Gibbs for recommending I create one. This blog will end up becoming one of my greatest accomplishments. 

Thinking more in depth, some of the songs and poems I wrote post-high school; after a breakup provided much of the closure that helped me move forward. In my last post THE BIG ONE REVEALED, I mentioned some disappointing news. They did not explain why my team didn't advance but nevertheless, it was important for me to create my own closure with my blog. Plus it felt good writing about it. It was as if a new flow a energy starting pouring through my body as I was writing.

That's one of mystical beauty's of this world we live in. There is an abundance of everything. In this case, there is an abundance energy everywhere. Thus, its our own responsibility to find specific ways on developing unique methods for ourselves to generate new energy.

Another strategy I've used especially since the start of this year, was to specifically listening to music created with the spirit of winning. Music helps keep your energy high. A few songs on my current song list are:

Lose Yourself - Eminem, All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled, Kanye West, Stronger - Eye of The Tiger - Survivor, Juicy -Biggie Smalls and many others.

Those songs really helped especially when I was working out. Take my advice. Physically working out and listening to winning/championship music is an awesome combination. Your body and mind will be programed to overcome anything in its path.

As for Why...
I'm not a physic but I am confident about my premonition abilities. I can't immediately tell you why my team wasn't casted for Expedition Impossible but I can provide a rough estimated prediction. On Week 16 day 109, I was officially able to prove my prediction to why I wasn't casted for Oprah's Your Own Show Contest. Now I can proudly say that not being apart of that contest ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. 

Based on the positive energy I was receiving from the universe during the month of December 2010/ early January, I do strongly believe things were looking good for my team at one point. For a period of time we probably were 90% confirmed. Then for some reason the producers shifted in another direction. Possibly a better team came in towards the end or my type wasn't ordinary enough. The truth is, it really doesn't matter what the reason is. 

Why it doesn't matter? That answer is simple. There is something better out there for me. I was really looking forward to being out of the country, traveling and competing during the month of April. The universe knew that. I exuded a lot of energy towards Expedition Impossible and that energy still exists. As a result, the opportunity to travel and compete will arrive, but when it arrives it will be in a format best suited for me. I'm not just writing this because I'm trying to keep positive. I'm writing this because that's how it works. What I'm writing explains the basic foundations of the universe's operation system.
I've been there done that. Watch and see. In the matter of time, I'm going to be writing a post that will link you back to this page. The next time you read this you will probably get goose bumps and your whole body will become engrossed with an eerie feeling. Please note: I have no projects pending for me as I'm writing this. I'm flowing and submitting as I have been doing. 

Whats Next?

Following my last post THE BIG ONE REVEALED I promised to explain to "Whats Next?" Truthfully, I don't know whats next. In the entertainment, you never know whats next in many situations. What I meant to say was "What happened Next."

Day = 119 Sunday, January 16, 2011 

By the time Sunday came around I left like I was entering the week of judgment. The was actually the original title for this post. The unnatural uneasy feeling was dominant. I ended the year with such great vibrancy but that energy was leaving slowly. The results of the contest was the main thing on my mind and I hate waiting for a phone call. It reminds of the days when I use to sit by the phone waiting for a girls phone call. It completely presents lack of control and weakness. 

Throughout these moments of despair, I used various methods to relax my nerves. Taking deep breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth slowly works like a charm. However, what really worked for me today is an invite from a friend to Santa Monica's Pier. While there I really started started to understand why some people like going to the beach. I laid on the sand, looked at the sky for about an hour or two and left all my troubles behind. I felt at one with the world as at looked at this lonely star in the sky. 

Day 120 = Monday, January 17, 2011

As great as the beach was unfortunately, I couldn't take it with me. Did I mention I hate when my phone doesn't ring. Well my phone hasn't been ringing. Only phone calls from creditors. When I wasn't feeling uneasy, impatient, flustered or edgy I was either at my vampire masquerade rehearsal or my improv class. Improv class going great by the way.  

