Wednesday, March 21, 2012

STARLINERS - Révélations [Clip Officiel]

A Facebook request by Chris Pounders lead to the revealing of the Starliners music video I'm a part of. I can been seen a few times.

Scene Locations: 00:4, 00:8, 0:13, 0:55, 0:59, 2:38, 2:45 & 2;55

Final Thoughts

This was a very fun shoot. There was one anonymous annoyance that I said I would mention in a previous music video blog post but I'm not even in the mood for all that. Lets just say I wasn't particularly pleased with the continual reference the director choose to use to get my attention but at this point I have more important things to put my mind on. Overall, the video was awesome. Its a sound that will always bring back memories.

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As the quest continues...

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