Monday, March 12, 2012

New Media Vault & MT's B-day Celebration


Welcome to Los Angeles's first Entertainment & Technology Social Mixer. This monthly event draws at least 300 people from all levels of the new media world: with top industry leaders in attendance. Attendees will have the chance to get face time with financiers, talent, celebrities, producers, directors, designers, agents, managers, lawyers, and industry award winners. The New Media Vault will draw the attention of working professionals in a comfortable, low-key and casual environment. Hosted the last Thursday of every month in HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA. The New Media Vault brings a whole new life to the ever growing world of new media, right in the center of the historic core of HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA. Act fast to secure your place in the New Media Vault.

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MT Experience at the W Hollywood --Station Lounge

Happy Birthday to MT. MT request your presence to come and hang out for an evening at the station lounge at the W. Nothing really's a lounge, No cover. So if you are free to come out and play on a Thursday night... come and say Hi. He would appreciate it.

W Hollywood 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Inside the W Hollywood Lounge 
Mr. MT Michael Tabuso & Motown Maurice. Happy birthday MT. 
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The networking here isn't as easy as it looks. 

Motown Maurice & My-Ishia Cason Brown

Motown & My-Ishia. We should of went to prom together. 
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The Official 90's Must Party Starring "The Q&A Show"

Warren Burke ( & Motown Maurice 
????, My-Ishia Cason Brown & Warren S. L. Burke

????,  Michael  MT Tabuso & JoJo Fermin
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Motown Maurice & Kevin Boot (
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Doritos Reshoot Day 3

Motown Maurice, Jasmina Nevada ( & My-Ishia Cason Brown

Courtney Calvin, Motown Maurice & Sabrina Carmichael. I met Sabrina at Lifebook  
Patricia, William Sturtevant & Kevin Boot
Motown Maurice, Patricia & William Strutevant 
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Nesha Davis (, Motown Maurice & Erin The Doctor.
????, ????, Marcus, Motown Maurice & ????
Motown Maurice & Adam Bobrow. (Lifebook Related)
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Raewyn Bailey & Motown Maurice.
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Thank you to all our fans. 
Motown Maurice & Kelly Shanley.  (Lifebook Related)  

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Kelly's Party - Saturday, May 21, 2011
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I'll Be There For You...
What Happens In Vegas... 

Melissa Christopher & Motown Maurice (Lifebook Related)

Motown Maurice & Francis Lansang. (Lifebook Related)

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Motown Mauice at the W Hollywood Sign

Kevin invited William and I over at his home for his after party. There was only one additional person
there for a while but we enjoyed ourselves in conversation, playing Call of Duty, eating peanuts
and lastly Kevin threw some chicken on the grill. It was a good night. Thank you for your hospitality Kevin. 

Final Thoughts

Tonight I had the best of both worlds all in one place. New Media Vault and of course The MT Experience Birthday Celebration. Then Kevin topped it off with some grilled chicken at his house. It was a good night. The networking was challenging. Some of those networking circles were closed tight. I couldn't even get a peek inside. Nevertheless, I met the people meant for me to meet. The shift that I've mentioned Monday continues, which only tells me I'll be soon drifting from the networking scene as the development of my new plans begins. Tonight I started to inform people bits of my near future plans and the responses where energetic. There are at least two people I met at this event that may be potential team members. Their excitement has earned a deserving follow up from me.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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