Sunday, July 15, 2012

Money Supermarket minus Me

After an event on Wednesday I received a Facebook message from someone named Richard Clark early Thursday morning with a Youtube link in it. I'm not Facebook friends with this person but I did recognize where the video came from. Its the Money Supermarket Commercial I booked in May.

Unfortunately, all my scenes were basically cut from the commercial. The only fortunate cool part is that Richard Clark, someone who I don't know, recognized from one of the photos I took at the shoot in which one of his friends is tagged in.

At the time code 0:20 a police car pulls up on fire. I'm in the back ground of that scene. I also took a lot of photos with a few others in the same area. Richard more than anything recognized those hot popping colors from the photo which lead him to connecting to me.

Final Thoughts

Booking commercial was a milestone the making of my newest late night talk show pilot and I'm not even visible. Go figures. I truly doubt anyone else will notice me but I am at the least thankful that Richard Clark identified my involvement.

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