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Officially Smooth Sound Multimedia

Post Presents: Monday, April 23, 2012 

We came and we confirmed. Smooth Sound Multimedia is a television pilot heaven. They have in house everything. Literally! In addition to that, the owner Jerry Jackson has worked on several hundred television pilots in his career. No debate, the decision has been made. Special thanks to all the team members in the photo below that sacrificed a part of their day to view the studio. We also had a very productive meeting while we were there. These individuals make up just a very small portion of the team. There are several great people on the ride with us. Wait until the official team picture. Everyone is passionate and dedicated.  What more could a host ask for more?

Kritika Kapoor, Lillie Levine, Brian Edwards, 
Motown Maurice, Jade Davis, Cerdan Smith & Tyrone Roberts
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(Tyrone took my photo that night) 

Video # 1 

Smooth Sound Multimedia Stage front view
Smooth Sound Multimedia Stage Side View
Smooth Sound Multimedia Stage Sound  Equipment
Smooth Sound Multimedia Side Entrance to the stage. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia Stage view from the stage. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia view from the stage. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia on stage front view. 

Smooth Sound Multimedia on stage front view. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia floor view. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia stage view. 

Smooth Sound Multimedia Front Stage
Smooth Sound Multimedia Stage
Motown Maurice & Cerdan Smith. 
Shout outs to Cerdan for being at the right place in perfect timing. I gave everyone the wrong address to the place because the website wasn't updated yet. I arrived at the first address and Cerdan was in his car a few feet away from where the bus dropped me off. Thankfully the new location wasn't too far and I was able to ride to the correct spot with Cerdan. If he wasn't there I would of had to wait on another bus and the process would of been delayed.
Smooth Sound Multimedia 
Smooth Sound Multimedia has a camera jib in house. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia
Smooth Sound Multimedia
They even have a dancing pole. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia State of the Art Dancing Pole. 
Smooth Sound Multimedia lunch room. 
Motown Maurice & Jerry Jackson, owner of Smooth Sound Multimedia. 
Video # 2 (Join me for a tour) 

Next Stop House of Joy Chinese Restaurant. 
Motown Maurice, Kritika Kapoor & Lillie Levine taking a lunch break. 
Final Thoughts

Thank you everyone. Wonderful photos Tyrone/B Natural Photography LLC.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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