Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Week Update - Post Pilot Blues

Post Represents: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Motown Maurice


  1. Listen to me Motown! I know that you've gotten the post pilot blues, and you want the networks to pick it up. Of course, you've got to be proud of yourself. Come on! It's not every day that a late night talk show host would go crazy on his/her show. To be honest with you, I hope that your pilot gets picked up by next month also because I thought that your pilot looekd awesome. Not only that, but your sidekick Kritika is looking hungry every single day.

  2. Motown, It's going to be okay! I know that you have the post pilot blues now, but I have great faith in you knowing that your late night talk show pilot will be picked up by the big networks later this summer. I saw your pictures and videos that you've filmed and took at the pilot filming last month, and they looked awesome. You should be worried about your sidekick Kritika because she has been filling her fat belly with ice cream and cheeseburgers ever since you've finished the pilot, and her fat belly is going to explode if your pilot isn't picked up by August. Please contact me if your pilot gets picked up!


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