Sunday, April 8, 2012

Congratulations from UCB

Post Represent: Monday, April 2, 2012

Less than 12 hours after I published UCB Diversity Scholarship Perhaps I received a congratulations email from Upright Citizens Brigade. The email stated that I have been awarded one class credit as a part of the UCB Training Center’s Diversity Program.

I now have the option to use my credit for one course in either the Improvisation or Sketch Writing Programs. I'm definitely going for the Improvisation Program. The credit is eligible for one year from this date. Meaning I can use it anytime a class is available within a years time. This class is going to add tremendously to my stage presence as a late night talk show host. This is a true blessing that I am truly grateful for. Its an honor. I really want to start now but I have "Future" related obligations to orchestrate.

In the previous post I thoroughly thanked my good friend Raymond D. Sweet for going beyond the call of duty and discovering the diversity program for me. Now it is imperative that I thank my UCB source contact, Matt Shore. I was homeless the day Matt told me about the program. In an imaginary compartment of my mind I was hoping he would offer me a his couch or floor for a night or two. What he ended up doing was actually 100 time better. He suggested that I intern for UCB and after a few flips, turns and discoveries, Matt's kind gesture lead to my acceptance into UCB's diversity scholarship program.

Matt Shore thank you so much. You were at the right place at the right time. I saw you at that same Subway shortly before I left for holiday break and immediately upon my return back you were there to bestow me with this gift.

The main reason my imagination was floating when I saw you was because I'm so defined in my quest I'm come to acknowledge that any and everyone that comes into my life enters with a purpose. There is no doubt in my mind that Matt was at Subway with a purpose and the task was fulfilled.

Again Matt, I am humbly grateful that you were chosen to as the messenger. Your recommendation to UCB was my first gift of 2012 and has set a standard for may more gifts to come. Thank you.

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