Monday, July 9, 2012

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc

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Shortly after my Let's Make a Deal Episode aired I starting receiving phone calls about the drop off. Everything began with a bit of a hassle. The wanted to deliver it to my old address and not what I am now. My old address is just a couple blocks away and they wanted to be difficult. The difficulties was all coming from the shipping company (Dependable Express) not Let's Make a Deal. Finally with influence of the Dune Buggy manufacture, they decided to deliver and more hassle began to arise.

My Lets Make a Deal Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc arrives in a pallet.  
Video # 1 (Dune Buggy Arrives between 10am and 11am)

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc front panel 
Video # 2

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc takes a team of random people to get it
off the truck. 
Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc
Video # 3

The Shipping company left my  Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc in
middle of the street. 

Shipping drives off. 
Video # 4

Getting down and dirty 

Video # 5

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc in parts. 
Video # 6

Video # 7

My landlord friend Rick provides a helping hand. 

Video # 8

Thank God for Mexicans: 

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc with the wheels on. 

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc side view. 

Video # 9

Video # 10

Mexicans are my hero. 

Random helping Mexican and Motown Maurice 

Two random helping Mexican and Motown Maurice 

Rick and Motown Maurice 
Video # 11

Much more work is needed on my  Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc

Dune Buggy BMS Sand Sniper 400cc top frame. 

Final Thoughts 

I am truly thankful for the Mexican's that were near by and assisted me. I gave them $20.00 before they left.

The experience hasn't been too bad. I haven't cared for the vehicle in a couple years so I'm not seeming to mind the process. The only down fall of this whole experience is my missing spare tire. I believe someone stole it. One of the Mexicans that helped me actually brought to my attend that were was 5 tires. The next time I looked for it, it was no where to be found. That sucks but what I am going to do. Its just a tire.

I can get it approved for the street driving so we'll see what happens. First I need money for insurance and licensing. I've had the pleasure of not having to worry about all that stuff for two years. Part of me wants to sell it and part of me wants to keep it. First I'm going to focus on putting it together.

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  1. Keep the dunebuggy: it will be one in the number of cars in your garage when you get that Big House on the Hill.

  2. Son, sell that thing.......You can use the money
    (via: Facebook group)

  3. The go kart/dune buggy looks hot!!!!! The trouble may have been a sign of things to come, though. Selling to a shop sounds wise! If you can get $4000+, thats rent for half a year, right? Craigslist may be a hassle in itself. Plus you probably need a lock of some sort, so nothing else gets stolen! LA traffic and a really small vehicle don't add up, but you ultimately gotta do you!
    (via: Facebook group)

  4. Keep up the great work---and by the way, Keep the Dunebuggy it will be one in the number of vehicles you are sure to have in your 5-car garage one day. This will be a reminder of how much it took to arrive. Never give up on your dream: being a Late Night Talk Show Host. (via: Facebook Group)

  5. one of the best place where you can enjoy your dune buggy Dubai...


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