* I failed to mention that last Monday I was stopped by the transit authority again for the 3rd time. When I got off the train I noticed them checking for tickets from a distance and I decided to make a u-turn. Somehow I was noticed by one of them and they asked me for a ticket as I tried to evade them by going down the escalator. I know... I'm stubborn. With little hesitation I said I forgot to get a ticket because I was so into the book that I was reading. I also told them I can get one right now. They both said, "ok." I was surprised that they didn't bother me anymore and just said "ok." Well enough is enough. I had enough strikes to get the picture by now. I finally got a Tap Card which allows me to ride the train/bus for $20 a week unlimited. I just found out how it works. I wish I knew about it before.

Day = 121 Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Most of this today is available on THE BIG ONE REVEALED.

After I woke up from my hour nap I headed back to the theatre to watch a live play. On the way there my mind was joggling multiple thoughts. Most of my thoughts is what most people might call negative but I prefer to say I was being realistic. Realism isn't always the best approach but I was mainly trying to figure out how to break this cycle. The get so close but not close enough cycle is what I'm talking about.

By the time I started watching the play my mind began to break lose. I was brain storming so much that I began taking notes during the performance. I was devloping an idea by combining elements of the Dr. Phil show, improv class, my quest and the play I was watching. My idea was based on the opportunity my improv teacher presented to have new show ideas in his theatre.

Day = 122 Wednesday, January 19, 2011

By today I was 100% back to normal. My imagination was running wild. Anytime I had to wait for a train I would pace myself back and forth jotting down ideas. I'm sure people around me thought I was crazy. 

* Vampire Rehearsal

* Received notification for an Old Navy internet commercial tomorrow.  

Day = 123 Thursday, January 20, 2011

* The Old Navy audition was interesting. I had to talk about my butt with confidence. (No more comment)  lol.
* Attended my 2nd Improv Class with Monkey Butler. 

Day 124 = Friday, January 21, 2011

* I attended Vampire rehearsal and I presented my idea that I started brain storming since Tuesday. Its a semi scripted improv show I developed called "The Therapy Chamber." I think its a great idea. My improv teacher claims he read it and that he liked it but he really didn't look at me in the eye. I brought it back up twice but I felt like he rubbed it off. I know my senses by now but I'm not worried about it. I've been through the rat race before and I don't have time for it on this level anymore. Based on how he responded I'm not even going to bring it back up anymore. So far he hasn't brought it up either and I see him just about every weekday.

* Later that night, I also watched another cast perform the same play I will be performing in a couple weeks. I think my cast is much funnier. 

Day 125 = Saturday, January 22, 2011

* Took the bus to El Monte for a cultural TV show host audition.

* I went to Ihop and spent rest of my day at the night movies. I watched The Green Hornet and No Strings Attached.

Final Thoughts  
I had some final thoughts but I'm tried for writing. I had to write some of this post over because it got lost somehow. That's the 3rd time that happened. Talk about frustration.

As the Quest Continues

     The Future of Late Night

      Motown Maurice


  1. First i want to say a big fat "i told you so" about how relaxing it is to just go to the beach, lay out and look at the sky! U never listen to me lol.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, im glad to see how easily you bounced back from "The Big One" because i know how amped you were about it. I was amped for you.

    Can't to hear whats next in this journey :)

  2. Hey Motown. I can stickler for spelling, I think you mean "closure", like foreCLOSURE, not closer. Closer is that white lady on USA. :) Regardless, blogging is awesome, just started one of my own, and YOU ARE AWESOME TOO!

  3. You have the right attitude Motown. Don't think that your "failures" are a waste of time. They are preparing you for what's ahead. Someone who I met on a set once called me a "stick of dynamite". When I asked how she came to that conclusion, she told me that a stick of dynamite can always recognize another one. You are definitely one yourself. Just keep working it. If I'm not working that day I'll be at improv class Monday.

  4. Motown! It is great to hear that you have a fantastic method! You are willing to let go of past so called failures which I see as stepping stones. So great to hear you relaxed on the Beach.. BEAUTIFUL! Ad far as the Big reveals, they have lost their flare for me because You are THE REVEAL!! With every move you make, you are an inspiration! Your perseverance and determination motivates and elevates me! Yes, I know for a fact this blog will be part of your memoirs, a book..and a guide, a source of inspiration for others. I am so proud of you. Keep reaching for That star, your star!
    Your Stalker Fan!


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