Friday, March 30, 2012

THE FUTURE IS NEAR (Important Announcement)

Ladies & gentlemen, 

The time has come to rebuild and revolutionize what began in Tampa, FL two years ago. On January 23, 2010, I officially entered into late night race with the premiere of The Motown Maurice Show. Little did I know, my entry would evolve into epic quest to claim my throne as The Future of Late Night. My quest would later redirect my pursuit to Los Angeles, CA and be graced with the gift of meeting each of you.
Since I arrived in L.A. on September 19, 2010, I’ve been strategically building my data base with you and The Future of Late Night Television in mind.  
This email is an official invitation for you to inquire and join The Future of Late Night Production Team.
This is the initiation of the recruitment phase. The recruitment phase is the most important aspect of this new enormous endeavor. We are not seeking talent as of yet. We are looking for passionate, communicative, dedicated and reliable production minded individuals and/or teams who are interested in joining a revolutionary late night talk show.   
Without your official response, I am unable to reveal all the details of this project but this is what I can share so far.   
* This is a newer and fresher spin off of my previous late night show and today’s conventional late night talk shows.
* Production will officially begin towards the end of May or early June 2012.
* Immediately upon completion we will have an opportunity to present a pilot to four major cable networks.
* The initial production objective is set to be completed within 2-3 days.
Among all these goals, the primary purpose is to create jobs and further opportunities for all of us.
The few people I have shared my vision with have already duplicated the excitement and have jumped on board. I am even more excited about the possibility of you joining this vision and for us to make history together.  
Most of you are already aware of my brand of excellence but if for some reason you haven’t been exposed to it please take a moment and visit these links. Rest assured, this new late night talk show will be 100 times greater then what these links will showcase.
9 Reason Video Demo
The Motown Maurice Show Photo gallery
Available Positions (but not limited to this list) 

* Producers * Co-Producers * Segment Producers * Executive Producers * Comedy Writers * Directors
* Stylists * Hair & Make up * Art/Stage Designers * Graphic Designers * Craft 
* Audio & Sound technicians * Music Composer * Musicians (Mostly nontraditional musicians)  
* Talent Scouts * Cameramen * Publicists * Production Assistants* Audience Coordinators 
* Hospitality* Photographers  * and more...
If you are interested in joining The Future of Late Night Team please contact me with your phone number, position of interest and shortly afterward I would follow up with a phone call.
Click Here: Contact Information 
Thank you very much. 
Looking forward to marking late night history with you.

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As the quest continues...
The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice 

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  1. Good stuff Motown! Come by the writers group on tuesday and pitch your ideas. Justin Baltz


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