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February of Blessings

Post Represents: February 2012 

Despite the lost of Don Cornelius, Whitney Huston and David Peatson, February was a month filled with an plethora of blessings. Two of my favorite were the following.

1. Black History in the Making by Breanna Rittman

2. Homeless Era Obliterated

A blessing that can't be described with words 

Then there's a blessing that can't be described with words. This blessings in particular was something I was far from expecting. The best way to describe this blessing is to say its from God. I can't make sense of it in any other way. Here's my best chronological recollection of this phenomenal blessing bestowed upon my life. When your done reading it, try and make sense of it yourself. If you can.

On Friday, February 10, 2012, I received a message Facebook Message from an old college from named Grinette. The following message read as followed.

Hey what is your cell number/email/etc.? I don't normally see your messages on my updates but I'm glad I did today.I want to extend a hand of friendship to you the way you did for me way back when in Tally. I'm committing to paying that 200 for you for the next 5 months because I love you and want to see you follow your dreams because you are so talented. I want to thank you again for literally falling out of the sky when I needed you (not sure if you even remember the details) and would consider an honor to do the same. Talk to you soon hun.

Almost immediately I responded with: 

I'm lost for words. How do I begin to respond? The only thing I can think of right now is how much I love you. I remember helping you but "failing out of the sky." I didn't do all that..What your offering me is far from the same. Which is why I can't find the words to tell you how much I appreciate just your thought. The thought alone surges my soul with the power invincibility. You are a blessing. I am so looking forward to talking you to you. 

In the next message,Grinette confirmed that she would call me the following Sunday and she did. She further explained that she rarely checks her Facebook feed and by doing so this time she viewed a post about my living situations. She was flabbergasted by what she learned.    

I took this opportunity to share my whole story leading as far back to when I graduated from college until now. Then she followed through by repeating what she stated in the Facebook message. Grinette is committing herself to sending me $200.00 a month for the next 5 months. Her explanation for doing so is to her return the favor for what I did for her in college. I clearly remember helping Grinette in college but it was a small favor I never thought about twice. All I did was allow her to store her belongings in my room while she went away on an internship or so. Whats the big deal about that? Apparently, its big enough for her to remember approximately 11 years later. 

Grinette further told me that I probably don't realize it but I have helped a lot of people in HCC (The Haitian Cultural Club). HCC is the organization I've served as a member and later president for a year. Her statement made me think about another unique statement my first roommate for 9 months in LA told me when I was getting ready to move out.  

5 days after we spoke (February 17th) she sent her first offering as promised. My new home is my first home LA. Its also the first time I've been obligated to pay for a place to live since March of 2010. That's approximately 1 year and 10 months. That's almost two years since I've had the obligation of paying a rent/ lease. 

Before my current place, I've had 3 mandatory bills. My phone bill and two storage's. In storage in Florida and one in LA. Which makes an approximate total of $250.00 per month. As for food, I'm still on food stamps and I'm still loving it. Upon finding my new home. I had consider how I'm going to find an additional $200.00 per month. My Hollywood Blvd gimmick idea I came up with while at the movies one day was close to mind but I never had to use that idea. God sent Grinette. She came into my life to sponsor this additional expense. In a sense, I'm still not paying for rent/lease. 

When Grinette and I spoke, it was the first time we spoke in over 10 or 11 years. How does she suddenly appear into my life and grant me with such a blessing. This is unheard of. If you are able to make sense of it please expound. The only sense I can make for this blessing is that Grinette is one of the newest angels placed in my life to make sure I succeed. Everything about this is so random and unheard of. Its nothing my imagination would of ever thought of. The timing and preciseness is impeccable. 

Grinette, I know I helped you in college but what your doing for me is beyond help. What your doing for me near by unbelievable. You are truly a God sent. When I was holding your stuff in college, I was content with being able to burn your CD's. You had some jams. Carl Thomas, Musiq Soulchild,...Your music collection was rewarding enough. Now 10 years later I'm still reaping rewards, wow. Grinette God bless you. I can't thank you enough. By being obedient to God, you have made the next several chapters of my quest possible. As you are a blessing to me, I will soon look forward to the day I can do the same for you. Grinette, thank you on trillion times over.  

The Cup Runs Over & Over 

Just when I thought the cup was going to stop running over, it began to pour out even more. Grinette started and electric reaction. I shared the story with my Ma, Sister Prayer Joan, lol and she confirmed to spend me something as she randomly does. Then I told Pam, my second mom and to my surprise she decided to send me something. The following week they were both received.

Around the same time, one of my previous guests on The Motown Maurice Show, Charles Mattocks offered to send me half of my next months rent on Facebook. Although, I haven't received confirmation for the donation the thought is worth plenty.

I can't conclude the blessings of February without mentioning the message I've received from Karen D. A woman who I never met before but has been following my pursuit. In her own words through a Facebook message she expected to see something big to happen to me by now. Without even asking, she began to pour out her support toward my quest by introducing me to her prominent contacts through email. This story is still developing and I look forward to to sharing the progress of her support.

I have a very vivid imagination. I'm always thinking about all kinds of crazy things daily. Things that ends up happening to me are on boundaries of my imagination I haven't even discovered yet. The unexpected blessings I continue to receive makes every moment of this quest worth wild. As my Ma always tells me, "You are blessed." 

Everyone, thank you so much for making February such a magical month. I wouldn't of made it this far if it wasn't for my all my gift givers. The number of people I have in my corner uncountable. There's an army of soldiers on my quest with me and the number continues to grow. Together we will define The Future of Late Night Television and much more.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice  

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