Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 21 in L.A. (I am not my hair but I am a...)

First off, I left out a video on yesterday's post. It's of me cooking. Feel free to go back to day 20 and check it out now.

"I am not my hair!" I'm basically over the hair situation. Thank God I look good in any hair style. It just takes time to adjust. I'm used to people saying I look like Will Smith/Fresh Price. Now for the first time, someone told me I remind them of the signer Shawn from Boys 2 Men. Great!

"I am not my hair," but maybe I am a Dorito! Yes, if you have been following me, I told you the long story of the Doritos audition on day 13.Well, I received a call this morning and it's official, I'm casted. There is much more for me to find out, but I'm definitely set to shoot this Saturday. There are a few stipulations with the commercial and there is no guarantee that it will air. I'll say this much, if everything goes well, down the line I could get paid and it might air during the Super Bowl.

After I received the call, I couldn't help but wonder if my high top fade helped me book the commercial. The casting director did say that I had the uniqueness they were looking for. My hair won't grow back to its original height by Saturday, but, "I am not my hair!"

This is definitely a test of faith. I was literally wearing a hat for the first two days. It's not that all of my confidence is in my hair, it's just that I'm not used to my hair being like this. Sometimes life does that to you. Life will take away or cut off the things that make you feel comfortable. When that happens you have to pass the test of operating under new conditions.

I won't let it phase me any longer. It probably won't be a big deal to the Doritos cast and they may not even notice.

I spent my whole day working on a non-paid project today. There were some cool moments and then there was some long drawn out moments. That's production; you get used to it. It ended up being a 10 hour day.

This is a photo after a scene. Director Moon to the left, Brian Edwards (Gray Shirt Middle) and I don't know the names of the other two.
I met a few interesting people there. I've noticed, upon meeting new people/actors I generally receive two types of reactions. The first reaction is that they are surprised by my age. To them I look so young and I can pass for someone in my early 20's. From what I'm hearing, that is good in this industry. That means I can play a role of a young person easily. 

The other reaction is how impressed they are of my accomplishments. In most cases, I'm talking to an actor and I only share with them a brief summary of my shows in Tampa. After each explanation, I see eyes pop open, followed by compliments.

It really pays to create for yourself. Every other day I'm meeting new actors who have been pursuing the business for years and they don't even have an agent or much to show for it. Last week, I gave an actor my card, he went to my website site and ended up calling me for work. I thought that was so funny. I think I'm moving up the chain fairly smoothly so far.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. Well, if its any consolation brother, I never thought you look like Will Smith or any of those people.. You did not remind me of anyone, but Motown Maurice..I think the hair added a sort of edginess and certain brand to your look, but overall it has to be the characters and personalities that have to come to life for the hair to make sense...

    To me, even the ever beloved and handsome Denzel has nothing distinguishing about him, but you know his voice and charisma anywhere...And it works..

    I think you can sell people on other tools in your box..the hair may have simply brought you more attention, but your name pops..along with your animated characters, and your funny disposition make whatever look work for you anyway..

    Keep in mind, people are going to draw to your smile and your positive energy..Plus you can write, film, edit and star in your own material..Who can really do that??...People are going to want to get close to you..because you are onto something different..that's your brand...No surprise about people calling you for work...God's got you in a good that!!.so that!!.you know..People will even follow your potential...bruh! Believe that...

  2. I strongly agree with derekporter74. I liked your hair before and I like it now and to be honest i probably wouldn't even noticed as much if you didnt point it out. I probably would've said something like "aww look at Motown, he cleaned up" but never would've thought he got a new hair add to derekporter74 good qualities about u, you also have very soft hands. So make sure you shake the hand of everybody you meet. I bet they will also remember that about you lol

  3. Not the hair, lol but i miss the cali hustle bro, your really in a good place, the thing is you can see progress each day, you have so many people to meet and so many connections to make, in Tampa there is no auditions or grind like this, keep doing just what your doing and trust me its a min away. Even if it took a year, how many people can say they made it big in a year, one suggestion, get off that buss, gran a cheap car. lol

  4. Hey Motown!! I am sure your hair will grow back fast! You have your pics so people will know what it is suppose to look like :) We are more than our outer appearance and besides God is the one who promotes us not man! We know that a righteous man's steps are ordered by God so we are in waiting :) PLease make sure to keep this journal going! I truly believe it ill be a best seller one day!
    We love and are praying for you!!

  5. Motown the first "post" was just a test because previously my posts didn't get posted, but I want you to know you are definitely more than your hair. The caliber of a person is determined, not by the outside appearance, but what is on the inside of a person. I pray that whereever this journey takes you that you remain the humble and kind person that you are. You have given so much of yourself to people and believe me you will be rewarded. My life has been enhanced because of our "walk" together and soon you will be in a position to enhance more lives with your creative talents and amazing ability to make people happy.

  6. YOU look MARVELOUS!! Lol! I love it! And yes, you look younger. I am proud of you for stepping out on faith. I am proud to hear you say, I am not my hair. You are definitely moving up the ladder swiftly. I will be looking forward to that commercial in January. I'm calling it! I'm proud of you, keep striving you're very near. Much Love, Lala


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